Foolish Hearts – Finale

A/N: This is a continuation to Foolish Hearts – part 21

Author: Hanah6181


Finale Chapter – Celebration

Richard and Maya’s church wedding was set to mid June to be held at the small parish church in their barrio. The date was agreed on the day Richard’s parents visited San Nicolas when they did the traditional pamanhikan. It will be celebrated by the parish priest that counseled them in April. Maya realized that she really wanted that smaller venue for the wedding as it will be more intimate gathering of their families and friends.

Although they only had less than two months preparation, the wedding planner was able to organize all the services and requirements for the pre-wedding and the main event.

Their theme was modern Filipiniana in white and blue colors since blue was the couples’ favorite color. Reception was going to be at La Esperanza hotel, the biggest local hotel in San Nicolas. The guests coming from Manila had an option to take a chartered bus and stay overnight at the hotel and inns in town, all courtesy of Lim family.

Their pre-nuptial photos were taken at the PUS grounds where they first met. The motif was the student and the professor. They even had the re-enactment phone on the stairs when Maya tripped and landed on Richard. They also had their photos taken at their most romantic place where Richard first confessed and proposed to her.


At last the most awaited day arrived. Richard anxiously waited for his bride in front of the chapel. He thought he wouldn’t feel that way in as much as they were sure of each other and nothing could stop their church wedding. His father joined him to wait outside.

“Son, are you okay?” Roberto patted his son’s shoulder.

“Excited lang Pa. I didn’t expect to feel this way. I was fine until we reached the chapel a while ago.” He gave his father a tentative smile.

“Don’t worry, everything’s going to be fine.” His father assured him.

The wedding ceremony started at the exact hour they planned. As the wedding entourage walked down the aisle, Richard’s heartbeats were racing in anticipation of seeing his bride. He hasn’t seen her for a day in adherance to wedding custom so he barely slept the previous night. Just a day of not seeing her was very uncomfortable for him.

Then, he saw her at the entrance of the chapel slowly walking towards him, his heart thumped loudly. She looked so beautiful in her wedding gown. The glow in her face made her so radiant almost ethereal. He couldn’t contain the happiness he was feeling at that moment. He was teary eyed but kept it in check. However, when he noticed that Maya was in tears as she walked down the aisle, his own tears finally fell.

When they faced each other in front of the altar, it was very evident that they were very much in love. Even the priest teased them about their tears of joy. He wished them well in their union with their faith at the center of their loving relationship. The ceremony was solemn and intimate as they wanted it to be.

Richard’s and Maya’s vows verbalized the feelings they have for each other and how deep their love was.

He uttered his promise. “Maya, when you landed on my chest when we first met, you have captured my heart. My life has never been the same. I have been happy every day that I spent with you. I promise to love you faithfully, with all my heart, with sincerity and with all honesty. Never in your life will you ever doubt my love for you as I intend to cherish you, protect you and our family for the rest of my life. ”

Maya’s heart was overwhelmed by his promise. “Ricky, thank you for coming to my life. Katulad mo, my days have never been happier. I love you with all my heart and soul. I will respect and have faith in your love for me. Ipinapangako kong aalagaaan kita at ang mga magiging anak natin. I will be your partner sa lahat ng hirap at ginhawa. I love you and my life will be incomplete without you.”

After hearing each other’s vows, neither one of them heard the latter part of the ceremony. They were so engrossed with each other’s presence and their love for each other. The next thing they knew, the priest and guests were telling them to kiss. And so, they did. It was a short sweet kiss.

As they gazed at each other tenderly, another kiss out of their own volition happened. The second kiss was longer, more passionate forgetting they had a chapel full of people watching them. People roared with laughter and teased them.

“Woohooo….” They were clapping. “Ilang na minutes na ba ‘yan?” Ysabel’s voice was heard.

“Ehem… kiss the bride pa lang tayo. The honeymoon starts after the reception.” It was the priest who brought them back to their senses.

Maya was all red when Richard released her. He, on the other hand, had a wide grin on his face. She had to wipe off the red lipstick on his lips with her hanky that was slightly wet from her tears.

He whispered in her ear. “I love you Mrs. Lim.” Then, he embraced her one more time. She whispered back. “I’m very happy Ricky.”

After the photo session at the church, Richard and Maya faced their parents for their blessings. They were still in near the altar when Maya’s grandparents gave them their words of wisdom. The two listened to them intently.

“Kayong dalawa, alalahanin ninyo parati ang sinumpaan ninyo ngayong araw na ito. Hindi lahat ng panahon ay laging masaya. Maaring may pagsubok kaya dapat matibay kayo mga anak.” Inang Kosang told them as she was wiping the tears in her eyes.

“Mga anak, magmahalan kayo parati ha. Bawal ang pumakabilang bahay, tandaan n’yo, lalo ka na Ricardo.” Mamang warned him but there was a smile on her face.

Richard responded. “Pangako Mang, hindi mangyayari yun. Ang takot ko lang dito sa kumander ko.” Maya just raised an eyebrow and pinched him lightly.

