Honeymoon – First Night

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to TheRayter. 

A/N:  Honeymoon-First night (Aligaga version – Baka if ganito ang nangyari eh nagkarun pa ng Honeymoon Baby). A onetime Oneshot FF-@ThatRayTer_Mdb

Author: TheRayter




Hands entwined they walk in complete silence along the beach, gentle waves lapping at their bare feet.  Richard decided that they go for a walk when he sensed his new bride’s nervousness.

She hugged herself as the cool salty night breeze touched her skin.

“Cold?” He draped his arms on her shoulder and pulled her closer to him.


“Would you like to go back now?”

“Okay…” She tense a little. She knew that Richard felt it too but did not say anything. She could have kicked herself for feeling so tense and weirdly nervous and more. The moment they boarded their plane on the way to their honeymoon after the wedding, she was besiege by this weird feelings caused by mixed emotions she cannot put a tab on.

Silently they trace their way back to the hotel, Richard told her she can use the shower first…she did and she was in bed lying tensely on her side when later on Richard emerged from the shower and joined her in bed. She laid there her back to Richard’s side of the bed, unmoving even her breathing controlled, her eyes tightly shut. She can hear his breathing, felt him move closer and put his arms on her waist, she tried to control her body from tensing.  He kissed her nape lightly and tightens his hugged a little.

“Goodnight” He whispered.

Her heart goes out for him, how can she feel this way on the first night of their honeymoon? This should be a happy night of the many firsts that they would be sharing as husband and wife and she’s ruining it…What could he be thinking? Maybe he thought I’m playing tricks on him again… she was not able to suppress the sob that escaped her.

“Hey…baby what’s wrong?” He said pulling himself up so he could see her face.

“Baby talk to me…” He said, pulling her, making her face him.

“Oh Ricky I’m sorry…” She said hugging him, hiding her face on his chest.

“Sorry for what?”  He pushed her away a little so he can look at her face, wiping the tears silently racing from her eyes.

“For this…for feeling this way…for ruining our first night together, I don’t understand myself either.” She wailed.

“Shhh…Tell me how you feel” Ricky said patiently like pacifying a little girl.

“I don’t know…I feel so tense, so nervous…scared even…I don’t know…and to add to that I feel awfully guilty for ruining this for you…for us. “

“Sssh…silly woman. You are not ruining anything for me…for us; there is no need to be guilty. Brides feeling nervous and tense and even scared on their first night are normal”

“You think so?” She said looking at him.

“Well…ah… I’ve never been a bride on a honeymoon so I cannot say through experience…but you love can write a book about it after tonight” He said suppressing his laughter unsuccessfully.

She glared at him poking his side which made him laugh even more, and soon they were both laughing and rolling in bed, tickling each other. This made Maya relax releasing the tenseness inside.

“Would you be very disappointed if we will not…ummmhh if nothing will happen tonight…I mean” She’s babbling moments later.

“No I won’t be disappointed baby…I am too happy to allow anything to ruin it.  We are here tonight as man and wife, I can hold you like this. Sleep with you in my arms knowing that I’ll be waking up tomorrow with you beside me, more than enough reasons to be happy. There is no rush baby…we have a lifetime ahead of us remember? We can take our time…take it slow. I can wait some more love and knowing that you are mine now makes a big difference. This kind of waiting is agonizingly sweet my love…makes me more alive with anticipation  and more” He took her hand and place it in his heart for her to feel the beating of his heart.

She smiled …all her burdens gone.

“I love you Ricky…I want to make you happy, want you to be happy with me, give you no room for second thought, for doubt or regret that you have waited for me for so long. Maybe deep inside I fear that I might fail, that I might not be able to give you what you deserve. Not make you happy”

“Hush my love…just love me the way you want to, the way you know how…the way you can. Just love me and that’s all I need” he said kissing her forehead.

Maya sigh contentedly and close her eyes. She feels light all the tenseness, nervousness and fear gone as she drifted into a peaceful sleep in his arms.

She woke up feeling thirsty, gently she removed his arms careful not wake him up. The cold water wipe away the remnant of sleep in her, she went to the balcony overlooking the open sea.

She sigh as she breath in the tangy air. She was mesmerized by the rawness of the beauty she can see from the horizon. It’s almost dawn but not quiet and the byplay of the faintest light slowly itching its way through the darkness illuminates the clear blue ocean…creating changing dancing hues.

Strong arms wrapped around her. She smiled, leaned her head on his chest and closed her eyes, feeling the salty breeze of dawn on her face.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” She said her eyes still close.

