Have Faith 34 – Preparations

This is a continuation of Have Faith 33 – The Moves

Author : christine24m


Midday was just touching down but Maya already felt so exhausted. Yes, her morning was perfect, especially when it all started with Richard surprising her on his day back at work. But it was like reality slapped her after that. After Liza and Doris left along with their high energies, she was called up to attend three consecutive meetings. Then after that she, still has reports to finish so that she will be having no worries as the LAS celebrates its 25th year.

When Maya was done typing, she scrolled the document from its start and re-read everything for the nth time. Ever since she started working for that position, she made a promise that everything that comes out from her office will be all perfect. Maya reached the final punctuation mark of the document and decided to print it. As she listens to the printer doing its job, she decided to close her eyes and rest for a bit.

That was when our Richard butts in. After his showy entrance this morning, he was all smiles after. Even though some of the employees reported shortage of engineers on their Clark hangar, he calmly gave his solution. But he knew that if he was still the Richard before, he could’ve screamed at them and make them feel like they’re the worst employees in the world. But no, he’s not that version of Richard anymore. He changed. Yes. Everything changed when he met Maya.


His face seemed to automatically smile whenever her name crosses his mind. Maya was his former mortal when he became a guardian angel. It may sound unbelievable but he did become one. He just learned his family legend a couple of nights ago and it was the one that cleared everything in his memory. It was the last piece to the puzzle. He became an angel to find his true love. And that true love happens to be the person assigned to him as his mortal. And it was Maya. He smiled as he replays everything that had happened in his head. Even if he lost his memory, she didn’t leave his side and his feelings actually surprised him when he felt something extra for her. All along, it was her. And now that all things are clear to him, he knew that he will not let go of her again anymore.

Richard was really looking forward in having his lunch, well, his lunch date. He wants his plan to work well and it doesn’t involve Maya knowing that he recovered his memories. He wants to win her all over again and not just to have her back because of his post memories. This time, it’ll be real.

Without knocking, Richard sneaked a peek inside Maya’s office. He came to fetch her for lunch. A smirk flew to his face when he saw her sitting on her chair with her eyes closed. He entered the office silently and went to her side. She must’ve been tired. Richard slowly lowered his head to steal a kiss on her head. Maya’s eyes fluttered open when she felt something touch her head. And when she opened them, she was face to face with Richard. Maya’s eyes widened and she quickly backed up to remove the closeness of their faces.

“Hi.” Richard said.

“Ba-bakit ka nandito?” Maya stammered, obviously disoriented from her sleep.

Richard chuckled. “I came here to fetch you. Lunch na.”

Maya looked at her watch. “Ay, sorry ha. Nakaidlip kasi ako eh.” Then she stood up to get the papers on her printer. “Saglit lang, ipapasa ko lang ‘to kay Sir –“ She was unable to finish her sentence when Richard grabbed them. “Richard!”

“Maya, just ask Doris to bring them to Papa.” He said.

“Hindi, ako na.”

“No.” He sighed. “Look, you’re already exhausted. You need a break. And I’m sure Doris wouldn’t mind submitting these.” When Maya didn’t answer to argue, Richard reached for her hand and entwined it with his. “C’mon. Let’s have lunch.”

Richard practically dragged Maya out from her office and handed the papers he’s holding to Doris. He instructed her to submit it to Roberto and say that Maya was unable to do so because she’s with him. After that, he headed outside with him holding Maya’s hand. All eyes of the employees were at them again as they went outside. Some of them still couldn’t believe that Maya would be the one to capture the heart of their soon-to-be boss.

“Where do you want to eat?” Richard asked her as he drove to the streets of Manila.

“Uhm, sa Jollibee.” Maya said.

“Seriously?” Richard glanced at her, a glint of amusement on his eyes. “Marami namang magandang restaurants around us ah. Bakit dun pa?”

“Ewan ko. I’m craving.” Maya said then frowned. “Ayaw mo ata eh.”

“Well,” Richard shrugged. “for one, the food is not healthy and –“

“Richard, once in a while lang naman. Ngayon lang ‘to, promise.” Maya said, the put her hands together in front of her. “Pleaaaaase?”

The man could only chuckle. “Fine. You win.” He said and turned to a corner where he knows there’s a branch of that fast food chain she was talking about.

They both ordered burgers and fries and Maya even asked for a sundae. Richard was grinning all the time as he watched Maya dove on her lunch like she has never eaten one before. It wasn’t the kind of lunch date he had exactly on his mind but who cares? For as long as Maya is happy, he’s happy as well.

“O? Bakit ka sobrang makatitig dyan?” Maya asked as she continued to munch on her burger. “Kain na dali. Ang dami pang trabaho.”

“Bakit ka ba nagmamadali? We have all the time in the world!” he said.

“For you, maybe. Pero hindi sa’kin.” Maya said with a full mouth.

