Adventures with Little Chief – part 3

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to faerieMagic. This is a continuation to Adventures With Little Chief – part 2.

A/N: Sorry Guys, I’m from Region VIII. Black out for one month and all that. But now, I’m back, with Maya and Sir Chief already married! Si Maya, kungmakapag picture, wagas! Si Sir Chief naman, akalamo, parang nag second childhood. Naku, mukhangmapapalitannayung little Chief ko.

                Even though it was pretty simple, I had to attack the plot with a hacksaw after it got spaghetti jumbled, just like how the pros had warned. :/


Author: faerieMagic




Part 3: The Million Dollar Child


Unknown Location

                The blindfold was lifted off little Chief’s head. He remembered being drugged to sleep. He found himself in a dimly lit spacious room. It felt cold and damp like a storage place. But he could only see himself sitting squat, tied in a corner with Gems on his side, and the face of his masked assailant sitting behind a plain table.

                He tried to tug his hands free, but the cords hurt his arms the more he moved.

                “Gems!Gems, wake up!” Gems woke with a start after a good shake. “Shh. Not a word. Turn around. I want to see your watch.”

                Five hours. They have been out for five hours. 

                Little Chief tried to look defiant and unafraid, but his heart was beating fast. The janitor man went out, leaving the door with a loud clang which meant that there was a heavy lock to wrestle on the way out.

                A couple of men entered after a few minutes. They were mostly young, some of them he suspected to be just in high school level. They were armed with bats and other undesirable and dangerous objects, moving it about in a careless manner that made Gems uncomfortable.It was as if the whole fraternity went in to examine their birds. But little Chief only needed to find one face.He wasn’t here. But it didn’t matter. He’ll soon find out.

                “So, this is the million dollar kid. And who is the other one?”he heard a young man ask.

                “Just a pry. We had to take her because we mistook her for the kid,” the janitor ma replied. He was the only one who seemed to not be in the circle.

                “Of all the most —– man in the world, why didn’t you just leave her unconscious?” he hollered, only, his language was worse than that.

                “Butthe kid is also worth much. Her parents can also afford a generous sum.” The Janitor-man said.

                “Yes, but it’s not what were after, are we?”

                “Alright. Listen up, you two,” one person swaggered up to them,“Just don’t be too much naughty and we will get along well. Give us a hard time, and you’re going to wish you were dead.”

                They all left and they were once again alone.

                It was definitely him. The moment he saw the Janitor-man eating dinner with that man, he somehow thought it was vital to know more, because the face was familiar. That was why he went with his Dad to his office: to scavenge for more, leafing through the archives and even some restricted files. He knew there were records there of transactions and projects, and perhaps information.

Welcome to Lim Aviation!

                Just days before they were kidnapped…

                It’s her, Nikki Grace Lim. But you would hardly recognize her right now.

                Nikki wiped the window glass for the bajillionthtime, but Gee-Ar-Ar, the stain just won’t come off! How can people order such impossible things, I mean hello, she’s been using all her force that her manicured hand could do.

                But she must hurry up, or else, the peppery superior is going to come along and scold her again. It was all Daddy’s fault. Hmmp!

                Just this morning, he was buzzing the car horn for her to hurry up.

                “Nikki!” Sir Chief had bellowed downstairs from his car.

                She was even nonchalantly calling her friend about her oncoming wonderful day—not!

                “Hello Stacey? Ahhhh!!” Nikki had tittered on the phone on her way out. She remembered Daddy and little Chief looking at her with similar exasperated eyes. (The one Sir Chief usually wears when Maya says something bizarre: “hmp! What’s that quote got to do with this sitch?”)

                “I know, I know, It’s my first day, and dad’s taking me to work,” she continued to speak over the phone. “Yes, yes, the cardigan we brought looks oh-so-cutie-patotie! Okay. Bye.”

                “Yepeee! I’m so excited to work, Daddy! Wait for me LAS! I’ll be there!”Nikki opened the door. Sir Chief looked at her as if he was worried but was planning something sinister which he was.       

                Ricky-boy came with them! He had said he just wanted to see the new LAS Private Jet. Fancy Dad allowing a nine-year old in the site when he even scolded Abby years ago when she and Ate Maya wanted to see the planes too! Was it that father was just masungit back then or was it really just plain old boys’ habit?

                They walked inside the office. She had walked on her dad’s office before, but it was different. Yesterday, she walked there as a child. Now, she walked as if she was part of the company. She stood dignified and glossy, and smart in her new office clothes.

                But she only got the shock of her life.

                “Is this really necessary?!” Nikki looked at the uniform Sir Chief handed her.

                “Playtime’s over. It’s time for you to work your way,” her Daddy had said in his businessman-like manner.

