Foolish Hearts – part 19

A/N: This is a continuation to Foolish Hearts – part 18

Author: Hanah6181
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Chapter 19 – Reunited

After speaking to Liza, Maya panicked that it was really over between her and Richard. If he moves to Shanghai, then the possibility of them getting back together will be more difficult. It was hurting her like hell with the thought she might not see him again. It was so painful to know she lost him and it was her fault.

When she can’t contact his mobile phone, she decided to just leave a message to his phone.

“Ricky, we need to talk. Please let me know when is the best time to call you.” It was a short message since she didn’t exactly know how to put into a text message everything she wanted to tell him. It wasn’t even appropriate to do that with an apprehension that he may have already a change of heart.

She left PUS with her eyes almost blind with tears. She was regretful of her behavior towards him. Although she may have felt she needed more assurance from him, her love for him was stronger to disregard those shortcomings. He was right that she needed time. It was for her to realize how much he meant to her.

When she reached home, there was still no response from him. Since the flight to Shanghai is 3 hours, she thought that it may take a while before he responds. But to ensure he gets her message, she resent her message to him five times more.

It was late in the evening when finally, Richard returned her call.

“Maya…” Richard’s voice was tentative on the other line.

“Ricky…kararating mo lang d’yan sa Shanghai?” She asked with a bit of awkwardness.

“I arrived this afternoon but I immediately went to a business dinner. I called you up as soon as I got into my hotel room.” He plainly told her.

“ Are you attending Ysa’s wedding? Kasi veil tayo, di ba?” She thought it was the safest intro conversation with him. Suddenly, her nerves were getting into her.

“I have business meetings for the rest of the week Maya. And besides…I’m not sure if you really want me to be there.” He responded after he cleared his throat.

“Kasi wala akong partner pag hindi ka dumating.” Maya started explaining.

“Maya, is this call just about the wedding?” He had a sad tone in his voice.

“Huh? Eh..kasi…Ricky…” Her own voice was cracking. She didn’t realize how difficult it was to tell him how much she missed him and how sorry she was until that time.

“Alright Maya for you, I am coming back to Manila and I will attend the wedding. So, don’t worry about the wedding and not having a partner.” His voice was softer almost whispering.

“Ricky…hindi lang naman ‘yon..” She stifled a sob. She went mum for a while since she really couldn’t control her tears and Richard sensed it.

“Maya, are you crying?” He sounded concerned.

She nodded as if he could see her. With the little courage she had at that moment, she finally told him what her heart felt. “I miss you… I’m sorry.” After those two statements, she finally cried but she covered the mouth so he wouldn’t hear her.


The phone suddenly went dead. Maya looked at her phone and wondered if she accidentally dropped the call or she had a service interruption. She was about to dial his number when his face flashed on her screen. He was calling her again.


“Sorry, sweetheart. Nabitawan ko ang phone ko.” His tone this time was different, he sounded excited. “Sweetheart…did you say you miss me?”

“Ang sabi ko… I miss you and I’m sorry.” And then she added, “But I’m not sure if we are still together.” She sniffed.

“Oh god, Maya. I’ve been waiting for you. As far as I am concerned, we are still together. Naghihintay lang ako ng time.” She heard him take a deep breath. “I miss you too, sweetie. I miss you terribly. I love you. Sorry din.” There was love and tenderness in his voice that Maya’s heart ached for him.

“Maya, do you know how difficult it is for me right now? Gustong-gusto kitang yakapin. Can you join me here in Shanghai? Pwede ka bang sumunod dito bukas?” Richard suddenly suggested.

“Ha? Agad-agad? Uuwi ka naman di ba before the wedding?” She was smiling with the thought of coming over to Shanghai. She was feeling the same, she wanted to hug him.

“Yes, I am flying back on Friday. But I want to see you sweetie. Five days pa ako dito. Besides, we need to talk. Marami tayong dapat pag-usapan.” He explained.

“Ricky, ako din gusto kong mag-usap tayo. I know I was difficult for the last few weeks and I want to explain myself.” She responded.

