Restless – Chapter 12

Admin Note: This is a continuation to Restless – Chapter 11.

Author: Ricci 


Chapter 12 – Pursuit

Richard slowly opened his eyes, and was greeted by pain that stabbed his eyes and embeds itself on his head.  He adjusted his vision, and blinked dazedly as he saw unfamiliar ceiling, curtains, and furnitures.  He’s not in his home, he thought, trying to recall back memories from last night.  He felt lethargic, and couldn’t seem to think beyond the heaviness and ache on his head.

His mind floated aimlessly for several minutes, and then it suddenly hit him – he’s in Maya’s condo. And he was incredibly and shamelessly drunk last night. He jerked upright and winced at a sudden headache remembering broken pieces of memories from last night.

“Good morning.”

Richard heard, taken aback in hearing a man’s voice. “Who the hell are you?” He asked without looking at him, massaging his sore head with his fingers.

“I’m Emman, Maya’s housemate.”

“You must be kidding me.  Where is she?” Richard glowered; mad at being left out to face this total stranger instead of her.

“Work.”  Emman responded to him coolly, totally unruffled.  “She specifically asked me to get anything you want before she left. Would you like something for your hangover? Coffee? Juice? Pain killer?”

“Quit badgering me.” Richard replied in a frustrating tone as he leaned back on the seat and closed his eyes. “What time is she coming back?”

“The day after tomorrow, I think.  She has a flight schedule today to Tokyo.”

Richard eyes snapped open, “Fine.  Tell her that I’m coming back … “ He paused looking at his audience for the first time in a curious and confused way. He didn’t realize until now that Emman was different.   All the while, when he heard the man’s voice, he thought suspiciously of Maya living with a man which made him green with anger.

“Mr. Lim?”

“Give me a few minutes to regain my senses, and will you get me some coffee and aspirin?”

For several minutes, Richard stayed still as images marched insistently behind his aching head. He remembered that after hearing the news from Hana, he postponed his conference meeting and went home restless,… and had a bit of liquor…, asked his driver to take him to Maya’s place and instructed him to do everything he can to get pass the lady guard.

He laughed softly – either his driver was a charmer or the security in this condo was poor for he was able to pass by the security guard.

The rest of his memories were blurred but one thing was certain – he couldn’t let her go.  The thought of another man holding and kissing her was giving him nightmares that even in his waking hours, he was distracted.

There were two things he clearly remembered last night, and that he was sure of – the kiss, and that Maya still felt something for him. She came into his life, and surprisingly wedged herself into every corner of his heart and it seemed that he has no choice but to move forward.  She was going to be his in every way, and to accomplish that, he was now prepared to move heaven and earth to gain back her trust, and for her to accept him.

He expected resistance, and he’s sure that she’s probably making plans now on how to stay away from him.  His smiled a promise for her and a warning – after today, he would not easily be put off.  Even if his conscience pricked at him a bit, he excitedly schemed and looked forward to whatever challenge that he’ll be facing to get her even if she’s committed.


Maya returned to Manila after two days. She dreaded coming back knowing that she have to face whatever is lurking after that encounter with Richard two days ago.

Next time, I won’t open the door for him. She thought. The first time I did that, I lost my heart to him, and two days ago, I completely lost my head.  It was only a kiss.  She crossed her fingers and tried to be optimistic that Richard won’t remember it in his drunken state.

She dismissed all thoughts of him by keeping herself occupied with the task at home – her laundry, ironing, and all kinds of housework that she can think of.  She was exhausted, and for a one night, she slept soundly.

When she woke up the next day, she felt a little better, and resolved not to dwell on thoughts of the man with a dimple, who’s committed to someone, and so far away from her reach.  Whatever it takes, she will not succumbed to his charms.


“Maya, phone call for you.”  Emman told her while covering the phone’s mouthpiece.  “It’s Richard Lim.” He mouthed the name.

Maya frowned, and immediately shook her head in a gesture that she’s not going to answer the call.

She nervously looked at Emman as he makes excuses that she’s not around. She thought that she should at least talk to him and find out what he wanted.  She hesitated, then decided. Nope! She shouldn’t.  Whatever Richard wanted to talk about is irrelevant – she doesn’t want to encourage him.  He’s committed, and she has no plans to mixed up with the likes of him.

“Mr. Lim, Would you like to leave a message?”

“No. What time is she coming back?”

“I’m not sure eh.”

“It’s alright Emman.  I understand perfectly.” Emman heard laughter on the other line before he hangs up.

“Emman, what did he said? Did he leave any message?”

“He did not say much, nor did he leave any message.” He stared at the phone, confused as to how to make of that reaction from Richard. “Strange, but he seems amused from his tone of voice.” Emman replied and pinned his gaze at Maya with one brow arched, curious and expectant as to some kind explanation. “Well?”

“Well what?”

“Lagot ka Maya! What did you do ba? He seems to be into you. 

“I didn’t do anything, and I’ve already told you about him before I left for Tokyo.” Maya informed him.  For some reason, Richard’s reaction made Maya feel acutely uneasy. Surely, he’s not up to something.

Before Emman could proceed with asking more questions to her, the doorbell rang which made both of them jump.

“Ano beh? If not the phone, door bell naman.  Whatever happened to my peaceful day off at home?”  Emman muttered as he stood up to answer the door while Maya looked on and giggled on the side.

“What is it?”

“Delivery for you and should be delivered to you right away daw.  Kalain mo, yong guard pa mismo umakyat to bring it here.”

Intrigued, Maya stared intently at the mysterious package, checking at the wrapper for the identity of the sender. Emman leaned over her shoulder, his eyes bright with interest. “It’s from him, isn’t it?”

Cautiously, Maya unwrapped the box, and discovered a folded note inside as she scanned it silently, confused by his message.

Truce? – Richard”

She lifted the lid of the blue velvet box, and gasped as she saw its content – the most exquisite pearl dropped pendant she had ever seen – it was suspended in a cascade of graduated bezel set of diamonds in a white gold thin chain. Dumbfounded, she stared at the elegant piece – it was beautiful, and somehow reminded her of the pearl earring that she misplaced. “I… I’ll have to return it,” she said

“Huh? Why?”  Emman asked with immediate disapproval. “You should keep it.  With his wealth, I don’t think he’ll missed much.  That’s not even a kurot for him.

Maya closed the lid of the box, her mind racing.  Of course, I must return it – she would never dare accept a gift from a man, most especially from Richard Lim, and yet she was pleased that he’s taken an interest in her, but, but, but… She thought, flushing in delight and dismay. …he’s committed, and he’s way off her radar – too filthy rich for her taste.

Oh no!  I hope I did not gave him a mixed signal to think that I’ll probably return the favor – he doesn’t seem to be the kind of man to give something for nothing. She muttered to herself. Definitely, I will return it.



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