Richard chuckled. “Maya, slow down. I know you’re already mentally exhausted. Just relax for a while.” He said and took a bite of his own burger. “Anyway, ano pa bang gagawin mo?”

Maya opened her mouth to answer him but closed it immediately when she found out she has no answer. A wrinkle on her nose appeared as she tried to think what she still has to do when she got back.

“See? Nada. Wala ka nang gagawin.” Richard said. “You’ve finished them all ahead of time. Papa was really impressed by your work. He said that you always submit everything before their deadlines. So if I were you, I’ll just relax.”

Maya smiled. “Oo nga no? Natapos ko na pala lahat nang di ko namamalayan.” She sighed. “Workaholic na ata ako.”

“No you’re not.” He said. “You’re just committed.”

Maya smiled with what Richard said. “Thank you for the compliment, Mr. Lim.”

“You are very welcome, Ms. Dela Rosa.” He smirked. “So, what time should I pick you up on Saturday?”

“Hmm, the party starts at six, so maybe mga 5:30?”

“Alright. I’ll be there.” He said as he shoved down the last piece of his fries. “So, let’s go?”

The employees of LAS seemed to be few when they got back. The place was packed earlier but now it seems like you could clearly see the needle on the haystack. Liza was hurriedly running to leave when they saw her.

“Liza, anong meron? Bakit kakaunti na lang yung tao dito?” Maya asked, stopping Liza from walking.

“Maya!” she said and immediately turned to Richard when she saw him. “Ah, good afternoon po, Sir Richard.”

“What’s going on Liza?” Richard asked.

“Eh Sir, almost all of the employees who are not really busy rushed to the anniversary venue. Nagkaron po kasi ng problema yung sa nag-oorganize nung party and they need extra hands. Kaya as soon as nalaman po dito sa LAS, they asked Sir Roberto if they could help. And miraculously, pumayag po si Sir Roberto kaya ayun, nagpuntahan na yung iba.” Liza explained.

“Eh ano pa daw yung hindi pa naaayos?” Maya asked.

“Well, ang text sa’kin ni Ryan, yung decorations for the whole place, hindi pa nagagawa. Eh sobrang dami daw na details sa mga ‘yon.” Liza answered. “O sya, uuna na ko, Maya, Sir. Sige po.” Without waiting for them to answer, Liza continued to walk outside. When Maya turned her attention to the man beside her, she immediately saw his brows crossed.

“Richard, may problema ba?” She dared to ask.

Maya heard him sigh. “It’s the party planners’ fault. Kung hindi pa sila tutulungan, we might not be celebrating the anniversary. What if hindi sila pinayagan ni Papa?”

“O, ayan ka na naman.” Maya tugged his arm. “Wag ka nang magalit. At least solve na lahat.”

“How can you say that? Good thing our employees are already done doing their jobs, kung hindi, wala silang maaasahan. And what if they don’t finish in time? They need all the help they could get.” He exclaimed.

With Richard’s statement, an idea seemed to rush inside Maya’s head. She grabbed his arm and dragged him through Roberto’s office. When Roberto told them to come in, Maya laid out her idea.

“Tito, pupunta rin po kami ni Richard sa venue para tumulong. Okay lang po ba?” Maya said with a smile.

“What?” Richard asked.

“Sabi mo, they need all the help they could get. Kaya eto, tutulong din tayo.” She said with a glint of amusement then she turned to Roberto. “Tito, ayos lang po ba? Promise po, hindi ko po papainitin ang ulo ni Richard.”

Roberto just laughed at her statement. “Fine, you can go. I might visit there before I head home. Mas maganda na ‘tong nagtutulungan, di ba?”

“Opo. Ang saya nga po eh kasi nagtutulungan lahat para lang ma-celebrate yung anniversary ng LAS. Kapit-bisig po lahat.” Maya said. “Ikaw Richard? Bibitaw ka ba sa kapit-bisig?”

Even though Richard was really annoyed, Maya seemed to shoo it off from him. So in the end, he just chuckled. “I don’t have any choice, have I? Eh kahit saan ka pa pumunta, lagi naman akong kakapit sa’yo.”

Sudden heat rose up from her cheeks and took a nervous glance at Roberto who’s laughing at his son’s statement. When he’s done laughing, he said, “Sige na, lumakad na kayo. And Ricky, work first before play, okay?”

Richard chuckled at his father’s words. “Yes, Pa.”

The venue for the anniversary was more festive than they thought. The place is crowded with people, working hand-in-hand. And even though all of them are busy, they could still hear the chatter and the laughter inside the place. Maya took Richard’s hand and dragged him with her when she saw Liza. As Liza informed Maya of the things that are still unfinished, Richard was having a look around. The sight of their employees working in harmony made him smile. They really love LAS to the point that they would rather do hard works here than just sit and work on the office.

