Foolish Hearts – part 21

A/N: This is a continuation to Foolish Hearts – part 20

Author: Hanah6181


Chapter 21 – Victory

Before going back to Manila, Richard, Maya and her family heard mass at the other church which Maya mentioned where they could have a wedding.

Since it was a smaller church, the priest had the time to mingle with parishioners after the service. Maya’s grandmothers are close with the priest and so they introduced Richard and Maya to him. They shared the information that the two were planning to get married. After a short conversation with the priest, Maya’s family then left them to return to the house while the two were supposed to drive back to Manila from the church.

With Richard and Maya alone with the priest, he declared. “Father, dito po kami papakasal sa simbahan n’yo pag na finalize na po yung wedding date namin.”

Maya turned to him with raised brows. It prompted him to ask. “What? Did I say anything wrong?”

“Wala, talagang tuloy na tuloy ang plano mo ha.” She teased him as she let herself be heard by the priest.

“Hay naku Father, paki sermonan mo nga itong babaeng ito at magulo ang isip. Umoo na kahapon ngayon binibiro ako. Paki sama na rin yung sermon sa pagiging selosa.” Those words earned Richard a pinch on his side that made him squirm in pain. “Aray ko!!” He touched his side that was painful.

The parish priest laughed at the two. He then asked them to go with him in his office for an impromtu counselling. An hour later, they were given blessings and were out of the church premises.


In the car, Maya can’t help notice Richard’s wide grin. After the meeting with the priest, they have been quiet each presuming that they were mulling over what they heard.

“Bakit naka ngisi ka d’yan Mr. Lim?” She asked him.

“Wala masaya lang. Di mo ba feel na parang ikinasal tayo kanina?” He momentarily took his eyes off the road to look at her while reaching out for her hand with his right hand.

He took her hand and kissed it while still driving. “What say you, Mrs. Lim?”

Maya’s heart jumped with his use of Mrs. Lim term. She felt giddy. “Actually, parang ganuon nga Mr. Lim. Parang sermon sa wedding ang ginawa sa atin ni Father. Ang kulang lang kanina yung veil, candle at pirmahan ng kontrata kasi with matching blessing pa tayo kanina.” She agreed with his sentiments.

“Ha,ha,ha, Good. Now that we have the blessings, we can discuss the date. How about next month?” He proposed. He started nibbling her fingertips that sent tiny electric shocks to her body. She pulled away her hand.

“Next month? Bakit ba talaga tayo nagmamadali? Okay na naman tayo. Besides, you have to tell you parents pa and we need to plan.” She countered.

“Alam na nina Mama at Papa. I told them last week when I was in Shanghai. In fact, they are coming over next week para makilala ang family mo. Ooops sorry, kagabi ko lang nalaman yung plano nila. So, next month is feasible dahil getting the papers completed will only take a week. Wedding coordinators can work fast if we just cover the extra fees for rush work.” He explained to her and then took back her hand. This time, he intertwined their fingers.

“Talagang pinag-isipan mo ha Mr. Lim.” She smirked. “Bakit nga tayo nagmamadali?” She asked again, not convinced.

He then slowed down the car and pulled over to the right side before he spoke to her. “Can I just say that I want to sleep at night and wake up in the morning with you by my side as soon as possible? Gusto kong kasama ka gabi-gabi.” His eyes glowed with love for her.

“Talaga? Yun lang?” She suspected something else and was blushing with the thought of it. So, she couldn’t look straight in his eyes.

“Ahhh, should I include that I also want the in between the sleeping and waking up to be with you?” He leaned over her side and almost kissed her lower temple near her ear. Goosebumps slowly crept all over her body.

“Ricky.” She was all red when she looked at him. Their nose were so close together that they could feel each others breathing. Then, he trailed kisses from her earlobe to her cheek and then to her lips. When their lips touched, there was fire burning in them.

“Maya, I love you.” He released their intertwined fingers so that he can fully envelope her in his arms after he unbuckled their seatbelts. They were kissing for a while until they were distracted by a loud honking sound from an oncoming trailer truck.

Richard drew a deep breath as he refastened her seatbelt and his. “We better get going baka ma-aksidente tayo dito sa highway.” He smiled at her. It seemed that her face had become permanently red. He was holding her hand through out their drive back to Manila.


A week after the proposal, Richard and Maya had planned a dinner out with his parents somewhere in Ortigas area. Since Maya was off that day, she decided to surprise him in his office.

When Maya came into his room, she immediately went to him to plant a kiss on his cheek. “Hi, Ricky.”

He was seated on his swivel chair. When she reached his side, he suddenly pulled her such that she fell on his lap. He wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled her neck. “Hello, Mrs. Lim. What a pleasant surprise.”

“Hmm, you are working Mr. Lim.” She tried to get up but he wouldn’t let her.

“Stay here for a while, pampa alis ng stress. I love your scent.” He hugged her tighter while he rested his head on her chest.

In turn, she kissed his forehead, then his nose, then his lips. “Ayan, madami na ‘yan. Dapat maalis na ang stress mo. I hope hindi mo sininghalan ang mga tao mo today.” She smiled at him while fixing his eyeglasses.

“Hindi naman lahat.” He smiled. Then it looked like an idea flashed in his mind. “I think you should come here often. That way, I can always get inspired in this office.” Then, he put his hand on her nape and drew her for a kiss.

They were kissing when suddenly, Richard’s intercom buzzed and Liza’s voice was on the other line.

