Restless – Chapter 8

Admin Note: This is a continuation to Restless – Chapter 7.

Author: Ricci 


Chapter 8 – James

[After 2 weeks]

Maya spent the past weeks working like a fiend. She accepted a double leg flight, and threw herself into her work with more determination. Two weeks of non-stop duty without a moment to spare on her bittersweet memories, to recover her strength and to put her mind into some semblance of order – it was a week of pure exhaustion, and a welcome one.

They’re heading back to Manila today from one of her scheduled flight from Tokyo. For a change, she was grateful that she’s off for the weekend to catch up with her housework that piled up during her absence.  She missed those days wherein she can stay home alone without being bothered by its silence. Now, its quietness is deafening and stifling her.

What I would give to get over him as quickly as possible, and sleep soundly just for one night. She thought as she dreaded another day of restlessness.  She’s a mess – she slept badly, and still dreams of him.

She missed Emman, her gay flat mate.  She could use a bit of noise and rattle from him. More than ever, she missed his antics and his animated gossips. They seldom see each other anymore since he became a full pledged FA due to their conflict of schedule.   He will be out again during the weekend for a flight schedule to Shanghai.

Emman. She met him in one of her training as an FA, and hit off really well.  He thinks he is in love with Wilson so he bugged her for information of him since he knows that they both have the same schedule.  Afterwards, they formed a good friendship, and even volunteered the spare room from his condo for her to stay.  It was a perfect arrangement with the place conveniently close to her office.


He’s flying back to Manila today.  He was satisfied with the result of his business trip.  It was another successful venture having to close deals and gained new partnership with a prestigious company.  He felt exhilarated by the process, and wanted to do more, just so he won’t go to that state wherein he will have so much time for himself to ponder on his lot, and think of the brown-eyed girl who distracted him to no end since he met her.

Maya –  

When he woke up that morning two weeks ago, he felt contentment like never before seeing her sleeping beside him.  He was itching to wake her up with his kisses but resisted the temptation knowing that he won’t be able to let go in time for his meeting. He wasn’t able to help himself though for after he showered and got dressed, he lingered in her warmth that he almost had her for breakfast. Parting with her was the toughest with her clinging to him with smoldering eyes tempting him to indulge a bit more.

She was an unexpected distraction, a complication in his perfectly organized life – a first in his adult life that someone bothered him this much. The thought of her made him crazy with wanting.

He waited on her to call him, but none came, and wondered if somehow he just imagined everything.

Every day, he willed for her to call him or send him a text message of her contact number. He contemplated on lots of scenarios, and decided that she probably lost that piece of paper with his cell phone number – that’s the only rational conclusion that he’s able to come up.  She’s not lost to him, though, and with his connections, he can find her.  With that thought, he felt an adrenalin rush to focus and conclude his business to pull-in his return to Manila a week ahead.

“Richard, the concierge says that our arranged transportation is already waiting at the lobby.”  Hana interrupted his thoughts.

Richard looked at her, and saw that she’s ready to go wearing her designer clothes, bags, jewelries – everything about her is luxurious, and perfect.   She was insistent to stay with him all throughout his business trip even if it entails for her to go on her own due to his busy schedule.

She only complained once during this whole trip, and that is when he left her at MBS to fend for herself. She nagged him afterwards on his whereabouts when it’s supposed to be his day off.  She sulked, thrashed, and pouted at his neglect, telling him that she has been looking forward to that day for it’s the only time that they can go around the city.   The only thing that pacified her was when he told her that they’d get jewelry for her.  That always works with Hana, and he’s pleased that he doesn’t have to be bothered with her nagging.


Maya exited from the immigration, and joined some of the pilots and crews, some she’s already familiar and close with like Eds, Wilson, and Captain James.

Captain James Ventura, her good friend and the only son of one of the board of directors of PAL. They’ve been friends for a long time. They were introduced in PAL’s head office when she was just starting, while he, was already co-piloting for domestic flights.  A perfect gentleman, and every woman’s dream of a man – single, tall, rich, and good looking.  If not for the camaraderie that they shared, she thought that she could fall for him for he was easy to like for his charm, sense of humor and bubbly character.

“Maya, dinner muna tayo?”  James asked when Eds and Wilson went on their way.

“Naku, James, huwag na.  I need to get home quickly as I have lots of house work to do.  My laundry is up to here.”  Maya exaggerated as she placed her hand above her head.

James was amused at her response. “The more that you need to eat before going back.  Tara na!  Just a quick dinner.” He insisted charmingly.

