Foolish Hearts – part 7

A/N: This is a continuation of Foolish Hearts – 7

Author: Hanah6181

Chapter 7 – The Moves

Maya arrived at the office Monday morning with all her officemates in the HR department teasing her. She came late as she overslept due to tiredness from all the packing activities they did the previous day. She didn’t understand what the commotion was about until she reached her workstation and found a large bouquet of flowers on top of her table.

The message was simple. “Hope you have a good day today. I’m looking forward to dinner later. Will be there by 6:00 p.m. ” He signed it in his distinct style, RL.

She couldn’t control her giddiness. She was smiling broadly as she examined the pink long stem roses. They were so beautiful. When she carried the bouquet in her arms later that day, she felt like she was a beauty queen.

Maya was at the lobby at exactly 6:00 p.m. and found Richard waiting for her. He stood up from where he was seated and smiled at her. The moment she saw him, her heartbeats raced. In her thoughts, “gosh, why is this guy so good looking that I could just die seeing his dimple and eyes.”

“Good evening, Maya.” He took automatically took her computer bag. Since she had her flowers on her other arm, she didn’t protest when he took her bag.

“Shocks… napaka gentleman pa.” Another thought in her mind.

“Hi Ricky, thank you again sa flowers ha.” She already sent him a text message earlier but it was the only thing she could think of at that time.

“It’s good that you liked them. I wasn’t sure what color you preferred.” He looked at her enigmatically that caused her to blush. She hurriedly entered the lift as soon as it opened.

On their way to the building’s parking lot, he asked. “So, where do you want to have dinner? Any food preference?”

“Wala, eh. I can eat anything. Why don’t you just decide.” She could skip eating and just look at him the whole time and still be satisfied. “Shocks… kahit walang kanin okay na, ready to eat meal na.”

She was embarrassed by her own thoughts but she couldn’t help but heave a sigh of excitement.

Richard noticed her reaction that he grinned. They’ve already reached the spot where his car was parked. He opened the passenger door and let her in the car.

While still holding the door, he asked. “What are you thinking about?” She only shook her head. So, he closed the door and walked around the car.

“What?”He was still grinning. He followed up his question the moment he sat on the driver seat.

“Wala, may naalala lang ako. It’s nothing. Let’s go. Baka ma-traffic tayo. Minsan pa naman traffic dito sa area namin especially the area going to Megamall.” She tried to divert his attention to his driving.

Then, he suddenly leaned over to her side that startled Maya. With their faces near each other, his eyes shifted from her eyes to her lips, then back to her eyes. She couldn’t breathe. He took the seat belt on her right side and fastened it for her.

“Alright. I was just curious kasi kanina ka pa pa ngiti ng ngiti d’yan. I’m beginning to suspect that whatever it is, it’s about me.’ He returned to his position and finally started the car.

Maya soon resumed her normal breathing. “Nope, it wasn’t you. Let’s go sir.” She smiled at him sweetly. Unknown to her, Richard’s heart skipped several beats when she smiled at him.

Dinner that night went well. It was another opportunity for them to get to know more about each other. Each day, they’ve become more comfortable with each other. They shared stories, laughed and even sat on the opposite side of the table sipping coffee in silence when they seemed to have run out of conversation topic.


Maya was working on the customization of her training material when her mobile phone rang. It was Richard. She wondered why he was calling when they just had dinner the previous night. Since the time he sent her flowers, they’ve been having dinners almost every other day. It was like a routine for them. But in school, they rarely saw each other.

“Hi Maya.” Richard greeted her as soon as she picked up the call.

“Good morning, Ricky. Ano napatawag ka?” Maya asked. She is now very comfortable calling him by his nickname.

“Kausap ko si Ysa kanina sa school. I dropped by PUS to get some papers and she mentioned to me that Dec. 8th is a fiesta sa barrio n’yo sa San Nicolas. Nag-iimbita s’ya. I said I will check my calendar first. What do you think?”

“Ha? Anong what do you think? Ehh… inimbitahan ka, so you decide if you want to go or not.” She responded. She wondered what was Ysa thinking for her to invite Richard to their hometown. Are they that close?

“Of course I’m asking you, kasi taga doon ka rin. The truth is I’ll only go if you will invite me or you’ll be going too. So, ano? Should I go or not?”

“Hmmm, eh Ricky…bakit napunta sa akin ang burden ng decision making? So, if I won’t go, you will decline the invitation of Ysa?” She asked.

“Well parang ganoon na nga.” It was a matter-of-fact reply from him.

“Hmmm, sige na you accept the invitation. So, dalawa kami ni Ysabel na mag-e-entertain s’yo. I’m actually don’t have plans to go home for the fiesta. Plano ko sa Christmas vacation na lang. But anyway, I can adjust my plans. Sayang din naman, it will be a good opportunity for you to see and experience ‘yung fiesta sa amin, masaya dun. Di ba kasi, city boy ka.” She chuckled.

She was surprised and got nervous with Richard’s response. “I’m more excited in meeting your family, Maya. I hope to meet your mother and your grandmothers.”


It’s been almost two months since they’ve started going out for coffee or dinners. Richard had sent her flowers three times in that span of time even if there was no occasion. Maya somehow had an inkling that he was interested in her but a part of her was cautious. She warned herself not to assume too much. So, she dissuaded herself from assuming that his actions were romantic in nature. She would rather wait until he declares his real intention but she wished it would be soon.

Even when Richard was in Singapore for a business meeting, they didn’t lose contact. It was a week before their trip to San Nicolas when she got a friend request in skype. She knew he was out-of-the country. When she saw his invitation, she immediately accepted it.

A few minutes after accepting the skype connection, there was a message that came from him.

“How are you, Maya?”

“I’m fine Ricky.”

“I lost my mobile phone here so I’m connecting to you via skype. But I can’t seem to get a voice connection to you.”

“Ah ganuun. Anyway, ingat ka dyan ha.” was her gentle reminder. That started their exchanges of messages.

“Have you eaten dinner?”

“Yes, I did. Thanks for asking. How about you?”

“Hmmm, sandwich lang. Not much of an appetite.” Richard’s response got Maya wondering.

“Are you sick? Did you bring any medicine?”

“Nope, not sick. But actually, there is someone I wanted to have dinner with.” He replied with a smiley face icon included in his message.

“Ah really.” Was her short reply.

“Yes, but unfortunately, that someone is in Manila.” Richard answered.

When Maya read it, she didn’t know how to react. Was he referring to someone else or was she imagining it was her. She got her answer a few seconds later.

“I’m missing you Maya. I hope you are with me right now.” There was another icon in message, this time it was a single red rose.

Maya shrieked in delight after reading his message. It was the first time he expressed his feeling for her directly. “Ayieeeeee. Lord, ito na ba ‘yon?” She fanned herself as she felt herself getting warm. Then, she thought the appropriate response to him. She panicked because she couldn’t think straight.

“I feel…” She was typing on her computer when suddenly it hanged. Then, it blacked out. She immediately stood up and shook her computer in frustration. A few seconds later, she realized that she forgot to connect her laptop to the power charger , hence, its battery was fully discharged.

If her computer didn’t lose power, her message would have been. “I feel the same way.”

By the time she came back on line after 5 minutes, Richard was already offline. But he left a message for her, ‘I’ll see this Saturday. I miss you.”


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  1. AYIIIEEE tlga oh! anu bang BRAND ng computer na yan!??!? panira ng MOMENT! grrrrrr >.<

    "IBA" tlga ang mga DAMOVES ng Mr. CHINITO! 😀

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