One Sweet Surprise

A/N: This piece is inspired by the December 18 teaser of BCWMH where we see the three Lim kids finally settle their differences and patch things up. Now that all is well among Luke, Nikki and Abby, I cannot help but wonder what will happen next at the Lim mansion. Here go the scenarios that popped in my head…

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Author: iamgarie



By iamgarie

Part 1

Maya is at the nearby flowershop in their village buying a bouquet of flowers, her peace offering, for Richard.

Looking back at the day’s events, she cannot help but think about how much she misses her dear husband and how much she longs to embrace him and talk to him about the misfortunes she encountered during the day. She knows she’s about to get a mouthful from Richard once he finds out she actually put herself in danger by riding a public utility jeepney to get to work and by getting her bag slashed inside the jeep, but that’s the least of her concerns for now. The tension in the Lim mansion has gone on long enough and it’s time everyone makes peace.

Once at home, Maya heads to Abby’s room with the intention of calling all three kids one by one and gathering them in the family area so that they can settle their issues and address their concerns against each other.

Imagine Maya’s surprise when she finds all three of them inside Abby’s room, seated on Abby’s bed, happily bonding with each other.

Luke, Nikki & Abby: Hi,Tita Mommy!

Maya: (Smiling) O, okay na kayo?

Luke: Yes, Tita Mommy!

Maya: Mabuti naman kung ganun.

Abby: Is Daddy downstairs na po ba?

Maya: Naku, baby wala pa.

Nikki: I was supposed to surprise you and Dad!

Maya: Pwede pa naman natin surpresahin ang Daddy nyo, eh.

Abby: We can? How po?

Luke: (Smiling while nodding) May naisip na ko.

Nikki: What, Kuya?

Luke: Remember last year nung nag-away tayong dalawa? Diba di tayo ni Dad pinapasok dito sa bahay hanggang di tayo nagkakaayos?

Nikki: Yes! We had so much fun that night after the flying ipis came out. Hahaha! Nagkabati tayo dahil sa flying ipis, Kuya! So, what does that have to do with surprising Daddy now?

Abby: Wow, Kuya, magca-camping po ba tayo tonight and cook hotdogs and marshmallows on stick tulad po last year?

Luke: Yes, baby! Tingin niyo po, Tita Mommy, ma-appreciate po kaya ni Daddy kung mag camping po tayo as peace offering namin sa kanya?

Nikki: Oh my gee! That’s exciting. Do you think Daddy will like that and will forgive us for causing him a major headache?

Maya: Oo naman. Matutuwa yun na makita na hindi na kayong tatlo nag-aaway at nag-effort kayo na mag reach out sa kanya. Pero siyempre maganda pa rin kung dadagdagan niyo yun ng pag-sorry sa kanya. Maganda rin siyempre makipag-usap kayo sa Daddy niyo, diba?

Nikki: Of course, Tita Mommy! I miss Daddy na and I don’t want to see him all sungit again.

Manang Fe then knocks, opens the door and calls on them to go down for dinner.

Maya: Okay, pero bago yan, bumaba na muna tayo para makapag-dinner na and maplano natin surprise sa Daddy niyo.

Abby: Where is Daddy po? Is he not joining us for dinner?

Manang Fe: Male-late ang Daddy niyo, nasa meeting pa daw.

Together, Maya, Luke, Nikki, Abby and Manang Fe all go down for dinner.

Part 2

It’s past 8 and the meeting with his staff just ended. Richard is no longer left with any excuse to stay in the office. It’s finally time to head home. As much as he misses and longs for Maya and the kids, he’s also feeling bad that they seem to be mad at him, not in the least bit sorry for the offenses they committed, and can’t even seem to understand why he had the internet connection cut off in the first place.

As he drove his car home, he cannot help but think of how Maya’s and the kids’ day went. He misses them as much as they miss him.

Unknown to him, one sweet surprise is waiting for him at home.

