Have Faith 38 – Epilogue

This is a continuation of Have Faith 37 – Having Faith

A/N : Again, thank you readers! Busy lang po talaga sa college life. This will be the last chapter for HF. God bless!

Author : christine24m


“Hindi na, Ricky. Hindi ko naman kailangan ‘to eh.” Maya nervously said.

“No. You need to. Trust me on this, Maya. I swear, after this, you’ll feel a whole lot better.”  Richard said as he held Maya’s hand lying on the steering wheel. “Akong bahala sa’yo, Mrs. Lim.” He said with a smile.

Maya nodded slowly and turned her head back on the road. It’s been three months since they got married. They’ve been living happily at Richard’s house. After their honeymoon, Roberto and Esmeralda announced that they are going back to China so that she and Richard could have the house by themselves. As the new CEO of LAS, Richard was really working hard for what his father had started and also for his company family. It might’ve been just a few months but Richard clearly showed that he’s the aircraft fitted for the job that his father talked about.

As for Maya, she still works at her position. Richard even offered her a much higher position but she didn’t accept it. She doesn’t want the employees to think that even though she’s the CEO’s wife, she will be promoted immediately. And besides, she’s working in her dream job and married the man she love the most. What more could she ask?

Maya might not want to ask for anything more but Richard has this one thing he kept hoping to happen. He wants Maya’s phobia to be healed. Yes, he made a vow to take care of her forever but it’s just killing him to see Maya suffering from it. So now, he set his mission – he’s going to heal Maya. He read this article once where a person suffering phobia needs to face his fears so that the fear will be lessened. And that is what he’s planning to do today.

Richard woke up early morning to prepare breakfast and after he made sure that Maya is happy, he decided to break the ice. He told her his plans which Maya disagreed to. But after a few words of encouragement, Maya finally obliged. Yes, she wants to see herself healed but mainly because she can also see Richard being hurt every time that her phobia attacks. But now that she’s already at the driver’s seat of Richard’s BMW, she just wants to bust her door open and run outside.

“Ricky, ayoko talaga. Paano kung magasgasan ko yung sasakyan mo?” Maya said.

“We have money. Pwedeng ipa-repair.” Richard calmly answered.

“Paano kung masira ko yung sasakyan mo?”

“We’ll buy a new one.”

“Eh .. pa-paano kung maulit ulit yung nangyari dati? Yung –“ Maya was unable to finish what she is saying as Richard’s lips landed on hers.

“Don’t say that, okay?” Richard said as he caressed Maya’s face. “I won’t let anything happen to you. And I promise, hindi na kita aawayin kapag nagmamaneho ka na.” He kissed her head. “Just give this a try, okay?”

Maya gulped then turned to Richard. “Sure ka talaga?”

“Positive.” Richard replied with a smile. “Go on. You know the drill. And Maya, I completely have faith in you.”

Maya sighed and gave her husband a reassuring smile. She inserted the key and the car came to life. After letting go of one deep breath, she shifted the handbrake and went on to drive. Maya stopped abruptly when she was almost outside their garage.

“Ricky, ayoko na.” She said.

“What?” Richard amusedly said. “Are you kidding me? We’re almost outside, Maya.”

“Eh –“

“I’ll be here, okay? And besides, kung may mangyari man sa’yo, maliligtas na agad kita.” He paused. “You can do this, hon.”

Maya closed her eyes and nodded. She knew that Richard only calls her ‘Hon’ whenever he talks about something seriously. Kaya mo ‘to, Maya. Tama si Richard, hindi ka niya iiwan. After making a mental note, she stepped on the gas and proceeded to drive.

Richard’s car is in automatic transition making Maya drive easily. She was first driving slowly but Richard encouraged her to kick it up a notch. Soon, Maya was driving again on the freeway. There were a few times that she was close on being bumped by the other cars because she wouldn’t notice that they were overtaking and when those happened, she immediately lets go of the stirring wheel and cover her face with both of her hands. Maya couldn’t help it as her post accident gets the better of her. And when she heard no signs of accident, she slowly put down her hands and she will see Richard’s hand on the wheel.

“Dapat pala tinali ko yung kamay mo sa manibela.” Richard teased. When Maya let go of the stirring wheel, absolute panic rushed inside Richard. Instinct made him grab the wheel and keep them on the lane. Good thing Maya didn’t let go of the pedal or else, they could have really been on an accident.

“Sorry.” Maya said, biting her lip. “Itatabi ko na sa gilid. Ikaw na magmaneho –“

“No. Ituloy mo lang yan.” Richard said.

“Eh saan ba tayo pupunta?”

“I don’t know. “ Richard said. “How about going to Nanay’s place?”

“Ha? Ang layo nun Richard. Ayoko nang mag-drive kung dun din.” Maya said as she tries to focus on driving.

“Okay okay.” Richard said. Kailangan hindi ko sya magalit. Or else, we might be repeating history all over again. “I’ll give you directions. Promise me you’ll follow everything I say.”

Maya nodded. “Okay. Promise.”

On the next minutes, Richard instructed Maya what road they’ll be taking and to when she will turn. Maya was feeling giddy when she felt that she can manage to drive again. A few minutes later, a familiar road made her nervous.

“Ricky, should I pull over?” Maya asked. Malapit na. Malapit na.

