Instant Marriage – Prologue

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to Eileen.





“No! I don’t want to marry her!”
Richard said to his father with anger in his voice.
“But you need to marry Maya for the sake of our family! For the sake of our Business”
Roberto said to his son.
He wanted that for business.
For the merging of DRAS and LAS and to be sealed that merging is MARRIAGE.
Then the company will turn to DR-LAS.
‘Nakakaasar si Dad! Ginatungan pa ni Mom! Buong buhay ko kinotrol na nila ako! Pati ba naman sa personal “Private” life ko pakikielaman pa nila ako!’ (In her thoughts)
I said coldly …
“Nak …”
‘Oh si Mom …’    (In her thoughts)
 ”Ano nanaman po ba iyon? If this would be about me, Marrying that Richard Lim. NO WAY!”
I shouted at her.
Sobrang galit ako sa kanya!
Sa kanila ni Dad!
Di ko namalayang umiiyak na pala ako infront of her.
Lumapit sya sa akin then hug me so tight.
Lalo akong naiyak then she whisper in my ears.
“I’m sorry Sweety but you really need to marry him. You need to be a Lim. You must be Maya Dela Rosa-Lim.”

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