Foolish Hearts – part 16

A/N: This is a continuation to Foolish Hearts – part 15

Author: Hanah6181


Chapter 16

I’m Maya dela Rosa. I’m also student here, last semester ko na sa MA ko.” She
openly shared. “By the way, I know some professors here, maybe I can help you check the schedule of the student the student you are looking for.” She offered.

“Ay talaga? Salamat. “ Samantha excitedly responded. “He’s not a student here but a professor. The name is Richard Lim. He is the one I am looking for.” Samantha declared.

It took a few seconds before the name registered in Maya’s brain. When it did, she paled and got dizzy with shock. She almost collapsed if she didn’t collect herself immediately. She was very dizzy and Sam saw her expression.

“Maya, are you alright?” There was a tone of concern from the other woman.

“I’m okay. Siguro sa mata lang ito, kailangan ko na kasing magpasalamin dahil lumalabo na rin ang mata ko.” She lied. Maya’s heartbeats were racing.

Maya managed to leave the ladies’ room and Samantha who stayed on to retouch her make up. She was numb with a realization and confusion at the same time. The woman who claimed to be Richard’s girlfriend was beautiful. What bothered her was her claim to be still in a relationship with him. She particularly remembered that Richard broke up with his last girlfriend in March. Therefore, why would she claim they are still together unless one of them is not telling her the truth.


Richard and Maya were having dinner together in her condo unit in silence. Maya was quiet and he was just trying to figure out what was bothering her. Typically, she talks a lot whenever they are together so it is quite obvious that something is wrong when she is quiet.

“Sweetie, bakit tahimik ka? Okay naman ang nilaga mo ah.” He commented with a smile on his face as they started to clean up the table.

“Ricky, sinigang ang luto ko, ‘no, Sinigang!” She responded seriously. She glared at him.

“Ikaw naman, ‘di ka na mabiro. Sabi ko lang nilaga pero lasang sinigang. Ang asim asim nga eh, just the way I like it.” He bumped her lightly to make her smile but she didn’t.

So, Richard gave her a quizzical look. “So, bakit yung asim ng sinigang mo eh hindi natanggal sa mukha mo? Is there any problem, sweetheart?”

Maya just placed the plates on the counter and turned to look at him. “Ricky, bakit kayo nagbreak ng former girlfriend mo? ‘Yung kasunod ko?” She asked out of the blue.

“Huh? Why are you asking that?” His brows furrowed.
“Na meet ko kanina yung ex mo sa school. Her name is Samantha Jeanne, right?”

Richard face turned serious. “Yun ba ang kanina mo pa pinag-iisipan?” He paused for a while as if mulling over something. Then, he admitted to her. “Yes, I had a girlfriend name Samantha Jeanne but as far I know she is in Europe. She left the country last year to take up a modelling job there. I haven’t seen nor contacted her since then.” He was looking at her intently.

“So, you broke up with her because she went to Europe to work? Parang ang babaw naman noon? Hindi kaya its about a third party?” She commented. She couldn’t understand why she made that comment but that was the immediate thoughts that came to her head and came out of her mouth.

“Yes, mababaw siguro. But I thought it was the best for us. It was a relationship that was bound to nowhere. It’s over matagal na. Kaya, I suggest that you stop asking about that. Pwede? I think it is upsetting you because nagseselos ka. Wala kang dapat ipagselos duon, okay? “ He eyed her carefully and saw some doubt in her eyes.

“I’m not jealous of her. I’m just curious.” Of course, she lied.

At that point, Richard pulled her towards him and embraced her. He said close to her ears. “Ikaw ang mahal ko, Maya. I’m very sure of it. Past is past and I never go back to my past. You are my present and you will be the future.” He kissed her temple.

Hearing him say those words made her feel a little better. She hugged him back. But still, she tested him. “So, aren’t you interested sa sinabi niya about you?”

