After Their First Night

A/N: Thank you for your very kind words for Before They Marry and Why Maya is the One – part 2.

Inspired by the November 27 episode and the November 28 teaser, here goes nothing. This is perhaps the shortest piece I have ever written. I hope you’ll like it anyway.

Author: iamgarie

By iamgarie


Richard and Maya are back in their hotel room. Exhausted from their Tokyo adventure, they both plopped themselves down on the bed.

As they lay side by side each other on that king size bed, the sole witness to their unbridled passion the night before, Richard and Maya could not help but smile and gaze at each other tenderly. They both knew what they wanted right at that moment. No words were needed. With a look of love reflected in his eyes, Richard smiles, holds Maya close, and ever so slowly, leans into her lips for a mind blowing kiss, that leaves both him and his beloved wife breathless. Then, Richard turns off the lights and the inevitable round 2 happens, with him scoring another homerun! *wink *wink


They wake up in each other’s arms late the following morning. Maya gazes lovingly at her husband. Giddy with excitement and as if in a trance, Maya is still unable to believe that her prince charming, her Mahal na Hari, was right beside her, holding her close even while in deep slumber. She is still reeling from the excitement of their two nights of wild abandon. All she could do that morning was lean close to him, poke his dimple and his nose, give his eyes and cheeks butterfly kisses, and finally kiss him full on the lips. She needed to reassure herself that what happened the previous night and the night before that, was not at all a dream. Richard’s chinito eyes suddenly pop open, and all he could do was marvel at what his dear Maya was doing to his sanity. Lost for words, Richard responds to Maya’s kisses with equal longing and passion, as he continuously caresses her shoulder with his thumb. Before long, round 3 happens…

Happy and sated after their lovemaking, Richard and Maya fall asleep in each other’s arms again, only to be awakened early in the evening by the endless beeping and ringing of both their cellphones. They suddenly sit up, notice the darkness outside their window, and check both their cell phones. Rafi, Manang, Luke, Nikki and Abby have been alternately texting and calling them for the past hour, worried sick as to why they’re not back in Manila yet. All Richard and Maya could do was laugh non-stop as it suddenly dawned on them that they have totally missed their supposed flight back to Manila that afternoon.

Richard calls home. Frantic Rafi shouts at him, “Chard, what happened? Where are you guys? Is everything okay?” All Richard could do was smile as he listened to his bestfriend gab endlessly over the phone. “Rafi, nothing to worry about. We just missed our flight. That’s all.” Richard then turns the speaker on so Maya can hear Rafi, too. “You did? And you didn’t even bother to text any of us?!? Isn’t that inconsiderate of you since we’ve all been trying to locate you the past hour or so. Oh wait… What’s that?  Is that Maya giggling, Chard? Why is she giggling? Whoa! And are you smiling?!? Oops… I think I know why. Did I just disturb you two? Did you and Maya just wake up? I know you’re smiling, Chard. Okay, let me put this down now… Just text me later once you’ve rebooked your flight… And hug Maya for me, okay?”

After the call with Rafi ended, Richard and Maya laugh and smile, cuddle up to each other and then kiss and hug each other some more. They spend one more hour in bed, before they finally got up, ordered room service, took a quick shower and called up Liza to have their flight back to Manila rebooked for the next day.

Richard had been right all along. Nothing ever goes to plan whenever he and Maya are together. And he’s not about to complain. He gazes lovingly at his wife, says a silent prayer of gratitude to the One up above for giving him the one woman who can ever complete him– his chief, his boss, his sun and his love– his dear sweet Maya.


Disclaimer: I do not own the creative minds behind ABS-CBN’s Be Careful with My Heart TV show. This creative endeavor is just for fan fiction purposes. The characters are ABS-CBN’s BCWMH TV show’s sole property.

Allow me to acknowledge and thank BCWMH’s brilliant Creative Team as some of the scenes and lines mentioned in this piece were taken from the TV series.


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