Have Faith 36 – Still You

This is a continuation of Have Faith 35 – Silver Anniversary

Author : christine24m


The Saturday that was supposed to be the night Richard was looking forward to, became the night where everything did not went to what he planned. He was supposed to take her to someplace where he would sweep her off her feet, but clearly it’s not happening. He perfectly planned everything but he didn’t bother to add a plan B in case Maya would not go with him.

And hell, I should’ve planned that back up one.

Richard did not expect Maya would tell him to drive her someplace else. She even told him that it is for his memory. When Maya told him that, he wants to grab her by her shoulders and tell her that he already remembered everything, but he didn’t do so.

It would only ruin my plan.

Left with no choice, Richard drove silently as Maya tell him directions though he already knew where they are going – they are headed for the park. Maya was silent the whole ride. She was building up the sentences that she will tell Richard once they got there. When the car halted, Maya already opened her door and went outside without a word. Nervously, Richard went outside, too. He doesn’t know what’s going to happen.

What if Maya tells me she wants to stop all of this? What if she says that she doesn’t want me anymore? That she’s already giving up?

Richard followed Maya as she walked silently. Both of them were nervous, both of them don’t know what the other person’s planning, both of them taking this leap through the darkness.

Maya halted when she reached the tree. Richard clearly remembers what had happened there. That was the place where he always go to think, it was also the place where he finally admitted to himself that he is in love with Maya. And it was the place where he left her.

Shoot. Is she dumping me here?!

“Maya, I just want you to know –“, He immediately said when that thought crossed his mind.

“Ricky, ako muna.” Maya cut him off. She took a deep breath and Richard did the same. Maya was preparing to say the truth while Richard prepares himself from hearing the bad news he taught Maya was going to say.

“G-gusto kong bago matuloy tong kung anong meron tayo, gusto ko munang magsabi ng katotohanan.” Maya started making Richard hold his breath. Maya curled her hands not knowing what to do with them. “Gusto kong maalala mo muna lahat. Kaya Richard, gusto kong sabihin sa’yo na .. na nagkakilala na tayo dati.” Maya continued. “Kaya kita dinala dito, kasi isa to sa mga lugar na lagi mong pinupuntahan. Basta ‘pag wala ka, alam kong dito kita mahahanap.” She took a deep breath again. “Saka ito yung lugar na kung saan huli tayong nagkita. Kasi kailangan mo nang umalis.”

Richard still felt so nervous. What will she say next? Will she say that we must part ways as well? “So .. Maya, what exactly is the reason why we’re here?” he nervously asked.

“Gusto kong ipaalala sa’yo yung memory mo. Kasi, sa maniwala ka man o sa hindi, naging parte ako nyan.” She said.

Hearing that, Richard finally let go of the air he’s been holding in relief. “Y-yun lang?”

Maya slowly nodded. “M-may tanong ka ba?”

Right. I need to play along. “Why did I leave?”

“Kasi oras mo na.”

“Oras ko na?”

“Hmm. Basta. Mamaya ko na ieexplain. May iba pa tayong pupuntahan.” Maya said, walking away to go back to the car.

“Maya wait!” Richard ran to catch up with her. “I have one more question. Why now? Bakit ngayon mo lang sinasabi ‘to sa’kin? Bakit hindi pa dati?”

Maya bit her lower lip. “May kailangan kasi akong isauli sa’yo. Kaso .. kaso nawala ko. Kaya naisip kong ito yung isang paraan na alam kong makakabawi ako.” She said.

Richard smirked. I love her. I really do. And I’m pretty sure she still feels the same way. If not, she will not do anything of this for me. He then reached for her hand and entwined it with his. “Where else do we have to go?”

When they were in the car again, Maya instructed Richard to go to LAS. Maya decided to just tell everything inside the car since they might not be able to go inside. Maya told Richard about their first encounter, where Richard showed up from nowhere and told her that he’s there to guide her. While Maya is talking, Richard was listening intently. Even though he already knows everything, he wants to hear Maya’s version of their story. And with each word Maya lets go, Richard fell for her even more.

The last stop, according to Maya, is the place that is very traumatic to her. Maya decided to take Richard back to that curve where her accident took place even though she doesn’t know how she will respond. They were a few meters away when Richard saw Maya fidgeting her hands. With a sigh, he stopped the car and went outside to open her door. When the two of them were already outside, Richard locked his car, entwined his hand with hers and decided to just walk to their destination.