There was no reaction from him. “Nope, again sweetheart, I don’t want to talk about her.”

“Well, even if you are not interested, sasabihin ko pa rin. She said that you are her boyfriend and she is looking for you sa school. And mind you, I didn’t tell her that I am your current girlfriend.” She informed him with her right eyebrow raised.

Richard’s just chuckled at her facial expression. “You, my dear, can be childish you know. “You know the truth, Maya. So, it shouldn’t bother you whatever she claims. You are my girlfriend and not her.”

“So, paano kung puntahan ka niya sa office or mahanap ka school, she really wants to see you Ricky.” She didn’t tell him the scene in the ladies room. Somehow, she didn’t want him to know that Samantha was crying over him. She was afraid that it might revive his old feelings for her.

“I guess I have to talk to her if in case we really see each other. I have no issues talking to her.”

“Parang hindi ako agree na kausapin mo pa siya.” Maya replied in a low tone.


The following day was Valentine’s day and Richard was supposed to be in her condo unit by lunch time. They had an agreement that he will be report in the office first and then come over for lunch. After lunch, they’d be going to his house so they could do a marathon of another TV series.

Before lunch, Maya received a call from him.
“Sweetheart, I’ll be late coming over. I have something to finish dito sa office, may aberya sa hangar na kailangan kong mismo asikasuhin. “ He explained to her.

“Ganuon? Sige Ricky, tapusin mo muna ‘yan. Sa bahay lang naman tayo today. Gusto mo ipagdala na lang kita ng lunch dyan?” She offered.

“No need, sweetie, umorder na si Lisa for us. I’ll see you later, love you.” After that, Richard disconnected the call.

Maya patiently waited for him. Two p.m. became 3 p.m., and then 4 p.m.. She tried to call him up every hour but he wasn’t picking up her call. In the end, she called up Lisa to check what was happening in his office.

“Hi Sweetie.” Lisa teased her as soon as she recognized Maya’s voice on the other line. She is aware of Richard’s term of endearment for her.

“Hi Liz. Ikaw talaga, tinukso mo na naman ako. Si Richard ba nasa hangar pa?” She asked straight to the point.

“Ha? Eh… yata… I have to check… Kanina nasa hangar pa.” Liza tone changed as if she didn’t know what to tell her. There was momentary silence.

“Liz, ano? Andyan pa ba si Richard?” She asked again.

“Andito pa siya Maya. I just checked, sorry ha. Pero may kausap sa office niya, eh.” Liza finally spoke.

“Thanks Liza. Pupunta na lang ako diyan. Paki bantayan mo na lang ? Baka magkasalisi kami.” Maya automatically picked up her bag to go to L.A.S. office.


Within thirty minutes, Maya was in Richard’s office and was sitting at Liza’s visitor chair. She couldn’t go inside his room because he was still in a meeting. Liza looked uncomfortable so she wondered if it had anything to do with his visitor.

She chose a corner chair so as not to disrupt Liza from what she was working on. Maya focused on the entertainment section of the newspaper she was reading. A few minutes into waiting, Liza excused herself as she needed to run something with Ryan on the other side of the building.

Finally, the door of Richard’s office opened and she heard two voices from the doorway.

“Ricky, it’s so nice to reconnect with you.” The words came out from a woman. From where Maya was seated, she couldn’t see their faces so she didn’t kno who it was. Then, she caught a glimpse of her side view as they moved a step outwards. Maya’s heart thumped when she recognized the lady standing by his doorway.

“Yeah, Sam, it’s good to see you again.” Maya heard him chuckle. With the confirmation that it was indeed Samantha, her mood suddenly changed. Without realizing it, she tightened her hold on the news paper. They are just talking she reminded herself. The two have moved a bit outside the door so she could now actually see them. But, they didn’t notice her.

“Well, I really thought you wouldn’t want to see me. Fortunately, you didn’t go out on date today.” Sam said in a sweet tone that irritated Maya. She noticed her hand touched Richard’s forearm. It stayed there while they talked.