Part 3

Richard is finally home. He does as Maya imagined he will. He heads to his office, sits and leans his back on his chair, and closes his eyes for at least a full minute. Then he slowly opens his eyes, looks around him, and notices the flowers on his desk. He pulls out the card and reads the message–

Mahal ko,

Sorry na. Hindi na ko uulit. 🙂

I love you.

Love, Maya

He smiles, gets the flowers and heads upstairs to see Maya. He enters their room, sees Maya in bed reading a book–

Richard: (Approaches her) Maya…

Maya: (Smiles, stands up, and gives him a tight embrace) Mahal ko! Sorry na. Naiintindihan naman talaga kita.

Richard: Really? Parang hindi naman.

Maya: (Breaks their embrace and motions him to sit on the bed) Akala mo lang yun. Pero alam ko na tama ka. Nase-stress lang ako na may nag-aaway kaya nasabi ko na ibalik na lang yung internet. Pero kuha ko kung ano pinupunto mo. Sorry na ha. Sobrang na miss kita, mahal ko.  Ang sakit sa dibdib kanina ha nung halos hindi mo ko pinapansin.

Richard: Na-miss din kita, mahal ko.  If you only saw how cranky I was at work all day cos I felt so bad about having a misunderstanding with you.  (Smiles mischievously) Apology accepted on one condition. Kiss muna.

Maya: Yun lang pala, eh. Miss ko na din kaya yan. Hahaha.

And they kissed, and then kissed some more.

Maya: Okay na, mahal ko?

Richard: Okay. And thank you for the flowers.

Maya: Nagustuhan mo talaga?

Richard: Oo naman.

Maya: Sige na mag-freshen up ka na muna. Bababa muna ko para maghanda ng pagkain mo. Tapos sunod ka na dun sa baba ha…

Richard: (Smiles) Okay, mahal.

Part 4

Richard walks to the dining area to find his wife seated at the dining table sans any food.

Richard: O, Maya, where’s the food?

Maya: (She stands up, reaches for his hand and leads him to the porch.) Tara na mahal ko.

Richard: Where?

Maya: Basta sumunod ka lang sa kin. Magugustuhan mo ‘to sigurado ko.

Hand in hand, with Maya leading the way, Richard and Maya pass by the porch and head downstairs to the exact same spot where Luke set up a tent the year before.

Richard: What’s with the tent and all these hotdogs and marshmallows ready to be grilled? Magpi-picnic tayo?

The moment the kids heard his voice, they all get out of the tent and shout, “Surprise, Daddy!” Then they all run to him to give him and Maya a group hug.

When they break the hug, Luke heads to the hotdogs and starts grilling them. Maya joins Luke and gets the dinner plate she prepared for Richard and hands the plate to him. All Richard could do was smile and say  ‘Thank you’ to his wife.

Maya: Mahal ko, wala ako kinalaman dito. Pag-uwi ko kanina sinorpresa nila ko na okay na sila. Teka, mabuti pa, Nikki, samahan niyo muna ni Abby ang Daddy mo dun sa may tabi ng tent para makakain muna habang kami ni Luke mag-iihaw muna dito.

Nikki: Ok, Tita Mommy. Let’s go, Daddy.

Richard: Okay.

Once Richard and his two daughters were seated Indian style on the ground, Nikki and Abby blurt out their “sorry” to their Dad at the same time, eliciting a chuckle from Richard.

Abby: Dad, I’m sorry po. I know po that I’m not allowed to open an FB account pero I opened an account pa din. I’m sorry for lying to you and to Tita Mommy po.

Richard: So you understand why Daddy got mad?

Abby: Yes, po. I’m sorry, Daddy, I promise I will never lie to you and to Tita Mommy again. (Stands up, approaches Richard and hugs him)

Richard: Okay, baby. You’re forgiven.

Abby: Thanks, Daddy. Wait lang po ha. I want to help Kuya and Tita Mommy grill hotdogs.

Richard: (Nods) Be careful, okay?

Abby: Okay, Daddy.