In the middle of their stroll, Richard stopped to take his coat off and gave it to Maya so that she will not be cold. After that, they held hands again and walked. When they reached the spot of the road where the accident happened, Maya tugged Richard’s hand and led him to the stairs that goes at the shore of the sea. Maya waited a few beats before finally speaking.

Maya pointed somewhere on the sea. “Dun napunta yung kotse ko nung nahulog ako sa kalsada.” She started. “Sobrang takot ko nung nahulog ako dyan kasi yung tubig, bigla na lang pumasok sa loob tapos hindi ko na mabuksan yung pinto sa sasakyan.” she gulped. “Ang sabi ko, may nagligtas sa’kin, diba?”

“Yes. You told me Richard saved you.” I saved you. I clearly remember it.

Maya nodded. “Ma .. maniniwala ka ba kung sabihin kong ikaw yung Richard na naglitas sa’kin?”

Richard raised his brows. “Really? But how?”

Maya gulped. It’s the moment of truth. She’s been avoiding telling him about his past life as an angel, thinking that Richard is not going to believe it. She feared that if she directly told him that he was a guardian angel, Richard would run away.

“Guardian angel kita.” She said. Richard replied with silence urging her to continue talking. “Kasama kita nung nagmamaneho ako, kasama kita nung naaksidente ako, at ikaw yung nagligtas sa’kin. Ang sabi mo, pinagpalit mo yung mga pakpak mo para mailigtas lang ako. Utang ko sa’yo lahat, Richard.”

“Maya, there’s no such thing as that.” Richard lied.

Maya was shocked with the words he said. “M-meron. Ikaw nga mismo yung naging ganon diba?”

“Then why can’t I remember?” I’m sorry Maya. Richard continued.

“Kasi may usapan kayo ni Lord na kapag naalala mo yung past mo nung anghel ka, babalik ka na ulit sa katawan mo tapos hindi mo maalala lahat ng nangyari sa’yo. Pero mali nga eh, dapat ako yung nawalan ng memorya kasi yun yung sabi mo.” Maya blurted out quickly.

Richard laughed, and then he reached for her hand tugging it. “C’mon, let’s go.”

“Hindi ka naniniwala no? Basta Ricky, dito muna tayo, magkukwento pa ko.” Maya said trying to stop Richard from walking.

Richard turned around to face her. “You can tell me along the way. But we cannot stay. Hindi lang ikaw ang may pupuntahan, ako rin.” And then he continued walking bringing Maya with him.

Once they were inside the car, Richard pulled out his phone from his pocket and dialled someone. Maya didn’t want to eavesdrop but she heard Richard telling the other person on the line that they are on their way. Along the ride, Maya decided just to stay quiet. She felt disappointed that Richard would just brush off her story, let alone it was his memory.

Kung ayaw niya wag niya. Siya na nga ‘tong tinutulungan eh.

Richard on the other hand is starting to feel nervous again. Part is because of what will happen but mostly because of the woman beside him. He kept glancing at her ever since they left that place because she’s been quiet, too quiet. And it’s making him so nervous. He has this feeling that Maya might be mad at him or something for not believing her words.

A few minutes later, Richard stopped in the middle of an open field. He went outside to open her door and as expected, she was mad at him. Maya did not make any movement of leaving the car; even if Richard laid a hand down to help her. With a sigh, Richard bent down and scooped Maya in his arms.

“Richard! Ano ba! Ibaba mo ko!” Maya said while she hit Richard on his shoulders.

“No! Hindi kita ibababa unless makarating tayo dun.” Richard said.

“Makarating saan?”

“There.” Richard nodded to the direction where his surprise awaits.

Maya’s mouth gaped. It was a plane. And it was his. The words ‘Lim Aviation Services’ were boldly imprinted outside with its famous logo. Four people are waiting outside and greeted Richard when they saw him.

“Maya, this is Capt. Ventura, our pilot for tonight,” Richard said while Maya was still in his arms. The man dressed in white nodded to Maya. “Beside him is the co-pilot, Capt. Bautista. And our two flight attendants, Edselyn and Emman.” Richard said and headed inside the plane. But before he reached the final step of the stairs he whispered to Maya, “Close your eyes.” Even though bewildered, Maya still closed them.

