Please Be My Legal Wife – part 3

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PREVIOUSLY on Please Be My Legal Wife – Part 2
Richard:          If you’re ready Ms. De la Rosa, this way please…. (points his hand towards his office)
Maya:              (leans towards Liza and in a soft voice) Liza, hindi naman kaya bipolar yang boss mo? Baka biglang mag tiger mode sa loob kagatin ako!
Richard:          I heard that! Ms. De la Rosa!
Maya:              (aligaga) Huh?! Ah.. yes Sir Chief! Ready for the interview! (leans towards Liza again and whispers to Liza) in fairness, ang lambot ng kamay nya ha. Mas malambot pa kesa sa kamay ko?! Parang siopao lang! hahaha
Liza:                Liza giggles.  Mamang Singkit? Naluging magtataho? Mr. Chopsticks? Bipolar? Tiger mode at siopao?   Hahaha  To herself “wow….with what you’ve just done and will do to Chief…you are really something else Maya….kayanin kaya ni Chief ang kakulitan mo?! Hahaha”
            When Maya was about to enter Richard’s office, she suddenly felt hesitant to have the talk.  She was scared.  She realizes that while she took the ads as a sign from heaven, she’s scared of the unknown that she’ll have to face after.  In her mind, “Eh bakit ba naman kasi kailangan maging complicated.  Ayoko sa complicated!  Bakit kasi ikaw pa ang tatay at si Abby pa yung bata? ” 
Richard:          Ms. De la Rosa?       
Maya:              (Maya looks at him) Huh?!
Richard:          (He raises his eyebrows but she still doesn’t move and stays by the door of  Richard’s office.)  Don’t worry Ms. De la Rosa, I don’t bite and I won’t bite you.       
Maya:              Ah.. yes…. Sir…..Chief! Heto na nga po, papasok na po.
Chapter THREE   
Braving the Unknown
Richard:         (With a disturbed face, he points to the chair in front of his table and seriously says) Please have a seat, Ms. Dela Rosa.  Do you want anything?
Maya:             (She felt uneasy upon seeing Richard’s face.  To lighten the mood, she rolls her eyes upwards and pretends to be thinking) Hmmm, anything? Masarap po ba yun? (then gives a big smile)
Richard:         (Smiles and releases a chuckle) I meant, anything…Coffee? Tea?
Maya: (In her thoughts “oh siyet na malagket! ang cute nyang ngumiti!” with a wide smile, Maya says)  Joke lang po yun! Eh kasi naman po, nakakatakot kayong tignan kanina eh. At least napangiti ko po kayo. Uhm, thank you po, pero nag coffee na po ako kanina. (Fidgety and whispers to herself)  “Ito nga po oh, may nerbyos na…anu ba ito? Parang nakita ko na yung ngiti na yun eh”
Richard:         What was that again?
Maya:             Ah, sabi ko po, cute kayo pag naka ngiti….Ay! (Covers her mouth with her left hand) I mean…..hindi na po kayo…..nakakata-cute tignan pag nakangiti!
Richard:         (Richard could only smile again and shake his head in amusement) I can’t send her to regular school.
Maya:             Huh?!
Richard:         My daughter Abby.  I can’t send her to regular school.  That is the reason why we put up the ads for a private tutor.  I want her to be home schooled para naman hindi sha masyadong mahuli sa ibang bata na ka age nya.
              Maya  raised her eyebrows, as if asking why
Richard:         She’s already 7 years old.  Naka tutor na sha since she was 4, pero hindi gaya ng home schooled. Mga 2 hours lang per day and para lang din sa toddler school.  With what she has learned through tutorials, para naman din shang regular kid, only that she could not be in a regular school because…… she has not spoken since she was 2 years old, when her mother……when my wife….uhm…when Alex…died…….a……plane crash.
            Maya’s raised eyebrows suddenly dropped making her forehead crease.  She looks into the eyes of Richard and sees extreme sadness.  She listens intently to Richard as he continues.
Richard:   Just like everybody else in the family, Abby was so devastated.  She cried and cried.  She kept on looking for her mom, she kept on saying “mommy, mommy” and when she could not find her, she cried more.  Nobody and nothing could make her stop until she cried herself to sleep.  Until one day, when all the tears have been shed, we realized that Abby was not only lonely and quiet.  She has stopped talking as well.  She would just nod and shake her head when we talk to her, and she would do sign language to communicate with us.
