Mrs. Lim Is Pregnant

A/N:  Good day, EB readers!  Happy New Year!  

Inspired by the January 6 teaser, here goes how I imagine Richard and Maya will announce their good news to the kids.

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Author: iamgarie



by iamgarie

Part 1

Left at home as Richard takes Maya to the hospital, the Lim kids can’t help but worry about their Tita Mommy.

Abby: You think Tita Mommy, will be okay?

Nikki: I hope so.

Luke: Let’s pray na lang that she’ll be okay, baby.

To say that Richard and Maya are nervous as they face the poker-faced doctor in the hospital is an understatement. They could not help but worry about what news he brings after checking Maya’s condition. Sans a smile on his face, the doctor finally says, “Mr. & Mrs. Lim, I have your results… Mrs. Lim is pregnant.”

Whew! With sighs of relief, both Richard and Maya then gaze lovingly at each other. The soon to be Daddy breaks into a heart-stopping smile and the future Mommy, does, too. They hold each other’s hands as they ask the doctor endless questions about their baby and patiently listen to his answers as well his other reminders on how to keep the baby and the soon to be mommy safe and healthy.

Part 2

Walking hand in hand, Richard and Maya leave the doctor’s office with huge smiles on their faces, unable to believe that the very words they have been hoping to hear have finally been spoken… the gift they have all been hoping, wishing, and praying for, is finally arriving in 9 months. Mrs. Maya Lim is heavy with Mr. Richard Lim’s child. Truly the perfect gift to start a brand new year!

As they board the car, Richard is still smiling. His Mrs. Lim is pregnant with their child and he is beyond himself with excitement. Although this is not the first time Richard has ever heard that line spoken to him by a doctor, he is just as happy and excited as any first time Dad is. Yes! Finally, a baby for him and his dear sweet Maya. Before he fastens his seatbelt, he cups Maya’s face with both his hands and gives her a lingering kiss, and then he envelopes his beloved wife in the warmest embrace ever. And then he stares at her, still in seeming disbelief.

Maya: (Smiling) Ano? Mahal?

Richard looks dumbfounded.

Maya squeezes his hand.

Richard: What?

Maya: Bakit ka natulala?

Richard: (Smiles) Happy, Mahal?

Maya: Sobra-sobra! Ang saya-saya ko, Mahal! Ikaw?

Richard: (Smiles and kisses her forehead) Of course!

Maya: Excited na ko, Mahal ko!

Richard: Should we tell the kids once we get home?

Maya: Siguro dapat, kasi masyado silang nag-aalala nung paalis tayo kanina, diba?

Richard: I guess you’re right. We should tell them when we get home. Pero if they’re asleep na, we can always tell them over breakfast tomorrow.

Maya: Okay. Pero pwede bang may daanan muna tayo? Gusto kong bumili ng cake, Mahal.

Richard: Of course. I can already imagine how noisy the house would be once we tell everyone.

Maya: Haha! Sobrang excited na ko. Tara na.

Part 3

When they finally get home, they find their children, Luke, Nikki and Abby, in the entertainment area, all seated in front of the TV, fast asleep.

Maya: Mahal, naghihintay talaga sila, o.

Richard: Should we wake them up and tell them now?

Maya: Wag muna. Bababa muna ko. Kunin ko yung cake and mag-prepare ako ng juice…

Richard: No, you stay here and sit. I’ll be the one to get the cake and prepare the juice.

Maya: Sigurado ka? Marunong ka bang mag-timpla ng juice? Haha.

Richard: Are you underestimating me, my dear wife? Kaya ko yun, okay?

Maya: Mahal, wag ka nang magtimpla ng juice. Tubig na lang. Mas healthy pa yun.

Richard: Yes, water is healthier, but is that the real reason why you don’t want me to prepare the juice?

Maya: Hihi! Oo naman. Mahal, wag mo kalimutan mag-akyat ng plato, tinidor, at…

Richard: Mahal ko, relax. Ako bahala.

Part 4

With the cake and water now ready on the coffee table, Richard and Maya wake up their kids.

The kids all talk simutaneously as they see their Tita Mommy–

Luke: Okay ka lang po, Tita Mommy?
Nikki: Are you okay na, Tita Mommy?
Abby: You’re okay na po, Tita Mommy?

