Restless – Chapter 9

Admin Note: This is a continuation to Restless – Chapter 8.

Author: Ricci 


Chapter 9 – Babe

James was a great company.  He indulged her, and seems to understand what she’s going through even though she hasn’t told him yet of what’s bothering her.

She was already on her third glass of margarita when she excused herself from James to go to the lady’s room.  I must be drunk, she giggled feeling light headed as she looks on at her reflection in the mirror and saw herself differently – her colors were high, and she looks unbelievably sexy in her black dress paired with an opened toe black velvet stiletto.

The dress has a long tight sleeve that covered her decently in front from top to slightly above her knees, but with a bit of naughtiness at the back for its low plunge, barely covering her ass…ets. She bought the dress in Tokyo in one of her scheduled flights, but was not able to think of an occasion to wear it.  When James told her that they’ll go to this super club in The Fort, she did not hesitate, and immediately forgot about her inhibitions.  She was ready to have a good time, and drink herself into stupor.

Three glasses of Margarita, and that’s all it takes.  She was already dazed.  Embarrassing! She thought.  I cannot even hold a drink.  I have to sober up before going back to James otherwise I’ll end up making a mess in front of him.  She was on her way to one of the cubicle when two tall ladies came in giggling, and seems to be a bit tipsy themselves.  Maya recognized the other woman as Hana and for unknown reason; she instinctively went inside to one the cubicles.

“Hana, dear, I can’t believe you still have the energy for clubbing after your flight back from Singapore.”  Maya heard the woman spoke.

“And missed all the fun here? Never!”  Hana replied, and laughed.

“Tell me.  Did you have fun in Singapore?”

“Ghie, since when did a business trip became fun? It was boring as hell, and if not for Richard, I would have left the next day after our arrival.  I was really mad at him for leaving me for a whole day without so much of an explanation.”

“Sounds like Richard to me – cold as a fish, and not a care in the world except for his work.”

“Not that cold in bed though.” Hana laughed and gestured with her hands to show off the huge stone in her finger, and her ears. “Well, he did make up for his unexplained absence.  See?”

“Wow! Girls’ best friend.” Ghie gasped and inspected the jewelries with awe. “I wouldn’t mind being left out for a day if he gives me diamonds.

Oh well! The benefits outweigh or should I say eclipse all his shortcomings to me.  I guessed I have to live with that.” Hana informed her fixing her makeup, and putting on some lipstick.

Does he know you’re here?”

“Yep, I told him.  I even asked him to join me later, but business comes first as always so I’m not sure if he’s coming.” Hana replied while looking at her reflection in the mirror. ”Let’s go?” 

“Sure.  I think I saw a familiar face out there sitting alone by himself. I didn’t realize he’s back, and it’s been a long time since he hangs out in this club.  We should buy him a drink.”

“Who?” Hana asked, curious as to who’s the guy that caught her best friend’s attention.

“I’ll give you a hint – he was on your radar before, but since he seems to be immune to your charms, you decided to ease your claws on him, and went for the bigger fish.”  Ghie giggled as she saw Hana widened her eyes with understanding.


Maya felt embarrassed for eavesdropping on a conversation. It also hurts to know the details from the lady herself.   If I’m ever caught in this situation again, I will simply do what the monkeys do – see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. She told herself and heaved a sigh.  Have to get out of this cubicle.  I think I’m pretty sober now after sitting here for what seems to be the longest time.


James was relieved when he saw Maya walking towards him.  He was looking for an excuse to politely decline Hana and Ghie’s invitation to go to the bar for a drink.  Maya, come quickly, please.  I’m about to be swallowed by these two vultures. He thought, amused by his line of thought.  He kept looking at Maya as the two ladies kept on talking nonsense.

Maya saw James from afar.  She hesitated to approach him when she saw Hana and another lady talking to him.  Looking at him with a somewhat pleading expression, she took pity on him and laughed, finding the situation comical. What a dilemma! Must be awkward to listen to the rattle of the two ladies.  She took a deep breath, and gather up all her confidence as she approached the group. 

“Babe, what took you so long? I miss you. ” James ran towards her, and reached for her, ignoring the two ladies beside him.

Maya almost choke with laughter at James exaggeration.  She was prevented from laughing out loud though when she was grabbed and smothered by James into a tight embrace – her giggles muffled by his broad shoulders.  With a low voice, he whispered in her ear “Please don’t disagree to what I’m about to tell them, ok? “

It took awhile before he let her go as he looked at her with a pleading glance.  She nodded and winked at him understanding his request for silence and acquiescence.

James took her hand, and turned around looking at the two ladies who seems to be shocked by their public display of affection.

“Ladies, this is Maya Dela Rosa, my girlfriend.  Babe, this is Hana, and Ghie, an old acquaintance of mine.”