              Maya’s heart went out to Abby.  Unconsciously, she placed her left hand on her chest and her eyes became filled with tears that were about to fall.  These did not escape Richard’s eyes.  He knew right there and then, that Maya’s heart is pure and kind, and that he has to convince Maya to take the job.  On the other hand, as Maya continuously stares at Richard,  she realizes how lonely this man is. Slowly, hesitantly, she raises her right fist and points her pointer and middle fingers up.
Richard:         What now, Ms. Dela Rosa? Napipi ka na rin ba at nag sa-sign language ka na?  What’s that peace sign for?
Maya:             (Maya shakes her head, presses her lips together then says) question sign po yan……p-pwede po ba magtanung? (Richard nods in approval) Maibabalik pa po ba si Abby sa dati? Kasi kanina naman po, hindi ko man lang naramdaman na may kakaiba sa kanya.  Masayahin naman, alert, at nakipag socialize po.
Richard:         Her doctor said si Abby lang ang makapag papagaling sa sarili nya. Pag gusto  at kaya na nya, she will heal on her own.  Oras lang ang hihintayin.  But it has already been about 5 years and –
Maya:             Sha lang po ang gamot sa sarili nya? How is that? Pwede po ba malaman?
Richard:         Unexpected pregnancy si Abby.  Unexpected, and not unwanted.  Ang tagal kasi nyang nasundan si Nikki.  Kasi, we  didn’t expect na masusundan pa si sha.   When we found out that Alex was pregnant, we were all ecstatic. (Richard almost smiling) Nasabik kami sa baby, lalo na si Alex.  After she gave birth to Abby, she decided to make her maternity leave permanent.  So she resigned from Time Airways.
Maya:             Time Airways po?!  Was she a –
Richard:         Yes, she was a flight attendant of Time Airways.
Maya:             B-but you said she resigned.  Pano po –
Richard:         Ulila na si Alex and she was an only child.   She had to go to Cebu for a court hearing of a case involving a property of her late parents. Of course she rode Time Airways.  Unfortunately, hindi naging mabusisi sa procedure yung maintenance company ng Time Airways at that time, and their inadvertence caused the plane crash.
            Maya could not believe what she was hearing.  When she applied as FA for Time Airways, maugong pa ang usap usapan sa plane crash na yun. In her thoughts, “Kasama ang wife nya dun?!……”   During her training days, trainees were always assured that Time Airways planes are already in good hands and are maintained well. Maya’s hands are now on her face while the tears that were kept from flowing are now on her cheeks.
Maya: (She looks at Richard and says) Sorry po……I can’t help the tears. Yung circumstances lang po kasi.   Your wife was a former FA of Time Airways… di para na rin po kaming magka pamilya nung wife nyo …..(Richard controlled his emotions and continues to talk).
Richard: Abby was always with her mother.  Anino na nga sha ni Alex eh.  Hindi mo sila mapag hihiwalay.  Alex was always within her sight and call.  When she learned to talk, dahil mas madalas silang magkasama ng mommy nya, silang dalawa lagi ni Alex ang magka-usap.    Naturally, na associate ni Abby ang boses nya sa boses ng mommy nya… know, action-reaction. When Abby talks, it’s the voice of her mother that she hears most of the time. And when she could not hear her mommy talk back when she talks or calls for her, and worse, could not see her mommy’s face, na-trauma.  Kaya sabi ng doctor nya, Abby refused to talk because of that, and si Abby lang din ang gagamot sa sarili nya.
Maya: Which means she can talk again?
Richard:  Yes.  When she’s ready.  Uhm….Ms. dela Rosa, no one knows this yet, not even my kids, but….uhm… I have heard Abby talk in her sleep.  So there is really a big chance that she’ll snap out of her condition, when she feels ready.

Maya: But how can anyone teach her if that is her condition?
Richard: There will be guides Ms. Dela Rosa. Home school is still under the supervision of the DepEd.  What she needs is someone she can trust, and someone who can AND will understand her……and I think that’s you, Ms. Dela Rosa.
Maya: (points to herself) M-me?  Eh bakit naman po ako? How can you say that I am the one.  You will entrust your daughter to me, even when you find me inefficient?
Richard: Look, I said I’m sorry for what happened in Hongkong airport.  You have to forgive me for being difficult then.  The kids were not supposed to travel alone.  Do you think a father like me would let his kids travel alone in an airplane after he lost his wife in a plane crash?  That was not supposed to happen.  My business trip in London did not turn out as planned kaya nag ka-delay delay ang schedule.  We almost cancelled the Hongkong trip but because of Abby, we….Luke, my eldest child and I, decided to push through as planned.
