When Two Collide – Teaser

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to Charissa.

Author: Charissa


When Two Collide teaser


Maya Dela Rosa, 29 years old, second child of Arturo Dela Rosa and Teresita Dela Rosa who owns the biggest airline in the country which is the Time Airways. She finished her course Business Administration at University of the Philippines, and she took up his MBA abroad. She’s now back to continue her father’s legacy in business as the new CEO of their company because her father had just retired.

Richard Lim, 42 years old, CEO of Lim Aviation, he is still a bachelor at his age. His life revolves on his aviation, which made him popular not only in the country. He is the only son of Chinese business tycoon Roberto Lim and Esmeralda Lim. Because of his attitude everyone was afraid on him. That’s why he was tag as the Tiger of Asia.


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