Have Faith 31 – The Necklace

This is a continuation of Have Faith 30 – A Few More

Author : christine24m


With the sun piercing through his eyes, Richard finally decided to wake up. For the first time since he woke up from his coma, he wanted to sleep again at that particular moment. He never felt so comfortable. He even felt much better today. With that, he attempted to sit up but he was stopped when he felt another body beside him. It was only then when he realized a head is lying on his chest with an arm draped across his waist.

Even though Richard could only see the woman’s head, he already knew who it is. He already knew that it is Maya. Ah yes, I told her to sleep here last night. He smiled as he rewinds last night’s events.  He lifted his hand to smooth her hair and immediately stopped when Maya stirred from her sleep. Maya seemed to stretch for a bit then broke their position, and faced the other way. Richard chuckled softly witnessing what she just did. She’s still asleep after that!

Much to his amusement, he also turned, facing Maya’s back. As if still not satisfied on their closeness, he scooted some more towards her. He kissed the back of her head and draped his arm around Maya’s waist, pulling her even closer. When he’s finally satisfied, he closed his eyes to sleep again with a smile on his face.

The first thing that came to Maya’s head when she woke up is ‘Where am I?’ The surroundings immediately told her that she’s not in her own bedroom. Maya rubbed her eyes, thinking that she’s dreaming and after doing so, her arm fell on her waist. Her eyes widen when she felt another arm under her own. It was then when she felt someone breathing on her nape. Maya gulped and took a deep breath before attempting to turn around to see who it is. But before turning, she looked under the blanket covering her. She sighed in relief when she saw that she still have her clothes on. And when Maya finally turned, all of her worries were gone. She smiled at the sight of Richard, sleeping peacefully beside her. Maya admired the man’s face. He still looks like an angel to me, especially when he’s asleep.

As Maya stare at his face, something caught her eye. There’s this light coming from outside the window. May ilaw ba sa labas? Nung umidlip naman ako kanina, wala namang ilaw. Dumating na kaya sina Tito – Maya suddenly stopped thinking when she got a clear view of some clouds outside. U-umaga na?! Maya immediately looked at her wristwatch.


Mayaaaa!! Late ka na!!

She panicked but she cannot really make big moves because of Richard’s arm around her. Gently, Maya held his arm and slowly lifted it, but it just made him stir and hug her even more.

Naman Richard! Late na ko eh!

She attempted to do it again; unaware of two chinky eyes watching her action.

“You could just ask me to remove my arm, you know?” he said, making Maya to jerk. Richard laughed at her while Maya could only bury her face on her hands.

“O siya, makikitanggal na nung braso mo please. Late na ko.” She said, as she felt Richard’s arm still on her waist.

“Ayoko.” He said and tightened his arm around her. “Umabsent ka na lang.”

“Excuse me, Mr. Lim. Hindi po ako anak ng may-ari ng LAS para umabsent na lang basta. Sayang yung sweldo ko no.” She said as she tried to remove his arm, but she failed each time. “Dali na.”

“No.” He said, his eyes looking at her. “You haven’t even greeted me ‘good morning’.” He pouted.

“Fine.” She said and put on this cheerful smile on her face. “Good morning!” then her face returned to its earlier state. “O ayan na, pwede mo na kong pakawalan!”

Richard chuckled. “Yun na yun? Wala man lang good morning kiss?”

“Hoy Richard. Don’t push your luck!” Maya said, still trying to get away from his hold.

Richard completely laughed after that and said, “C’mon Maya. It’ll make me feel better.”

Realizing what Richard meant, Maya suddenly shifted mood. “Ni-nilalagnat ka pa ba? Nahihilo?” She said that while cupping his face. “Huy, sumagot ka.”

Richard just smiled at her, closed their gap and laid his lips on her nose. “I’m already better since you’re here.”

Maya turned completely red. She was about to say something when someone knocked on the door and it immediately opened.

Roberto’s head popped out. “Ricky – Oh good, you two are awake now.” He said, smiling from ear to ear at the sight of them.

“Ay Tito good morning po!” Maya quickly said and tried to get up. Richard, on the other hand, just sat up. Unfortunately, Maya’s legs were tangled on the blanket making her to fall down at the bed again, landing on Richard’s chest.

