The Rightful Owner – Finale

Note: This is a continuation to The Rightful Owner – part 21

Author: Hanah6181

The Final Chapter

Conrad Resort, Bali, Indonesia

It’s been a year since Richard and Maya got married and they decided to go back to the place where they first met. They were back in Bali, Indonesia but this time they were not alone. Every member of their immediate families was with them to join the celebration of their first wedding anniversary.

Since their Bali meeting was significant event in their life, they decided to renew their vows in the traditional Balinese wedding ceremony. Richard and Maya wore the traditional costume and their families participated in rites typical of the islands.

The Balinese ceremony was held by the beach, near the Bales where Maya first kissed Richard. The beach setting has been an important part of their life from the time they first met until they got engaged so they thought it was fitting that they celebrate their union by the beach again.

All throughout their celebration, Nanay Teresita and Mama Esmeralda were happily taking turns in carrying their first grandson, Luke, who was very well behaved that day. It was as if he knew it was an important day for his parents. It was the first trip for the baby after he turned 3 months old the week before their anniversary. Luke is a honeymoon baby.

Part of their vacation entourage was James with his new girlfriend Jenny.
Finally, he too has found a girl that he could see himself getting tied too. During that Bali trip, he spoke to his brother to let him know that he is considering proposing to his ladylove as he was getting envious of his family life.

Richard and Maya were locked in a loving embrace while swaying to the song, Tonight I celebrate my love for you that was playing at the background. Love was in the air as the gentle breeze from the sea added to their romantic mood. They were in a world of their own while their family watched them.

Their reverie was suddenly interrupted by James. “Ahhh, este… mga lovers.. . we’ll ahead of you, okay? Gabi na kasi, Jen & I still have early flight tomorrow for Yogyakarta.”

They stopped dancing. Richard released Maya and gave his brother a hug. “Okay, thanks bro. Enjoy your trip.”

Maya then spoke to Jen. “Jen, I know you’d like the Borobudor temple. Ingat lang sa pag-akyat ha. Thank you din pala for joining us here, to celebrate with us.” The future sisters-in-law hugged each other.

After James and Jen left, it was time for the two grandmothers to say their goodnights too.

“Mga anak, babalik na kami sa kwarto namin ha. Maiwan na namin kayo dito at mukhang nag-eenjoy pa kayo sa music.” Nanay Teresita kissed them both.
Then, it was Mama Esmeralda’s turn. “Don’t worry about Luke. Kami na ni balae ang mag-aalaga sa kanya ngayong gabi. So, you can spend an uninterrupted evening together.” Mama Esmeralda gave them a meaningful look.

“Mama, ayan ka naman. Luke is only 3 months old.” Richard cautioned his mother.

“Eh, mano naman? Mr. Lim, the sooner you build your family, the more time you can spend with your children and see them grow up. Di ba, Maya” Mama Esmeralda.

Maya just smiled at her mother-in-law and kissed her. “Goodnight, Mama.”

As she did, she secretly pinched Richard on his side. He was startled and gave her a questioning look.
When their parents left, Richard had his arms back on Maya and continued their slow dancing.

“So, what was that pinch for? Kaka renew lang ng vows natin, kinukurot mo na naman ako.” Richard asked closed to her ear.

“Wala, kainis ka lang kasi.” Maya replied distancing her face from his face, her eyes rolling upwards but she had an impish smile.
He saw her facial reaction so he asked again. “Hey, what’s that? Anong ginawa ko?”

“Yung sabi mo na 3 months old pa lang si Luke means that ayaw mong masundan si Luke.” She told him while running a finger on his chest. Since she’s been with him, she finds his broad chest very comfortable to lean on and so sexy too.

“I didn’t say that. I just said that 3 months old pa lang… Teka, why is that causing stress? Unless…..” His chinky eyes grew wide with suspicion. He remembered that few days ago, Maya mentioned to him about her missed period but they didn’t dwell on it.

“Yes!! Mr. Lim, we are pregnant again.” She pinched him once more. “Ikaw kasi, ang kulit kulit mo… ayan tuloy.” She was smiling broadly as she confirmed his hunch.

“Wow. Ang galing! This means by next year, dalawa na ang kids natin. At saka bakit ako lang ang makulit, tayong dalawa ang may gawa n’yan.” Richard in his joy lifted Maya and turned around with her in his arms.

