Ms. Giddy Meets Mr. Grumpy – Rainbow

This is the continuation of Ms. Giddy Meets Mr. Grumpy – His Struggles

Author: banana08

A/N: I decided to give you a treat just before hibernating.Consider this as my early Christmas gift to all of you who are patiently waiting for the continuation of this story.I won’t be able to write for a month as I will have an event for a month and I can’t really write. Sorry for the long wait. As much as I want to give all of you a regular update, I really can’t. Hindi kinakaya ng katawang pantao ko at hindi din nakiki-cooperate ang katawang pang-diyosa ko! haha. I also thought of quitting this hobby of mine coz I really can’t give you the regular update that you want but let’s see.

Enjoy reading everyone! 🙂


Try to search the meaning of Red Tulips and you’ll know who you are to me.

Her eyes started to pool tears as her emotions poured. She cannot decipher what was happening to her. The chain of events shook her whole being. She was feeling mixed emotions. That red tulip triggered everything. She was down again crying and feeling the pain all over again.

Oblivious to her surrounding, there was a man standing few feet away from her. As she was about to enter her condo unit, the man called her with a trace of longing in his voice.



Richard what are you doing? Why do you keep on watching her from afar? You have to make a move and make her a permanent part of your life. It’s now or you’ll lose again your chance.He thought.

His hopes were high as he walked to her door then suddenly he froze. He felt a tearing pain in his heart. He got nervous all of a sudden. He can’t seem to find the strength to speak. Tears were welling.


Maya: What are you doing here? (she said in her breaking voice and in between sobs)
Richard: Maya, I..I..need to you. (he tried to even out his voice as his voice was breaking too.)

She remained silent and composed herself.

Richard: I owe you an explanation, Maya. Please? (he pleaded to her.)

She opened her condo and gestured him to enter.

Maya: Have a seat. Uhmm, do you want something to drink? Coffee, Juice or Soda?
Richard: Your coffee would be perfect. I missed your coffee. (he smiled)

She nodded and walked towards her kitchen to prepare his coffee. She got cookies and placed on a plate. She then grabbed an orange soda and went back to where Richard is. She sat across the couch where Richard was seated.

Maya: Here’s your coffee. (she avoided his eyes)
Richard: Thank you.

They were silent as awkwardness filled the both of them. But Richard can’t stand any longer.

Richard: Sophia, she’s a beautiful woman. She has this smiling eyes that will surely brightens your day. (he said these with a smile and not looking at Maya.)
Richard: Her confidence, and the way she carries herself is really admirable.
Maya: Richard, please…I’m hurting.Don’t be so insensitive.
Richard: No Maya. You have to hear all of these. You need to know.

He paused for a while and looked at Maya.

Richard: The moment I saw her, I looked forward to every day that I will see her. I love the way she made me feel. The feeling that was alien for me for quite a while.

Maya can’t contain anymore her emotions as fresh tears rolled down her cheeks. She bit her lips to suppress her sobbing. He looked at her.

Richard: But everything changed when she dropped by one day to my office, asked me for coffee and proposed marriage. (he fixed his eyes to her waiting for her reaction.)

She stopped sobbing momentarily and looked at him.

Maya: I don’t understand.
Richard: Yes Maya. You are Sophia. I never had the courage to go to you and get your name so I just called you Sophia then.

Maya burst out and cried loudly this time.

Richard: Maya, Please don’t cry. Uhm, uhm, please.

Richard walked towards her and crouched in front of her. He hugged her and comforted her.

Maya: You’re so mean. You’re so mean. (she said as she cried in his arms while throwing light punches on his chest.)
Richard: I’m sorry Maya. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I just need time to be sure of myself, of my feelings. I want to be ready.
Maya: Tell me it’s real.
Richard: Yes it’s indeed real. In fact, I have something here that will remind you everyday that it’s real.

Richard wiped Maya’s tears and kissed her in the forehead. He then stood up and fished something in his pocket. He knelt down in front of Maya.

Richard: I know you’re the one who proposed marriage to me and I want to formalize it. This ring will remind you that I want and I love to marry you.
Maya: Richard…(she was speechless.)
Richard: Yes Maya, I want to marry you too.
Maya: I hate you. You’re bad. Why did you let me suffer for days when all this time it’s me? You’re really bad Richard Lim. (she was still sobbing but you can see the smile in her face.)
Richard gathered her in his arms. He can’t help but laugh at her child-like behavior.
Richard: I love you too Maya. I suffered too for days, you know?
Maya: It’s your fault why you suffered. (she chuckled.)
Richard: Fine. You’re worth the suffering Maya.
Maya: Don’t do that again, okay?

He nodded in response.

Maya: So can you now put that ring on my finger? I want to be reminded of this crazy engagement we had every single day of my life.

He slid the ring into her finger. She then cupped his face and gave him a passionate kiss that he gladly responded.

Richard: Looks like I have a naughty wife to be!
Maya: Silly! I’m just too happy that finally it’s official.
Richard: Uhuh. I’m officially yours now and only yours. I love you Maya Dela Rosa!
Maya: I love you too Richard Lim.

Their sweet moment was interrupted when his phone rang. It was his secretary telling him that his after lunch meeting was moved to an earlier schedule.

Richard: As much as I want to stay longer here with you, I have to go. My meeting was moved to an earlier sched.
Maya: Can you stay a bit longer? (she’s pleading with her hands clasped together in her chest)
Richard: You’re doing that trick again!
Maya: Please??
Richard: I’m sorry I really can’t stay. I’ll see you after office, okay?
Maya: Fine. (she pouted her lips)
Richard: I’m really sorry. But I have something here that will make up for the hours I’m away.

He handed her the letter in his pocket.

Maya: Seriously? A stationery? A girly stationery?
Richard: Hey! Hey! Hey! You should judge that by what’s written and not how girly the paper is.
Maya: Hahaha, okay I’m sorry. But seriously, where did you get this?
Richard: Well, a sweetheart gave that to me.
Maya: Abby! She’s really a sweet girl.
Richard: Indeed. So I’ll see you later. (he stood up and gave her quick kiss and hug.)


The moment she’s alone, she immediately opened his letter.

“It is my fourth day to be here, taking the chance to see you and talk to you. I know you are in your parent’s house but still I’m waiting for you here. I know you need time as much as I need too and when you’re back here I know you have thought things through. I’m sorry for hurting you but I need to do it. I want to be certain of myself and I don’t want to be unfair to you. You deserve nothing but the best. You deserve all the love and care. I want to give that to you. I am now ready, ready to love you with every piece of me, with every fiber of my being. And now, I come to realize that Sophia will always be a part of me and nothing can change that. But I’d rather be with the stubborn, persuasive, unpredictable but definitely caring and loving Maya than with Sophia the unknown. Sophia will always be my “yellow tulip” but you Maya will always be my “red tulip”. I can say, I fell in love with the same woman, twice, in different circumstances. And I will never get tired of falling in love with you over again.”

Her tears were endless. Her emotions were in a roller coaster ride. Her love for this man is over-flowing. So she decided to send him a very sweet text message.

I love you too my “red tulip”!


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    • See you just want your adiks fans push hard😄 we really do like the story, and that’s how we appreciate your work😄😄 now happy and ready to read the next

    • hihi. i really appreciate your efforts to push me in writing. kung kasingbilis lang ng ibang writer ang pag construct ng story at nabibiyaan ng mahabang oras for sure everyday ang update! 🙂

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