One Month After


By iamgarie

The moment the December 2 teaser appeared on Youtube the other day, I could not help but wonder what the hullabaloo was all about. What could get everyone in the Lim household all agog and excited at the same time? Like most of you, I too wondered if Maya could indeed be pregnant. It was a possibility given that the writers of this show always want to surprise us with the unexpected. (As much as we all expected that a baby would soon be on the way, we did not expect that Maya would be heavy with child this early.) I realized that for that thought to materialize somehow, the writers would have to at least fast forward the time line a bit (a thought that I somehow anticipated) perhaps at least 2-3 weeks after the honeymoon at the most.

ONE MONTH AFTER… Many of us were probably quite shocked to see those three words flash before our TV screens today. Not a typical move by BCWMH, right? For those of us who have been avid followers of the show for a long time now, we have all gotten so used to how the writers can lengthen a day in BCWMH into almost a week, and a week into two or three weeks. This is an absolute first for BCWMH, and I cannot help but once again marvel at this great show! I felt it was another mark of genius, to begin the next chapter of Richard and Maya’s lives kinda like ‘in medias res’ or in the middle of things.

As today somehow marked the beginning of a brand new adventure for our well-loved couple, it was fitting to begin the episode a month after Maya’s first day in the mansion as Mrs. Lim. Lucky for us, some questions we might have raised during her first day in the mansion finally found the answers today.

We wondered if their term of endearment ‘mahal ko’ would somehow stick or will it eventually evolve to ‘mahal’?

We wondered if that ‘miniscule’ matrimonial bed (haha!) would be tossed aside for something definitely better and more fitting for Richard and Maya.

We wondered about Maya’s work and how her erratic schedule would eventually pose a problem for her and Richard.

Together with Doris, Sabel and Joma, we all wondered, too, as to how Maya should be properly addressed by the household help whom she loves like family, now that she is the queen of the mansion.

We wondered when Maya would finally get pregnant. (Even possible names for their babies kept popping up in various social media last week!)

We wondered how Nikki would cope with the knowledge that Nicolo likes her and that he knows she likes him, too.

We wondered about Luke and Nicolo, too. We know Luke has forgiven Nicolo, but one cannot stop but wonder if they will remain the kind of friends they’ve always been to each other.

Then comes the month after and we find our lovely couple laying side by side each other on a matrimonial bed that’s most definitely bigger and better! (Isn’t that Richard’s old bed? If it is, they should not have bothered to change it at all!) Richard and Maya are all sweet and mushy, and we can’t help but smile and wonder how their first month had been.

Then we suddenly get some answers as several flashback scenes of the past month come one after the other and our curiosity is somehow satisfied. We felt Maya’s excitement as she bought his and hers bathroom items for her and Richard , dressed up their bed with feminine colors and even placed heart-shaped pillows on it as an added touch, and then we saw her giddily await for Richard to come home late one particular night a week ago to surprise him with her new pajamas as well as new ones for him (the dread that registered on his face at the thought that Maya might have bought a ‘girly’ pair of pajamas for him was a sight to behold! Glad to see that Maya knows her husband all too well and bought for him a manly pair of pajamas, allaying his worst fears! ‘Would love to see him wear those pajamas soon!) Through all those scenes, we all witnessed Richard’s heartfelt gratitude, happiness, excitement and immense love for the woman he now lovingly calls ‘mahal ko’ , and embraces and kisses with so much gusto every chance he gets. Our favorite couple is brimming with so much love and affection for each other and we can’t help but smile and wish and hope that they stay that way forever…

Maya is now Mrs. Chief to Doris and Sabel (and Joma, perhaps?) so apt and so sentimentally fitting for her, the woman who initially called Richard ‘Ser Chief’.

The best is yet to come as Maya’s impending news of a new addition to their family seems to be welcome news for everyone. And just when we thought her work might eventually pose a problem for her and Richard, we find Maya give up a chance to train for regional and international flights even if she isn’t even 100% sure she’s pregnant yet. Maya is as she has always been. Her love for family knows no bounds. It will always be family first for Maya. Everything else will take a backseat for the love of family… Didn’t you feel so much love from Tita Mommy as she handed the sandwiches she herself prepared for Luke, Nikki, Abby and Richard? Didn’t you just enjoy the personal notes she attached to each of their sandwiches, too? What a heartwarming moment, indeed! And don’t you just love Richard for giving in to whatever his beloved Maya wants? Though he knows for sure she’s pregnant, he doesn’t want to ruin her surprise for everyone! He knows that his sentimental wife is about to make an unforgettable announcement to him and the family tonight, and he’s more than willing to wait for Maya to make that big reveal! Wonderful, amazing husband, indeed!

And because it is already more than a month since their wedding , I cannot help but wonder how things have progressed FOR

Eds and Simon (Has Simon started pursuing Eds yet? Will they soon be an item, too? ),

Nanay Teresita and Mang Arturo (Has Mang Arturo mustered enough courage to win back Nanay Teresita who is obviously not quite over him yet?)

Sabel (Has she finished cooking school with flying colors?)

Doris (Has she started attending make-up school yet?)

Luke (Is he somehow keeping something from his family? Has he noticed a girl to like?)

Nikki and Nicolo (How has their seeming penchant for each other affected the people around them? They seem to enjoy using various social networking sites to keep in touch, too.)

Nikki’s play (Last Thursday’s episode told us they were left with only 2 rehearsal dates, then it’s finally showtime! Will we still see that play unfold before our eyes? We’ve seen them rehearsing for so long. We deserve to at least see snippets of that play, right?) Will we see more of Amiel, too?)

Abby (Her seeming concern at the moment is if she will still remain as everyone’s baby even if a new baby comes along! Trust Maya to shoo away her worst fears and remind her just how much Tita Mommy loves her and will love her even if a new baby comes along!)

Richard and Maya (We’ve only seen a fraction of how their married life have been so far. I’m sure we’re all more than ready for more flashback scenes and more sweet moments for our most loved couple moving forward…)

Just like me, I am sure you guys are teeming with questions and suggestions, too! Suggest and ask away. I’m sure the show’s brilliant Creative Team will soon give us answers to all our questions and maybe even consider some of our suggestions, too…

Christmas and New Year are soon coming, and I would still love to see the writers highlight these two occasions as truly funny, memorable, happy, love-filled events for our favorite family to contrast last year’s lonely Christmas for Richard and Maya as they were both caught up in a big misunderstanding then. I would sure love to see the Lim mansion abuzz with life, love and laughter as they welcome the holidays with extended family, too– Don Roberto, Donya Esmeralda, Nanay Teresita, Kute, Cho, Charlie and Rafi…

I still have so many scenarios in my head, but I guess, this will do for now. Like all of you, I cannot imagine bidding the show goodbye yet, as some are saying it would end early next year… Uhh! What would become of us then?

Dear ABS-CBN, can we not totally end the show just yet? We can always close a chapter of BCWMH with the birth of Richard & Maya’s baby or babies (!) early next year, give the cast and crew a well-deserved 1 or 2 month break and after their much deserved hiatus, come back (as some of my friends in have been clamoring for it) as a weekly heartwarming family show, in the process giving not just Richard Yap and Jodi Sta. Maria, but all the other cast members with so much potential like them, a chance to work on various movie projects, as well!

BCWMH, thank you for all the love and good vibes! You are truly a show to watch forever! So please do stay with us forever… 🙂


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