Have Faith 37 – Having Faith

This is a continuation of Have Faith 36 – Still You

A/N : Maraming maraming salamat po sa mga sumubaybay ng Have Faith, sa mga refresh po ng page ko, comments, likes, tweets at fb messages, thank you thank you po! This will the last chapter for HF. Hindi ko na po siya kayang pahabain pa kasi busy na po ako. Sorry po sa matagal na paghihintay and I do hope that everyone will enjoy this one. Thank you po for taking this leap with me in making a super fiction story. Sobrang thankful po ako na tinanggap niyo ang storyline ko ng buong-buo.

I’ll be on hiatus mode after this. Intayin niyo na lang po ang next story ko. Baka sumulpot na lang po basta.

Have a good read! God bless po!

Author : christine24m


The party was still alive when they got back on the anniversary venue. Everyone is having fun with most of the people dancing through the beat of the songs that blasted through the speakers. Richard’s hand was entwined with Maya and never lets go of it even though he finds moving difficult. Maya tries to remove her hand but Richard will just hold it tighter, then he will look at her with a smile on his face.

They settled back on their table with Richard putting his arm at the back of Maya’s chair. Maya couldn’t help but smile at Richard’s gestures. He’s been acting like a teenager who’s crazily in with her girlfriend, ah, with his fiancée rather. As Maya leaned on Richard’s shoulder, she raised her hand to take a look at her engagement ring. She still couldn’t believe that she’s engaged to the man he loves. He is truly a blessing. No, everything that had happened was a blessing.

“Do you like it?” Richard asked as he put a kiss on Maya’s head.

Maya nodded and looked at Richard. “Sigurado ka ba dito? Gusto mo kong pakasalan?”

A frown appeared on Richard’s face. “Why? Ayaw mo ba?”

“Hmm.” She teased.

Maya saw Richard become pale. His mouth gaped like he wants to say something but he couldn’t utter any word. Maya wanted to laugh so hard but decided against it. She leaned back and cupped Richard’s face.

“Joke lang po Mr. Lim.” She said then chuckled afterwards.

Richard, on the other hand, retained his apoplectic mood. He sighed and removed his arm on Maya’s chair and turned his back on her.

“Huy, Ricky.” Maya said as she tried to get Richard’s attention back but Richard remained on his position.

“Uy. ‘To naman, nagtampo agad.”

“Eh hindi kasi magandang biro yun eh.” Richard said.

“Sorry na.” She said. And when Richard still didn’t turn around, she sneaked her hands around Richard’s chest and hugged him from behind. She put her head on Richard’s shoulder and whispered, “Sorry na anghel kong singkit.” Then she sneaked a kiss on Richard’s cheek.

Richard just smiled as he shook his head. Silly woman. With a sigh, he decided to turn around to face her and cupped her face. “Don’t you ever do that again, okay?”


“I don’t want to lose you again, Maya. I’ve lost you for too long and I don’t want it to happen again in any form or in any circumstances. Kaya whether you like it or not, you’re stuck with me.”

Maya put both of her hands on top of Richard’s.  “I love you, singkit.”

Richard chuckled. “I love you, Maya.” Then he leaned to give her a peck on her lips. “Come, I need to introduce you to my parents.”

“Ha? Eh kilala na nila ako eh.” Maya said.

Richard kissed her again. He just can’t get enough of Maya. “They still hadn’t met my fiancée.” He grabbed her hand and dragged Maya across the room, stopping in front of Richard’s parents who are talking to some partners of LAS.

“Ricky, good thing you’re back.” Roberto said as he saw his son. “I want you to meet Mr. George Lopez. One of LAS trusted partners. Remember the incident we had on Clark three years ago? He was the one who helped me solve the case.”

“Mr. Lopez.” Richard offered his hand and the other man took it.

“Richard Lim.” Mr. Lopez said. “I’m looking forward in working with you. Your father talks highly of you.”

“Well, he’s my son after all.” Roberto said. “Ah, and the lovely lady beside him is Maya dela Rosa, my son’s –“

“My fiancée.” Richard finished Roberto’s sentence making his father turn to look at the two of them with a smile on his face.