                “Janitress daddy? You’re going to let me work as a Janitress?” But, but, she was going to explain that she had worked hard and even graduated with flying colors.

                Her dad just shook his head. “No buts. In this site, no one is to know you’re my daughter.  No special treatments.”

                “As if that’s possible. Anyone can discover kaya!” she retorted.

                “Incentives. You have incentives. If you do your job well in a month, without anyone knowing your identity, you’ll get this.” Sir Chief held out a pair of shiny car keys.

                Of course, she attempted to grab the keys (bother cleaning for a month. Just go and get it!), but Sir Chief was taller and held it out of reach.

                “No. And stop calling me dad.”

                “So unfair naman this.”

                “I think were done here. Go and change your clothes. Be responsible. Goodbye.,” he turned his back and walked out.

                Little Chief whispered behind, “You want me to steal the keys?”, but Nikki shook her head, “No. You may just blow it up like the plane. Let’s try to do it the right way.”

                And now, she was lifting a bucket in the hallway when she bumped over someone, sending all its contents spilling over.

                “Sorry Sir. I’m sorry, I’m not used to – I mean…” she looked up.

                “Nicnic? Is that you?” said his familiar voice.

                “Shhh! You overdressed basag-ulo person! Don’t say another word! What are you doing here?!” said a very nervous Nikki with gritted teeth. She pulled him to the side.

                “What do you mean? I work here,” then Niccolo stopped and noticed her clothes. “Wow. Nikki Grace Lim. You look nice in that outfit.”

                Yes! Shout her name louder. That’s just what she needed. “Niccolo Angelo Cortes, if I lose my car, I swear, you’re going to buy me one instead!” said Nikki getting angry but not forgetting to do everything in a whisper.

                “Hey you!Back to work!” Nikki’s superior scolded her. Here, the peppery-superior looked at the spilled bucket. “I’m sorry Mr. Cortes, she’s new.” She could swear Niccolo was going to ruin everything.

                “It’s okay. No harm done. Right, Nikki?” he smiled at her, as if saying, he understood her status quo. Well, he’s not that of an idiot after all. Psshh. Who was she kidding? Niccolo wasn’t an idiot. He’s a cuttie!

                The superior turned to Nikki again, “Come here! We’re going to clean the hallway floor next.” Nikki followed after her, not daring to look back on Niccolo. For one thing, she spilled water all over him, but for another, she was really annoyed that he said her name out loud. And on mixed emotions, it was best to turn away and wait for it to keep calm like oh my gee.

                “Hmp!” grunted her boss. “Just because she’s beautiful, doesn’t mean she should go courting the bosses on her first day.”


                “This is the newBoeing 727-REW of Lim Aviation. A twin-engine plane with a 45 passenger VIP interior and 40% lower emissions per take-off. Keep your hands off any buttons if you still want to come back here,” said Sir Chief. “Don’t play around. This is a corporate tour, not site-seeing.Be responsible. Here. Let me fix your collar.” He stooped down to fix it, while Little Chief stiffened to show his resolve. “No. I was just joking. Go have fun.” He smiled and patted him on the back.

                Little Chief looked at the almost complete private jet of the company. It was made to transport a team to any site in the country for immediate response. The seats were soft but serious. Refurbished in conservative beige tones, it was designed to favor speed more than comfort. Not that it did not have any class or art, but clean and neat were the words to describe it. Just like everything else with Mr. Richard Lim.

                But now, it wasn’t what he came for. He was curious about something else. He must get to the blueprints of theMandeville project — the improvised Green MRO. Daddy must not know he figured out a way to squeeze past the firewall silently, or else he would tighten the security. Come to think of it, he does not even know that kuya Luke had already taught him a few code brushstrokes that could hack a few of his basic databases.

                He knew ate Abby got scolded big time when Daddy discovered she was using facebook, but he’ll just have to take his chances.


                Nikki looked around cautiously. Nobody was inside, and she was alone in the room she was cleaning. “It’s time I practice me theatro skills.” She was vain about her theatro skills, and erm… along with a couple of other things. But then, “I should really mature. I mean, I’m already a young-pro and all.” But not today.

                “Stella,” she called her imaginary PA as she sat on the dignified chair.

                Then, she said imploringly, “I want one cappuccino. No, make that one strawberry ice cream. Oh. Hurry up, because I have a meeting at three.” She turned the chair around and enjoyed her little laugh.

                The door opened and her favorite superior came in. “What are you doing?” she said.

                “Nothing.I was just cleaning the chair.” Lame excuse.

                “Get out of there at once! This office is newly furnished, and it’s for the President’s daughter who’s going to start working next month! Go back to your work and stop day dreaming!”

