The Rightful Owner – part 21

Note: This is a continuation to The Rightful Owner – part 20.

Author: Hanah6181


Chapter 21

“Richard” “Maya” They uttered their names at the same time as they looked at each other. They both smiled.

Since Richard’s expression told her to go ahead with her intention, Maya took the chance to express her innermost feeling. After all that she went through the whole week, the fear of losing him, sparked off her decision. “Ricky, I love you very much. I don’t want to lose you. Will you marry me?” She was looking at him straight in the eyes.

Richard was dumbfounded. He couldn’t believe what he heard. It wasn’t because he didn’t love her but because she had given too much of herself to keep their relationship. His shock was momentary.

“No, Maya.” He responded in a gentle manner. He slowly knelt down on one of his knees. “Honey, I should be the one asking you.” He took her hand and held it.

He took out something from his pocket and seconds later presented her with a simple round diamond ring. With his eyes expressing all his love for her, he declared, “Will you marry me Maya? Would you be willing to spend the rest of your life with me? I can’t promise that I won’t get jealous anymore but I can promise to doubly make it up to you every time I do.” The expression of his face manifested all the affection he had for her.

Maya was swept by emotion. He had a ring which meant he too thought about proposing to her. She was teary eyed as she nodded her head. As if it wasn’t enough, she dived into him as she happily accepted. “Yes, Richard, I will marry you.”

With that unexpected move, Richard lost his balance and landed on the sand with Maya on top of him. Her arms were around his neck while his hands were on her waist.

Unfortunately, as they fell, Richard lost the ring. He couldn’t remember whether he just dropped it or it went flying as he tried to catch Maya. It was Richard who immediately recovered from the excitement of their proposal moment.

“Hmmm, Hon, I think we lost your engagement ring.” He said near her ear as he shifted his position in attempt to help her stand up.

“Huh? Saan napunta?” Maya responded while she checked on Richard’s hand.

“It must be around here.” His head turned left and right searching visually where the ring could be. While doing so, he let out a chuckle. “Kasi, pagdive mo sa akin, nabitawan ko.”

“Ayyy, naku, paano natin makikita ‘yon eh di naman gaano maliwanag dito. “ Now, she was back to crying but for a different reason.

“Hon, wag kang umiyak okay. We’ll find it if not, we can always get you another one when we are back in Manila. Iisa lang kasi ‘yan nahanap ko so SM GenSan kanina.”

No Ricky, I want that particular ring.” She wiped her tears and then turned to leave him.

“Maya, where are you going?” He asked but his eyes were still searching on the sand for the missing ring.

“Kukuha ako sa bahay ng ilaw, flashlight, maglite, kandila basta kahit anong maliwanag. Kailangan mahanap natin ang engagement ring ko.” She was determined from the sound of her voice. She turned to return to the house and didn’t see Richard smiling broadly.

Richard had found the ring but he was enjoying seeing Maya’s reaction about the missing ring. But in the end, he let go of his amusement and called her out. “Hon, nakita ko na.” He raised his arm with his thumb and forefinger holding the ring.

When Maya heard he found the ring, she returned to his side. “Yes!” She was all smiles.

“Is the yes because I found the ring?” He asked with one of his eyebrows raised. His dimpled cheek emphasized when he quirked a smile.

“Yes, I will marry you Ricky.” She said lovingly as she extended her hand so he could slide the ring into her finger.

“Thank you honey. I promise to love you forever.” Richard kissed her hand.

They hugged once more and kissed each other passionately. They were in that position when they heard James’s voice calling them.
“Kuya, Maya, it’s dinner time.”


During dinner, Richard and Maya’s behavior towards each other were noticeably different. Gone was the tentativeness and formality that James and Manang Fe noticed earlier. At the dinner table, the two only had eyes for each other. Maya was very attentive to Richard’s food, serving him. It was the same for Richard. Manang Fe and James could only shake their heads as they observed the two. They both concluded that they have patched up their problem.

“Ehh, este mga lovebirds. Wala pa tayo sa dessert ay nilalanggam na tayo.” James can’t help but comment.

“Well bro. Magtiis ka dahil masaya kami.” Richard quipped. Then he announced, “Maya and I are engaged.” Richard took Maya’s hand that had the engagement ring and kissed it.

“Oooh!! Congratulations, kuya, ate.” James winked at Maya. “Sabi ko na sa’yo magiging ate kita, sister.”

“Masaya ako para inyo, Ricardo, Maya” Manang Fe was genuinely happy.

“Thank you” The engaged couple replied.

James suddenly remembered the last will and testament of his father. “Hep, hep, Mr. Lim, since you are getting married. May I remind about our agreement on Time Airways?”

“James, I honor all my commitments. You will have T.A. even if I get married ahead of you. You are its rightful owner and in the case of Maya, I am her rightful owner. Besides, I can’t manage two companies and build a family at the same time.” He winked at his brother.

His smile was soon replaced by a wince when Maya pinched him on his side. “Aray, hon, ang sakit non ha.” He touched his side that was hurting, it really did hurt.

“Mr. Lim, anong sinasabi mong rightful owner?” Her eyes rolled but she was actually smiling.

Richard leaned toward her and responded to her question in a whisper that was only for her. Then, he blew a kiss on her earlobe. She felt her face burn as she noticed Manang Fe and James’s eyes on her.

She immediately pushed Richard and gently slapped his face so he would focus on his plate. “Tapusin mo na ang pagkain mo Mr. Lim.” She averted her eyes from the two onlookers and turned her attention to the grilled tuna fish she was eating.


Later that night, Richard and Maya were back on the beach, walking side by side enjoying the cool breeze.

“Maya for the wedding, what would like it to be?” Richard turned to face her, his hand caressing her waist and her lower back.

“Hmmm, I’ve always wanted a simple, quiet wedding. Ayoko ko ng parang circus.” She responded with twinkle in her eyes. She really liked the idea of marrying the man in front of her.

“Ha,ha, ha. Honey, with your profession, it is unlikely that our wedding will go unnoticed. But, I think we can do something to make it a bit private. When can we get married?” He asked as he pulled her closer to him. She placed her hands around his neck.

“Next year, I still have one existing contract to finish that would require me to be unattached until then.” She saw him turned serious so she gave him a soft kiss.

“I told you I can always bail you out of your contracts.” He uttered as they paused from their kissing. “How about this November, 25th?” He gave her a date and month.

With a bit of surprise, Maya replied “Huh? Agad agad, next month na ‘yon.”
Instead of answering, Richard kissed her again and this time it was more passionate that caused her to be breathless. His hands explored her the small of her back and hips.

“Maya, I suggest that we tie the knot next month.” His voice was husky. “If we wait longer, I’m afraid you might walk down the aisle in a maternity dress instead of wedding dress.”

She chuckled at his statement and she caught a glimpse of desire in his eyes under the moonlight. His continued caresses produced an effect on her. She got conscious of his intense gaze and the hardness of his body that was very close to hers. She kissed him with such passion that also surprised herself. Richard responded with equal fervor.

He then lifted her up and carried her back to the house and to his bedroom.

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  1. ________________*flatline* LOVE the story much! @hanah6181!!! thank you for this really nice piece! I hope it doesn’t end here.. or is it ending na?? 😦 I hope NOT! 🙂 adik lungz c AKO! 😀 LOVE LOVE LOVE and more LOVE!!! 😀

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