            Since gahol sa oras if I return to Manila, we decided that I would just meet them in Hongkong.  So I made special arrangements with Time Airways. But I was tired, uncomfortable, impatient, anxious and worried sick to see my kids safe with me.  Kung anu man ang nasabi ko sa inyo ng co FA mo, I’s sorry.  I really did not want, and mean to be rude.  It was the circumstances I was in –
Maya: Stop. You don’t need to explain further.  Naiintindihan ko na po.  I’m sorry if I, if we, took it against you.  Of course, we didn’t know too.  It was an action-reaction, so to speak.  So, it’s purely misunderstanding.  We must forgive and forget, wala naman may gusto na mangyari ang mga yun.
Richard: Really? So, wala na talaga ang galit mo sa akin? (Maya nods and smiles).   (Richard smiles too) With that, will my presence no longer be intolerable? So are you open to entering a contract of employment with me?
Maya: When I saw the ads, I really got curious because of how it was presented.  Mahilig ako sa bata kasi marami na akong pamangkin.  I found the ad somehow sweet because of the hand writing and drawings.  I thought the child is adorable sa drawing pa lang. But I didn’t know that she has a condition.  Eh, parang napaka bigat po ng responsibility. Nakakatakot baka hindi ko kayanin.
Richard: As I’ve said. there will be guides Ms. Dela Rosa. Napansin mo sa ads, open sa college students ang application, and I’m sure it was the one that attracted you most. Flexible sa time ang home schooling.  But what she needs is someone she can trust and someone who can and will understand her.  I really believe ikaw nga yun, Ms. Dela Rosa.  Ang dali nyo nag kaintindihan kanina.  She likes you, she trusts you. 
           We have difficulty understanding her.  Kaya when she wants to say something and we could not understand, she gets frustrated then mag tantrums.  Nahihirapan ang lahat pag nag tantrums na si Abby.  Kaya I bought her an Ipad.  She communicates through the Ipad, she scribbles what she wants to say.  I intentionally left it in the car to see how she will communicate with you kanina.  You can’t deny it.  She was able to communicate with you with so much ease without an Ipad.
Maya: Eh yun nga yun.  It’s not the academic part which bothers me.  It’s the emotional involvement that I might get into.  (Richard gives a question look) Looking back on how Abby was to me during their flight to Hongkong, tapos how she remembered me kanina, parang ang bigat ng emotional responsibility.  I will be in my fourth year in law school.  Baka pareho kaming mahirapan at makasama lang lalo sa kanya.
Richard: (Richard didn’t know what to say.  He struggles to say something in response to what Maya just said.)  Ah….uhm…..maybe because  when she saw you, she remembers her mother?   She has a lot of pictures of her mother in her FA uniform.
Maya: Mr. Lim, if that’s the case, then why is it that no one among my co FA’s in that flight to Hongkong could make her calm down?  Bakit sa akin lang sha kumalma.  Kumapit na sa akin at ayaw na ako pakawalan?   And how can she remember me from the past that happened about 3 years ago? Ako nga hindi ko siya maalala ng lubos.  Yes, she looked familiar and I thought nakita ko na siya dati.  But if not on how she gave me those kisses a while ago, hindi ko siya maalala. These are just so intimidating to handle.
Richard: (Richard was speechless.  In his thoughts “What now Richard?  Maybe you need to tell her the truth. But it might scare her more.  But you have nothing to lose now. Try her.”   Richard stares at Maya while he plays with a pen he was holding, heaves a  big sigh then says)  Ms. Dela Rosa, there is something in you that Abby saw, and sees.  I think Abby is already emotionally attached to you.
Maya: Wh-what?
Richard:  As I have mentioned a while ago, I heard Abby talk in her sleep.  In fact, a number of times already.
Maya: Talaga po? (Richard nods and swallows with the impending follow up question) Eh anu naman po ang sinasabi nya?  Clear po ba?
Richard: Maya.
Maya: (Responding to the call of her name)  Po?
Richard: Maya.
Maya: Po? Ano nga po?
Richard: That’s what she said clearly a number of times in her sleep. Maya.
Maya: P-poh?  M-maya?
Richard: Yes.  At first I didn’t give any meaning to it.  While she clearly said it, it was not clear what Maya is.  Then, it was just a word to me that she uttered in her sleep.  Maya.   Maya, the word that has bothered me for years, wondering what could it mean, until Liza emailed to me the applications for this job.  I came across your photo and I thought you looked very familiar.  So I checked your files and saw the name Maya in your biodata.  Then I saw the pictures of Abby while in the plane going to Hongkong. It was you.  You were holding her in your arms.
