Daddy Chief Tiger Mode ON! Facebook, Twitter, Internet Connection OFF

A/N: The December 16 teaser is up. It has been two weeks since the month after and life inside the Lim mansion is not at all the fairytale we imagined it would be. And we’re not about to complain. 🙂

Author: iamgarie


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Disclaimer: I do not own the creative minds behind ABS-CBN’s Be Careful with My Heart TV show. This creative endeavor is just for fan fiction purposes. The characters are ABS-CBN’s BCWMH TV show’s sole property.

Allow me to acknowledge and thank BCWMH’s brilliant Creative Team as some of the scenes and lines mentioned in this piece were taken from the TV series.


Daddy Chief Tiger Mode ON!
Facebook, Twitter, Internet Connection OFF!

By iamgarie

The December 16 teaser is up. It has been two weeks since the month after and life inside the Lim mansion is not at all the fairytale we imagined it would be.  And we’re not about to complain. 🙂

Life happened. Richard and Maya, both excited at the prospect of having a baby, have yet to be blessed with one. Luke is not doing so well in school and is mighty scared to tell his Dad. He asks his Tita Mommy to help him talk to his Dad about it, but for some reason, his Tita Mommy decides to keep his low grades a secret from his Dad, as well. (Correct me if I’m wrong, but in one of the flashback scenes, I do remember Luke clearly asking Maya to help him talk to his Dad about his low grades. He never meant to keep his low grades a secret from him. Should we fault Maya for this then?) Nikki is so caught up with thoughts about Nicolo and keeps using every social media available just so she could keep in touch with him, and in so doing, has somehow gotten involved in an online courtship with Nicolo. Worst of all, Abby has just learned to lie! She secretly opens a Facebook account, spends every moment using her iPad in the guise of playing games, and then forgoes schoolwork in favor of FB! Ooooh, here come TROUBLES…

Daddy Chief finds out that Abby has opened a Facebook account and questions her about it! (Abby is obviously aware she’s not allowed to open an FB account, but she still opens one, anyway! Feigning sleep while Doris sleeps with her in her bedroom one night, Abby secretly opens an FB account. What has gotten into her?  Why does she seem to be in such a hurry to grow her own network of  friends and gain admirers?  Could it be because she’s not getting as much attention at home  as she used to given that her parents and siblings are too caught up with their own concerns at the moment?  I wonder how Abby will be once little brothers and little sisters come her way.) One after another, secrets are revealed and Daddy Chief is suddenly on EXTREME TIGER MODE! And we are all too suddenly scared for Abigail Ruth, Nikki Grace and Luke Andrew Lim (!), and for Mrs. Lim, too! Seemingly at a loss for words after talking with all three of his kids, Richard stands up, storms out of his office, and announces to one and all, “From now on, no more gadgets, no PSP, no TV!!! And I’ll have our internet connection cut off!” Maya’s appeals against cutting off their internet connection fall on deaf ears.

Internet connection and social media

Funny how Nikki’s major concern at the moment is not even about her Dad getting angry at her because of what she did. She does not even think of ways on how she can apologize to him. She puts the blame on Abby. Nikki comes off as shallow and trivial when we hear her rant, “I don’t believe this! No internet, no gadgets! No FB, no Twitter, no Instagram! It’s true, Kuya! This is gonna be like the worst Christmas ever! … This is heartbreaking!”  Doesn’t Nikki somehow remind us of some teenagers we come in contact with every single day? Those whose life depend on wifi connections and social media? Sad but true. Without either, some kids, teenagers (and even adults like us!) no longer know how to have fun and enjoy life.

Glad to know that BCWMH is tackling this issue now. The internet, in its aims to keep us connected with the people we love, to make research work easy, and to keep us entertained at all times, has its downside, too! It has become a venue for some people to VENT their anger, to RANT on and on about mundane concerns other people don’t really need to know about, to LIE (even about one’s age just so they can join various no longer seems to be a big deal for some) and to HURT and MAKE FUN of other people.

Cutting off the internet connection inside the Lim mansion seems to bring a strong message to those addicted to the internet. Using the internet entails certain responsibilities. Our life and our happiness should never be dependent on it. Even without it, we can be happy and live meaningful, extraordinary lives…

Parenting 101

Inside their bedroom, we see the Tiger immensely hurting, as well. Maya, his beloved wife, kept Luke’s and Nikki’s concerns a secret from him. He even tells her that had she known about Abby’s FB, he is certain Maya would have kept it a secret from him, too! He has every right to get angry and hurt. We feel his pain when he tells her, “Look, Maya. When it comes to our children, we need to have a firm hand. I know you think my methods are harsh, pero I won’t do anything to harm our relationship. At least not anymore. I’ve learned my lesson with Luke, diba? All I’m asking is, pagdating sa mga bata, united tayo. Hindi yung isa kakampi, isa kalaban. We’re supposed to be partners, right?”