Richard carefully brought Maya down while her eyes are still closed. He guided her to a seat inside the plane and blindfolded her to make sure she doesn’t see anything. A few minutes later, Maya felt the plane took off. Richard guided Maya to stand up as he stood before her to remove her blindfold.

Maya gasped with what she saw. The floor inside the plane was filled with flower petals and a table was set somehow inside the plane. Violins filled the air through the speakers and when she turned around, she saw Richard smiling at her. Maya’s eyes welled up at the sight of the man she clearly loves. She loves Richard, but she loves the former Richard more. And Maya knew that she completely messed up in making him remember everything.

“Ricky, pasabi sa piloto na bumalik na tayo.” Maya whispered. She couldn’t take it anymore.

“Wh-what?” Richard’s smile suddenly disappeared.

“Bumalik na tayo, please.” Maya said as she walked pass through Richard to get away from him.

“But Maya –“

“Ayoko ng ganito. Ayoko ng ganito, Richard. Ayokong habambuhay kong iisipin na ako yung may kasalanan kasi hindi ko mapaalala sa’yo lahat.” Maya started, tears falling from her eyes. “Binigyan ako ng isang pagkakataon na ibalik sa’yo yung kwintas mo pero I messed up. I lost your necklace. Kaya please, bumalik na tayo,” she turned her back on him again. “I don’t deserve any of this. I –“

“You used to call me ‘anghel kong singkit’.” Richard cut her off, making Maya to stay still.

“You didn’t believe I was an angel back then until I spread my wings to fly.” Richard continued, taking another step with each strand of his memory.

“You cried for me when I fell on your condo’s veranda because you completely forgot that I have wings.” Another step. Maya clutched both of her hands on her chest.

“I was the Richard that saved you from your accident. I was even the one to blame for that because I encouraged you to drive the Vios your father gave you and I argued with you while you’re driving because I was jealous at Simon.” Maya’s tears continued to roll down on her cheeks as she decided to turn around to face him.

“I loved you when you hugged me tight when I borrowed my body to save you. And I completely didn’t regret sacrificing those wings for you.”

“We had our first fight because of your phobia. You told me that I was controlling your family. But believe me, I did not. I just wanted you well.”

“I blurted out that I was in love with you because I got so jealous of the picture of a man on your phone and had no idea that it was me. And yet I did it again this time. I told your father that I would do everything just to be the Richard that saved you then I just realized that I was that Richard all along.” He said, taking another step closer as Maya chuckled with what she heard. “That’s really unfair you know.” He added.

“I was your first boyfriend. Ah, I am your first boyfriend. It’s still in present tense, right? We did not break up or anything –“

“Nagbreak kaya ta –“, Maya commented, never moving.

“Shh. Don’t argue. Let me finish.” Richard cut her off. “I decided that it was time when we went out on this date, on the park. I kept telling you to have faith, yet you almost gave up.” Richard took another step while Maya just listened to him. She really felt the sadness in his voice on his last sentence.

“And then I came back to the real world, remembering nothing. You came inside the room and I just couldn’t take my eyes off of you because you look so familiar. Then you left and I waited months to finish my rehab just to see you again.”

“I courted you even though I figured out later that I don’t have to, because you’re already my girlfriend.” He smiled at his own foolishness. He took another step.

“Everywhere I went, I was always looking for you. You’re the only person I wanted to see, Maya, and I have no idea why. Until the night I got sick.” He grabbed something from his pocket and laid it out on his palm for her to see. Tears fell down from her cheek when she saw the necklace on Richard’s hand. The silver-chained one with the letter ‘R’ as its pendant that she’s been looking for days. “Someone accidentally dropped this on my bed that made me remember everything. And I meant, everything, Maya.”

“Mama explained everything that day. And I’ve learned a very important thing: We were made guardian angels to find our love that happens to be the mortal assigned to us. And I know you’re my mortal. I guess you’re stuck with me.” Richard took another step making him just a step away from Maya.

“I know that you’re wondering why I was the one who lost my memory. I asked Him for it. I don’t want you to lose yours. I don’t want you to forget what he had.”

Richard took his last step and now he’s face to face with Maya. He wiped her tears and gathered her hands in his and kissed them before putting in on his shoulders, while his hands linger on her waist. “I took you out here, on the air, because this is where you invaded my thoughts.” He narrowed his eyes, making Maya laugh. “I remembered clearly that I was thinking of you before I had my accident. And if I could turn back time,” he paused to make sure that Maya is looking straight into his eyes. “I would like to go back to the first time I ever laid my eyes on you. Yes, on LAS. I should’ve not waited until I came back. I should’ve just stood in front of your desk and kissed you right there and then.”

