Have Faith 32 – The Former Angel

This is a continuation of Have Faith 31 – The Necklace

Author : christine24m


Esmeralda came back inside after she saw the car leave. She’s wearing this smile on her face because of the things that have happened. After she learned from Roberto that Richard is finally courting Maya, she always wakes up with a smile on her face. Finally, they are on their way. And she’s patiently waiting for day where everything will go back the way it was. If only my son could remember all of it sooner.

She knows that Richard will be happy once he remembered his adventures with Maya. Even though its been years since she became an angel, Esmeralda still remembers the day she returned to her body like it was just yesterday. Nothing can ever beat the feeling of seeing Roberto when she opened her eyes. All she ever wanted was for him to be there by her side, angel or not. And she also wants Richard to experience that happiness that she felt.

“Fe, si Ricky?” she asked.

“Nasa kwarto ho niya ata. Nakita kong umakyat eh.” The old woman said.

“Ahh. Salamat.” She said and started to walk upstairs. She stopped on his door to knock but she didn’t get any reply. “Ricky? Is everything okay?” still no response.  She decided to open it, thinking that Richard is not feeling well.

Richard is sitting at the center of his bed when Esmeralda entered his room. His head is deeply buried between his hands, looking all troubled.

“Ricky? Are you okay?” Esmeralda asked as she sat on the edge of his bed. “Masakit ba ulo mo? Or –“

“Ma,” he said and looked at her. “I .. I think I already remembered everything.”

“T-talaga? What do you remember?”

She heard Richard sigh, “I .. “ he ran his hand through his hair. “I don’t know, Ma. I don’t know if what I remember is the truth or just a dream. I don’t know. Parang .. parang hindi siya makatotohanan.”

“Ano bang natatandaan mo?” she asked, putting her hand on Richard’s arm.

Richard straightened up from his slouching position then took a deep breath. “I … I remembered wearing pure white, that I was barefooted wherever I go and that I have wings.” He looked at his mother “My mind’s telling me that I became a guardian angel.”

Esmeralda just smiled warmly at his son. He finally remembers! “Isn’t it absurd, Ma? Wala namang taong nagkakaganon, di ba?”

“Ricky, even if things look like foolish, it doesn’t mean that it can’t happen.”

“But Ma, how will I know if it’s the truth if I don’t know how to prove it?” he said. Richard has been playing his memory over and over again in his mind. It is telling him that he did become an angel but even though everything looks right, he is still having trouble believing it.

Esmeralda held his son’s hand. “I can prove it, son.” Richard’s head flew to face her. “I also became an angel.”

“R-really, Ma?” he said, blinking his eyes as if it would make a difference.

His mom nodded. “C’mon, Ma. Don’t fool me.” Richard further said.

“No, it’s the truth, son.” Esmeralda said. “Let’s see. Before you became an angel, you were in someplace so white, right? You can’t remember anything, not even what had happened to you. There’s this voice talking to you and then when you asked Him if you can go back to earth, He made you a guardian angel -”

Richard was just listening to his mother with his mouth gaped. “H-how did you –“

“Naniniwala ka na?” Esmeralda chuckled. “Ah, I forgot one thing. Bago ka Niya pinabalik dito, may na-assign na tao diba?”

Richard slowly nodded. Then a sly smile formed on his lips. “Si Maya.” He looked at his mother whose eyes are telling him to continue speaking. “Ma, I .. I was in love with her since before. And I loved her even more when I became an angel.” He chuckled at his realization. “I’m in love with her Ma.”

“I know you do son.” Esmeralda said as she wiped a tear that escaped from her eye. She reached for her son’s hands. Esmeralda started telling Richard the story of their family. Richard never believed in any myth stories – until now. He never thought that such thing happens in their family and he never thought that he will be a part of it. He felt .. blessed. That even if, as his mother said, everything is really different from what she experienced, he still managed to surpass all of the challenges.