                “Yes, ma’am!” exclaimed Nikki. Let us be silent and mop the floor in peace,after all the physical work and a whole day of scolding.She had all that pawis all over, but no worries, because she wasn’t wearing her cardigan. Having a positive mind! Now that’s what she calls maturity.

                Niccolo led the way to his car. He volunteered to drive her and little Chief home. But both Nikki’s hands were crossed, and her eyebrows were up. No, she wasn’t lashing out her bad day on Niccolo like a hot-tempered kid. That was her normal mood. Around him at least.

                “Hey, don’t turn up your nose, because, if there’s something smelly here, it’s going to be you.” Niccolo told her. “Come on Ricky-boy. Let’s get to the car before your ate blows up.”

                “Noccolo, hello? Open the door before I come in. What kind of fetching is this ba, if you don’t even know that?” When she arrives home she is so gonna tell Tita-Mommy that he called her smelly and didn’t open the door.

                Niccolo scratched his head. “You talk as if you’re someone so beautiful.”

                “Duh. I’m the prettiest kaya. Go ask my dad. Go ask Ricky. Right Ricky?”

                Ricky-boy? …Ricky-boy???


                “Ricky, are you alright?” said Gems.

                And now let’s get back to the present, for as you know we just went flashback to Little Chief’s mind. Blast it. He didn’t know his suspicions were real. He should have told father. No matter. He’d just have to call him now.

                “Gems,” he whispered. In the dim light, he could barely see her face.

                “Yes,” she was trying hard to keep her shaking voice steady.

                “Can you move your fingers?” said Little Chief.

                “I think so,” said Gems.

                “Try to take off my shoes and my socks,” said Little Chief.

                Both their hands were tied on their backs, so she had to turn around and grope blindly with her fingers tied on her back. “Where is it?”

                “Here. Come closer. Where are your hands?!” said Little Chief.

                “Where are your shoes?!” said Gems.

                In the end, they managed to pull it off (both literally and metaphorically) and get the transmitter at the bottom of his socks, but only after more arguments that commonly happened to nine-year olds, which I’ll just have to skip because of its dullness.

                “Now try to find the transmitter,” he turned around to receive the transmitter.

                “What?” asked Gems.

                “The little square thing I put at the bottom of my socks,” said Little Chief.

                “It’s here,” said Gems.

                “Give it to me,” Little Chief turned around to receive it in his tied fingers.

                “What is it?”

                “It’s a mini radio transmitter.”

                “What’s that?”

                “It will transmit our voice signal to other phones so we could get help.Dad will be able to trace our location through this.”

                “So it’s a phone,” said Gems.

                Little Chief rolled his eyes. “Alright. It’s a phone; only without the usual buttons and other stuff. Just plain old radio waves and destination address. Now look at it and make sure it blinks yellow and green.” He tried to feel and press the right buttons.

                “Yes, it blinked. But how did you know we were going to need this?”

                “Shhh, quiet now,” whispered Little Chief. “Hello, Daddy,I hope this reaches you. We are safe for the moment. Mr. Laurence Lucedois our kidnapper. He’s using his fraternity to—-“. But he wasn’t able to continue, for at that moment, a foot went down to crush the gadget. Little Chief looked up.

                “Well, well, if it isn’t the million dollar child.” A young man smiled ominously at Little Chief. It was him.


6 thoughts on “Adventures with Little Chief – part 3

  1. Bonkkk…. kinakabahan na ako tapos bonk…..

    Sulat sulat una sa papel ang next chappie pag brownout pa 🙂 .

    God Bless at sana ok na kayo 🙂

    • Ok lang po kami. Thanks for the concern. Sira ung school namin dito sa Tacloban. May mga kakailala na namatayan, at na trauma ung mga classmates, pero magiging okey din ang lahat.

  2. I don’t like kidnappings etc. good vibes lang lagi. It’s one of the reasons I like bcwmh. I don’t think I’ll follow this story. Siguro your next story na lang. Sorry, Madami na Kasi problematic out there. I don’t want to be stressed during relaxation time when I read the bcwmh fan fics

    • Sorry kung na stress ka. Peace!

      I did not intend it to be nakaka stress. More like an adventure story. I just wanted to show na you can’t mess with a Lim kid cause he’s got tricks on his sleeve.

      Anak xa ng isang aeronautical engineer, at marunong din xa sa pasikot sikot ng computer and gadget world. So it’s more like powerplay and brain games.

      Kelangan ko lang talagang maging realistic sa una kung ano talaga ung dangers of being kidnapped kasi yun ung sabi ng mga nag review ng works ko.

      Pero kung gusto mo ung mas mga light-themed, ok lang. Hindi naman talaga lahat ng stories nakaka cater sa preference ng lahat ng tao.

      Thank you for reading anyway. =)

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