(Whoever said that Richard Yap doesn’t deserve an acting award is insane!  Last December 12 and 13’s BCWMH episodes alone proved that he’s an amazing actor, one to reckon with in the years to come! He played the different emotions required of him effectively.  He was an angry and scary dad one moment and then a hurting husband the next.  He was both a daddy and a husband in every sense of the word.  Yikes!  Didn’t we all get scared of him when he started calling the kids and questioning them one by one?  Didn’t we all feel his pain when he realized that Maya kept things concerning their children from him?   I am quite sure you’ll agree with me then when I say that Richard Yap’s scenes with his TV kids and Jodi Sta. Maria inside his office were ensemble acting at its finest, too!)

Although Maya is right in reminding Richard to talk with the kids and explain why he has to cut off the internet connection and why he has to take away their gadgets from them and not just to storm out on them, Richard also does have a point and I AM WITH HIM ON THIS A HUNDRED PERCENT. He and Maya are a team! They should make decisions together especially when it comes to the kids. They should never show Luke, Nikki, Abby and their future kids, that they have varying thoughts and methods when it comes to disciplining them, as they would only confuse the kids even more. Maya should not have kept Luke’s and Nikki’s concerns from him. As much as we all felt Abby’s’ fear of Richard, Maya should not have shielded Abby from him, making her feel that her mistake is not a big deal to Tita Mommy at all, even if it is such a big deal to Daddy! Abby committed a big mistake (she lied, after all!!!) and she has to face the consequences.

December 16 Teaser

It seems that Richard and Maya still have various issues to address before the writers grant our wish for them to have a baby. Differences in parenting style is a major concern for one. In the teaser we find Maya hoping to find the easy way out by asking Richard to bring back the internet connection so the kids will stop arguing and blaming each other for the lack of it. Christmas is coming soon and she doesn’t want to see them arguing. Richard is clearly irritated. Maya doesn’t seem to understand why he had it cut off in the first place. If they don’t talk about this now, more and more problems could crop up in the future.

Here’s a possible kiss and make-up scenario I hope to see soon. (I don’t know if you’ll agree with me, but I still feel that it is Maya who  is the one at fault in the misunderstanding that will happen between them his week.) Richard is all alone at the porch, that place in the mansion where he and Maya have shared countless memorable moments together over cups of coffee.  He is in deep thought as he gazes at the night sky. Maya sees his lonely form from their dining area, as she herself longs for him.  Totally keen on making peace with her Ricky, Maya prepares coffee for him and joins him at the porch. She stealthily approaches him, hugs him from behind, says sorry, and asks that they talk to reach a better understanding of each other…

Ahh!  I’m pretty sure I am not the only one missing the Lim porch, the all too silent witness to Richard and Maya’s sweet moments together for the longest time.

Happy Christmas and New Year

I am excited to see how the writers would resolve this issue between Richard and Maya, and among Richard, Maya and the kids. Christmas and New Year are just around the corner, and it will be their very first as a family to celebrate Christmas and New Year together. We can only wish that they find a resolution to their issues soon, and celebrate the happiest Christmas and New Year together! It would also be such a bonus for all of us if we could also hear that Maya is finally heavy with child come Christmas Day, too.

I can’t wait to see what the show’s wonderful Creative Team has in store for us this week and the weeks to come!  We truly have so much more to look forward to when it comes to this show we have all fallen in love with and can no longer live without.

BCWMH, you are truly the show to watch forever! 🙂


Written: 15 December 2013


8 thoughts on “Daddy Chief Tiger Mode ON! Facebook, Twitter, Internet Connection OFF

  1. Oh how I wish you were part of the show’s Creative Team. And if you were. I’m pretty sure the show is not ending anytime time soon. Your fertile imagination, ideas and points of views are, I surmise, a collective representation of all of us BCWMH hardcore fans.

  2. I agree with u on RY being able to convey his emotion especially his facial expression when the role ask for it. That is the advantage of being in a teleserye.You have a lot of time to master the role due to the long process of a teleserye. In fairness he s getting good at it,I admit.But I can’t fairly say he is there yet. He still has to work more on how he delivers his line.We will see when he is in the big screen.It is way different in there.You have a short span of time to deliver what is being ask in a role due to time constrain. It is shorter to make a movie but a teleserye takes weeks or even months.So by the end of the TV show, you have mastered ur role.

  3. I, too, am an avid fan of the show and based on the teaser I saw this morning, I think they will surprise us before Christmas. Ms. Iamgarie, I’m also an ardent follower of your writings and I know that you have a direct link to RY. Through your forum, could you please tell him or the writers and director if they could just drop the “Ko” in their endearment “Mahal Ko.” Para sa akin mas kilig yung “Mahal” lang especially on Richard. Thanks.

    • Thanks for your heartwarming comments, Gelly, but allow me to correct your impression that I do have a direct link to RY. I DON’T. I’m just like any other regular fan who tweets him every now and then. Lucky for me, he tweets back. The forum I belong to is just a regular fan forum where we exchange thoughts and ideas about the show. 🙂

  4. This is such a sweet reflection on the internal state of affairs of the Lim Family. It goes deep on the various themes of the show. I hope you and the show would continue to share your insights on these issues.

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