“Mrs. Lim I suppose.” Lopez said as he offered his hand to Maya. “It was nice meeting you.”

“Likewise po.” Maya said, trying to hide the blush on her cheeks when she heard the man address her as Mrs. Lim.

“If you please excuse me. I think I need to check on my wife. Parang napapadami ang inom eh.” Lopez said and left the four of them.

Esmeralda hugged Richard as soon as Lopez left and also gave Maya a tight hug. “I’m so happy for you, both.” She said as she wiped a tear that managed to escape from her eye.

“Thank you Ma. And Pa, I owe you a lot.” Richard said.

“It was nothing son. I’m glad that I was able to help. Siguro may hihingin lang ako sa inyong dalawa ni Maya.” Roberto said.

“Ano po yun Tito?” Maya asked.

The older Lim chuckled. “Papa will do hija. And I think Esme would also like to be called Mama.” He paused to take at the two of them. “Hihingi lang sana ako ng apo. Kung pwede ASAP na ha?”

Roberto’s statement made Richard laugh while Maya buried her face on her hands. Richard removed the hands covering her face and kissed her in front of his parents. “There’s no need to be shy, Maya.” Then he turned to look at his father. “Pa, ilan ba gusto mo?”


“Nasan na ba si Maya, Arturo?” Teresita asked. The entourage already started walking down the aisle. The groom is on his place, some of the sponsors were already on their seats and in a few minutes, Teresita and Arturo will be walking down the aisle yet there’s still someone who’s missing – the bride.

“Ewan ko. Ano bang sabi sa’yo? Kung tanungin ko kaya si Cristina Rose kung nagtext?” Arturo said.

“Nasa loob na yung anak mo Arturo. Ewan ko ba kay Maya. Kasunod lang naman natin yung kotse na sinasakyan niya diba?” Teresita said, her brows furrowed. “Tinext mo ba?”

“Hindi naman nasagot eh. Tinawagan ko na, out of reach naman.” Arturo said as he paced back and forth. “Naku namang bata ‘to oh. Sa dami ng pagkakataong dapat ma-late, pinili pa ‘tong kasal niya.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Dela Rosa,” Corrine, the hired wedding planner, said. “Dito na po tayo. You’re next na po.”

“Paano ba ‘to neng, wala pa si Maya eh.” Teresita worriedly said, making Corrine’s eyes widen.

“Wala pa ang bride?”


What’s taking them so long?

Richard kept glancing at the cathedral’s main door waiting for Arturo and Teresita’s entrance.

Any moment now.

He kept repeating that in his head but he still felt uneasy. He looked at his watch and saw that they are five minutes late.

Where are you Maya?

He let out a deep breath.  Murmurings are now audible inside the Cathedral. He kept hearing words like “Naasan na yung bride?” or “Tuloy ba ‘tong kasal?”. Rage started building up inside him.

Is she going to stood me up?! Why now? She should’ve done it sooner! We had five months to prepare. Was that not enough for her? Does she need more time?

Richard bowed his head in disappointment. He vowed to himself that Maya will be the last woman he’ll ever love and yet she didn’t meet him halfway.

“Ricky, padating na ‘yon.” Esmeralda said, trying to give hope to his son.

“Kalma lang, Ricky.” Roberto assured him.

Richard answered them with a weak smile. He looked at his watch again saying that Maya is ten minutes late. He sighed and shook his head.

“It’s okay, Pa. We might as well cancel this whole thing. Baka hindi na talaga siya dadating.” Richard said in a calm tone. His parents couldn’t help but frown as they heard the sadness on their son’s voice.

The music died down, indicating that everyone’s been waiting for too long. Richard bowed his head again and decided that it’s best if he already leave the altar.

He was almost talking his first step away from the altar when the doors of the Cathedral suddenly opened with Teresita and Arturo walking inside. The music started to play again when they saw them walking. The two stopped at the middle of the aisle and looked at the doors. It was then that Maya entered the church. Maya looked like a queen on her wedding gown while carrying her bouquet filled with yellow flowers. Her parents joined her when she reached the middle.

Richard felt her mother’s hand on his arm, gripping him tightly. “She’s beautiful, son.” Esmeralda whispered to him.