Maya: Po? But Maya is just my nickname.  My given name is Ma. Yamina. Baka coincidence lang.
Richard: You really think so?  What was the name in your name plate?  What was the name you gave Abby?
Maya: Po? (stares and thinks and says) MA-YA.
Richard: (With raised eyebrows, proudly says)   I rest my case.
Maya:  In her thoughts “Maya, kalma lang. pag-isipan mo muna, huwag agad agad mag desisyon.”  (Its now Maya’s turn to give a big sigh)  Ah, Mr. Lim, p-pwede muna po bang pag isipan muna? When I commit myself into something, I really want to give my all.  Kaya po ako nag resign as legal researcher because in my struggle to give my 100% sa job, nagsuffer ang studies ko, nawala ako sa honor roll.  If I commit myself to Abby, kailangan po sigurado din ako na kaya ko ibigay 100% ko sa kanya.
Richard:   I know that you really do not need a job.  But for whatever reasons you have in wanting to have one, this could be the best job for a working student like you.  The salary is competitive, there is also an allowance, you will be treated like you’re family, meaning, you’ll have your own room with bath and study area,  the driver can bring you to anyplace you want, you –
Maya: No need to elaborate on the salary and perquisites of the job Mr. Lim.  I know the salary is competitive and the perqs are really to my advantage.  But those are not the only things I consider in taking a job.  Primarily, it’s the responsibility.  Hindi naman po pwede that I’m paid well tapos hindi naman commensurate sa binibigay kong trabaho.  I will not allow it.  Hindi po pwede na dehado ang employer ko, pang lalamang po sa kapwa yun eh. Bad vibes po yun, ayoko po makarma sa bar exams ko.
Richard: (Facing defeat, Richard looks at Maya with admiration) I understand Ms. Dela Rosa.  Your parents must be really proud of you.  They have brought you up well.  I just hope you’ll think about it and reconsider this job.  You may be the only hope for Abby.
         Well, I am grateful for the chance to explain everything.  So, thank you, Ms. Dela Rosa (Richard stands up and offers his hand for a handshake) it was nice talking to you. I just hope you’ll reconsider and give us a call soon.
Maya: (Seeing Richard’s face breaks her heart.  In her mind “Naku naman, bat ganyan ang mukha mo, nakakadurog ka naman ng puso eh. Maya, wag kang bibigay! Pag isipan mo muna yan!”) (Maya shakes Richard’s hand and tries to make him smile).  Ah Mr. Lim, pwede last question na lang po?
Richard:   Yes, what is it?
Maya: Sigurado po kayo? Medyo personal eh.
Richard:   (With a serious face) Go ahead, ask me.
Maya: Uhm, anu pong lotion ang gamit nyo? Kasi po, napansin ko, mas makinis at mas malambot pa ang  kamay nyo kesa sa akin eh, ang flawless lang! (With that, Richard laughs showing his dimples)
Richard:   You’re silly!
Maya: Tignan nyo na, hindi ko lang kayo napangiti! Napatawa ko pa kayo!  (Hihirit pa si Maya) Atin atin lang po ah, mas bata po kayo tignan pag naka smile…. Pramis! you look 10 years younger (wagas na ngiti si maya) pero pag naka simangot kayo, mukha kayong DOM! Hehehe!  Peace po (peace sign)! Buh-bye!  (waves, sabay takbo palabas kay Liza)
        Still amused, Richard went out of his office with an idea in mind that might help.  Richard asks Liza to do a task for him ASAP.
Richard:  Uhm,  Liza, kindly set me an appointment with Justice Arturo dela Rosa ASAP.  Uhm, if it’s possible, there in his office at Sandiganbayan.  If his secretary will give you a hard time, just say that its personal and it will only take about 15 minutes of the Justice’s time.
Liza:     Okay sir.
The Day – Office of Justice Arturo dela Rosa, Sandiganbayan – 4:45 pm
Richard:  Good afternoon!  I’m Engr. Richard Lim, I have an appointment with the Justice at 5:00 pm.
Staff:  Good afternoon Engr. Lim! Please have a seat.  The Justice is still at the conference room of the 5th Division, but the meeting is almost over.
Richard:  Thank you.  I’ll just wait here.