Richard: (Smiles and holds Maya’s hand) Your Tita Mommy is okay. In fact, she’s more than okay.

Nikki: More than okay, Dad? But didn’t she vomit several times kanina?

Richard: Yes, but she’s okay. That’s why we’re celebrating.

Abby: Kasi po she’s okay?

Richard: Yes, and we’re celebrating something else.

Luke: (Gives his Dad a knowing smile) Dad, does this mean…

Richard: Yes, Luke… Kids, listen…

Nikki: (Smiles giddily and shrieks in delight) Oh my gee! Oh my gee! Really, Daddy?  Tita Mommy?

Maya: (Smiles at the two elder kids) Yes, Luke, Nikki… Totoo na talaga ‘to! Positive!

Abby: Positive?

Richard: Your Tita Mommy is pregnant!

Maya: Baby, magiging Ate ka na!

Abby: Really?!? Yes! I’ll have a baby brother na!!!

All three kids approach Maya and hug her.

Richard: About that, baby, we’re not sure yet if you’ll have a baby brother or a baby sister.

Nikki: Don’t worry, Dad, Tita Mommy! I’m hoping and praying for twins! One boy and one girl. Wouldn’t that be great?

Abby: Yes, Ate! I’m so excited na po. (Hugs Richard and Maya) I love you Daddy and Tita Mommy!

Nikki: Me, too, Dad, Tita Mommy!

Luke: Siyempre ako din!

Richard and Maya hug all three kids.

Maya: O, kain na!

Richard and Maya hand the kids slices of cake and glasses of water. As they eat, the smiles on the faces of Richard, Maya, Luke, Nikki and Abby, never escape their lips.

Once finished, Luke and Nikki, clean up the coffee table.

Part 5

As the kids kiss their Dad and Tita Mommy good night, Abby asks–

Daddy, Tita Mommy, can I sleep with you tonight? Since, there’s a baby na naman in Tita Mommy’s tummy, okay lang po diba?

Richard and Maya laugh and both answer at the same time, “Hahaha! Sige, baby.”

Nikki: What about me? Can I sleep with you rin?

Luke: Me, too, Dad, Tita Mommy! I’ll take care of the sleeping bags.

Richard: Sure. / Maya: Sige.

Abby: Wow, Ate, Kuya! Parang camping!

Luke: Oo nga ‘no, baby?

Nikki: Yes! This is going to be a really fun night!

Part 6

Inside the masters’ bedroom

Luke, Nikki, and Abby give both their Daddy and Tita Mommy a kiss good night while they’re all side by side each other in bed.

Richard: Good night, kids.

Maya: Abby, baby, gusto mo ikaw mag lead ng prayer tonight?

Abby: Okay po… In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Dear Papa Jesus, please bless Daddy, Tita Mommy, Kuya Luke, Ate Nikki, me, and everyone we love… Thank you for the best New Year’s gift. A new baby for the family. We are all excited na po. We all promise to take good care of Tita Mommy and to always love and be kind to each other like Daddy and Tita Mommy always tell us to.  Papa Jesus, pwede po you grant Ate Nikki’s request? She wants twins kasi. A baby boy and a baby girl. I think it would be so much fun to have two babies in the family at the same time. Thank you po. Good night… In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Richard: Okay. Sige na, lie down na.

Abby: Daddy, I can’t sleep pa. I want to ask something kasi.

Nikki: Me, too.

Richard: Okay, what is it?

Abby: Daddy, Tita Mommy, do you have a name na po for the baby?

Richard: Wala pa.

Maya: Oo. May gusto akong pangalan. Julio pag lalaki and Julia pag babae.

Richard: (Looks shocked) What?!?

Luke: (Mirroring his Dad’s shock) Talaga, Tita Mommy?

Maya: Oo. Pero mukhang ayaw ng Daddy nyo kaya Cedie na lang.

Richard: (Teases Maya) And kung girl ‘Sarah’?

Richard and Maya both laugh.

Abby: That’s right! Diba po sila yung munting prinsepe and munting prinsesa? Bagay na babies ng Mahal na Hari and Mahal na Reyna si Cedie and Sarah!

They all laugh…

Nikki: Can we help suggest names for the baby?