Roberto laughed at them. These two can’t get enough of each other. “Alright. I’ll leave you guys alone. Hihintayin namin kayo ni Esmeralda.” He closed the door and left.

Maya could feel the fast thumping of Richard’s heart under her hand. And when she looked up, she saw how close their faces are. Seeing that they’re in an awkward position, Maya quickly moved and got up from the bed.

“Richard, ayos ka na diba? Uhm, uuna na ko sa baba. Kaya mo na bang sumunod?” she said.

Richard gulped before nodding. “S-sige na. Susunod na lang ako.”

Maya nodded back and gathered her things. In no time, she was out the door. When Richard saw her close the door he lied back down again and ran his hand through his head. He smiled when as he remembers what just happened. Could this day get anymore better?


“Maya, where are you going?” Roberto asked as Maya is almost running to go outside.

“Ay, good morning po ulit Tito, Tita.” She greeted the two of them who’s currently having breakfast. “Eh Tito, uuna na po ako. Late na po ako eh.”

“Nonsense hija.” Esmeralda said. “Maghalf-day ka na lang. I’m sure Roberto will be fine with it.”

“Oo nga, Maya.” Roberto obliged. “Don’t worry, hindi ko babawasan ang sweldo mo. You’ve done so much for us, especially kay Ricky.”

“P-pero Tito, marami pa po-“

“Ang dami pang oras Maya.” Esmeralda stood up and grabbed her arm. “Halika na’t magbreakfast na tayo.”

“Si Ricky?” Roberto asked when the two of them sat down.  Esmeralda beside him and Maya on his right.

“Nasa taas pa po eh. Dali-dali po kasi akong bumaba.” Maya said. “Naku, sorry po ha? Dun na po ako natulog eh. Promise po, hindi na po mauulit.”

“No, no. It’s okay, hija.” Esmeralda said. “We’re not really against it you know?”

“P-po?” Maya stammered.

“Saka I can feel na sa susunod, dito ka na rin titira.” Roberto teased. The two of them laughed when Maya turned completely red. They were in that state when Richard arrived.

“Good morning Pa, Ma.” He said, making his way to his seat which is the opposite of Maya’s.

“Son, son wag ka dyang umupo.” Roberto immediately said when he’s about to sit down. Richard replied with a confused look. “Sira yang upuan. Go sit beside Maya.” He said, trying hard not to let go of his laugh.

Richard clearly knows his father’s plan. He just smiled as he shook his head and made his way beside Maya. When he saw that Maya’s plate is still empty, he grabbed the plate of rice and put some on her plate.

Maya was completely surprised at Richard’s gesture. When she looked at him, he stared at her and said, “Anong ulam gusto mo?” But she failed to reply. Richard just chuckled and grabbed another plate and put bacon on her plate.

Mayaaaa. Hindi ka na nakagalaw dyaaaan! She told herself. Then she finally had an idea. She stood up and proceeded to the kitchen.

“Maya where are you –“

“Ipagtitimpla kita ng kape.” She said and smiled at him. Roberto and Esmeralda were exchanging looks when all of this is happening. Nag-iimprove!

Maya returned to her seat and put the cup of coffee near Richard’s plate. They continued to talk while the two of them eat until a topic was brought out.

“So I guess, Ricky, okay ka na?” Esmeralda asked.

“Yes, Ma.” He said and then glanced at the woman beside him. “Ang sarap nga ng tulog ko kagabi eh.” Then smiled foolishly.

“Eh ikaw kasi, nanginginig ka kaya kagabi tapos nung aalis ako para kumuha nung towel, ayaw mo naman akong paalisin.” She said. “Ayun, no choice ako –“

“Niyakap mo na ko?” Richard teased, finishing her sentence. Maya flushed that made Richard laugh.

“Eh ikaw kasi eh.” She continued. “At isa pa,  nagtuloy-tuloy yung tulog ko. Sabi ko iidlip lang ako eh, ayan tuloy hindi ako nakapasok.”

“I thought you alarmed your phone.” He said.

“Hindi no, edi nagising ka rin?” she said.

“Before your lover’s argument turned into a real thing, let me just say na it was us who decided not to wake you up, Maya.” Roberto said.

“P-po?! Eh Tito –“

“We simply didn’t have the heart to do so, Maya. Ang himbing kaya ng tulog niyong dalawa. Tapos yapos na yapos pa kayo sa isa’t-isa. So we decided na dito ka na lang magpalipas ng gabi.” Esmeralda said.