Even though Maya’s cheeks were already burning, she still managed to say, “You’re going to kiss me even though –“

Maya was unable to finish her sentence as Richard claimed her lips. Even though Maya was shocked at Richard’s action, she still closed her eyes to feel every inch of his lips. Richard has been longing for this moment. He’s been dying to do this every since he saw Maya. And he gathered all of those feelings to this very moment.

Maya remained mum after Richard ended their kiss. “I’ve told you over and over before when I was still an angel that I was dying to do that, right?” He chuckled and gathered her in his arms for a hug. Richard kissed her head and whispered to her ear. “I love you, Maya. Always had and always will.”

Tears fell from Maya’s eyes again. She couldn’t contain her happiness anymore. After a few beats she whispered back, “I love you, too Richard. I never stopped loving you.”

Richard felt his heart flutter. He broke their hug, confusing Maya, and said, “Naaalala mo pa ba na you told me that you owe me for saving your life?” Maya answered him with a slow nod.

Richard smirked. “Well, I think it’s the time for me to claim your debt.” Right there and then, Richard went down on his knee and reached for this red leather box inside his coat. “You owe me for saving your life. And all I want is for you to spend the rest of your life with me.” He opened that box and inside was a princess cut ring, sitting on a platinum band.

“Will you marry me?”

Maya stared at the man kneeling before her. Her mind was still blown away from the kiss, yet there’s still another surprise for her. But even though her head is still fuzzy, she knew right away what she’s going to answer.

“Yes. Yes Richard!” She said.

Richard immediately stood up and kissed her while he removes the ring from its box. When they parted, he slid the ring on Maya’s finger and kissed her again.


“Ang daya mo.” Maya said with her mouth full. After Richard’s proposal, the two of them realized that there were both hungry. They are currently eating inside the plane as the pilots drive back to its hangar.

“Why?” Richard said, amusement showed all over his face.

“Hindi mo man lang ako sinabihan na naaalala mo na pala lahat. Ilang araw kaya akong napuyat kakahanap nung kwintas.”

Richard laughed. “I’m sorry. But I know for a fact na makakatulog ka na ng mahimbing mamaya.”

“Ewan ko. Baka hindi rin ako makatulog kakaisip ng nangyari ngayong araw na ‘to.” Maya shyly said.

“Really?” He chuckled. “May I sleep with you tonight, Mrs. Lim? Just to make sure na makakatulog ka.”

Maya flushed. “Wag na, Ricky. Matutulog na ko, promise.” She said while laughing, and then she fell silent. “Kailangan ko pa palang sabihin ‘to kina Nanay, no?”

“No need. They already knew.”


“Remember the time when we got drunk? Tinanong ko na agad kay Tatay Arturo kung pwede kitang pakasalan. Akala ko nga bubugbugin na niya ako nung tinanong ko ‘yun.”

“Eh bakit kasi kasal agad yung alok mo?” Maya asked amusingly.

“Honestly, I don’t know. Lumabas na lang bigla. Anyway, we got drunk because of it. Nung iniwan kita sa kwarto kinabukasan, pinuntahan ko si Tatay non. I asked him about our conversation last night and told me na I need to prove myself. So I did everything he asked and I believe I got his blessing.

“Before I went here tonight, I called them again, telling them about my proposal to you tonight. Tuwang-tuwa yung magulang mo nung malaman nila ‘to. And you know what the best part was?”

“A-ano?” Maya asked.

“They knew about me being your guardian angel.”

“Ha? Pero panong .. “ Maya trailed off. “Ay nako, si Kute talaga!” she exclaimed.

“Sinabi mo ba?” Richard chuckled. “Anyway, I couldn’t thank Cris enough.”

Maya smiled at her lovely fiancé. “Eh pano ‘tong set-up na ‘to? Kailan mo pa pinlano?”

“Papa helped me arrange everything, even Mama add her touch.”

The two continued their dinner and when they felt the plane touch the land again, Richard stood up and held her hand. “Let’s go?” he asked.

“To where?” Maya asked as she stood up.

Richard kissed her lips. “Back to the anniversary. I want everybody to know that you’re mine.”


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