Richard just stared at the bride walking down the aisle. Yes, she’s beautiful. But that’s not the reason why he was staring at her. She’s late.She was so late.

The movement of his parents beside him brought him back from his reverie. He give mano to Maya’s parents as they told him to take care of Maya and to love her endlessly. Maya did the same to Richard’s parents and they told her to always be by Richard’s side no matter what happens to them.

Richard joined Maya as they sat in front of the altar. Maya was all smiles as the mass started but noticed that Richard is silent and is just looking at front. With a sigh, Maya curled her arm around Richard’s and entwined her hand with his.

“Ricky, ayos ka lang?” she whispered, trying not to distract the mass going. Richard replied with silence. “Galit ka ba?”

“I’m not mad.” He said, making Maya sigh in relief but then he added, “I’m furious, Maya.” He said through gritted teeth. “Saan ka ba galing?”

“Ricky, kumalma ka. Nasa loob ka ng simbahan.”

“How will I calm down eh a few minutes ago I already thought na you stood me up. Hindi mo ba alam kung anong naramdaman ko non?” he further said.

Maya sighed and leaned on Richard’s shoulder. She doesn’t care what the others might think but she knew that she needed to calm her husband down.

“Flat yung gulong ng bridal car.” She whispered. “Tapos si Manong driver, ang bagal pang magpalit ng gulong kaya kami na-late.”

“If you don’t want to marry me, that’s fine.” He sighed.

Maya lifted her head to look at Richard. “Ricky, sira ka ba? Bakit hindi ako magpapakasal sa taong alam kong gusto kong makasama habambuhay? Baliw lang ang makakagawa non. At alam kong mababaliw ako kapag hindi ako gumising bukas nang hindi kita katabi.” She said, a little louder than she intended to that made Richard to look at her but didn’t say any word.

“Nagsasabi ako ng totoo. Na-flat-an ng gulong yung bridal car. Tanungin mo pa si Manong driver.” She whispered.

Richard just sighed and said. “Be quiet. Baka masita tayo ni father.” Maya smiled after hearing those words and felt Richard’s hand tighten around hers.


“It is time for you to say your message to one another.” The priest said.

“Maya,” Richard started. “Before anything else, I just want you to know that you nearly killed me earlier when I thought you’re not coming to our wedding. I really thought that I failed to show you how much you mean to me. I thought that you still needed time to think about all of this. I was ready to walk away earlier but the opening of the doors stopped me.

“I’m sorry if I got cranky earlier. It was only then that I realized that God tested me.  I will always be grateful to Him for leading me to you. And now, I don’t want to waste any more time with the gift he had given me. From this day on, I vow to love you forever, to take care of you and to be always by your side for eternity as you were always there for me.

“I vow to never give up on us no matter what we go through because I know that you will never give up easily. And I promise to be the best husband possible for you, who will love you until death do us apart.”

Richard’s message brought tears to almost everyone inside the church, including the lady in front of him. When Maya managed to stifle her sobs, she started her message.

“Ricky, alam kong nagalit ka sa’kin kanina.” She paused to sniff. “At alam kong nagduda ka sa’kin, pero uulitin ko. Baliw lang ang taong hindi pipiliing makasal sa taong gusto niyang makasama habambuhay at hindi pa ko handang mabaliw. Noon pa man, alam kong ikaw na yung lalaking mamahalin ko.

“Hindi man alam ng lahat ng naririto yung tunay na kwento kung bakit tayo nagkakilala, gusto kong malaman nila yung araw na sumulpot ka na lang basta ang isa sa mga the best na araw sa buong buhay ko. Kasi binigay ka na agad sa’kin ni Lord ng harapan.

“Gusto kong malaman mo na mahal na mahal kita. At hinding-hindi ‘yon magbabago. Simula ngayon, hindi na ko susuko, ‘di katulad nang dati. Hindi na ko susuko dahil alam kong nasa tabi lang kita. At alam kong hindi mo ako iiwan.

“Simula ngayon, Ricky, ipinapangako kong magiging masaya na ang araw mo kahit sa pagmulat pa lang ng mga mata mo. Ipinapangako kong hindi kita iiwan at sisiguraduhin ko rin na hindi mo ako iiwan. Pumuti man ang buhok natin, asahan mong nandito pa rin ako sa tabi mo, hanggang sa huling paghinga natin.”