Richard was still busy looking around when Maya ducked to remove her shoes. She tried to let go of Richard’s hand still with her but the action just made Richard tightened his grip. He turned his head and looked at Maya who’s struggling to do something. “What are you doing?”

“Richard, pwedeng makikibitaw muna sa kamay ko? Mahirap tanggalin yung sapatos ko, may straps kasi.” Maya said.

Richard said and let go of her hand, but instead of just watching her remove the said shoes, he bent down to remove them himself. Heat rose up on Maya’s cheeks at Richard’s action and the girls around her couldn’t help but feel the kilig Maya is feeling. When Richard was done, he stood up and smiled at her. “There. All done.”

“Thank you.” Maya shyly said. “Ah, Richard, pwede bang tulungan mo sina Ryan dun sa paglalagay ng mga banners dun sa gilid sa taas? Sabi kasi ni Liza, ang bagal daw nilang kumilos kasi natatakot daw yung guys sa heights. Pero kung ayaw mo –“

“Okay.” Richard said as he pulled his sleeves up. “I’ll be back when we finished.” Then he strode off, leaving Maya no chance to make a word. He took the job not because he wants everyone to be impressed but because Maya mentioned the word ‘heights’. Richard really misses getting on top of things. He knew for a fact that he’s not afraid of it because he used to fly in unbelievable heights when he still has his wings. He missed it, that’s all.

The whole afternoon quickly went by without them noticing. The whole place is getting together and just some few touches are needed before all of them can go home. Richard quickly bonded with the guys as he joined them to do their tasks. He even confirmed that he’s dating Maya when Jeff asked him. Maya on the other hand, was having her fun, too. She’d been sharing stories of Richard going all sweet on her making the girls swoon. Some even commented that how they wish they were the ones Richard was dating but Maya would just kid them all saying, “Sorry girls, hindi na sya available!”

Maya was busy putting some decorations on the tables when Richard hugged her from behind. She already knew that it was him because her heart tells her so. When she turned around, she saw that Richard removed his polo and only wears his white undershirt. Maya pulled out her handkerchief when she saw beads of sweat on Richard’s forehead. She wiped them while Richard looked intently at her.

“Richard, amoy pawis na ko –“

“Ricky.” He cut her off. “Call me Ricky. I’d prefer you calling me that. And I don’t care kung amoy pawis ka na. Ako rin kaya. So we’re even.”

Maya laughed at Richard’s statement. O how she love this witty Richard. “Ricky, pabitaw na oh. Tinititigan na tayo ng mga tao dito.”

“I don’t care.” He whispered. “I think we need to go home. I’m beat.”

Maya giggled. “Yan! Signs of aging!” She teased.

“Don’t mock me with your youth.” He pouted.

“Wag ka kasing magagalit agad. Parang kanina, bago tayo pumunta sa office ni Tito Roberto. I can’t believe na nagalit ka agad nang ganun.” She said.

“Eh kasi naman. If we didn’t finish everything today, then the party will be postponed and so on. The thing is, I don’t want it to be postponed.”


“Postponing the anniversary will also postpone the chance of me spending the whole night just by your side. And I don’t think I can last longer at the thought of waiting again.”

Richard’s statement made Maya turn crimson. He chuckled at her reaction and said, “So, let’s go?”

“Ricky, ang dami pang gagawin –“

“No, I talked to Liza. Everything’s nearly complete. And I already texted Papa and told him na he might not see us when he gets here. C’mon let’s go.”

“Sige na po.” Maya said with a giggle.

Maya decided that she’ll just cook dinner inside her condo and let Richard eat with her. Richard had fun when Maya taught her how to cook as she showed him steps while she cooks their dinner. And when it’s all done, they ate while chatting about what happened at the venue and laughed at each other’s jokes. When they were done eating, Maya offered a cup of coffee and told Richard to just stay put.

Maya’s condo is still the same with the image he has in his memory. There’s still the couch where he slept, the very same dining area where he almost kissed her, her bedroom where he watch her sleep every night and the veranda where Maya shed her first tears for him. Richard stood up and went there. He still remembered everything like yesterday. He was sitting on top of the railings with his back at Maya, who’s working. He got lost in thought and fell from the railings but quickly opened his wings. When he got back, he saw Maya crying at the very spot where he was standing because she thought that he really fell. It was the moment where he believed that Maya cared for him.

“Ricky?” Maya’s voice made him turn around. Maya’s heart aches at the sight of her former angel back at his place. She knew that the veranda was the guardian angel Richard’s favourite place. He knew that the human Richard would also love it. If only he can remember.

They drank their coffees lost in their own thoughts, Richard about his plans for the weekend while Maya thinks of a new way for Richard to remember his past.

But what Maya didn’t know is that she is already inside Richard’s plans.


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