“Eh Tita, ayos lang naman po sa’kin eh.”

“It’s really okay, Maya. Lalo lang naging ganun yung desisyon namin nung narinig namin kay Fe yung ginawa mo dito sa bahay.” Roberto said. “We are really thankful sa’yo. You really took care of him even if you don’t have to.”

“Nag-alala din naman po kasi ako eh.” She said.

“Kaya yung pagtulog mo dito, hija. Wala pa yon.” Esmeralda said and then she turned to Richard. “Kaya Ricky, wag mo nang pakakawalan si Maya ha?”

The two of them completely flushed. “I will not, Ma.” Richard said when he recovered.

“O sya, I have to go. Malapit na kong ma-late.” Roberto said. “Maya, sumabay ka na, ipapahatid na lang kita kay Joma.”

“Ay naku, Tito, wag na po, pwede naman po akong mag-taxi eh.” Maya said.

“No, no. Sumabay ka na para makapag-ayos ka na rin. Mamayang tanghali ka na pumasok, okay?” Roberto said. “I’ll wait for you outside.”

Esmeralda also stood up. “Ihahatid ko lang ‘tong si Roberto. Excuse us.” Then they left, leaving them alone at the dining area.

Maya grabbed her bag and stood up. When she looked back, Richard is nowhere to be found.

“Let’s go?” Richard said. He was already ahead of her. Maya smiled and started to walk. When their almost near the front door, Richard grabbed her arm, pulling her towards him.

“Hey.” He said. “I really want to say thank you. Thank you for taking care of me. Alam kong naging makulit ako and you still stood by my side.” He smiled at her as held both of her hands. “I’m really thankful to have you.”

Maya’s cheeks showed that blush she always have whenever Richard’s around. “Basta sa susunod, wag ka nang magpapagod ha? “ she said then paused. “Saka bakit your thankful to have me eh you don’t really ‘have me’? she asked.

Richard chuckled. “Well, you’ll be mine soon. Trust me.” He winked. “Kung gusto mo ngayong na? Gusto mo na ata akong sagutin eh.”

“Oy, Richard, iilang araw ka pa lang nanliligaw, sasagutin na agad kita?” she said and laughed.

Richard just sighed. “Fine. Just so you know, I’m really longing for that day that you’ll say ‘I do’.”

“I do?” Maya confusedly asked.

“Yes.” Richard smirked. “On our wedding.”

The blush on her cheeks deepened. “Ewan ko sa’yo. Aalis na ko, nakakahiya pa sa Papa mong naghihintay sa labas. Ang gamot ha? Wag kakalimutang inumin.”

“Yes Ma’am.” He replied. Before Maya could leave, Richard pulled her in for a hug.”Thank you.” When he broke the hug, he leaned to kiss her on her cheek. “I really wanted to kiss you on your lips kaso baka mahawa ka pa ng sakit ko.” Then he leaned to whisper. “Next time na lang.”

Maya completely flushed. She took one last breath and said, “Bye na. Magkita na lang tayo kapag pumasok ka na.”

Richard nodded. “Sige. Ingat kayo ni Papa. Bye.”

Maya headed for the doors, giving Richard one last glance before closing the door. Richard smiled, completely satisfied with his morning. He decided to go to his room again to take a bath. When he reached his room, he saw something sparkling on his bed. He took a closer look at it, only to find out that it was a necklace. In fact, his necklace.

“What is this doing here?” he said as he looked at the necklace on the top of his bed. He doesn’t know why but instinct told him not to touch it yet.

He clearly remembers having it like it was yesterday. It was a birthday present for him when he graduated college. It was Esmeralda who gave it to him. She said that it has been passed down from their generation and that it’s already his turn. His mom also told him to take good care of him because this will help him. He doesn’t know how it will help because Esmeralda didn’t specify.

Richard finally decided to grab the necklace and when he did, he felt different. It’s like something is happening inside him and he couldn’t put his finger on it. But he’s sure about one thing – his memory is becoming clearer.

After a few more seconds, Richard took a deep breath like something has been sucked out from within him. He blinked a few times and finally everything became clear.

Richard’s memory came back.

All of it.

Richard gulped when he remembered what really happened to him.

I was a guardian angel.


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