“Are you ready for this?” The priest announced on his microphone. The church was filled with claps and people hooting at them.  When the priest was satisfied by what he heard, he said, “Mr. Lim, you may now kiss your Mrs. Lim.”

Richard smiled at the priest’s address and turned to look at his wife. He sneaked his right hand around Maya’s waist while his other hand rests gently on Maya’s cheek. He leaned in and whispered, “I love you, Mrs. Lim”. And finally kissed her.


The reception was fun. There was no moment that the two of them didn’t laugh and wherever Maya goes, Richard will always be there. The party was still alive but the two of them decided to leave. They still need to catch their plane for their honeymoon in Japan. But before leaving, their parents gave them both their hugs.

“Masayang-masaya kami para sa inyo, Nak.” Teresita said.

“O sya, lumakad na kayo at baka maiwan kayo ng eroplano.” Esmeralda said.

Richard entwined his hand with Maya’s and turned to leave.

“Richard!” Arturo called and when the two of them turned around he said, “Mga apat ha?”

“Nagkakasundo pala kami ni Arturo dito eh.” Roberto said. “Maya, Ricky, apat ha? Tandaan niyo yan.”

Richard just laughed at them. “We’ll do our best po. We better go, nang masimulan na.” He continued to laugh as Maya slapped his arm.

Maya leaned on Richard’s shoulder when they were boarded inside LAS’ private plane. “Apat talaga?” she whispered.

Richard kissed Maya’s head. “Ilan ba ang gusto mong anak? Pero seriously, kahit ilan pa ‘yan, kaya ko yan.” He chuckled when Maya hit his arm.

“Ito, puro kalokohan.” She said.

“I’m not kidding Maya. Pero kung ilan yung ibigay sa’tin ni Lord, ayos na sa’kin. Basta nandyan ka lang sa tabi ko.” He said.

“Paano kung isa lang?” Maya asked.

“It’ll be fine. Then we can try again and again and again.” He reply with a smile on his face.

“Paano kung isang dosena?” she asked.

“Edi we will be a happy family.” Richard answered.

“Kaya ba natin ‘yon?” Maya asked with her eyes wide.

Richard just laughed, amused by his wife. He reached for her hand and kissed it, then cupped her face and kissed her lips. “Kaya yan. Have faith.”

Maya smiled and kissed Richard. “Tama. Have faith.”

Richard chuckled. “I love you, Maya’ng tanging mahal ko.”

Maya smiled at him. Finally they’re already together, after all the struggles, the problems and the obstacles, they were still there for each other. They were truly meant to be. And they both knew that even though they just have a little amount of faith with them, if they continue to hold on to it, nothing can ever go wrong.

“I love you, anghel kong singkit.”


4 thoughts on “Have Faith 37 – Having Faith

  1. I’m happy you were able to finish this series for all of us who have been quietly following it — I know it is hard to juggle reader expectation with real life, but I, for one, am thankful for your effort.

    It’s a pity you had to finish this in a hurry given that you have other things to attend to because the ending was not as smooth as the other chapters. It felt very disjointed, actually, particularly that moment when Maya came late for the wedding — I can see what you were trying to achieve, but the build up was not enough, and it made it seem like Richard (after all the effort to create his solid character) was frivolous, easy to anger. Wouldn’t someone who is about to get married be more worried than angry when the bride comes late? Wasn’t this the Richard who thought of Maya as his soulmate? Where did his faith go? If you had more time, I’m sure you would have woven that part a bit more cleanly (perhaps you’d have shown that Maya had exhibited some hesitation prior to the wedding or something, just so it would justify Richard’s fears) so that your readers wouldn’t be left feeling jarred.

    I apologize if you feel I am critiquing you, but I hope you take it as constructive criticism — I can see you have great potential, a wonderful imagination, which is why I hope, in the future, you would have the time to write an even better series. 🙂 God bless.

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  3. I only read this story today from beginning to end. I Love your style. You made me laugh and cry. Congratulations more stories please

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