Nikki: Daddy, I’m really, really sorry about making parinig kay Nicolo sa Twitter. I’m sorry if it seemed like I was allowing him to court me na.  Pero there’s really nothing to those tweets, Dad. And pati naman po siya, he stopped tweeting na. I made a promise to you po, diba? And I will never break that promise, Dad. I will never give you any reason to be disappointed in me, Dad.

Richard: That’s a relief to hear, Nikki. I hope you understand why I raised my voice then. But I still stand my ground. You are too young to be getting involved in all this. And you really have to be careful with your “tweets” or words, Nikki. Words are powerful, baby. So you have to be very careful about what you write on those social networking sites. Besides, you seem to be too hooked on those already, you’ve been spending less time with Abby. She says she opened an FB account because she wants to be just like you daw. You have many friends online. Your little sister idolizes you, Nikki.

Nikki: About that Dad, I’m so sorry din po. I know I should not have made Abby feel and think that way. I guess, Kuya’s right. He’s been telling me na kasi before pa not to be too engrossed on FB and Twitter and make Abby think it’s so much fun to have one, pero I didn’t listen to him.

Richard: Well, now you know.

Nikki: Yes, Dad. So, am I forgiven?

Richard: Of course. Come here, Niks. (He kisses Nikki’s forehead and embraces her.)

Maya, Luke and Abby join them each carrying a tray.

Richard: Good you’re all here.  Put that down  first. Sit and listen up.  I’m allowing you guys to start watching TV or DVD starting tomorrow.  But I’m not going to have our internet reconnected through the duration of the Christmas break.  I’ll have it back on in January.  I want you and Luke and Abby to use your idle time bonding and doing activities together during the break.  If you need to do research, Luke, let me know.  You can use the books I have here in the office.  Your Tita Mommy and I are also planning activities we can do as a family without the internet.  There are other more interesting things to do other than Facebook, Twitter, using gadgets, etc.

Nikki: I totally understand, Dad. 
Luke & Abby: Yes, Dad.
Richard: And once we have the internet back on, your Tita Mommy and I will set rules on how long you can use your iPads and other gadgets during the day.  You can no longer use it at will.   Using those will entail responsibilities.  Okay? I hope you understand why you’re Tita Mommy and I are doing this.  
Luke, Nikki & Abby: Yes, Dad. 

Maya:  Ok good. O eto na hotdogs and marshmallows on stick.

Luke: Nikki, anong ginawa mo?

Nikki: What, kuya?

Luke: Tingnan mo kaya plate ni Daddy. Sa sobrang tagal mo di pa rin siya nakakakain.

Nikki: Oh no! I’m so sorry, Dad! You eat na muna. I’ll stop talking na.

Maya: O, upo na kayo, Luke, Abby. Kain na.

Richard smiles as he eats his dinner. He cannot help but say a silent prayer to God, thanking him for blessing him with Maya and the children.

Part 5

Left with no more hotdogs to grill, Maya asks Nikki and Abby to help her bring back the empty trays and empty pitchers of water and glasses inside the mansion, while Richard and Luke throw their trash and clean the griller.

Luke: Dad, sorry po for not telling you about my low grade in one of the major subjects po. Di ko naman po plano na itago sa inyo eh.

Richard: Luke, keep this in mind. I’m your Dad. You can always come to me for whatever concerns or problems you have. Sa school, sa bahay, sa panliligaw.

Luke: (Chuckles) Okay po, Dad.

Richard: Besides, if your problem concerns a major subject, I might even be able to help you with that. I’m an engineer, remember?

Luke: Yes, Dad. I’m really sorry po.

Richard: No problem, son. Your Tita Mommy already told me how you’ve been striving so hard to get your grades up. But if your still need my help, don’t ever hesitate to come to me, okay?

Part 6

The Lims continue to sit (Indian style) side by side each other near the tent as they exchange stories with each other…

Nikki: So yun. Abby and I sang the national anthem in front of everyone as form of punishment.

