Foolish Hearts – part 15

A/N: This is a continuation to Foolish Hearts – part 14.

Author: Hanah6181

Chapter 15 – February 13th

As each day went by, Maya were falling deeper for Richard. He was such a sweet and loving boyfriend. He would see her daily or if not, call her up wherever he was. On days that he was on travel, they connected via skype and those conversations would take long hours since not one of them wanted to let disconnect first. Like any other couples on the early stage of their relationship, everything was going smooth for them.


Maya’s doorbell rang very early one Sunday morning. She already knew who would be ringing her doorbell on that time. When she opened her door, she found a smiling Richard carrying two paper bags with him.

“Good morning, sweetheart.” He greeted her and gave her a smack on the lips.

She smiled at him with amusement on her face. “Good morning, pa sweetheart sweetheart ka pa d’yan.” She opened the door wide for him to enter.

“Why? Don’t you like to be called sweetheart? So, anong gusto mong tawag ko sa’yo?” He was in his usual light mood that morning.

“Hmmm,” She paused pretending to be thinking. “Okay, pwede na rin. So, that means I will call you sweetheart too.” She stated as she took one of the bags from him.

“Nope, ako lang ang tatawag sa’yo ng sweetheart. I don’t think sweetheart suits me.” He smiled as he walked towards her kitchen.

“Ricky… ang daya mo naman.” She pouted as she put down the bag on her table.

“Of course not..” He went to the sink and dropped the bag he was carrying. Then, he turned to her. “I find Ricky more endearing, Maya.” He flashed her his lopsided smile.

Richard then encircled his arms around Maya’s waist and pulled her close to him. He leaned on the sink taking her with him while he placed his forehead against her forehead. “Happy 2nd monthsary, sweetheart.” He kissed her on the mouth. It was a sensous open mouth kissed that caused Maya to be momentarily breathless.

Her heart leaped with joy. He remembered their monthsary just like last month. And with his weekly routine in her home, it makes him so lovable, sweet and romantic in Maya’s eyes.

“So, what’s for breakfast today?” She asked with a knowing smile. He was going to prepare their breakfast and he has been doing that for the last five Sundays. After their breakfast, they would hear mass at St. Francis square.

“Hmmm, will spanish omelette, French toasts and sausages be okay with you?” He asked as he started taking out the items from the bags.

“Kahit ano basta ikaw ang gumawa.” She wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him. He stopped what he was doing and kissed her again.

“Know what? I can do this every day.” He told her seriously.

“Ricky… ang aga naman itong discussion na ‘to. Anyway, love you.” She disengaged from him. She knew he would bring up the subject matter of having a family again. Sometimes she wondered why he would frequently mention that as if he was in a hurry.

“Maya, you know I am serious. We can start having a family.” He responded. “Pero sinasabi ko lang, yung side ko, okay?” He added as he saw Maya walking towards her room.

“Okay… So, ituloy mo na ang pagluluto mo Sir. I’m just going to take a shower.”

She heard him clear this throat. “Ehem…ehem. I can help you there too.”
She looked back at him to see his facial expression change. She had expected that facial expression, the naughty look he would have in his face. “Heppp!!, yang iniisip mo ay hindi rin pwede.”

“Why? what do I think I was thinking of?” He was grinning. His hands akimbo.

“Ah basta, alam ko na ‘yan. Excuse me Mr. Lim, my grannies will be upset with you, sige ka.” She stated and looked at him squarely.

“I know! There is a solution to that if you will agree… we can always get married you know.” Richard walked towards her. There was intensity in his gaze that Maya knew he was serious.

With a sense of panic, Maya immediately went inside her room and locked it. “Ricky… sige ka… hindi na kita papasukin dito sa unit ko.” She shouted a warning from behind the door. She waited for his response for a few minutes but there was none. When she peeped thru her door by slightly opening it, she saw him already working on the kitchen.

“Hayyy, so perfect talaga nitong gwapo na ‘to.” She told herself.


The following week was Valentine’s day. Maya looked forward to her first valentine celebration with him. Being romantic, she expected that he would be planning something for them to celebrate the occasion. But when she spoke to him about it, she realized that she had a wrong assumption.

“Sweetheart, February 14 is going to be a very busy day. Naging commercial na kasi ang date na yan so I am sure all the restaurants will be full, parking will be difficult and traffic will be heavy.” He explained to Maya after telling her that they were not going out on date on that day.

