Restless – Chapter 7

Admin Note: This is a continuation to Restless – Chapter 6.

Author: Ricci 


Chapter 7 – Reality

Maya tried to open her eyes, sensing some movements.  She felt someone’s lips wandering lightly from her cheeks to her jaw with his arm hooked beneath her shoulders.  Disoriented, she breathes at a familiar scent, and curled up beside him with her eyes closed.

“This is a dream, isn’t it?” She whispered, nuzzling his neck, and moving her hand on his chest.

She felt him smile against her skin and it gradually became clear that it had not been a dream as she remembers last night’s intimacy. She opened her eyes and looked at the man who held her – she saw that he was fully dressed, and he looks fresh from a recent shower. “Good morning.”  He drawled, smiling at her.

She tightly clutched the sheet to her breast, feeling suddenly shy with the realization of her nakedness, while she looked at him fully clothed. “What time is it?” She asked as she struggled to sit up.

He anchored her by drawing her purposefully between his legs as her hip brush the inside of his hard thigh, sending awareness through her entire nervous system.  His hands slid up her arms to gently imprison her shoulders as his mouth opened on hers in a deep, drugging kiss.

After a few minutes, he lifted his mouth from hers. “Still early for you to wake up.”  He propped on his elbow in a reclining position, and looked at her intently, “I have to go now, but I’d like to see you again… when I return to Manila.”

“Uhm, okay…” Maya replied, feeling awkward that after their dream-like intimacy last night, she’ll wake up to the cold reality of parting ways – she, going back to Manila later, and he, staying for another three weeks here in Singapore.

“I’ve left my cell phone no. on that piece of paper by the side table. Will you send me your contact no. later, or SMS me when you get back to Manila?”

“How about breakfast first?” was all Maya could say as she was at lost with words at this sudden rush of parting, trying to seize what little time they have; to hold him back a bit more.

“I’d love to have you for breakfast, sweet.” He teased and looked at his watch. “But time tells me, I’m running late.” He stood up and picked up his wallet and cell phone from the side table ready to leave. “Will you be alright?” He asked as he put his hands on his pockets and looked at her levelly.

She nodded and lowered her eyes with heaviness in her heart, and vague uneasiness in her mind.

“Come on… give me a proper kiss, and walk me towards the door.”  He said as he held his hands to her, but when she did not immediately take his hand, Richard made his move.  Before she even knew what was happening, he lifted her from the bed, and let her slide easily to the carpeted floor.

He gathered her closed in his arms, his jaw resting on top of her head, while Maya pressed her face to his heart.

“Richard, I think I’m in danger of falling in love with you.”

“No, you’re not.” He chuckled, his voice condescendingly amused while lazily tracing his fingers on her back. He tipped her chin up and gave her a scorching kiss, imprinting himself to her.  “It’s hormones sending mixed signals.”

She felt a bit hurt by his words, but her pride let it pass, and resolved not make a big deal out of it. There’ll be time enough to talk about their feelings when they meet again in three weeks time. “You’re probably right.” She said with quiet dignity, and leaned her head on his shoulder.

After a long moment, he pushed her hair aside, kissed her bare shoulder, and clasped her so closed that she could feel the stiff shape of his arousal.  Trembling, she pressed herself on his hard length, fitting her softness against him until he groaned against her hair. “Don’t…or I may take up on your offer, and end up having you for breakfast.” He reluctantly released her, and steadily gazed into her eyes. “On second thought, I’d rather you don’t walk me towards the door.”

She looked back at him and saw tautness on his jaw and a glow in his eyes that made it clear what would happen if she accompanied him towards the door.


Maya headed buoyantly to the hotel lobby to check out with a bright smile on her face.  She felt great and deliriously happy.  Everything is perfect. She kept pinching herself, and lightly slapping her cheeks to make sure that she’s really awake, and what happened last night was not just a dream.

She’s in love, and her heart soared at the thought of Richard, of their time together, the way he made love to her, of his whispered words of love. Okay, scrapped the word ‘love’, she thought.  I don’t remember him said the word – it’s more of wanting and longing, but it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that she will see him again in three weeks time.

She reminded herself to call Richard when she gets home tonight.

She still can’t believe that she can experience all this emotional merry go around in one day – of  excitement, passion, and romance – she felt absurdly happy and more than a little giddy that she can’t help having a wide grin pinned on her face as she approached her fellow FAs sitting in the lounge, waiting for their transportation to the airport.  She nodded and smiled at the other crews as she took a seat beside Eds, one of the flight attendant.

“Hi Eds!” Maya called cheerfully.

Eds glanced over her shoulder, and dropped the magazine that she’s reading to greet her.  “Oh hi Maya… You looked different today – as in ‘happy, and glowing’ different.” 

“Well, I am.” She beamed. “I absolutely love Singapore.”

“Really? More than Tokyo?”

