The Rightful Owner – part 4

This is a continuation to The Rightful Owner – part 3

Author: Hanah6181


Chapter 4 – The evening in Bali.


After Richard left Maya at the lounge, it took her several minutes to recover from the sudden kiss that he gave her. She had a few realizations after that. She knew she made a mistake thinking she was being taken advantaged of and she should have apologized right away. She shouldn’t have slapped him so that he didn’t have to kiss her. Although she didn’t deserve the kiss, saving her life far outweighed her wrongful assumptions. So, it was quite understandable why he was glaring at her when they met at the lounge. She decided that she will apologize to him the next time she sees him, maybe in Manila.

She spent the rest of her day in the hotel reading a book and surfing the internet. By late afternoon, she booked herself a dinner by the beach. She was alone that night since her assistant, Angie, was going to party at the Hard Rock café at the Kuta area. Angie is her assistant that she tags along when she goes on vacations and they usually stay in one room.

By six thirty in the evening, Maya was already at the beach front in her table sipping red wine. Her dinner bale package included a bottle of wine. While she knew she shouldn’t be drinking as she tends to lose her inhibitions when she’s drunk, however, that night she felt like celebrating. She threw caution in the wind hoping she would be able to hold her drink.

The beach front had several soft lighted platform bales or cabanas. That night, it seemed there was no other customer except for one other table that was being set up two tables away from her. The waiters’ hut was quite distant from the cabanas so there was privacy to the guests. She savored the tranquility of the place with only the sounds of waves and soft music at the background. It would have been perfect had she had a partner that evening.

An hour into her solitude, she saw Richard coming. Her thumped when she saw him. It must be the wine she thought. Even at night, he looked so good. It crossed her mind whether he was committed to someone.
Richard immediately saw her when she waved at him as a greeting. Instead of proceeding to his table, Richard walked towards her.

“Good evening Ms. Dela Rosa. So, you have a dinner date too by the beach?” Richard smiled at her flashing his lopsided smile.

Maya immediately took notice of the dimple in his right cheek. She felt her heart jump again when he smiled at her. He’s unmarried, she thought, noticing that he wasn’t wearing any wedding ring.

“Hello Sir. Actually, I’m alone.” She responded while motioning him to sit on the chair beside her.

“Well, I can join for now while I am waiting for someone.” Richard sat beside her and noticed that she had been drinking. “You must be celebrating.” He observed at the almost empty bottle and her flushed cheeks.

“Ahhh, not really. But no, yes, I think I am celebrating. Kasi kung nalunod ako kanina, eh di pinaglalamayan na ako ngayon. Thank you pala for saving me kanina Sir.” She offered him a glass of wine which he accepted.

“You’re welcome Ms. Dela Rosa.”

Maya thought it was the opportunity to apologize to him. “And, I’m really very sorry too doon sa maling akala ko sa’yo. I made wrong a assumption. Talagang disoriented lang ako kanina. So, please accept my apologies.” Her face was apologetic while she occasionally glanced at him to see his reaction.

“That’s fine Ms. Dela Rosa. Your apologies are accepted although I can’t apologize for my behavior earlier. I was upset and I thought you deserved that kiss.” Richard eyed her. In his thoughts, she is really beautiful with her cheeks being all pink.

Maya didn’t have a counter response for him. She remained mum as she sipped her wine. Richard on his part became quiet too. Suddenly, they both felt a little awkward with each other after the kiss was mentioned.

Then, Maya decided to stand up to walk back to her room.

“Alright, I’m done here.” It was then she realized she drank too much because she was tipsy. She swayed when she took a step.

Richard immediately took hold of her arm to steady her. “Maya, okay ka lang?” He asked. He was close to her as she met his eyes. She felt an electric shock run in her arm the moment he touched her. She hoped he didn’t feel it.

“Yes, I am okay” She smiled. “Medyo tipsy lang but I’m okay.” She moved backwards and held on to her chair.

Richard smiled and nodded. Seeing his dimpled smile, Maya couldn’t help comment. “Do you know that you have a cute smile? Mas bagay sa’yo pag naka smile. You look much younger and handsome.” It must have been the effect of the wine that made her say those to him.

He laughed at her comment. “Ha,ha,ha. Maya, I don’t think you are just tipsy. Lasing ka. You better go back to your room.” He was about to guide her going down a step to the ground when she swayed again.

He instinctively drew her close to him. By doing so, their bodies ended up very close to each other; their faces only a few inches apart. They were in that position when a shrill voice from a woman came out of nowhere.

“Richard!!” A beautiful woman was walking towards them. She looked very angry.

“Alicia, I can explain this.” Richard took a step backward away from Maya as he run his hand on his hair.

When Alicia joined them in the bale, she gave Maya the dagger looks. And as she realized who Maya was, she started to give her scathing words.

“Richard, just because I am late for our dinner doesn’t mean you can replace me with any pick-up girl available around. How cheap can you get, honey.”

Richard spoke to Alicia. “Aish, stop it. Don’t be like this. I was just assisting her.” He was getting embarrassed with the predicament they were in.

Maya, on her part, couldn’t let go of the accusation thrown at her.

“Excuse me miss, I’m not a pick-up girl and I think you got everything wrong.” Maya tried to explain. She tried to control her temper but knew she would break in a few more seconds if the other woman would say something hurtful again.

“Hey ladies, please calm down, okay.” Richard again tried to pacify the two women in front of him but was failing.