          Richard thought of meeting Maya’s father and let him know of the tutorial job and Maya’s application.  Whatever may be her decision, he felt the urge, being a father himself, to let the Justice know of the job circumstances and give him assurance that his daughter will be safe.  He has to let the Justice know that he is a decent man.  After all, Maya is asked to move in his house and live with his family while on the job, and that if she decides to take the job, she has to get her parents’ permission.  After 10 minutes of waiting, Richard hears the main door of the office open with two young men in barong and a man in grey suit entering the room while having a discussion.  Richard stood up immediately and heaved a sigh.
Arturo:  Atty. Cruz, did you get all the issues pointed by the other justices?
Atty. Cruz:  Yes, your honor. Here in my notes.

Arturo:  Okay, go get some jurisprudence on the matter. Look for the latest laws as well.
Atty. Cruz:  Yes, your honor.
Arturo:  Atty. Reyes, I already sent you my draft decision in the Gonzales case.  Kindly check it out, proof read it and do the usual, then send it back to me asap.
Atty. Reyes:  Yes, sir.
Staff:  Your honor, Engr. Richard Lim is here already for his 5:00 o’clock appointment, sir.
Richard:  Good afternoon, Justice dela Rosa.  (Offers his right hand for a shake) I’m Richard Lim, your honor.
Arturo:  (Shakes the hand of Richard) Good afternoon.  Just give me 5 minutes, and I’ll get to you.
Richard:  Yes, of course, your honor.  Only when you’re ready, sir.
Sandiganbayan, Chambers of Justice Arturo dela Rosa – 5:00 p.m.
Arturo:           What brings you here Engr. Lim?
Richard:         Your honor, thank you for allowing me to speak with you.
Arturo:           I understand it’s something personal, right? So what is this all about?
Richard:         (Richard didn’t know where and how to start) Yes…….your honor, uhm ….yo-your daughter and I………
Arturo:           My daughter, you say? Which daughter? I have two.
Richard:         Oh, I’m sorry.  Your daughter Maya.
Arturo:           What about Maya? Is she in trouble?
Richard:         No, your honor, your daughter, Maya  and I  were formally introduced this morning when she came by my office.
Arturo:           And why is that?
Richard:         Your honor, I’m a widower with three children.  I lost my wife in a plane crash 5 years ago and my youngest child was traumatized. (Richard tells the  rest of the story while Arturo listened attentively.  Richard narrated how Abby was traumatized, the talk in her sleep, including the circumstances about Maya and Abby, the job description and perquisites, and what happened during the scheduled interview of Maya that morning with Abby.)  I know I cannot force Maya to enter into a contract of employment with me.  I came here because as a father, I feel that  you ought to know about it, after all she will ask for your permission, if she decides to take the job. Before she left Lim Aviation Services this morning, she said she’ll think about it, because she  has to make sure that she can give her 100% both to the job and her studies.
Arturo:           I know she’s on a job hunting but she has not mentioned to me about that tutorial job, but I’m not surprised.  That’s my Maya.  Wait, did you say Lim Aviation Services?
Richard:         Yes, your honor.
Arturo:           So, any relation to Bobby Lim?
Richard:         Bobby Lim, sir?
Arturo:           I mean Roberto Lim?  He’s married to Esmeralda.
Richard:         He’s my father, sir.
Arturo:           Really? Small world.  Bobby and I were classmates! We were buddies.  Can’t believe I’m talking to his son right now!  So how’s Bobby? Your mom, Esme?
Richard:         Richard felt somewhat relieved.  “Pag sineswerte ka nga naman.  He knows my dad?  This is even better.  At least he knows I’m from a decent family.” He smiles.  He’s fine, sir. Mama’s always with him.  They’re based in China but they’re here in Manila for a vacation right now but will be leaving in 2 days. I’m sure Papa will be thrilled. I’ll tell them all about it later at dinner.  Here is my card, your honor.  That’s my office and mobile number there. (Richard writes down his residence phone number.) And here’s my residence number.  You can call Papa and do some catching up.
Arturo:           Richard, right?
Richard:         Richard nods. Yes, your honor.
Arturo:           Let’s do away with the formalities.  Bobby is like family to me. So, call me Tito Art.   Uhm….let’s not mention this to Maya.  We’ll let her decide on her own.  Mga bata pa lang mga anak ko, I knew that Maya is no doctor or architect.  I see the lawyer in her bata pa lang yun. Me katigasan ang ulo, stubborn pero may paninindigan, napaka righteous ng batang yan.
Richard:         I see that too. She’s kinda funny.  At matapang po. She speaks her mind out. Pinagalitan nga po ako sa harap ng mga empleyado ko eh. Hahaha! She even called me names, she addressed me as Mr. Chopsticks!