“Definitely!  Not because of the place, but of the memories that comes with it.”

“Hmmm…poetic. You seemed inspired to come up with that line. Did something earth-shaking happened to you here in Singapore?”


“Oh my G! Maya, ano? Tell me.”

“Ahaha… secret muna.  When I see you at the head office after three weeks time, I’ll tell you all about him.”

“Hala!  You’ve met someone? Here in Singapore? Who?” Eds excitedly bombarded her with series of questions.

“My mouth is sealed.” Maya gestured. A little more nudging, and she’ll probably tell Eds all about him for she cannot contain her happiness.

“Haaay! Killjoy.  I’m dying from suspense and curiosity pa naman.  Sige na nga!“ She remarked, and went back to reading the magazine she had on her hands. “I’ll continue drooling na lang with this gorgeous man.”


After awhile, both fell into silence as each were engrossed with their own thing – Maya, leaning on the seat, daydreaming, while Eds quietly skimmed through the magazine pages.

“Maya, check this out. Proud to be a Filipino news.  Kalain mo this man made it to the cover of this international magazine.  First time ever that they featured a Filipino businessman.  It says here that he’s the youngest president in the aviation industry, and that his company gained the respect of the international business community, so much so that they’re so eager to be partners with him. Galing no?” 

“Huh? Sorry Eds, medyo distracted ako. Ano ulet yon?”

“Eto oh. You should read this as it’s the same industry that we’re in.  I hope we get to meet him.”  Eds held the magazine to Maya as she continued to babble on with her fascination with the man. “I’ll probably swoon when I see him – filthy rich, good looking, and single.  Yon nga lang, he keeps a company of a lady friend. Companion daw, but I think they’re living together na cause she always accompany him in most of his trip.  Hay! sayang! Single nga but taken.”

Maya looked blindly at the magazine too engrossed with her own happy thoughts that even in the magazine, he can see Richard’s face.  I must have fallen so hard for him! Crazy! She giggled.

She quickly looked away, and tried one more time to focus on what Eds was saying and holding in her hands. She grabbed the magazine from Eds as she saw something that made her entire body froze into shock and rigidity. In the cover of the magazine is the face of a man who had occupied her mind all day.

“Oh my God!”  Maya gasped, as she looked on at the running headline…


“Richard lim, Owner and President of Lim Aviation – The man who made the difference. “


She couldn’t believe what she was seeing; her mind refused to accept it. She quickly unfolded the magazine and saw that there were four pages allotted to him with photos and commentaries.  In one page is a picture of him with his arm wrap around the waist of a beautiful, tall woman. The caption said, Richard Lim and longtime companion, Hana Seville at the Charity event last month.

Pain ripped through her, cutting and tearing at her. She remembered the name, Hana, for she clearly heard Richard mentioned her name over the phone while they were in MBS.

“Oh no!” she whispered, her eyes filling with tears. Hysterical laughter bubbled up inside her. She was crazy indeed.  Richard… Owner, President, and with a girlfriend.  Hana was with him in this business trip.  She must have been with him too in MBS.

Humiliation washed over her body as her shoulders shook with silent sobs and hysterical laughter.  She covered her face with her palms as she laughed at her stupidity and wept for her shattered illusions and shame.  She’d made love with a man whom she’d known for only a day, and she didn’t even know his surname!  She could have been pregnant if not for his presence of mind to withdraw – at least that was a consolation for her.

“Maya, are you okay?”  Eds asked and frowned looking at Maya’s odd behavior.  She was crouching with her palms covering her face as her shoulders shook with somewhat like laughter and sobbing.

Swallowing her misery, she dragged her gaze to Eds concerned face. “I’m okay Eds. Nothing to be alarmed about.” She assured her as she slowly got control from her hysterics. “I was just overwhelmed with this magazines headline that I can’t seem to help myself… proud to be Filipino news nga.”  She told her as she took out a tissue from her bag to wipe the tears that trickled from her eyes.  “I’d like to borrow this, if you don’t mind.”

“You can keep it.  I’ve already read the whole magazine.”  Eds was relieved to hear her positivity back, though she found it strange that her smile doesn’t seem to reach her eyes, and she really sounded hysterical a while ago.

After a few minutes…

“Shit!” Maya hissed, cursing animatedly for the first time in her life as she found out more about him from the magazine. 




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  2. oh my geee!! i felt Maya’s pain while READING the last part of this chapter! *heart’s breaking now T.T*

    what would be the GREAT RiCHARD LiM’s ‘DAMOVES’ after he finds out what Maya Learned about him??!?!?

    just a piece of my thoughts though,, since maya already knew him,, she wouldn’t dare contact him lyk sa napag-usapan & maybe,, richard would think na balewala kay maya what happened between them.. then, BOTH will develop grudges at each other because OF those ideas.. haayyzz.. I’d BETTER READ the NEXT chapter na nga! haha *Crazy ME! :D*

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