“It’s still early. I’m going to see her later. Besides, ma-traffic ngayon.” Richard responded.

“Oh, traffic and lots of people didn’t use to bother you on valentine’s day, Ricky. Remember, one time it took us an hour to get to greenhills from galleria Lang pero cool ka Lang. Anyway, got to go. I’ll see you soon. Sabi ni Ryan, you two will be coming to our fashion show. So, I’ll see you there okay?” Sam gave Richard a lingering hug and kissed him on the cheek before going. They didn’t see her peeping thru the newspaper she was holding.

Maya saw the hug and kiss which upset her very much. Sam was openly flirting with him and he was just there taking it all in.

When Sam finally left, Maya stood up and walked towards his door. Richard who just turned around to re-enter his room was very surprised to find Maya just two steps behind him.

“Sweetheart, kararating mo lang?” His tiny eyes became big and rounded.

“No, kanina pa ako. I have been here for sometime enough to see your tete a tete with your ex.” She responded as she entered his room and sat on the sofa.

“She dropped by to say hello. We just talked.” Richard explained as he took her hand and pressed it. Is he guilty of something? It looked like it to Maya’s assessment.

“Galing no? Didn’t you hear the hourly calls I’ve been making? I was checking if you were okay kasi we didn’t get to have lunch together. Tapos, dito ka lang pala kausap mo ‘yon?” She was seething with anger. The more she talked, the more she was getting upset.

Seeing her dagger looks, Richard stood up and went to his table. He closed his laptop, placed it in his bag and returned to Maya’s side.

“I left the phone in the car. I called you up when I was in there and completely forgot about it as I hurried going back office ko.”

He beckoned her by opening his hand for her to take. “Sweetheart, let’s go. Sa bahay na lang tayo mag-usap.”

When she took his hand, he pulled her up and then an arm went around her waist. His other hand was carrying his computer bag.

“Selosa.” He commented.

“Of course not!” She hissed back. She removed his hand from her waist.

They left his room hand in hand but with serious faces. Liza who already returned to her workstation was unaware that the two were having a lover’s quarrel.

In the car, they were also quiet. They proceeded to Richard’s home where they had dinner with his family. It was planned dinner and the conversation she had with his parents belied whatever misunderstandings they were having at that time.

Later that evening, Richard and Maya were in his room. He wanted them to talk privately.

“Sweetheart, okay ka na?” He started the conversation. He was sitting at the edge of his bed while she chose to be on the sofa on the other side of his room.

“No, I’m not okay.” She responded in an angry tone.

“Maya, you’re being childish. I am telling you we just talked.” He explained and moved to the space beside her.

“So, bakit n’yo kailangan mag-usap? Di ba sabi mo it’s over with the two of you? Did she cry to you and asked you back?” She asked her questions one after the other.

“She came to the office to just say hi. Yes, we talked about the past which is the past. It’s over between us regardless of what she told you. So, you have nothing to worry about.” He further explained.

“Kaya pala, may hug and kiss pa kayo. And what’s that show that you are attending with Ryan? You can’t go there.” She continued, obviously not yet pacified.

“Maya, she and I agreed to be friends. The show is a charity event and if you don’t want me to go, then, I won’t. Oh god, why am explaining to you as if I strayed? Can you stop being jeolous of her? Please don’t deny it because it’s very obvious.” He sounded frustrated with the situation.

Maya didn’t respond but just stared at him. Her eyes mirrored doubt and jealousy that finally broke whatever patience Richard was keeping.

Maya, if you keep on like this. I might believe that you don’t trust me.” He told her seriously.

She still didn’t respond to him. She was busy trying to understand her own feelings that she couldn’t see that she was also hurting him by keeping mum and silently confirming they have a trust issue.

In the end, Richard brought her home so they could rest and think things through separately.


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