Arturo:           Hahaha!  Ganun ba?  Pag pasenshahan mo na lang.  Minsan makulit lang talaga ang batang yan.  I think working for you away from us will do her good.  She’s independent, yes.  Kaya lang kasi, Papa’s girl na, Mama’s girl pa, pati Kuya and Ate’s girl na rin. In short, me pagka spoiled, but not a brat though. It’s like her umbilical cord was not completely cut off!  Masyadong attached sa amin.  Kahit yung pagiging FA nya didn’t help.   I mean, takot ata mag-asawa eh. She’s 25 and still no boyfriend! Sa dinami ng nanligaw sa kanya, ni isa walang nagustuhan.  Maybe if she lives with another family outside ours,  she might see the beauty of it and may want to have a family of her own too.
Richard:         Well, let’s hope she decides to take the job.
Arturo:           You’re right.  Don’t worry hijo, I will not interfere with her decision making.  I will leave it all up to her.  You’re Bobby’s son!  With that, you already have my trust.  I’ll give Bobby a call later.
Richard:         Don’t worry Tito Art, she’ll be in good hands.  My house will be her second home.  She’ll be very comfortable and will be well taken care of.  I have lots of help.  Manang Fe already met her.
Arturo:           Fe is with you?  She’s a great cook!  I remember we always hang out at Bobby’s and we always stay for dinner kasi masarap ang ulam na hinanda ni Fe.   Magkakasundo sila ni Maya.  Maya is also a great cook.  When she’s stressed out, she cooks or bakes to relax.
Richard:         Well, if she decides to take the job, madali po siyang makaka pagtanggal ng stress sa bahay.  Aside from the main kitchen, we have another one near the pool.  She can bake and cook until she wants.
           That night, Maya found it hard to sleep.  She kept on thinking of Abby, Alex, the circumstances, the ads, the number of times she has encountered Richard.  “Naman, sa dami nung mga pagkakataon, hindi pa ba senyales na baka nga this job is for me?  Sa laki ng Pilipinas, sa dami ng tao dito, sa lahat naman ng magiging boss, bakit siya pa. Bakit nagkita uli kami nila Abby? Tapos yung late wife nya, dati ring FA ng Time Airways!”  These thoughts kept her awake. “Maya, mag dasal ka kaya! Tignan mo, hindi ka pa natatapos sa unang misteryo ng Rosaryo, siguradong nananaginip ka na!  Humingi  ka na lang uli ng guidance sa Diyos.”
             Like Maya,  Richard couldn’t sleep that night too.  He keeps on thinking about what happened  that day.  In his thoughts  “So, she’s the Maya in Abby’s subconscious.  What was she dreaming about that she kept on saying Maya’s name.  Abby saw something in her, she sees something that makes her feel so comfortable around Maya.”  He’s convinced that Maya could be the answer to Abby’s condition.  The problem is how to convince Maya to accept the job.  He has to find a way to convince her.    He got up from bed and proceeded to his home office at the ground floor of his mansion.  He took out Maya’s files again but this time, reads it in detail.  He remembers someone who might know Maya, so he got his phone and started typing a text message.
Text from Richard:   Brod, are you still awake? Can I call you?
Ring ring ring
Ryan:  Brod!  Is there any problem? Nasan ka ba?
Richard:  Brod! I need your help with something…..I mean, with someone.
Ryan:  Talagang with someone?  So who is bothering you at hindi makapagantay hanggang bukas? May pa sasampahan ka ba ng kaso? LAS client?
Richard:  No, it’s not about LAS.  Pasensha na sa istorbo but you know me, I can’t wait until tomorrow.
Ryan:  Alam ko naman yun eh kaya nga tumawag na ako agad eh.  Because I know hindi ka makakatulog.  I was just watching the late night news. So who is this person who is not making you sleep?
Richard:  Si Abby.
Ryan:  Si Abby?  Why? What happened to Abby?
Richard:  Eh remember I put up an ad for private tutor?  Well, there is this applicant who might be the answer to Abby’s condition.   The problem is, hindi ko na convince to accept the job.
Ryan:  You mean to say, sablay ang negotiating skills ng isang Richard Lim? And why is that so?
Richard:  Natakot sa possible emotional involvement kay Abby, at ma-prinsipyong tao Brod.  She said it’s not right to accept the job if she cannot commit her 100%  tapos  she’ll be paid well with all the perqs.  Pang lalamang daw ng kapwa yun.  Baka daw makarma sa bar exams.
Ryan:  Bar exams?  She’s a law student?
Richard:  Yes, in fact you might know her.  She might have been a student of yours.  Ma. Yamina Dela Rosa.