“Hello.  It’s good to meet James’s friends at last.”  Maya smiled to both ladies, and pinned her sweetest smile from them to James. “Babe, I’m a bit hungry. You don’t mind if we go back to our table to grab something to eat?”

James nodded, and returned back his attention to Hana and Ghie, and made their excuse to leave.  He took Maya’s hand and placed it in the crook of his arm as they made their way to the table at the corner.


Richard arrived ten minutes ago, and was looking for Hana when he saw a familiar face coming out from the corner. He stood still, staring at what he momentarily thought was a trick of the lights from the dancing strobe, and then realized that the vision was real.

Maya was walking confidently towards the bar looking gorgeous and sexy in a black dress clinging to her body that dipped daringly so low at her back.  If she’s any other woman, he wouldn’t have mind but with her, he felt uneasy and absurdly possessive.

Hell. He muttered as he noticed even the slight glance of other men looking at her admirably and her barely there dress. He followed her with the intent of talking to her, of giving her stinging lectures, but was kept on the spot by what transpired before his very eyes.

He looked at them without blinking, almost without breathing. An unpleasant feeling crept over him as he saw the tall guy from the airport embraced her tightly, his hands on her bare back in a propriety hold.

He took a deep breath, suddenly feeling as if his lungs would explode.  He must be going insane for he wanted to rush to them and tear her away from that man. She’s mine. It shocked him, this piercing awareness and maddening possessiveness towards her.

He has always been in control of himself and his circumstances for as long as he can remember. No one had been allowed to have any power over him, but at the moment, he had never wanted anyone with such unthinking desire, a feeling that engaged his body and soul and left no choice but pursuit.

His gaze followed them even as they seated themselves towards the corner table, unaware that Hana had seen him and was walking toward him.

“Richard, hon, this is a surprise!  I thought you’re not coming tonight.”  Hana greeted him, looking at where his attention was focus.

Before Richard could reply, Ghie greeted him. “Hi, Richard.  Good to see you here.”

“Business was finish earlier than expected.” Richard told her flatly.  I thought I saw both of you talking to someone a while ago.”

“Oh! That was Captain James Ventura and his girlfriend.” Ghie volunteered.

“You were introduced to him at the Charity ball six months ago, remember?

Richard remembered and belatedly nodded when he realized that the man with Maya is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ventura, a good friend of his mom and dad.

“Anyway, we did not get to talk to him that much.  He was a bit distracted and kept looking elsewhere until we realize that he was actually waiting for his girlfriend.” Hana informed him as she looped her right hand on his arms.

“Yeah, I guessed he was so eager to see her cause he can’t seem to get his hands off her. That public display of affection was long enough – must have smothered her with that hug,’’ Ghie added with malice and envy in her tone.

That bit of information did not improved Richard’s mood.   He frowned as Hana led him to the bar followed by Ghie.


 “Girlfriend? Babe?” Maya asked when they were out of earshot.

 “Sorry about that.” James informed her looking guilty. “I had a bad history with Hana. That woman is a spoiled brat that she cannot distinguish the word ‘no’ from a ‘yes’.”

“Aha!  You got involved with her before?”

“Not in the least. She was actually the one chasing me.”  James replied, and pondered with a thought as he continued on by saying with a laugh, “Well, it can’t be helped naman talaga with my unbelievably good looks and charm.  No one can resist it… Except you.”

Maya can’t help but laughed at his sense of humor.  It’s been a while since she had a good laugh.  She came here with the thought of drowning her sorrow, but now she seems okay, and felt much better, having fun with her present company.

“True! I know you too well to take you seriously. Teka, how do you propose to get out of this ‘so called’ relationship with me?

“I’m not planning to. Just let it be unless you have a special someone who will be pissed off upon hearing it.”

“I don’t have a special someone.” Maya told him quickly. “Ikaw talaga James. You take everything lightly, but what if your family hears about this?

“Don’t worry about my family. My dad and mom knows me better, and they’ll understand. 

“Are you being serious? Or nagbibiro ka na naman?” Maya arched her one eyebrow.

James took one of her hand from the table and placed it in his heart to plead with her. “Please? Temporary lang while I’m here in the Philippines.  I’m planning to go back to California naman in 2-3 months time.  After that, we can drop a word that you dumped me.”  James grinned at her. “Or I dumped you for someone else who’s sexier?” 

Maya lightly slapped his shoulder, but thought about it. Yep, not a bad idea – a protection from her broken heart while she mends.  She looked at James who’s smiling at her charmingly waiting for her response. She laughed at his puppy expression. “I can’t believe you’re asking this of me, and I’m actually agreeing on it.”

“It’s called charm, babe.” James replied, emphasizing his terms of endearment and smiled at her sweetly. “And I thought you’re immune to it… I guessed not.”


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