Richard: But didn’t that girl push you first, Niks? Why didn’t you tell your teacher that?

Nikki: I did, Dad. Pero okay na din po kasi I did something wrong also naman. I made her tulak din kaya after I saw that Abby fell on the floor because of what she did. No one messes with my little sister…

Richard: Even so, Niks.

Nikki: Dad, okay na din po that that girl made me tulak kasi naging okay na po kami ni Abby after that. No more tampo na. Tapos we got to fix things na with Kuya after we got home.

Maya: O yun naman pala, eh.

Abby: Daddy, it’s your turn na. We all made kwento na po.

Richard: Okay… Do you want to know when I fell in love with your Tita Mommy?

Maya looks at him, smiling.

Luke, Nikki, Abby: YES!?!

Richard: (Looks at Luke and Nikki) It was that night when we camped out right here after you both patched things up and all four of us ended up sleeping sa tent.

Nikki: Really, Dad?

Maya: Dahil sa flying ipis?

The kids laugh.

Richard: (Smiles at Maya) No, silly. The moment just felt so right then.

Luke: What moment, Dad?

Richard: I’m not exactly sure. But I felt then the same thing I’m feeling now. Happiness, bliss, contentment and love. I am with the four people I love most in the world. I was in love with your Tita Mommy na pala. Then a few days after , the same feeling came to me. It was that night you lit the lantern bearing Abby’s letter for your Mom.  Once again, I felt I was in love with your Tita Mommy.  And then in Baguio I remember describing to her the kind of woman I want to marry. I didn’t realize until later that she was already the woman I was describing.

Nikki: Aaaw! That is so sweet, Dad! So, when did you tell her you love her?

Richard: That day I came back last May and took Luke to PUS…

Nikki: Huh?

Richard: I took your Tita Mommy to PUS that same night. And that was when I told her how much I love her.  Pero we started dating a week or so after your prom.

Nikki: It took you that long, Dad? That’s like so many, many months pa after the night we camped out, ah. Why? You’ve been in love with her for so long na pala.

Richard: Because true love waits, Niks. Because I love your Tita Mommy and her dreams are important to me. I didn’t want to rush your Tita Mommy into anything. I was willing to wait for her no matter how long it takes.

Nikki: Awww! Oh my gee, Daddy!  You are such a romantic!  Tell me, did you also watch a lot of rom-com when you were younger?

Richard smiles knowingly at Maya as he recalls how he admitted to her the night before their wedding that he has seen My Bestfriend’s Wedding and other similar films when he was younger.

Richard: (Looks at Luke and Nikki) Let that be a lesson for you two, as well. Don’t be in a hurry. If you’re truly meant to be with the person you love, it will happen at the right time and at the right place. No need to rush.  You don’t even have to go out and look for that person. That person you’re destined to love will just come unexpectedly like how it happened between me and your Tita Mommy.  Love was the last thing on our minds when we first met.

Abby: For me, too, Daddy?

Richard: Yes, baby. Count 20 more years, though!

Abby: Daddy!

Richard, Maya, Luke and Nikki all laugh.

Nikki: That’s the best story ever. What about you, Tita Mommy? When did you realize you were in love with Dad?

Richard: Maybe, you guys can ask your Tita Mommy another time. It’s getting late. Time for you to all head to the tent. Go! Your Tita Mommy and I will stay here by the bench muna and finish our coffee before we join you.

Abby: Wait lang po. (Looks up and points to the stars) Look o! Ang dami pong stars.  
Maya: Oo nga ‘no?  What can you see, baby?
Abby: A baby boy and a baby girl.
Nikki: Huh?  (Looks up) Abby’s right!  Diba sabi mo nga dati Tita Mommy connect the dots lang yan. Haha.  You can see whatever you want to see.
Luke: Ako I can see all the formula I’ve been studying in Physics. Haha.  So, anong nakikita mo Niks? Marshmallows ba?
Nikki: Daddy o, si Kuya!
Richard: That’s enough, Luke.
Nikki: What about you, Daddy?
Richard: (Gazing at the stars) I can see your Tita Mommy.
Nikki: Where? I can’t see.  
Richard: Look closely. There you can see Polaris.  The north star.  That’s your Tita Mommy.  
Nikki: Awww! Daddy that’s so sweet!  What about you, Tita Mommy?
Maya: Ako tiger. Gwapong tiger na nakangiti!
They all laugh.