Maya: Siyempre naman, Nikki.

Abby: Tita Mommy, what do you want the baby to call you?

Maya: Ah, Mommy siguro.

Abby: Can I also call you Mommy after the baby is born?

Maya: Sigurado ka?

Abby: Yes, Tita Mommy. I don’t want the baby to ask why we call you Tita Mommy, tapos siya Mommy. Eh baby mo naman din po ako, diba?

Maya: Awww! Baby… Halika nga dito (gives Abby a hug)

Nikki: I have an even better idea. That is, if Tita Mommy will agree.

Maya: Ano yun?

Nikki: Can we call you Mommy starting tonight?

Maya: Sigurado kayo? Pano na Mommy nyo?

Nikki: She’s our Mom pa rin. The Mom who gave birth to us.  Our Mom in heaven. Pero you’re really our Mommy na rin po, diba?  We may not have grown inside your tummy, pero we all grew in your heart naman, diba po? And we don’t want our little baby brothers and sisters to ever feel they’re different from us. We’re one family, diba? So, is it okay if we call you, Mommy, too?

Luke: Sali din po ako diyan ha.

Maya: (In tears) Siyempre naman okay na okay sa kin yun.  Mahal na mahal ko kaya kayo.  Halika nga kayo lahat dito… (Hugs all three kids)

Luke, Nikki and Abby: We love you, Mommy!

Richard: What about me? Where’s my hug?

Luke, Nikki, and Abby: (Hugs Richard) We love you, too, Daddy!

Richard: I love you, kids. But it’s getting late. It’s time to get some sleep.

The kids get off the bed and lie side by side each other in the sleeping bags Luke prepared.

With all three kids asleep, Maya smiles lovingly at her sleeping husband and gives him a kiss. Richard is suddenly awakened by Maya’s kiss.

Richard: Gising ka pa, Mahal? O, bakit ka umiiyak?

Maya: Ang saya-saya ko kasi. Kanina nung tinawag nila akong Mommy, biglang tumalon ang puso ko. Sobrang saya ko talaga, Mahal.

Richard: Me, too, Maya! I felt your happiness. I felt so happy, too. Our kids really love you.

Maya: And ako din, Mahal ko. Mahal na mahal ko sila. Kahit pa ilang babies pa magkaroon tayo, hinding-hindi mababawasan ang pagmamahal ko kay Luke, Nikki, and Abby.

Richard kisses Maya on the lips and tells her, “I know, Mahal! And you know what? I love you all the more for that. You are God’s best gift to me.”

Maya: And siyempre, yung mga anak natin, best gifts din yun, diba?

Richard: Of course. I love you, Mommy. Dream of me, okay?

Maya: Siyempre naman. I love you, Daddy!

Unknown to Richard and Maya, Nikki is still wide awake and can hear them as they talk.  And like her Mommy, she is in tears, too. Nikki wipes away her happy tears and silently prays, “Thank you for the best family, Papa Jesus. Thank you for giving us Ti– Mommy.  When Mom left, I thought we will never ever be one happy family again. What Daddy said is true. She is God’s best gift to us. Thank you for allowing her to enter our lives and making us happy and whole all over again. I am so sorry for being so mean to Mommy in the beginning. We all love her so much. Please keep her and the baby or hopefully, the babies, in her tummy safe. Thank you, Papa Jesus. Good night.”


Disclaimer: I do not own the creative minds behind ABS-CBN’s Be Careful with My Heart TV show. This creative endeavor is just for fan fiction purposes. The characters are ABS-CBN’s BCWMH TV show’s sole property.

Allow me to acknowledge and thank BCWMH’s brilliant Creative Team as some of the scenes and lines mentioned in most of the pieces here were taken from the TV series.



25 thoughts on “Mrs. Lim Is Pregnant

  1. I love your version of the story, better and more kilig! I hope the creative team can pick up some lines to spice their on-screen dialogues. Btw, that was a touching scene, their decision to use Mommy instead of “Tita Mommy” (which now begins to sound awkward and lame on tv)

    • Awww! Thanks, sweetlemon! You just made my day with your very kind words! I guess lahat siguro tayo, we’re all waiting for that day the Lim kids will finally call Maya ‘Mommy’! Let’s all hope that’ll happen soon. 🙂

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