Ryan:     Ma. Yamina Dela Rosa.…….Si Maya dela Rosa?!
Richard:  Yes. The daughter of Justice Arturo Dela Rosa and Atty. Teresita Dela Rosa.
Ryan:     Maprinsipyo talaga yun! She applied for the job?  Teka, papayagan ba naman sha ng ama nya? Alam ko Papa’s girl yun kaya nga she’s working as legal researcher in Quezon City Trial Court, naging Judge dati yung Papa nya dun.  Teka, hindi mo na convince?  Ang labo naman nun, why did she even apply in the first place?
Richard:  She resigned from her legal researcher job.  Nag suffer ata yung grades nya because she gave 100% sa trabaho nya.  So she was looking for a job and saw my ads.  And there’ll be no problem with the parents.  They know me, well, they know my parents.  So, wala akong problema sa aspetong yun. It’s Maya.
Ryan:     Si Maya pa.  Ganun nga yun.  At totoo, nawala sa honor roll brod.  So why call me?  Anu naman ang maitutulong ko?
Richard:  I was hoping you could help me convince her take the job. Natakot ata sa akin eh. She said she’ll think about it. Please do it for Abby? May I remind you, inaanak mo yun! Hahaha!
Ryan:     Nangonsensha ka pa. Sinungitan moa ta eh! Hahaha! So how will I do that?  Any plans?
Richard:  I have a suggestion, pero I’ll leave it up to you Brod, bahala ka na.
Ryan:     Mabuti napatawag ka ng maaga, lapit na ng enrolment.  Baka makita ko sa school sina Maya. That will be a great opportunity.
             Over the next few days, Richard proceeded with the interview of other applicants.  Maya became the standard.  Richard was getting frustrated and upset as he could not find anyone close to Maya.  He just couldn’t see the connection that Maya made with Abby.   “What’s taking her so long to decide?”   
Richard:  Liza, wala pa bang tawag si Maya dela Rosa?
Liza:     Wala pa po sir eh.…….would you like me to call her for a follow up?
Richard:  No, it’s not necessary.  Let’s just wait. I’m confident that she’ll call us anytime soon.
Liza:     (With raised eyebrows, Liza just nods.  She’s been with LAS since its birth, and she knows her boss so well now.  She need not know why, but she knows there is a reason why he said that.)  Okay, sir.
STARBUCKS meet up with Emman for client meeting
Emman:  Hoy! Maya dela Rosa!  Tulalei ka jan!
 Maya:     Anu ba Emman! Kailangan ba mang gulat?
Emman:  Anyare sayo?Bakit ba tulalei ka jan?
Maya:     Nagiisip.
Emman:  Hindi ka kaya malunod nyan sa lalim ng iniisp mo?  Care to share?
Maya:     Yung tutorial job.
Emman:  O, eh anu nga tungkol dun? Maaari mo bang isalaysay Ms. witness? Panay ka one liner jan, kaka irita ha.
Maya:     Eh yun nga. I can’t decide pa rin. Gusto ko na ayaw ko. Nakakatakot kasi. Baka lalo kong hindi kayanin eh.
Emman:  Hasus!  Yun lang ba?  O ako na nagsasabi sayo. Don’t take it. Sabi nila in case of doubt, throw it out. Duda duda ka jan, eh d huwag ng tanggapin ang trabaho. Tapos!  Maghanap ng iba, marami jan.
Maya:     Hindi naman sa duda, hindi ko lang kasi alam kung anu ang papasukin ko. I don’t know what to expect, ganun.
Emman:  Eh bakit? Ipinaliwanag naman ng mabuti sayo dba?
Maya:     Basta!  Alam mo yung feeling na you will be facing the unknown?  That is exactly how I feel.
Emman:  Tutal sabi mo leap of faith dba? Then why are you scared to face that unknown na sinasabi mo? Tutal dinasal mo naman at sabi mo baka yan ang sagot.  O, eh di, idasal mo uli.  Bigyan ka ng sign ni Lord!
Maya:     Tama!  Galing mo talaga.  Sign?  Anu namang sign?  Hmmmmm…..alam ko na.  I will let them know first, sina  Papa, pag hindi kumontra, yun na yun!
Emman:  Hano sabeh moh? Eh ang daya naman nun.  Pihado kokontra ang ama mo.
Maya:     Eh kaya nga.  Pag hindi kumontra, divine intervention na yun!
Emman:  Whatever you say…….
Edsa SHANG Hotel – party venue ocular inspection with client
Maya:     Emman!  Hindi kumontra!
