The Rightful Owner – part 3

This is a continuation to The Rightful Owner – part 2.

Author: Hanah6181


Chapter 3

When James left Richard’s office, he immediately called in Liza to discuss about James.

“Liza, could you please include James in all the monthly meetings, board meetings and strategy meetings that we have. He will be participating in those meetings from now on.”

Liza was confused by his instruction. “Boss, he was included in all those meeting invites. Unfortunately, he doesn’t appear on any of those meetings. Parating out of the office ‘yang kapatid n’yo.” Liza informed Richard.

Richard shook his head, James got him again. “Anyway, could you resend all those invitation and talk to him too? Then, can you contact Ryan and see if there’s any issue sa kabila.” Richard stared outside the window once more and started thinking of Maya.

Richard still had a vivid memory of day he met Maya. The incident at the pool that morning and later in the evening convinced him that Maya Dela Rosa will not be suitable to James. They shouldn’t be together.

He decided to call up Bryan, their marketing manager to stop the contract signing with Maya although James had been firm about it.

“Bryan, where is the contract for Maya Dela Rosa? Can you ensure that doesn’t move from your office? As I told you this morning, I am not approving that.” He reiterated his position.

“Boss, sorry. I don’t think we can do anything about it. Kasi while the formal contract has not been signed, there was a memorandum of agreement that was signed two weeks ago pa.” Bryan advised Richard.

“What? How did that get passed?” Richard was furious.

“Boss, si Sir James po mismo ang nagprocess with legal. The MOA was signed by him and Ms. Dela Rosa’s agency. So, technically po, binding na ang engagement natin sa kanila. Fine details na lang ang wino work out namin.” Bryan nervously explained to Richard. The employee anticipates a potential war between brothers might erupt after the call.

“Damn!!” Richard slammed the phone. Then, he called up a number. After five rings, his phone call connected.

“Hi Maya. This is Richard Lim.” He waited for her response which took a few seconds later.

“Hello Richard. Why are you calling?” She didn’t expect his call so she was surprised.

“I need to speak to you in person. When can we meet?” He tried to steady his tone.

“Ahhh, I am on location shoot for the next 5 days. If you can wait, I can see you on Sunday.” She sounded tentative. In reality, Maya’s heart was thumping wildly. Just hearing his voice had that effect on her. But after what she did on the day she met him, she’s having other emotions for him. Lately, she had been thinking about him.

“Alright, if that’s the only schedule you have. Could you just send me a message where I can fetch you or meet you?” Richard agreed as he had no other choice.

“Sige… I have to go now. Tinatawag na ako ni direk. Bye, Richard.” Maya disconnected the call. As returned her phone on her bag, she thought of Emman, her manager and best friend. She needed to confide something to him.


Maya and Emman were at the verandah of Maya’s two story residence in Antipolo having a snack of carrot cake and tea. Her location shooting was cancelled so she had time to connect with Emman. It was the opportunity she could confide in him.

“O, sis, what is it you want to discuss? Alam mo whenever you ask me for a one on one talk, I get nervous. What is it this time? Don’t tell me it’s still about Papa S or si vice gov. ba? Or, magde declare ka na ng boyfriend sa madlang people.” Emman started the conversation.

“Emman, anong mag de declare? I don’t have to declare anything.” She had a serious look as she sipped her drink.

“Owws talaga? Anyway, it’s good na rin. Kasi, it will keep your image as one of the most sought after single lady in the industry. O divah, ang haba ng hair mo girl.” Emman teased her.

“Emman, yan style ng publicity na ‘yan bulok na. The viewers are not stupid. One of these days, magba back fire yan sa akin. As it is right now, ang daming speculations about me. Can you please do something about it?”

Some of Maya’s rumored boyfriends were figments of imagination of her talent agency. They were there to create a buzz for her projects but unfortunately, some of them got out of hand. As such, Maya’s reputation as a heartbreaker has gone around the industry. There was only a slight truth to that image.