“Sige na nga.  Di talaga ako maka hindi sa yo.” Maya smiled as James led her by the elbow to the waiting area.

“I’ve asked someone to bring my car at the waiting area.”  James said after he finished talking to someone on his cell phone.


Richard was with Hana when he saw them walking towards the waiting area – Maya with a man. He frowned, and realized that he doesn’t like what he is seeing. Never in his worst imaginings had he considered the possibility that Maya might have another man. It provoked him far more than he would have liked that his eyes followed them and furiously stared at the man’s hand on her elbow in a somewhat familiar way as he lead her to the waiting area.

Maya stood with James waiting for their transport when she felt a ripple of awareness that went down her spine.  She unconsciously turned around, and was stunned to look straight into familiar eyes looking at her with puzzlement and disbelief – Richard Lim. Every line of his well-remembered body was emanating with power, wealth, and the same forceful attraction that she ran from in her dreams at night.

“Shit.” She whispered as the color drained from her face and a sick feeling rush over her.  Her mind registered everything about him, even the questioning frown touching his brow as his gaze locked steadily on her face with an accusing expression as if she needed to explain something to him

Maya tore her gaze from him, her heart thrumming erratically, and tried to look away but not before she saw his companion whose manicured hand looped at the crooked of his arm – a tall beautiful woman who looks like a model.  Hana, she recalled from the magazine she borrowed from Eds.

Filled with hurt, and anger, she quickly turned away. Two-timing bastard! He was with his girlfriend when he was in Singapore.  Maya thought brimming with anger and humiliation that seared her though the bone.

“Let’s go?”  James said as the screeching of tires from a BMW convertible sports car stopped in front of her. A guy step out from the drivers’ seat to help them with their luggage, and handed the car keys to James.

James opened the car door for her before striding towards the drivers side. After helping Maya with her seatbelt, he accelerated the car towards the exit.

Richard’s gaze followed her until the car drove past him. Equal panic and angry wonderment engulfed him.  He drew a deep breath, as he tried to ease the heaviness in his heart.  He felt uneasy at the unfamiliar feeling, bothered in seeing her with another man.


Maya seated comfortably in James car, pretending not to be affected by what she saw.  Two weeks of desolation; of trying to forget him, and just when she thought she’s slowly getting over him, he appeared looking gorgeous with none of the regret nor wear and tear in his appearance, while she still has the after effects – dark circles showing beneath her eyes.

A smothering dullness settled over her at the thought of Richard with the beautiful tall woman. They look good together – a power couple, rich and famous.  “That’s it!  I won’t waste my thought on him anymore.” she murmured more for herself.

“Did you say something?”  James looked at her with a curious smile.

“Sorry. I was talking to myself.”

“Tell me…” He insisted.”I know that look…”

“Huh? What look?”

“The look, where you want to punch someone in the face…. I hope I won’t be in the receiving end when you deliver that blow” James laughed, teasing her with his usual punch line.

“Uhm, I could use someone as a punching bag right now. Would you care to volunteer?” Maya told him seriously, for she is really considering doing bodily harm to anyone within her reach just to ease out her anger and frustrations.

“Well, I don’t think you want to mar this handsome face.” James replied while he points at his face, and added, “but I could volunteer to listen to whatever is bothering you, and I promise not to judge.”

Maya sighed, and contemplated on his offer. She does need someone to talk to.  Rather than moped around at home, she felt rebellious at the moment.  She wanted to do something reckless – drown herself with alcohol in order to forget.

“Maya, I know a perfect place to drown your sorrow.” He informed her as if he’s able to read her mind.

Without blinking an eye, she readily agreed. “Alright, but can we go home first so I can do a quick change in outfit.”

“Right… I have to change too.  Dress to impress, OK? I’ll pick you up at 8:30pm?”

“Got it! ”



33 thoughts on “Restless – Chapter 8

  1. waaahhh!! watta meeting after SG!! Almost CLOSE sa hunch Q ung event in this chapter! ha ha! good thing, JAMES’ there with her atleast ndi MAXADONG dehado c Maya! 😀 Mr. Lim,, what u felt is called ‘JEALOUSY’ simply because u R MADLY and DEEPLY IN LOVE with FA Maya Dela Rosa from the first time U laid ur eyes on her on a train in TOKYO! 😀

    GO Maya! kaya Mu Yan! drown UR sorrows! haha WAY TO GO GIRL! 😀

    CHAPTER 9,, here I come!!!

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