Baby Talk

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Now that we all know Maya is not pregnant, I guess we are all somehow wishing that she and Richard talk about it. Here goes what I think their conversation would be if and when they talk about their current predicament after dinner with the family…

Happy reading!

Author: iamgarie


Disclaimer:  I do not own the creative minds behind ABS-CBN’s Be Careful with My Heart TV show. This creative endeavor is just for fan fiction purposes. The characters are ABS-CBN’s BCWMH TV show’s sole property.

Allow me to acknowledge and thank BCWMH’s brilliant Creative Team as some of the scenes and lines mentioned in this piece were taken from the TV series.


by iamgarie

Inside Richard Maya’s bedroom

Richard: Are you okay, Maya?

Maya: (stands up and gives Richard a tight hug) Mahal ko?

Richard: Hmmm?

Maya: I love you!

Richard: (Tightens their hug even more as he feels the tears that fall down from Maya’s eyes) Me, too, Maya. I love you very much.

Maya: (She breaks their embrace, looks away from Richard as she wipes away her tears.)

Richard: (Directs her to the bed so they can both sit…) Look at me, Maya. It’s okay. Maybe, it’s not yet time.

Maya: Pero alam ko nag-expect ka. Pati ang mga bata. Kahit sina Manang Fe… Akala ko kasi talaga, eh.

Richard: Like you, I thought so, too. The signs and symptoms were there kasi.

Maya: False alarm, mahal ko. Akala ko talaga kanina uuwi ako na may good news para sa inyong lahat.

Richard: Meron naman, diba? You qualified for the regional and international training. That’s reason enough to celebrate.

Maya: (Still in tears) Hindi naman kasi yun ang good news na gusto ko i-share sa inyo, eh.

Richard: (Rests his hand on her shoulder) I know.

Maya: Tsaka nagsabi na ko kay Ms. Calandra kanina na pass muna ko sa training. Ayoko naman kasing ma-stress yung baby natin dahil dun sa training. Akala ko kasi talaga magkaka-baby na tayo.

Richard: Maya, it’s okay. Don’t stress yourself thinking about this. We’ve only been married for a month or so. Hindi pa talaga siguro time. Sooner or later it will happen, Maya.

Maya: I love you, mahal ko. Gustong-gusto talaga kita i-surprise kanina. Kitang-kita ko naman na ilang araw ka nang excited, eh. At parang gusto mo na talaga itanong sa kin.

Richard: Like you, na-excite din ako… We both assumed, Maya…Okay ka na?

Maya: Medyo okay na. Pero siyempre nalulungkot pa din ako.

Richard: We can always try again.

Maya: Sabi ko nga, try and try until we succeed.

Richard: You want us to start trying now?

Maya: Naku, mahal ko. Hihihi! Gusto ko din sana kaya lang…

Richard: Abby is not knocking on that door tonight for sure.

Maya: Alam ko…

Richard: And Nikki already told you kanina that there will be no girl talk tonight or tomorrow night.

Maya: Alam ko din naman yun.

Richard: O, so pwede tayong mag-try tonight?

Maya: Hihihi. Gusto ko din nga pero di pwede, eh.

Richard: Huh?

Maya: Eh, mahal ko, dumating na kasi period ko.

Richard: Oh… Well, kiss and hug na lang muna.

Maya: Gusto ko yan, mahal ko.

Richard: Kiss and hug all we can!

Maya: Hihihi! Go!


5 thoughts on “Baby Talk

  1. naku mukhang lahat tayo nagexpect kung magkakaroon na ng baby sila maya at richard kaso false alarm……but anyway try lang ng try maya at richard malay nyo maging kambal ang unang baby ninyo and for richard your such a great husband and very understanding …….. once again thanks iamgarie for this…….I hope marami pang kasunod……♥

  2. hi garie madami dami na rin akong na miss but didn’t miss about the turn of events lalo na sayo sa Tweets back and new followers : ) Congrats and more power.

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