“Ricardo, Maya, ngayon may opisyal na basbas na kayo mula sa simbahan. Mas titibay ang pagsasama ninyo kahit kasal din kayo sa huwes. Sa totoo lang mga anak, ako’y tuwang-tuwa sa inyo. Kahit nagkaroon ng konting aberya sa mga una ninyong buwan, ang pagmamahal ninyo sa isat-isa ay nanaig.” Inang Ising added her thoughts.

It was Maya who replied to Inang Ising. “Nang, thank you po sa pagtulong sa amin ni Ricky nung time na nagkaproblema kami. Kasi po, kung hindi, baka wala tayo dito ngayon.” She hugged her grandmother after expressing her gratitude.

Then, it was Nanay Teresita’s turn. “At ngayon may bunga na ang pagmamahalan ninyo mga anak, hindi na rin lang sarili n’yo ang iisipin ninyo kungdi ang padating n’yong baby.” She finally shared her own sentiments and hugged both Richard and Maya.

Richard’s arm was around Maya and pulled her closer to him. He had that enigmatic smile as he turned to her family. “Don’t worry po. Aalagaan ko ang mag-ina ko.” He touched her stomach lightly as if also trying to communicate to their unborn child.

Maya was actually four weeks pregnant at the time of their church wedding. After the pamanhikan, they also sought approval for a civil wedding as Richard wanted to make an honest woman of out Maya immediately after what happened to them when she slept over in his house.

When he asked for pemission for the civil wedding and told them the reason behind it, he was ready for her grandparents ire but that didn’t happen despite their being old school. They understood the emotions of the young couple and were quite excited with the thought they could start having a family early.


After the blessings from the elders, the newly weds boarded their bridal car to proceed to the reception. On the drive to the hotel, Richard got a smile plastered on his face. “I love you, Mrs. Lim.” He kept on whispering on her ear so their driver won’t hear him.

“I love you more Mr. Lim.” She responded back. They were in cuddling position unmindful of the wedding attire they had on.

“So, sweetie, can I announce the other good news later?” Richard asked her. His arms still around her but was lightly touching her tummy in circular motion.

“Huh? Today din? Hindi ba nakakahiya naman na kakasal lang natin, may ganito na tayong news?” She was hesitant but nothing could dampen her ecstatic mood that day.

“And why not? The reality is we’ve been married for two months now. Our immediate families know everything so walang issue. Now, wouldn’t it be good to announce this today when the mood is just right. Unless otherwise, you want to announce a premature baby later on?”

Maya laughed at his statement. “Ikaw talaga. Wag na lang. Let’s enjoy the reception for the wedding. Saka na lang about the new baby.”

In the end, Richard relented on his wife request. He was just so happy about her pregnancy that he wanted to shout it out to the rest of the world.


They were back in Manila the day after the wedding. When they reached their new home, Richard scooped Maya in his arms as they entered the main entrance of their two story residence. The interior decor of their house was 80% complete with the remaining furnitures and fixtures at the ground floor to be delivered while they are away for their honeymoon vacation. They were scheduled to fly to Europe for a two weeks vacation the next day. So, they are staying in their new home only for a night.

“Ricky, pwede mo na akong ibaba.” Maya requested him as they entered their living room.

Instead of putting her down, Richard just chuckled and said. “Nope, sweetie. I will carry you straight to our room.” He then proceeded in climbing the stairs with Maya still on his arms. She had no choice but to hold on to him tightly which he enjoyed.

As he laid her on top of their bed, Richard joined her and held her face close to his. “Hmm, are you tired sweetheart?” He asked

“Not really, naka upo lang naman tayo sa car going back home. So, I’m not tired.” She replied.

“Good, then, pwede kitang pagudin ngayon” There was a naughty look in his eyes before he dipped his head and started nibbling her earlobe and at the same time caressing her arms.

“Ricky, sandali… magshower lang ako, okay?” She gently slid off the bed leaving him laying on his front. She opened their closet and found that she already have some clothes in there. It seemed that Liza has fully taken over in their move to their new house. After she selected a black nightie, she went to the bathroom for a quick shower.

Maya was already on her side of the bed when Richard later joined joined her. He was singing softly and she recognized the song.

♪Tonight, I celebrate my love for you
It seems the natural thing to do
Tonight, no one’s gonna find us
We’ll leave the world behind us
When I make love to you♪

She loves his freshly showered smell. Since she got pregnant, she noticed how much she loves his smell such that she always wanted to be close to him. So when she felt his arm around her waist and turning her to face him, she obliged.

Maya’s arm automatically encircled his body.

♪Tonight, I celebrate my love for you
And hope, that deep inside you’ll feel it too
Tonight, our spirits will be climbing
To a sky lit up with diamonds
When I make love to you, tonight♪

♪Tonight, I celebrate my love for you
And that midnight sun is gonna come shining through
Tonight, there’ll be no distance between us
What I want most to do is to get close to you, tonight♪

♪Tonight, I celebrate my love for you
And soon, this old world will seem brand new
Tonight, we will both discover
How friends turn into lovers, when I make love to you

Tonight, I celebrate my love for you
And that midnight sun is gonna come shining through
Tonight, there’ll be no distance between us
What I want most to do is to get close to you

Tonight, I celebrate my love for you

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