“So, anong gagawin natin sa 14th?” She sounded disappointed.

‘Eh di sa bahay na lang tayo. We could be in your place or mine.” He was smiling at her.

“Pero that’s a special day, being in your place or mine is normal na sa atin. Can we go somewhere else?” She insisted.

“Maya, I’d rather we skip the 14th. But, we can go out on the 15th or 13th if you like. I can manage to adjust my schedule for us to go somewhere.” He made a counter proposal.

“Ayoko ko nga. Ano ako, other woman?” She sulked. She knew she was being childish and was a bit embarrassed by it. She could read in his eyes he was thinking the same. So, she later on agreed. “Alright we’re not going out on the 14th but we have to be together sa Valentines day.”


February 13th, Maya went to PUS to get some books at the library for her comprehensive exams. Taking the compre was the last step for her to complete her MA. She dropped by the faculty lounge to speak to her advisor. She was alone in her visit to the school.

As far as Maya knows, it is not known in school that she and Richard are in a relationship. There were talks about him about dating someone and that’s precisely why they have been quiet about their relationship. There were quite a few interested in Richard and knowing the campus environment, Maya will become the target of lavatory talks and all. So except for Ysabel, no one else knew anything about them in school.

Richard agreed to keep mum about their status in school. However, in his office, it was a different scenario. Maya is officially declared as his girlfriend and could freely come and go in his office when she desired it. His secretary, Lisa, is already very familiar with her.

After her consultation with her adviser, Maya went to the ladies room. When she entered it, she immediately noticed a woman crying in front of the mirror. Not wanting to disturb the woman, Maya quietly went inside the cubicle and did her thing. However, when she came out, the woman was still there sobbing softly as if trying to control herself but was failing.

She couldn’t help feeling pity towards the other woman. She is a beautiful with long brown hair and much taller than her. If she is not a student of PUS, then one can assume that she is a model judging by her long legs and body frame.

Seeing her condition, Maya took out several sheets of tissue paper from her bag and handed it to the girl.

“Ahhh, excuse me… do you want some tissue paper?” She offered to the girl.

The other woman turned and looked at her. Her eye make-up was already smeared by the tears she had shed. Maya realized she is still young, maybe the same age as her.

“Salamat.” She took the tissue paper and added. “Nakakahiya naman, dito pa ako nagkakalat. Ang hirap talaga kontrolin ang broken heart.” She smiled timidly.

“Wala namang ibang tao dito sa ladies room.” Maya smiled back. She tried to help her save her face from the embarrassment of being seen crying. “Are you a student here?” She suddenly asked out of curiosity.

“Not really,.. well, actually I was last year. Dumaan lang ako para e-meet ang boyfriend ko.” The other girl shared as she patted the tears off her face. She looked so pretty with her skin so smooth and fair.

“Ahh, siguro nakakaiyak ang pinag-usapan ninyo no?.” Maya commented absentmindedly and realized she made the wrong comment. “Ay, sorry.. I didn’t mean anything by that comment.”

The other woman just smiled. “Actually, I didn’t meet him. He used to be here during Fridays for his classes but it turns out he changed his schedule to every Saturdays. I was going to surprise him pero I am the one surprised. Someone in the faculty said, may girlfriend na siyang bago” Her tears started to well up again.

Maya didn’t know what to say next. The other girl just shared something very personal to her and somehow she can only sympathize with her. The other woman must have realized Maya’s hesitation to comment. She was the one who change the subject matter.

“Anyway, thanks again for the tissue paper. Malaking tulong ito.” She tried to laugh.

“Don’t mention it. Marami pa ako dito kung kulang pa yan.” Maya quipped to which the other woman laughed.

“I’m Samantha Jeanne and you are?”

“I’m Maya dela Rosa. I’m also student here, last semester ko na sa MA ko.” She openely shared. “By the way, I know some professors here, maybe I can help pa check yun schedule ng student na hinahanap mo.” She offered.

“Ay talaga? Salamat. He’s not a student here but a professor. The name is Richard Lim. He is the one I am looking for.” Samantha declared.

Maya paled and got dizzy with shock.


6 thoughts on “Foolish Hearts – part 15

  1. LAGOT! hala na! OUCH for Maya! @.@

    Bakit may “RETURN OF THE COME BACK” (haha) yang EX-gf nayan?!?! anung chever nya?!!?! hmp! >.<

    Prof. Lim,, pls EXPLAIN! o.O

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