Emman:  Ha?  Hindi kumontra? Sino?  Yung may debut?
Maya:     Si Papa.  Hindi kumontra dun sa idea ng tutorial job.  Si Mama naman basta nag salita na si Papa, wala ng imik yun.
Emman:  Weh!  Paanong hindi kumontra?
Maya:     Even before I started talking about it, he asked me kung kamusta na ang job hunting ko.  So I said, may napupusuan ako pero hindi pa ako nag decide. I gave a brief description of the job.  Tinanung nya why I have not decided, so I said my piece.
Emman:  Tapos?
Maya:     Sabi niya, tutal hindi naman daw ako mapigilan magtrabaho kahit hindi naman kailangan, so, if this job will not be a burden sa lawschool at okay sa schedule ko, then go for it.
Emman:  Alam nila ang stay in arrangement?
Maya:     Oo, niliwanag ko yun.
Emman:  And?
Maya:     Tinanung lang if I have been to the house.  Siyempre sabi ko hindi pero nabanggit ko yung address. He said alam nya yung lugar,  well secured daw dun and desente mga nakatira sa subdivision nay un.  He asked sino ang employer and his background like ano profession, saan nag wo-work. Tapos sabi nya, they trust my judgment naman.
Emman:  So, tatanggapin mo na?
Maya:     Eh yun ang usapan dba. Dinasal ko, eto, hindi kumontra.  Nakakapagtaka man, pero yun yun.  So baka nga divine intervention.
Emman:  Sana, after all these trouble of deciding, open pa ang tutorial job at wala pa silang nakuha.
Maya:     Naku!  Oo nga noh? Wait, I’ll call Liza, his secretary.  
LAS Office
Maya:     Hello, good afternoon!  Is Ms. Liza in?
Liza:  Yes, speaking.  Who is this please?
Maya:     Ms. Liza!  This is Maya dela Rosa. Do you still remember me? Yung na high blood sa boss mong singkit.
Liza:  Maya dela Rosa?  (Richard stood up upon hearing Liza’s voice)  Yes, Maya dela Rosa! How can I forget you.  What can I do for you? Napatawag ka.
Maya:     Itatanong ko lang kasi sana, if open pa yung tutorial job. May nakuha na ba si Mr. Lim
Liza:  Wait, I’ll transfer your call. Si Sir na lang kausapin mo. Wait lang ha. She was about to stand but Richard is now standing in front of her table.  So she immediately hands over the wireless phone to him.
Maya:     Huh?! (Panics.) Naku, Ms. Liza, it’s not necessary, hwag na . Nakakatakot kausap yun eh, baka may sumpong.
Richard:  What is not necessary and sino ang may sumpong, Ms. Dela Rosa?
Maya:     He-hello po! Good afternoon, Mr Lim!  Uhm…it’s not necessary…….to…call me Ms. Dela, Mr. Lim….. Just call me Maya and uhm…. sumpong?  Ah, may sumpong po itong phone ko kaya medyo hindi maganda reception.
Richard:  Okay, Maya it is.  So, Maya, are you calling to accept the job?
Maya:     Yes, if it is still open.
Richard:  Yes, it’s still open.  So are you sure about this?
Maya:  Yes, sir.  Uhm, can we first talk and make the contract?
Richard:  (Richard is ecstatic and now has a big smile on his face).  But of course!  Are you free this afternoon? Around 5?  Maybe we can talk about it in the house?  Para na rin makita mo where your second home will be.  Ikaw na gumawa ng kontrata, and if you’ll see the house, it will help you draft the contract better especially if you have concerns pertaining to your room, amenities, and the like. I’m giving you the liberty to draft the contract and I’ll sign it.  I believe you are a reasonable and righteous person.
Maya:     That’s a good idea.  I do not have any scheduled meeting this afternoon. So I’ll see you later then, Mr. Lim.
Richard:  Its Richard.  And yes, I’ll see you later. Thank you, Maya.  Thank you for reconsidering.
Richard:         What the hell is she thinking?!
Maya:             How did you know? Naninilip ka noh?
Nikki:             Kuya!  Look at them o, they look so nice together dba?!  They’re so bagay!  It’s so nakaka kilig!
Doris:              Manang Fe ha, yang alaga mo, napapansin ko lang, napapadalas ang uwi ng maaga dito sa bahay.  Anung pong kaganapan?

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  2. these is an amazing story, funny, a bit crazy but more funny…i love it. I feel in love with the writer, has a great sense of humor. keep going on…you made my day/night

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