Someone Like You – part 29

This is a continuation to Someone Like You – 28.

Author: Hanah6181


Chapter 29

“Maya… will you stay with me tonight?” He asked huskily; his eyes reflecting his desire for her.

Richard waited for her answer as he gazed at her longingly. Maya was thinking. This question didn’t have to be asked because the answer was staring right in front of him. However, Richard would always like a definite response. She remembered, he once said. “I want my woman able and willing.” She was able and more than willing but this time around she wanted to be careful, to have everything in its proper perspective and timing.

“Ah…Eh…Ricky.” She was about to tell him that she would like to go home.

“Alright, I get it. I’ll take you home. When you are ready, I’m sure you will let me know.” Richard started the car and drove out of the parking lot.

Moments later they were in Valle Verde entering their house. It was already late evening and as expected everyone was already asleep. Maya offered him coffee but he begged off saying he’d like to rest. But before he went home, he gave her one last kiss that went on forever.

“So, talaga bang ‘di pwede tonight?” He asked again, trying to push his luck.

“Ricardo, ha. Ikaw kasi tinulugan mo ako kagabi. ‘Yan ang penalty mo.” She responded. She was trying to control her giggle. He got curious so instead of leaving yet, he pulled her on the sofa to sit beside him while he tried to find out what she meant.

“Ricky, wala ka talagang naaalala last night?” She asked again.

“Wala. I was so drunk. I’ve never been that drunk in my life. I know I fell asleep because I started dreaming about you. It’s one of those dreams that I have about you and me together.” Richard was smiling mischievously; relishing his fantasy.

“Well, Atty. Lim, last night you were not dreaming. I was in the room with you and you were kissing me a lot. We almost.. well, something almost happened.” She informed him smiling at his facial expression of surprised and reject.

“What??” So, it wasn’t a dream and how could he have missed the opportunity.

“You slept on me my dear.” She patted his cheeks after giving him a quick kiss.

Richard quickly caught on and hugged her and pinned on the sofa. “In that case, we can continue where we left of Honey.” He started kissing her while Maya tried to wiggle out of his hold.

“Ricky, hello.. nasa sala tayo. Ano ka ba? Mamaya lumabas ang mga tao sa bahay.” She warded him off.

“Then, let’s move to the bedroom. Which one would it be, your bedroom or mine?” He asked while he started to caress her legs. It was good that Maya was wearing pants but nevertheless she could feel heat of his hand.

“Both.” She responded as she quickly stood up. She pulled him up and pushed him towards the main door. “You’ll stay in your bedroom while I stay in mine. Goodnight, honey.” Maya closed the door leaving a disappointed Richard outside the house. He stayed there for a while until his phone rang.

“Ricky, you better go home. Yung security mag-ro-roving in a few minutes. Baka mapagkamalan kang akyat bahay dyan.” She was teasing him.

“Maya, you’re driving me nuts. Alright, I’m going home but one of these days, I’m going to collect.” Then, Richard left the front porch and walked towards his car.


The following days, Maya has been extra happy; everyday was literally a rosy day for her. Each day, she got flowers from Richard with just a simple note of how much he loves her. She thought that everything was going great until Thursday at their café. She arrived at the shop early to find out that Kute had installed a videoke machine in the shop. When she asked why they have that on the café, she was informed that they have a booking that afternoon and the catering engagement included the videoke. Maya believed her and went on with her usual morning routine at the café.

By lunch time, the place was full with their usual lunch customers. It was then Richard came to the place with flowers in his hands. Maya greeted him excitedly and got him a table closest to the cashier area where she was stationed that morning.

When Richard saw the videoke, he stood up and went towards it and ask whether it was working.

It was Kute who responded. “Yes, bro. nakaset-up na ‘yan para sa ‘yo.” Richard and Kute exchange meaningful glances that made Maya wonder whether the two had a secret.

“Kute, ano ‘yan? May secret kayo ni Ricky?” Maya went to where Kute was.

“Secret? Anong secret? Anyway, bro. umpisahan mo na ‘yang kanta mo at baka magbago pa isip mo.” Kute then inserted a coin and punched in several numbers.

She handed him the microphone then said, “Good luck.”

As the music started to play, Richard spoke. “For the customers of Abby’s, I beg your indulgence. Kailangan ko lang pong gawin ito.” He appeared nervous because he kept biting his lower lip. Then he started signing to Maya who stood a few steps away from him. Maya’s heart was beating fast for unknown reasons.