“And Ricky, ang sabi sa’kin, ang main reason daw kung bakit tayo nagiging ganon,” she smiled at her son before continuing her sentence “is to find our true love.”

Richard widened his eyes. “So you found Papa when you were an angel, right? And you two fell in love.” Esmeralda nodded. “But .. but how could that be? Eh the only person who can see you and talk to you is –“ Richard abruptly stopped. He looked at his mother, waiting for her to confirm the thought he has in mind.

“Yes son, Roberto was my mortal,” she paused and smiled at him, “and he’s the one I fell in love with.”

“So that means ..”

“Ricky, our mortal is the person who’s born for us, the person who we’ll love for the rest of our lives. I have Roberto and .. and you have Maya.”

A smile gradually grew on Richard’s face. “I have her.” He chuckled. “I have her.” Then he got up from his bed and hugged his mother. “Thank you, Ma.”

“Oh Ricky. Nothing would make me happier seeing you like this.” Then Esmeralda broke the hug. “So ano na? What’s your plan?”

Richard paused, thinking for a bit. Then he said, “Nothing.”

“Ha?” Esmeralda said, confused. “Anong nothing?”

He chuckled. “I will do nothing, Ma. I will do nothing different just because I have my memory back. I want to continue courting her. I want to make up for the time I was supposed to be at her side. I want to make everything right this time.”

“I’m really happy for you Ricky.” Esmeralda said. “O sya, tatawagan ko na ang Papa mo para malaman niya ‘to. I’ll be downstairs.”

Richard nodded. “Please don’t tell Maya about this, Ma.”

Esmeralda lifted her brows. “At bakit?”

Her son smirked. “I have a plan.”


At noon, Maya was finally able to go to work. She’s been bombarded with questions by Liza when she walked through the doors. It turned out that she saw her with Roberto the other night when he asked her to dine with them. Maya was just brushing her off but Liza is not contented with her answers so she followed Maya until they got to her office.

“Uy Maya, ano na ba?” Liza asked as she sat on the chair in front of her table.

“Anong-ano na Liza? Wala naman eh.” Maya said, hiding the smirk on her face.

“Meron kaya.” Liza said. “Sige, balik tayo sa phase one.” She cleared her throat and curled her hand into a fist, putting it just below her jaw, imitating a reporter. “Bakit ka nag-half day?” She said as she put her fist on near Maya’s face. “Ayan na ang mic, sagot na.”

“Liza,” Maya said as she pushed her hand away. “Hindi ba pwedeng no comment?”

“Hindi pwede! See? Iniiwasan mo kaya yung tanong. Dali na, Maya. Kahit hint.”

“Fine fine!” Maya said as she sat on her swivel chair. “Tinanghali ako ng gising.”

“Seriously, Maya? Yun na yun?” Liza asked.

“Oo. Eh ano pa bang ibang sasabihin ko kundi yung truth?”

“Okay. Question number two.” She said and put her fist under her jaw again, making Maya laugh. “Bakit kasabay ka ni Sir Roberto sa kotse niya nung isang gabi?”

“Ano, “ Maya gulped. “Uhm, pi.. pinasabay ako pauwi.”

“You’re lying.” Liza said. “I can feel it! Ano kasi Maya, please?”

“Wala talaga Liza. Pinasabay lang ako pauwi, yun na talaga yun.” She lied.

Liza sighed. “Fine. O sya last na. Bakit ka nagmamadaling umalis kahapon?”

Maya crossed her brows. “Ha? Pati ba naman ‘yun Liza? Eh nagmamadali lang talaga ako kahapon eh.”

“Bakit nga?” Liza asked.

“Ehh .. may  .. may dinalaw akong kaibigan. May lagnat eh.” She answered. Liza looks eager all of the sudden. “Liza, kung itatanong mo kung sino, sorry, pero hindi ko sasagutin.” Maya said immediately.

“Okay, okay, I respect your privacy.” Liza slouched. “O sige na, alam kong marami ka pang gagawin.”