“Then, that’s settled. I’ll call up Liza after this call so she can get you a ticket for tomorrow. You don’t know how glad I am at this moment, sweetie.” He really sounded happy and Maya could imagine his big lopsided smile.

Then, Maya remembered something. “Teka muna Ricky. As much as I want to naka oo na pala ako kay Nanay. Uuwi ako sa San Nicolas on Wednesday. May aasikasuhin daw kami sa bayan na kailangan nila ako. Good timing na rin kasi nga Saturday ang wedding. So, alangan if I would travel there.”

“In that case then, ako na lang ang uuwi. I’ll cancel all my meetings. I’ll be home tomorrow, night.” He declared. Maya tried to dissuade him from his plan but he was firm that he wanted to go back.


The reconciliation that they had wasn’t exactly romantic as it all happened over the phone but that didn’t dampen the renewed spirits and love between the two. Although Richard ended up not being able to go back to Manila the following day due to his business priorities, Maya was okay with it. She understood his work needed him to be there. She just looked forward to seeing him in San Nicolas by Friday.

On Richard part, he made up for his absence by sending Maya flowers daily with a note that he misses her and a countdown note. For two consecutive days, large baskets of roses arrived in her office which earned her a lot of teasing from her officemates. It was confirmed that they have patched up their issues as they’ve noticed her mood was always upbeat on those days.

He was also calling her up three times a day in addition to their nightly conversation via skype. They agreed they will not talk about Samantha until they see each other personally. Neither one of them wanted to ruin their newfound happiness.


At San Nicolas

On Friday morning, Maya received a call from Richard when he was at the airport.

“Sweetie, I’m already here at the Pudong airport waiting for boarding time. I’ll arrive Manila by lunch time and then, I’ll just get my car and drive there.”

“Okay, Ricky. Ingat ka, ha. So later, just in case ma-traffic ka or late ka na makarating sa San Nicolas, tawag ka na lang. Okay naman yung reservation n’yo sa La Esperanza.”

Unknown to Maya, one of her grandmother was listening to their conversation. And when their call ended, Inang Ising approached her.

“Maya, tama ba ang dinig ko na sa La Esperanza magtutuloy si Ricardo?”

“Opo, Inang Ising. Duon po naka-reserve yung mga ibang guests” She told her grandmother.

“Bakit duon si Ricardo? Pwede na man siya dito dahil bakante naman ang kwarto ni Cristina. Eh di sana, nakabawas pa sa gastos yung pag ho-hotel.”

Maya understood what her Inang Ising meant but she couldn’t tell her the real reason he was booked there. Since they were not in speaking terms for a few weeks, Ysabel decided to book him a room at La Esperanza.

“Maya, tawagan mo nga uli si Ricardo at kakausapin ko.” Inang Ising motioned Maya to get her phone so she could speak to him.

“Nang, baka po nakasakay na ‘yon sa eroplano.” She hesitated as she wondered what would her grandmother tell him.

“Hindi pa yon nakasakay. Sige na, kausapin ko siya.” In the end Maya relented and called up Richard.

“Ricky, kausapin ka daw ni Inang Ising.” Maya told him as soon as he picked up her call. Then, she gave the phone to Inang Ising who was all smiles as she spoke on the phone.

“Apo… Natuloy ka pala sa China. Kumusta ang klima d’yan?”

Maya’s eyes widened with what she heard. It was the first time she heard her refer to him as Apo. And apparently, Inang Ising knew about his trip to Shanghai.

“Inang.” Maya tried to get her grandmother’s attention.

Inang Ising ignored her and went inside her room leaving Maya at the dining room wondering what they were talking about.


The rest of the afternoon, Maya spent her time at Ysabel’s house. She helped her get ready for the wedding, assisting in following up on small matters with their wedding coordinator. Since the ceremony was quite rushed, they worried over tiny details that might have been missed.

Later that night when she returned to her home, Maya’s heart skipped several beats when she saw Richard’s BMW parked in their yard.

She excitedly climbed the stairs to see him. She has been longing to see him face to face for a week now, so when she reached the top of the stairs into the balcony, her eyes sought for him.

And there she saw him, sitting on the wooden sofa talking to her Inang Kosang.

“Ricky.” She called him. He turned around, their eyes met and locked.