Don’t wanna open your heart
You’re afraid from the start
That my love’s gonna let you down

Richard changed the word new to my. He was looking directly at her and she knew that the song was specially for her. It was a Hall & Oates song. He continued

There is something you should know
Before you give up and go
I don’ believe in the run around
I just want to define myself
And show you how l feel

If a promise ain’t enough
Then a touch says everything
Got to hold you in my arms
Till you feel what I mean
Know that my heart just tells me what to say
But words can only prove so much
If a promise ain’t enough

Hold onto my love
Though my words can’t describe
How I’m feeling all inside
Does my touch say anything to you
I’m not afraid to take time
Cause I know you’ll find
That I’m real and my touch is true
It’s taken a lifetime to find my heart
And I give it all to you

It took a lifetime to find what I want
I won’t let it get away

After finishing his song, the audience all clapped their hands. It was the first time Maya heard him sing and was pleasantly surprised to find out that he could sing. She also clapped her hands in admiration of the man she holds dearly in her heart.

Richard left the microphone on the videoke machine and took steps forward to narrow the distance between them.

“Maya, we’ve been through so much in the past. I know you have aspirations and I’d like to be part of your journey to get there. I hope to love you and cherish you for the rest of our lives.” Richard suddenly did an unexpected. He knelt in front of her and with so many people observing them, he finally said.

“Will you marry me?” He was offering her a oval shaped diamond ring. Maya was dumbfounded. She couldn’t believe what she just heard.

The whole café waited for Maya’s response, everyone held their breath, as if waiting for a signal to exhale. She was overwhelmed with the unexpected proposal. She had imagined it would happen one of these days but not that soon as they just got back together a few days ago. She looked at him and saw he was eagerly anticipating her agreement. She loves him. She loves him with all her heart that she wouldn’t dare give him disappointment.

Maya’s were blind with tears when she said “Yes”. She was crying with so much happiness. There was a loud sound of people sighing at the background.

Richard stood up and took her hand. He then put on the ring on her ring finger. He kissed it and then her lightly on the lips saying. “I love you.” She answered back. “I love you too.”

Everyone in the café clapped their hands again. Then, Richard turned around smiling ear to ear, “Thank you all. Since, I am one lucky guy, lunch is on me today.”

Everyone shouted in glee. “Yehey!!!”

Richard turned to Kute. “Christina, thank you. So, soon we’ll officially be one family.” He shook her hand.

The night before, Richard had called Christina to inform her that he would like to propose to Maya. The idea to serenade her came from Christina as it was one of those wishes of Maya when she she used to daydream of Richard during her college days.

“Eh, ganoon na nga Ricky. Basta siguraduhin mo lang this time, tuloy tuloy na ‘yang sa inyo ni bunso. Ang daming luha ang naubos n’yan sa’yo simula ng college pa ‘yan. So, alagaan mo ‘yang kapatid ko please.”

“Don’t worry Christina.” He assured her. Then, in his thoughts, he wondered what she meant that Maya has been crying over him since college. He decided to just keep it to himself first with the intent of finding it out later.

Over dinner, Richard brought up the subject matter of the wedding. Since they are already engaged, he wanted for them to get married as soon as possible.

“Ricky, we don’t have to get married right away di ba? I’m still on my first year in law school.” She thought everything was happening fast.

“Ha? do you mean you want to finish your studies first? It will mean at least four more years assuming you take full load. By that time, I am almost 44 while you may only be 32. You might have forgotten that we have an age gap. Besides, I don’t want Abby to have a sibling that is out of wedlock. We’ve just sorted out Abby’s papers and I don’t want a repeat of that.” Richard argued back. He was serious.

“Eh, sino naman ang nagsabi na magkakaroon ng kapatid si Abby?” Maya asked; hiding a smile.

“What? You mean paghinhintayin mo ako until we got married?” He knew very well what Maya meant and he wasn’t agreeable to that. “Maya, isn’t it too much? We already have Abby and you know how much I want to be with you.” He lowered his tone hoping she would reconsider her position.

“Sige, pag-iisipan ko.” She relented. Actually, she was just teasing him. She could still continue her studies even if she is married. It would also give the stability of a home for Abby as she doesn’t have to bounce from one house to another every weekend.

8 thoughts on “Someone Like You – part 29

  1. Sana this ISN’T the finale YET Ms. @hanah6181! i LOVE the flow of this story and has been eagerly waiting for the next installments! 😉

    I Just READ (& finished) ur Other FF entitled CRAZY IN LOVE which I also enjoyed reading to the extent that my smartphone is already glued in my hand! ha ha.. 😀 i left many COMMENTS/VIOLENT REACTIONS in most of the chapters BUT rest assured they(violent reactions) aren’t for U but for that MAMANG SINGKIT-WHOS-CRAZY-IN-LOVE-WITH-MAYA-DEAR! 🙂 hope U cud check them out .. 😉 Maybe to inspire u to write MORE.. 😉

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