But before Liza could stand up, Doris entered the office after she knocked. She was holding a bouquet of sunflowers in her arms. “Good morning po Ma’am Maya. Good morning din po Ma’am Liza.” She greeted. Even if Doris still has the flowers, Maya already know who gave them.

“Ma’am Maya, may nagpapabigay po ulit.” She said as she handed down the flowers to her. Maya tried to hide the smile that crept on her face when she held the bouquet. “Thank you, Doris.” She said. Maya saw the small enveloped tucked inside and picked it up. She’s smiling as she reads the note inside.

Dear Maya,

Just so you know, I’m completely better now, thanks to you. I can probably go back to work again tomorrow. I know that my ‘thank you’ is never enough for the things that you’ve done for me. And trust me; I know you’ve done so much more for me other than just taking care of me last night. I want to spend the rest of my life making it up to you, just give me the honour of loving you for eternity.

Yours, Richard

P.S. I’m really looking forward to the company anniversary this Saturday.

“Doris, tumawag ka na sa ospital, nawalan na ata ng oxygen ‘tong si Maya.” Liza said immediately when she saw Maya hold the piece of card near her heart. “Maya .. Maya? .. Maya? Naandito pa kami.” Liza continued and patted Maya’s arm.

Maya jerked when she felt a tap on her arm. “Ay ano, sorry sorry.” She said.

“Ma’am, in love ‘yan, hayaan niyo na.” Doris said to Liza, making Maya’s cheeks to heat up.

“Naku girl, mukha nga.” Liza said. “Sino ba yan?” she continued and tried to reach for that card but Maya quickly avoided it. Her phone rang almost immediately after that.

She smiled again when she saw the caller ID on her phone. Liza and Doris exchanged their glances as Maya did so.

“Hi.” The voice on the other line said. It was Richard.

“Hello. Napatawag ka?” Maya said.

“I knew you already got my flowers, so I called.” He said, both of them smiling foolishly.

“May pinadala ka ba? Wala naman akong natatanggap eh.” Maya teased.

“Silly. I knew you got them. Papa texted me when she saw Doris enter your office with the flowers.” He said.

“Ah ganon, pati si tito dinadamay mo sa kalokohan mo?”

Richard laughed. “Hindi no. I just want to make sure that you got them.”

“Okay, okay. Thank you.”

“You’re very much welcome, Maya.” He said. “Is it me or you’re not really mentioning my name?”

“Ahh, oo eh. Pasensya ka na.” Maya said and looked at Doris and Liza. “May mga nakikichismis kasi dito sa office ko.”

“Hello po Sir boyfriend ni Maya.” Doris said.

“Hello Sir, pwede po bang makikisabi kay Maya na banggitin naman niya yung pangalan niyo?” Liza said.

Maya chuckled. “Makikisabi naman sa dalawang yan yung pangalan ko.” Richard said making Maya laugh. “Wag na, baka kapag sinabi ko, magresign pa ‘tong dalwang ‘to. O sya, ibababa ko na yung phone. Ikaw kasi eh, hindi tuloy ako nakapasok kanina.”

“I thought were already over that?” Richard exclaimed on the other line. “Anyway, dadaan ka ba dito sa bahay mamaya?”

“Uhm, hindi na. Namimiss ko na yung condo ko.”

“You’re not even gonna check your husband?” Richard teased.

“Oy, ano, umayos ka dyan ha. Argh, ang hirap naman kasing magsalita kapag may tao sa office eh!” She exclaimed, Doris and Liza just laughed.

“Alright, I’ll call you later. But if you can, please have dinner with us.” Richard said.

“Hm, pag-iisipan ko. Sige na babay na.”

“Okay. Uh, Maya?”


Richard smiled. “I miss you.”

Maya bit her lower lip to hide her giddiness. She decided, just for once, she’ll say, “I miss you, too.” After she let go of those words, she just heard Doris and Liza squeal behind her. “O sya, bye na.”