“Ah, yes, you are not a pick-up girl. You are a starlet! Of all places and of all people, why are you flirting my boyfriend then. Wala ka bang ibang matisod na gwapo at mayaman dito sa Bali? Sa Phils ba naubos mo na ang mga lalaki?” The last two statements that Alicia uttered made Maya very upset. Although her head was already spinning, she wouldn’t let take those insults sitting down.

Calmly and with great control she lashed back. “I don’t run after men, please check your information. And as to your boyfriend here, I’m not interested in him.” Maya pointed at Richard while scowling at Alicia. She was so upset being belittled such she wanted to get even with her; make her seethe more with anger.

She continued her tirade, “Kaya lang, he kissed me this morning eh so I was going to repay him for that.”

In a spur of the moment, Maya held Richard’s face in her hands and drew him to her and she gave him a kiss. The kiss was not a light press but an urgent kiss that shocked Richard momentarily. As he felt her tongue traced the inside of his lips, he started to respond. But, he quickly got back to his senses when he felt a bag hit his arm. It was Alicia’s bag. He distanced himself from Maya.

“Richard, how dare you! It’s over between us.” Alicia stomped out of the cabana and half-run back to the hotel.

“Ikaw!! Why did you do that?” Richard was angry and looked at the direction where Alicia was headed. Without even looking back at Maya, Richard left her with the intention of following Alicia. He was already a few meters away when a waiter ran towards him.

“Pak! (Indonesian term for sir) Ibu (mrs.) is on the floor.” The waiter had a panic look on his face as he then ran towards the cabana where Maya was. When Richard turned around, she was indeed laying on the floor. Richard forgot his anger and ran back to Maya.

What actually happened was Maya hit the post of the cabana as she tried to leave the place. She was so tipsy that she miscalculated her step and hit her head.

When she opened her eyes, Richard was carrying her. She wriggled her body out of his arms such that he had no choice but to put her down. They were already half-way back to her suite.

“Richard, sorry. I’m okay. I can walk back to my own room.” It was the first time she called him by his first name. Something in his heart stirred.

“No, you are not okay. You are drunk and hit your head. Tingnan mo may bukol yang ulo mo.” He touched the lump in her forehead and she winced. “See?”

He led her towards her room while keeping his hand on her arm to ensure she stays on course. She didn’t resist anymore and allowed him to accompany her back in her room. She was ashamed of her actions earlier so she didn’t want to start arguing with him.

Moments later in front of her room, Maya tried to appear she has recovered. She began to apologize again. “Richard, sorry ulit ha. Sorry sa kanina at sa lahat lahat ng abala ko sa’yo ngayong araw na ‘to. Yung girlfriend mo kasi ang sakit magsalita. I couldn’t just take them na ganoon na lang. I’m sure magkakabati rin kayo.” She explained as she looked at him apologetically. She was almost teary eyed.

Richard stared deep in her eyes and knew she meant her apology. Other than that, he felt a tiny pinch in his heart when she mentioned the word girlfriend. He had forgotten about Alicia and realized that he might have lost her because of what Maya did. Then, he remembered his reaction when Maya kissed him and what she said before that. There was a part in him that wanted that kiss. He also wanted to know if she really found him uninteresting.

Richard stepped forward to cover the distance between them while his eyes never left hers. “Maya, I have a question before I go. Am I really uninteresting to you?” The gaze he gave her made her nervous that she could her heart beats loudly.

“Ha? Di ba kasasabi ko lang na na upset lang ako sa girlfriend mo.” She countered. She avoided his eyes.

With a raised brow, Richard smirked. “Talaga lang ha? Let’s see.” He
pinned her on the door, tilted her head and swooped down to kiss her. Maya couldn’t move as she felt his lips searching for its answer. She didn’t respond but he kept on kissing her. As his kept went on, it was difficult for her not to kiss him back. He was creating confusion between her heart and her mind. Eventually, her hands moved to embrace him as she responded to him. Their kiss turned passionate. It was then Richard stopped to catch his breath.

“I don’t think we should be doing this in the corridor. Where’s your room key?” He asked huskily. Maya took out her key card from the pocket of her dress and gave it to him. He swiped it quickly and opened the door.

As soon as they got in, Richard pinned her on the wall again and started kissing her. She returned his kisses without hesitation. He enveloped her in his arms while his kisses moved from her lips to her earlobes and then going down her nape. Maya on her part, explored his chest and back with her hands.

In between the kissing, he said. “So, you are not interested in me, right?” His eyes had the triumphant look.

“Hmmm.” She nodded while dazed with what’s happening to them. She was trying to collect her senses.

“Well, I am very tempted to stay here tonight to prove you otherwise.” Richard spoke in her ear. Then, she felt him trailing kisses again from her earlobe down to her neck.

“Richard, hindi pwede. I am with somebody, pabalik na ‘yon anytime soon.” She gently pushed him away, as he groaned in disappointment.

“Then, how about joining me in my room?” He offered. Then, it sank in his head that she mentioned she is with someone. “Who are you with?” His brows furrowed.

Maya ignored his question but instead countered him with another question. “How about your girlfriend?” Maya suddenly brought him back to reality. Richard had totally forgotten Alicia. She should be in their room fuming mad at him. When he didn’t respond to her question, it was Maya who made a final decision.

“Alright, Richard. It’s time for you to go. We’ve had a long day.” Maya pushed him towards the door.

Richard was hesitant to leave her but realized he needed to take control of himself too. Before he left, he told her, “I’ll see you tomorrow, Maya.”


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