“Ha,ha,ha. Well to some extent tama ka d’yan. Yes, I’ll do something about it. Sige, pag planuhan natin ng ma-ige yan.” Emman agreed. In his thoughts, it was really timely to reinvent Maya’s image. At 28 she should be seen as an accomplished actress in a stable relationship. Speculations about her need to be cleaned up.

“Anyway, hindi naman yan ang gusto ko talagang pag-usapan natin. I wanted to talk about the Time Airways project. I don’t think I should do that. I’m no longer interested in that project.” Maya dropped her bomb. It was one project that Emman really wanted her to do. It was something different and consistent with the reinvention that he wanted her to have.

“Ha? Bakit? Didn’t you already meet with their president? Besides, may MOA na tayo with them. Pinirmahan na namin ni Sir Leo. It better be a good reason why you are backing out Maya.” Emman wondered why she had a change of mind.

“I don’t think I can work with their people. Parang I would feel uncomfortable or awkward working for them. Yung president nila is…” Maya’s eyes rolled as she spoke.

“Eh, yung president ang issue mo at ano naman ang relasyon nun sa project? Kayo ba ang magpartner eh institutional ads ang gagawin mo sa kanila. I don’t understand. Explain my dear!”

It was the signal that Maya needed to share Emman what happened to them in Bali. So, she began telling him the highlights of her meeting with him from the drowning incident up to the hotel room moment with him.

In the end, Emman could only exclaim. “Oh my pink universe, nangyari lahat yan in one day? Naku girl, parang for the books naman ang story na ‘to. Pwede natin ibenta sa studio. Sigurado ka lahat yan in one day lang?” Emman wanted to confirm whether what he heard was true. Maya nodded, her mind started to drift to Richard.

“Well girl, to some extent you are right. It’s not the project that you should worry about. It is Richard Lim. Naku sis, di ba dalagang Filipina ka? Anong nangyari?”

Maya could only say, “Ewan ko.” She couldn’t explain it herself.


Maya’s phone rang while she and Emman were watching a movie in her mini-theater. They’ve decided to drop the subject matter of Richard Lim since Maya wouldn’t talk anymore. She barely knew him so what else she could say about him.

It was James Ventura calling her. “Hi Maya, how are you?”

Maya could imagine him smiling on the other end of the phone. “Hi James, okay lang. How about you?”

“Okay rin. But I’ll be more than okay if you go out with me for dinner.” James immediately stated his intention. He had been quite direct in showing her that he was interested in her.

“Ha? Naku sorry but I already had dinner dito sa bahay.” She declined the offer.

“So, how about seeing you na lang. I can drop by your house if you tell me where it is.” James was persistent from the tone of his voice.

“Sorry James, but I can’t invite you here. I’m entertaining some friends right now.” She lied so he would stop on insisting coming over to her place. She seldom allow people to see where she lives as she would like to maintain privacy.

“Alright, then, I will just see you on the first day of shoot. I think our marketing people are working with your manager on the schedule. I’m looking forward to seeing you there.” James bid her goodbye.

“O girl who was that naman?” Emman asked as he looked at her creased forehead.

“It was James Ventura, yung VP ng Time Airways. Nag-iimbita for dinner.” She repositioned herself in the sofa to return to the movie she was watching.

“Hayyy, ang haba talaga ng hair mo. Hanggang Baclaran.”

“Emman, I’m not interested in him. He is quite nice though, very friendly at palabiro. I’ve had two lunches with him, walang spark.” Maya shared with her friend.

“Walang spark. Pero yung Richard Lim, grabe sa spark, day! Sparks flew in just one day.” Emman looked at Maya who averted his eyes. “Aabangan ko ‘tong story mo sister as it unfolds.”


4 thoughts on “The Rightful Owner – part 3

  1. Wait…Did i miss something? Sa naikwento ni Maya kay emman, was she referring to the kiss thing only or did anything happen to them after that? hehehe, may laman para kasi sakin yung question ni Emman about her being a dalagang Filipina.. well, i guess I’ll wait nlang sa next chapter…parang alam ko na kung bakit rightful owner ang title..Ang galing! Thanks & Godbless.. 😉

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