“Boss, Ms. Samantha is here to see you. I’m sorry, I know you are busy but she is insistent.” There was a tone of impatience on Liza voice. Richard had actually instructed her not to allow Samantha in his office ever again.

“Liz, we’re about to leave…” Richard wasn’t going to let her in but it was Maya who spoke to Liza.

“Liza, sige papasukin mo na lang.” Maya gave Richard a reassuring look that it was okay with her. She was about to get up from his lap but he held her there. So, when Samantha entered his office, she actually caught Maya still on his lap with his arms around her.

“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt your moment.” Samantha’s sweet voice belied the bitchiness within her. She was looking directly at Richard.

“No, you didn’t, Sam. I think you’ve met Maya in school right? She’s my girlfriend.” Richard responded.

“Yes, Hi Maya.” It was only then Samantha acknowledged her presence.

“Hello Samantha. What brings you here? Paalis na kasi kami Richard eh. We have to meet Mama and Papa for dinner.” Richard secretly hid his surprise when she mentioned his parents. It was the first time that she referred them as Mama and Papa.

“Oh, I won’t take long. I was just going to invite Richard to another charity event. Ryan has agreed and a couple of our friends are going to sponsor it.” Samantha responded in a matter of fact tone. She didn’t seem to be affected seeing Richard and Maya in cuddling position.

“Samantha, I’m busy with business and with Maya. I won’t be able to join that event. Anyway, Ryan is already there. He can more than represent the two of us.” Richard responded coldly.

Maya then did another surprising action that caught Richard off-guard. “Ricky, pwede paki kuha na lang yung overnight bag ko sa car and move it to yours? Iwan ko na lang ang car ko dito sa office mo. Anyway, we are going home together di, ba?” Maya stood up and searched something inside her bag.

Although surprised, Richard just nodded and took the key that she handed him. “Sweetheart, will I come back for you here or we are meeting in my car?”

“Sa car mo na lang. I’ll just need to speak to Samantha sandali lang ito.” She assured him.

Richard followed her and left the two ladies inside his room. He prayed there will be no bloodshed. He wasn’t sure about Maya’s capabilities but he knew Samantha’s and she could be dangerous if she wanted to.


“So, what is it that you want to talk to me about?” Samantha’s tone was different when she was left with Maya. She stood a few feet away from Maya.

“Wala lang. Gusto ko lang sabihin sa’yo to stop coming here and trying to steal Richard from me because I won’t let you.” Maya hissed back. She sat on the sofa across where the other woman was standing. She met her eyes with equal challenge.

“Wow!! Big words. How can you say that when you two almost broke up because of me.” Samantha’s announced triumphantly.

“Excuse me, we almost broke up not because of you. It was because of me. I admit I was jealous for a while but then I realized it’s not about you at all. It could have been another girl, you are not that special. But I still should thank you. I didn’t recognize how much Richard loved me until I almost lost him. I don’t have to flaunt to you all the things he’s done for me but I assure you, he can’t be stolen by anyone especially you.” She lashed back with so much confidence that she actually believed what she just uttered.

Samantha’s tone change and was very furious. “Well, he’ll never marry you. You will never hear him propose to you.” The other woman took some steps closer to Maya as if threatening her.

Maya just smiled genuinely. “On the contrary Samantha, he proposed to me and we are getting married soon. Kung ikaw, you had to ask him. In my case, he offered me marriage on the first day that we became a couple. So, to save your face from further embarrassment, please do not come near him again. Your tricks won’t work with us.”

Samantha was teary eyed with anger as she heard the declaration of Maya especially
after Maya flashed her engagement ring. It was much larger than what she had from Richard. She had to beg to be given a ring two years ago. In frustration, she stomped out of Richard room.


As soon as Samantha left, Richard re-entered his office.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” He asked as he touched her arm. He found Maya just fixing her bag and about to go out too.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and a wide smile emerged from her lips. “Of course, I am very okay Ricky.” Then, she kissed him. She was happy that she finally got even with Samantha. The exchange of words with her was enough and confirmation of how much she loved the man in front of her.

“Well, I was concerned that something might have happened to the two of you. I was outside just in case.” He heaved a sigh of relief.

“Why did you ask me to leave. I could handle her, you know.” Richard asked.

“Mr. Lim, masyado ka ng swerte at gwapo pag nakita mo pang nagsabunutan ang dalawang babae dahil sa ‘yo. “ She openly declared with a chuckle.

Richard smiled in amusement. “Oh come on Maya, you wouldn’t stoop down to that level?”

“You’ll never know Mr. Lim Kaya from now on, mag-ingat ka. Ilang exes pa ba ang makikilala ko? Para naman mapaghandaan ko na sila.”

“Ha,ha,ha, ang selosang Mrs. Lim. Don’t bother preparing for others, matagal ng wala ang mga yon. Anyway, talaga bang sa bahay ka matutulog ngayon?” He asked with usual twinkling and hopeful eyes. As he draped his arm on her waist, about to steer her towards the door.

“Well, pag-iisipan ko uli!” She gave him a tentative answer but when he kissed her suddenly and she responded ardently, Richard felt there was a big chance she was going to agree.


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  2. Hala ka Maya! Cge pumayag ka,, lagot k sa mga lola mu! haha 😀

    Hang-TARAY ng Mayabels! Tama yang ginawa mu kay Samantha Epal! kala nya huh!?! Way to go gurl! 😀

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