“No.” Richard gulped. “I know this is hard, but this will be your real test.” He said. He, too, was having doubts at first whether he will lead Maya on that road again. He didn’t want her to make her phobia worse but he figured out that taking the road where she had her accident just might be the right answer.

“Pero Ricky –“

“Hon, do you have faith in me?”

Maya paused and then she nodded frantically. “Oo naman.”

“Then we’ll take this road together. No matter what happens, we got each other, okay?” Richard assured her.

Maya took a deep breath and continued to drive. She was getting close to that curve that really made her heart pound.

It’s all in your head, dear Maya. A deep voice said in her head. Continue driving, I will not let anything happen to the three of you. It continued.

Maya felt calm after hearing that voice. She clearly knows whom it belongs and with those words, she continued to drive. Kapag nalampasan mo ‘to Maya, sasabihin mo na kay Richard. She said to herself.

And before Maya noticed it, she already crossed the curve.

“You did it!” Richard delightfully said. “You did it Maya!”

Maya could only smile and she still continued to drive. “Wag ka ngang magsaya ng todo dyan Mr. Lim! Mamaya mawala na naman ako sa focus tapos maaksidente na naman tayo!” She teased.

“I’m sorry.” Richard said. “Gusto mong ako na’ng magdrive? We must celebrate.”

“Hindi na. Okay na. Kaya ko na ‘to.” She said as she glanced at Richard.

Richard nodded and smiled at her. He leaned close to Maya and kissed her cheek. “I love you.”

Maya blushed and pinched Richard’s cheek with her hand. “Ang kulit! I love you, too.”

“Hey, both hands on the wheel.” Richard commanded that made Maya laugh.

“Opo, anghel na singkit.”


“Why are we here?” Richard asked when Maya stopped the car near the park.

“Ayaw mo ba dito?” Maya asked as she left the car as Richard did the same.

“Hindi naman pero –“ he stopped abruptly. “Car keys.” He said as he laid his palm out.


“Car keys, hon.”

Maya bewilderedly gave him the keys. Then Richard went to  the driver’s side and opened the door. “Tagilid yung parking mo. Nakalabas yung likod nung sasakyan. Baka makaaksidente pa tayo.” He said to Maya before going inside. Then he kissed her lips. “Dun ka muna sa tabi.”

Maya obliged and walked on the side. When Richard fixed the problem, he left the car and held her hand. “Let’s go?”

The two of them walked hand in hand inside the park. It was almost time for sunset, making their walk more romantic. A few minutes later, Richard made them sit on the bench to watch the sunset. He put his arm around Maya’s as her head rests on top of Richard’s shoulder.

Maya smiled as she replays their story inside her head. She will be forever grateful to every second of it. She completely feels that her phobia is gone, thanks to the voice inside her head. She knew that she could never thank Him enough.

When the sun was almost down, Maya kissed Richard’s cheek and leaned in to whisper something on his ear.

“Hon, buntis ako.”

Maya felt Richard stiffen all over. She broke their position and reached for Richard’s hand. She waited for his reaction with her heart thumping loud with its suspension.

Slowly, Maya saw a smile forming on Richard’s lips, and then it broke into a huge smile. “I’m .. I’m going to be a father.” Then he turned to Maya. “Tama ba yung narinig ko? You’re pregnant, Maya?”

Maya smiled and nodded. Richard engulfed her into a hug. “We’re gonna be parents!” he continued to exclaim. Maya chuckled at Richard’s enthusiasm. Richard broke the hug and cupped her face to give her a kiss on her lips.

“Kailan mo nalaman?” He asked.

“Kanina lang. Galing akong ospital bago mo ko kinulit na magmaneho.” She said.

“I-I’m sorry. You should’ve told me sooner! Edi sana hindi na kita pinilit magdrive. May masamang epekto ba yung pagmamaneho kapag buntis? How about our baby? Will he –“

Richard was unable to finish talking as Maya kissed him on his lips. “Ricky, masyado kang nag-aalala. As far as I know, ayos lang magdrive.”

Richard just smiled and kissed her again. “For how long are you pregnant?”

“Three weeks.” She answered.

Richard engulfed her in a hug again. “Let’s go. This calls for a double celebration.”


“Yes.” He kissed Maya’s head. “Our baby and that you’re already cured from your phobia.”

Maya raised her brows. “Paano mo naman nasabi sa’yo na maayos na ko.”

Richard smirked and looked above. “He told me.” He reached for his hand and stood up. “I love you, Maya. I really do.”

Maya smiled at him. “Tama na yang pagiging cheesy mo, Mr. Lim.”

Richard chuckled. “I’m just expressing my feelings for you Mrs. Lim. Ikaw nga ‘tong ‘di nasagot.” He pouted.

Maya chuckled and kissed him. “Mahal na mahal na mahal kita, anghel kong singkit. Tara na nga.”

He was smiling at the sight of the two of them. He now truly believes that no matter what problems He throws to two people who are truly meant for each other will surely pass everything. He knew that He also made the right decision with Richard and Maya. He will now watch the world from afar again, with a smile on His face.

Good luck on your baby boy, Richard and Maya.


3 thoughts on “Have Faith 38 – Epilogue

  1. Thank you christine24M for adding the Epiloge ,I’m so happy for both of them at there having a Baby & Maya is cured sa knyang phobia at they lived happily ever after,good luck sa College at take care & pls if you have time make more story for us<3

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