Part 7

Seated on the bench near the tent with his arm resting on her shoulder and coffee cups in hand, Richard and Maya sip the remainder of their coffee.

Maya: Mahal ko, may kasalanan pa ko sa yo.

Richard:Hmm. Ano yun?

Maya: Hindi ako nasundo ng service kanina.

Richard: And?

Maya: Kaya nag-commute ako.

Richard: Maya! Diba napag-usapan na natin na hindi ka na magco-commute?

Maya: Eh kasi male-late na ko tapos yung service pabalik na ng airport ng ma-contact ko.

Richard: Diba I asked kung sasabay ka?

Maya: Oo.

Richard: So? Bakit di ka sumabay?

Maya: Eh di mo ko pinilit, eh. Sorry na. Next time di na ko magpapakaarte, sasabay na ko kahit pa magkaaaway pa tayo.

Richard: (Smirks) Okay. Fine.

Maya: Mahal, may isa pa… Naalala mo yung bag na bigay mo sa kin? Na-slash kanina sa jeep! Sira na. Sorry na!

Richard: What?!?  Maya, are you okay? ! (Checks her out from head to foot). Maya naman kasi. Tell me what happened.

Maya: Yun na nga pagbaba ko ng jeep, isa-isa nahulog gamit ko. Yun pala butas na bag ko. Okay naman ako. Walang nangyaring masama. Nawalan nga lang ako ng wallet. Sorry na mahal.

Richard: (Hugs her tight) I’m sorry, too. I should’ve have insisted on taking you to work kahit may tampuhan tayo. Let’s promise each other from now on, we’ll fix whatever issues we have with each other before going to bed. Okay ba sa yo yun, mahal ko?

Maya: Okay na okay, mahal ko.

And they seal their promise with a lingering kiss.

Richard: O, let’s go to our room na.

Maya: Anong room? Sa tent tayo matutulog kasama ng mga bata.

Richard: Eh diba hindi ka pa rin safe, so dapat…

Maya: Ricky!!!

Richard: Oo na. I was just joking!

Richard and Maya ease their way inside the tent to join Luke, Nikki, and Abby. The tent was too cramped for the five of them, but none of them noticed. They all slept ever so peacefully through the night with happy, contented smiles on their faces.

Written: early morning, 18 December 2013


Disclaimer: I do not own the creative minds behind ABS-CBN’s Be Careful with My Heart TV show. This creative endeavor is just for fan fiction purposes. The characters are ABS-CBN’s BCWMH TV show’s sole property.

Allow me to acknowledge and thank BCWMH’s brilliant Creative Team as some of the scenes and lines mentioned in this piece were taken from the TV series.



16 thoughts on “One Sweet Surprise

  1. M. Garie, my senses tell me that you are part of the creative team. If not yet, I hope you will be, soon.

    Your seamless style in writing the dialogues and the scenes are a good adaptation of the original – like we’re watching it on telly. In fact, some of your articles appear even better crafted than the actual scenes. Hopefully, the brains (and brawns) behind the show can read your work and realize they (and we) need your skills too, in their team… 🙂

    • Aaaw! Many thanks, sweet lemon! You’re way too generous with your praises. 🙂

      By the way, I am not part of the Creative Team at all. Like you, I am just a fan who loves the show so much! 🙂

  2. m. garie knit ngayon k lng nabasa ung fanfic mo I like it wana mg2loy2loy pa ung pagasu2lat mo ng fanfic na related sa episode ng be careful
    un merry christmas. and hapi new year 🙂

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