“Bye.” Then Richard hung up.

Liza and Doris are smiling foolishly at Maya when she turned around. Maya couldn’t help it anymore and decided to let go of her squeal with Doris and Liza joining her. Maya sat down on her chair again to grab for her flowers.

“Maya ha, anong narinig kong kagagawan niya kung bakit hindi ka nakapasok kanina. Eh di ba sabi mo tinanghali ka ng gising?” Liza asked, then her eyes widened. “Oh my God, pinuyat ka no?”

“Hoy Liza! Hindi no!” Maya defended quickly, her cheeks red. “Nilalagnat nga kasi. Inalagaan ko pa.”

“Eh Ma’am, bakit sabi mo namimiss niyo na yung condo niyo?” Doris asked. “Oh my God Doris! Ibig-sabihin hindi dun natulog si Maya!” Liza quickly said.

“Oy ha, itigil niyo na yan. Hindi pa ba kayo babalik sa trabaho niyo? Past lunch na kaya.” Maya said. “Kapag tayo nahuli ni Sir Robert –“

“Malakas ka naman dun, ayos lang.” Liza said. “So, ano na? Tama ba kami ni Doris?”

Maya sighed and said. “Oo na, oo na. Dun ako natulog kagabi. Pero walang nangyari!” she quickly said, making the two gossipers squeal. “Oy kayo ha, masama yang nag-e-eavesdrop.”

“Eh Ma’am naman kasi eh. Ano na po bang status niyo? Daig niyo pa ho ang mag-asawa eh.” Doris said.

“Nanliligaw lang yun.” She answered.

“Nanliligaw pa lang, Maya?” Liza said. She found it very untrue. “Bakit ayaw mo pang sagutin?”

“Ehh, may .. may kailangan pa kong ibalik sa kanya eh.”

“Ano?” the two asked.

Maya reached for her bag. She thinks that it is better for her to make them see. But when she searched inside her bag, she couldn’t find it. She couldn’t find Richard’s necklace. She searched again and still couldn’t find it.

“Maya, ano bang hinahanap mo? Dahan-dahan at baka masira ang bag mo.” Liza said.

“Yung kwintas.” Maya said as she stopped looking. “May kwintas kasi siya, tapos kailangan kong ibalik kasi .. kasi importante sa kanya yun. Ang alam ko kasi nilagay ko sa bag ko eh.” She said.

“Ma’am, baka naman po sa isa niyong bag nilagay? Kasi ang tanda ko po, yung brown na bag yung dala niyo kahapon, itim yung ngayon.” Doris said.

Maya sighed in relief when she saw that Doris is right. But still, she felt nervous. Paano na lang kapag nawala ko yun? Edi hindi na matatandaan ni Richard yung mga nangyari dati? Yan kasi Maya eh!

“O sya, girl. Lalabas na talaga kami.” Liza said. “Salamat sa chika.”

Maya nodded. “Ay Liza.”


“Magpapasama sana ako. Bibili ako ng dress na susuutin para sa anniversary ng LAS sa Sabado. Pwede ba?”

“Sure!” Liza obliged. “Ay nako, buti napaalala mo kasi kailangan ko rin ng bagong dress.” She turned to Doris. “Ikaw Doris, sama ka?”

“Ay Ma’am, hindi na po, kulang po ako sa budget eh.” She said.

“Sumama ka na Doris, ililibre na lang kita.” Maya said. After hearing that, Doris jumped with joy. “Thank you po Ma’am!”

“Eh Maya, ang alam ko marami ka nang dress eh. Bakit kailangan mo pa ng bago?” Liza curiously asked.

Maya flushed. “B-basta.”

“Wait! Let me guess!” Liza said. “Ka-date mo si Mr. Manliligaw no?”

Maya just blushed and nodded her head. Yes, she’s going out with him. And that’s also the day that she’s planning to say ‘yes’ to him, to her one and only, Richard.


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