A smile emerged from his lips and his eyes twinkled. He looked so handsome in her eyes. Her love for him was overwhelming. As if they forgot Inang Kosang was in the living room with them, Richard and Maya approached each other and hugged.

He whispered in her ears. “I missed you, sweetie. I love you. I’m sorry for hurting you.”

She responded. “Ako din.” She was teary eyed.

They were about to kiss when Inang Kosang made a sound.

“Ehem…ehem..” Inang Kosang got their attention. “Mga apo, parang hindi lang kayo isang linggo hindi nagkita ah.” She voiced her observation.

“Ahh, pasensya na po, Inang. Na miss ko lang po talaga ang apo n’yo.” He turned to Inang Kosang but not releasing Maya from his embrace.

“Ganun ba? Eh iba na talaga ang mga kabataan ngayon. Isang linggo lang hindi magkita kung magpuluputan na parang may pandikit na.” Inang Kosang’s additional comment.

It was then the other two grandmothers joined them in the living room. At that point, Richard and Maya had no choice but to disengage from each other lest they get scolded by the two other oldies.

Later on, Richard and Maya had dinner and were joined by the rest of her family to chat with them. In short, until late evening, the two lovers didn’t have the chance to be alone.


“Richard, anak, pag inaantok ka na, handa na ang kwarto mo.” Nanay Teresita announced before she left them in the living room. He will be staying at Kute’s room as he did in his previous visits to San Nicolas.

“Dito ka matutulog? I thought you’ll be staying at La Esperanza?” Maya asked. They were alone at the living room but seated on opposite chairs.

Richard only shrugged his shoulders and smiled. “Well, what can I do. Sabi ng lola mo dito ako matulog. I can’t decline dahil baka ma bad shot ako.”

“Aba, mukhang mas nagkakaige kayo ng mga lola ko ah. Eh tayong dalawa, hindi pa nga nakakapag-usap.” She pouted.

“Well, we can talk overnight, if you want sweetie.” He suggested with twinkles in his eyes. He moved to her side and sat beside her.

“Ganuon? So paano bukas, may eyebags tayo during the wedding?” She retorted.

“Okay lang ‘yun, hindi pa naman natin kasal yung bukas. Pag kasal na natin, yun ang i-worry mo.” He pulled her close to him so he could wrap his arm around her.

She leaned on him and settled her head on his shoulders. “Ricky… I love you. Sana lagi na tayong ganito, peaceful.” She took his hand and held it.

“I love you too, Maya. Peaceful tayo, kung wala ng magseselos ulit.” They both chuckled at what he said.

Then, Richard tilted her head upwards so he could look into her eyes.

“Selosa.” He gazed at her for a moment and kissed her in the mouth. “Napaka selosa mo, sweetheart.” There was a smile of satisfaction on his face. Then, he kissed her again , this time more passionately.

“Are we going to have an argument again, Mr. Lim? Are you complaining?” She lovingly asked when they stopped kissing to catch their breath.

“No, Maya. I’m just happy that I still have you.’ He hugged her tightly. “Hmm, Maya, parang tulog na talaga ang mga lola mo ah.”

“So? Malamang tulog na ang mga yon kasi maaga talaga yun matulog. And which reminds me, we need to sleep na rin dahil umaga ang kasalan.” Maya stood up to get ready to go to her room. Richard did the same but he pulled her towards him for another hug.

He then whispered in her ear. “Pwede tabi na lang tayo matulog?”

“Ano?” Maya was surprised but saw the pleading eyes of Richard. “Gusto mo namang magka problema sa mga lola ko ‘no? Hindi pa nga tayo nakakapag-usap ng masinsinan, eh. Hindi pwede!” Her firm response.

“Sweetheart, na miss lang naman kita for almost a month. Hindi tayo nag usap ng three weeks then I was in China for a week. I just want to hold you in my arms. At pwede nga tayong mag-usap ng masinsinan ngayon na.” He defended himself as he kept his arms around her.

The way he was looking at her was melting Maya’s heart. So before she would agree, she just kissed him on the lips lightly and said. “Good night Ricky. See you tomorrow.”


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