“Yes…beautiful” His voice almost husky in her ears. His warm breath tickle her nape. Both unaware that they are referring to different scene. She was referring to nature, he is referring to her, standing there in her flimsy nightgown that reaches her toes but practically covering nothing.  The gentle sea breeze and the faint light outlining every delectable curves of her…promising…hypnotising him…luring him. His arms tighten, his palm opening spreading on her tummy…his breath warmer as he nuzzle her nape…not kissing but simply fanning her skin with his warm breathing, giving her a delicious feeling of anticipation. She pressed her back to him feeling the hardness of his body, moved her head to the side to give way to what he is doing. His thumb moving slightly… caressing a small portion of her tummy, sending shiver deep deep down.

His nuzzling change into tiny moist kisses on her shoulder, her neck, her nape…to every exposed skin his lips can find…leaving burning sensation…leaving her frustrated…wanting…wanting for more. Her hand moved…caressing the arms tightly wrapped around her…covering his palm… then slowly guiding it up…up to where she aches to be hold and caress. She gasped when his palm closed on her breast where she lead it and slowly move to give her what she wants. His other hand following the lead, involuntarily her body move wanting more and his hands responded to her silent plea.


Richard’s lips hotter on her skin, biting nipping trailing wet kisses on her shoulder blades on her neck, reaching for her jaw, her upper arms …as he push her night dress off her shoulder until it dropped on her feet leaving her almost naked saved for the tiny lace left. Richard made no move to turn her around, he continue to trail kisses down her back tracing her spine with his tongue, his hands as busy as his tongue and lips…with one moving down making patterns on her skin, leaving it tingling with sensation.  She drew in a sharp breath as it reaches its ultimate destination, telling her where she ache the most. It moves gently on top of her lacy undergarment scorching her into a throbbing sweet sensation.

“Sir Chief…” She whisper his name to his ears…her breath equally warm.

In response he pressed himself towards her…letting her know that they share the same sweet agony. She moved to face him…her arms wrapped around his neck, pressing her body to him. He started kissing her face, forehead, her eyelids, her nose before finally claiming her impatient lips. She kissed him back with all the ardour  she could feel inside, her hands moving on his chest eager to touch…to explore his body.

“Take me to bed Ricky…”

He obliges lifted her kissing her again…gently he lay her in bed. Maya almost cried in protest when he broke their connection leaving her alone in bed, feeling a little conscious about her nakedness. She look at him from under her lashes, he is  standing at the foot of the bed looking at her almost in awe , showing her the byplay of emotions on his face…in his eyes.  It’s all there for her to see…his need, his reverence, and his love. Suddenly she saw it, understood what he meant by his words, accepted it and believed it. Yes she can make him happy… only her…no one else could. And she will.

Her body relax, her inhibition vanished…she move to complete her nakedness holding his eyes… stretched herself… all for him to see and more. For a moment they stay like that…communicating in different language…understanding each other, accepting, knowing each other deeper.

Her lips slightly parted as she raised her hands to him…an invitation…a complete giving of herself…a total surrender…submitting herself as a wife should to her husband.

His lovemaking was gentle…giving …guiding her as she discovers her body as she discover his. There will be time for his needs…tonight was hers.

“Ricky…please” She’s quivering…shaking with the need so new to her yet she was so sure what it is.

“Yes love…” He moved…bringing her to another discovery…teaching her a new rhythm and together they lose themselves to the tempo of emotions and sensations…giving…taking…sharing.

The last memory of her before she drifted again into a happy sated sleep is his face as he reached the ultimate peak, she can almost cry seeing him in such state… happy … satisfied…Yes she can make him happy, with her love, her devotion…with her body and she can’t wait to bring him again to that state…was her last thought that left a smile on her face.

Rayter’s note:

The plot was not written originally for SC&M. This was written as a special chapter for a fanfic I wrote for a different pair na una kong kinahumalingan before( SC&M). When I first got hooked with bcwmh I promised myself that I won’t write any fanfic for them, I will just be an ordinary fan, manonood at makikikilig. I’ll let the writers take care of the story for me. But the energy of the TAs in our group is so nakakahawa. So I decided to post a Oneshot FF. This was not copied verbatim since I have to tweak it a little to fit SC&M, so no worries for any copyright issues, aside from the fact that I own this 100%, I’m also from a Publishing Industry so I know the technicalities hahaha . Para lang dun sa mga nabitin sa honeymoon in Japan hehehe-TheRayTer (A member of TA group)


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