“Ayyy, grabe. Ibaba mo ako, Ricky.” She laughed and was amused with the excitement in her husband’s face upon hearing the news. He had the same reaction when she told him about her first pregnancy.

“Thank you Maya. I love you very much. This is a wonderful gift for our first anniversary.” He kissed her on the lips.

When they paused to catch their breath, Maya uttered. “I love you too Ricky. Oo nga, this is a wonderful gift for our anniversary.” They kissed once more and this time with more passion.

Eventually, they decided to go back to the hotel to continue their celebration within the confines of their room.


Snuggled under the covers after another intense lovemaking, Maya looked up to Richard and asked him a question.

“Honey, at what point did you realize that love me and that you can’t live without me?” A few minutes ago, Richard uttered those words as he lay on top of her consumed by the physical release of their love for each other.

“Hmmmm?” He looked at her intently. Her eyes were glowing with love. “Remember last year, the Bohol earthquake?”

“Yes” She shifted her position as she was very interested with what was to come next.

“When you were in Bohol and you called me up to say goodbye while there was an earthquake, I panicked. We got disconnected and I didn’t know what happened next. Then, I called up Emman and he was saying baka magka tsunami and he was also panicking.”

“Yes, I remember that Hon. Kaya nga di ba lumipad ka para sunduin kami doon?” She recalled the unforgettable experience in Bohol while they were on location shoot for a commercial. She was so afraid that time that she called him up to say goodbye thinking she would die in that earthquake.

“I chartered a plane right away. It was good we are in the airline industry so it was easy to get one. The flight from Manila to Bohol was the longest 1 ½ hours of my life, honey. I thought if something happened to you, I don’t know what I will do. We were all set to get married by then so I was really very, very worried.” Richard explained as he drew her closer to him and kissed her on the forehead.

“Naalala ko nga, Ricky, you were very pale when I saw you.”

“Yes, I was worried sick. And then the moment you got close to me, hinimatay ka.” He chuckled. “Yun pala sa nerbyos at stress of the experience.”

“Heyy, tinatawan ko mo naman ako? Syempre natakot ako no.”

“Hon, I’m not laughing at you. Siguro para sa akin yung tawa dahil yung pabalik sa Manila was another longest hour of my life. Ang gusto ko lang noon mai-uwi ka na. I wanted to protect you.”

“Hmmm, parang naniniwala na akong love mo nga ako.” Maya rained kisses on his face which he stopped when he caught her lips with his.

When he was satisfied with kissing her, it was his turn to ask her a question. “Maya, my love for you shouldn’t be doubted. By the way hon, don’t you miss working? Don’t you miss acting, show business?”

She smiled. “Hinde, eh. Enjoy ako na maging plain Mrs. Richard Lim.” She responded, her facial expression showed contentment.

“But if you want to go back, you know it’s okay with me right?” Richard checked with her.

“Oo, pero I’m enjoying yung mag-stay sa house, mag-alaga kay Luke, mag-luto ng dishes for you. Gusto ko kasi maalagaan kayong pamilya ko, lalo ngayon, we will have a new baby. Siguro later on I’d like to have a small business ‘yung something that I can have better control of time. Para hindi ko mapabayaan ang mga bata at ikaw.”

“Well, ang akin lang naman ay ayokong ma-bore ka sa bahay. You can still pursue your career and your dreams even if we are married.” Richard appreciated Maya’s dedication to their family. He hugged her again and noticed that she had that impish smile again.

“Hmmm, what’s that smile for?” He was getting suspicious.

“Actually, may offer sa akin for my comeback film daw. Medyo mature ang role at ang partner ko ay si Papa P.” She tone and facial expression told him she was excited. However, hearing the name of Piolo again and the mature role wasn’t all encouraging for him.

“Huh? Bakit ba parating ang offer mo ay kay Piolo? Anyway, what did you say?” Richard asked with serious look on this face.

“I turned it down.” She winked at him. “Kasi po, paniguradong mag-tiger mode ka sa selos dahil ang daming kissing scenes na nakalagay sa story.”

“What?” Suddenly, he thought maybe he shouldn’t have given her a blanket approval to return to show business. “Hon, good decision. Siguro nga mas mabuti sa bahay ka na muna. Then, you can think about what type of business you want to get into.” He hugged her tighter as he kissed her forehead.

“Thank you Maya… I love you.”

“I love you too Mr. Lim.”

A few minutes later, they fell asleep with smiles on the faces contented knowing that they have each other’s love and their family is a priority for them.

The end.


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