Never Alone – Teaser

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to KD.

Author: KD




Maya Dela Rosa Lee, the certified and qualified stewardess of Time Airways is happily married to the wealthy and known pilot Richard Lee, she has everything what a woman wants to have but fate seems not on her favor, turning her life upside down, taken all she has and left nothing, dwell on her own world with full of hatred and pain that leads her to Richard Lim, the man who sees the world as her, believing that in their life they were alone. But can destiny do change what they believe for?


Hi mga kabisyo! this is my Christmas Gift and New Years’ Gift  to all of you. This story is not just about love, it’s about faith, hope and sacrifice.I wanted to share what’s my perception in life. I hope everyone of you will be excited and support this story.  Itong “Never Alone” ay pinagkakaloob ko sa inyo ng buong puso dahil naniniwala ako na, I will never be alone sa pagsupporta sa Be Careful with my heart. ❤ Kapit Bisig.


Please do hear the song “Never Alone by Barlow Girl”.

For You to have your own idea sa story. I’m also excited to know your thoughts and ideas. Malay niyo parehas pala tayo ng iniisip and maybe you can already predict the story! ganyan talaga pag iisa ang kinahuhumalingan. BCWMH forever ! 🙂


I hope to read your comments soon!  – KD ❤

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