Restless – Chapter 10

Admin Note: This is a continuation to Restless – Chapter 9.

Author: Ricci 


Chapter 10 – Insanity

“Richard, where are you going?” Hana asked when he abruptly stood up.

“I want to have a word with James Ventura.”

“What for?” Hana stood up, confused and frowning. “Hon, look…  It’s not a good time to interrupt them.  They seem to be in the world of their own.”

“I can see that.” He knows for he had been observing them for quite sometime now, and he had enough!  He returned to his seat like a restless tiger, but did not take his eyes off the couple.

“Richard, what’s going on? You haven’t taken your eyes from them since you came here.  Why?

“None of your business so leave me alone.” He snapped impatiently.

“Fine! I’m going home!” She threatened. “With your fairly foul mood, you’re not really a good company.  I wish you did not follow me here.”

“Go!” He said icily, and laughed at her threat. “And by the way, I did not follow you here.  I came here with every intention of getting drunk… by myself.”

“Suit yourself!  You’ll be sorry for this for you’ll be sleeping on your own tonight.” Hana stomped her feet as she turned away from him and walked towards the direction of the door.


It was already past midnight when James and Maya decided to leave. He assisted Maya by her elbow and walked towards the open parking space.  He felt her shivered from the light breeze, and being a gentleman that he is, removed his jacket, and placed it on her shoulder.


“Yep! Thanks James… I mean, babe.…” Maya teased as she linked her arms to him.

“So tell me, what was bothering you at the airport?”

“Uhmm, long story.”

“Try me.”

“Some other time, Ok?  I don’t want to remember those things that hurt me.”

“When you’re ready then? – I am a good listener, you know.”

“I know.  Thanks James. 


James took her home, and went inside her unit to make sure that no burglar is waiting on her.  “All clear.”

“You’re such a gentlemen, James… Sayang talaga!  I could have fallen for you kung di lang tayo naunahan ng pagiging BFF naten.” 

“Don’t start! Let’s not go into that topic unless you’re giving it a bit of a chance.”

“Alright. My mouth is sealed.”  Maya replied as she gestured an ‘x’ on her mouth. “Sure, you don’t want coffee before you go?”

“It’s late. Good night Maya.” James leaned unto her and gave her a peck on the cheek.

“Good night James. Take care.” 


Maya was halfway walking towards her bedroom when she heard the doorbell ring. James must have forgot something, she thought and walked back to the door to open it.

“James!” She happily greeted, but was sorely disappointed at what she saw by the door. “Richard.”

“Not exactly the greeting that I’m expecting.” Richard said as he leaned against the door. “May I come in?”

“No!” She said contemptuously, and closed the door with all her strength, but his reflex was too quick, and was able to stop the door from closing on him.

He barged in walking towards the receiving area, while Maya was left standing by the door with veiled contempt in her eyes staring defiantly into his.

He looked back at her caught somewhere between fury, amazement and admiration.  “You are so beautiful even when you are angry.”

Maya ignored his remarks and said impatiently. “Richard, what do you want?”


“I don’t want to have anything to do with you.  Please leave now.”

Folding his arms over his chest, he stood his ground, and looked at her. “Not before we have our talk.”

“I don’t want to talk to you.”

“Fine. We will not talk.”  He walked towards the living room, and took a seat. “I’ll just stay here for awhile then.”

Maya tried to grip on her temper.  She was tired, and doesn’t want to go through a word war with him. “Please lock the door behind you when you leave.” She informed him with every intention of walking out on him and lock herself in her room.

Richard abruptly stood up and reached for her in quick steps. “So this is how you’re gonna play?   He caught her by the arms and gazed at her with a strange haunted look.

Realizing his intent, she tried to twist away only to find herself caught securely against him.   “Richard, I’m not playing!” She said ruefully as she struggled from his embrace.

“What happened?” He asked, confused with her behavior. “I want to understand why you did not call me, or why you are mad at me.”

“You should know, Mr. President, owner of Lim Aviation… My God! Now, I remember. You are that man from a year ago in the flight coming from Tokyo.”

“Does it matter if I’m that man or my name is attached to a big company?”


“Maya, I didn’t realize that you’re a dreadful snob. Would you have come with me in Singapore if you’ve known who I am, and introduced myself as the president of a big company?”

She lowered her eyes, deeply hurt by his deception. “I’m not a snob, but you’ve deceive me. How I wish I’ve known before I met you so I could run the opposite direction.”    

“Exactly… Richard paused, “I’m sorry then if my anonymity hurt you. I didn’t realize that it’s a big deal.”

“Apology accepted.” She told him briefly. “Now, can you please leave?” She tried to pull away, but he kept her anchored to him.

He studied her with narrowed eyes. “Maya, I’m trying to apologize so we can move on from here.”

The words sent a chill of alarm through her. “Move on to where? What are you trying to say?”

“I want you, dammit!”  He stated tersely as his mouth seized her lips with raw, devastating hunger and insistence. He crushed his mouth over hers, urgently seeking entrance, devouring, and demanding until she almost ran out of breath.  

She twisted her face away from him and resisted the shattering persuasion of his kiss. “Stop it!” she choked, burying her face against his chest.

“I can’t. I wish I could stop myself from wanting you.” He said as he pulled her so close that she can feel the rigid strength of his arousal.  “I’ve never forgotten that night. I kept thinking about you.  When I saw you this afternoon, I couldn’t concentrate on anything but you.”  He spoke roughly in a voice of confusion.

She inhaled deeply just so she can slow down the beating of her heart. A trickle of sweat formed beneath her dress as she felt the blast of excitement in discovering for the first time the power of holding an arouse male at bay.

He probably felt it, her trembling need to be with him. This would not do.  Her reaction to him was nothing short of appalling. And if she continued to be in his arms even a moment longer, she would lose her composure and give in.

Quickly, Maya considered some way to feigned indifference. “And how does your girlfriend feel about all this?”  She asked abruptly as she twisted away and stepped back from his embrace.

“Who?” Richard knitted his brows as he asked sharply at the unexpected question.

“Hana… and please don’t give me that expression of innocence.” Maya quipped as she felt the pang of hurt by his deception.

“Hana and I have an understanding.”

 “How convenient for you – a girlfriend who understands her boyfriend’s indiscretion.”

“She has no claim on me, and this is none of her business.” He said evenly.

“What if I tell you that I have a boyfriend?”

“So? – “

“Doesn’t it even bother you that we both have commitments?”

He hesitated for a long moment. “No… what bothers me is seeing you with another man at the club with his hands all over you, and even so, I still can’t tear myself from wanting you.

“Unbelievable. You’re stalking me?” Maya snapped at him.

“I happen to be in the same place, and witness everything.  And how is it possible that two weeks ago, you were in my arms, and now, you were in another man’s arms?”

“Don’t be a hypocrite! Your girlfriend could be asking you the same question, and what would you tell her?”

“I don’t have to explain my every move to Hana.”

“Then there’s my answer to your question.” Maya shook her head slowly, staring at him with disdain. “I know what you think of me, Mr. Lim – the same thing most men in your position thinks when a woman gives herself to him. But let me assure you, I’m not into casual sex and I certainly don’t want to have a sleazy affair with you.

“That’s not what I think of you.” Richard step forward until she could almost feel the warmth of his breath. His body was so close to hers that she could sense his heat, and was drawn to him.  There has never been a temptation like this, but she could not give in to her blind self-destructive urge.  It would be disastrous.

“I won’t see you again.” She said, as she back out from him, and turned away walking towards the door to open it for him. “Please leave.”

Richard stared at her seeing the finality in her stance.  There was silence as they were both seized with tension that neither seemed able to break.


Richard came home at dawn after he drove the longest cut, wandering aimlessly at the long road.  He went directly to his study room, and seated himself in the lounge chair.  Bracing his arms on his knees, he stared at the pile of work he left on his desk without interest.

He felt more restless than he had ever been in his life.  His mind was filled with her; he relived every moment of the past two weeks, the past hours, and craved some more. He wanted her.  He wanted her with an unreasoning, blind insistence that raged through his every nerve.

He caught himself up short, disgusted with his unfulfilled yearnings that are only fit for teenagers.  He felt foolish of being incredibly drawn to her.  His emotions had long been shelved, and he’s not about to let it come out just because of one brown eyed woman.  He scowled as he realized that Maya was suddenly bringing up all the stupid unwanted and unknown emotions; and he resented her for it.

They occupied separate worlds – so apart from each other.  She was right; she should run the opposite direction from him.  He’s too jaded for her, and if she knew what he had on his mind for her, she’ll hate him. And there was Hana – what they have together was comfortable and easy and it had been enough for him… until Maya.

He should put her out of his mind.  It was the only rational choice, even if something in him rebelled at the thought.  He has never felt so confined even with his choices

I must be getting insane!  He swore as he leaned forward and put his head on his hands, trying not to think or feel.



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  1. pag binabasa ko every chapter nito, bilis ng tibok ng puso ko, ako ang ninenerbyos haha ang galing talaga very effective ka ms ricci! sana may kasunod agad

  2. waaahh! LATE si AKO! 😦 pero NABASA n rin!!! yey! 😀 thankee sa update Ms. Ricci! 😉 anu ne Mr. LiM?!?! Nakahanap k ng KATAPAT mu noh?!! ? and DON’T ever think that there’s similarity between Hana & ang Maya ng San Nicolas! noh!?! 😀 I oh so Like James’ character hir! Pls. ‘USE’ him to HELP Mamang MAINITIN ANG ULO to REALIZE that he’s ALREADY IN LOVE with HER the first time u LAID EYES on HER! 😀 awww! 😀

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