Do You Believe IV


Some of the scenes may not be suitable for very young readers, parental guidance is advised.

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Do You Believe I | Do You Believe II  | Do You Believe III

“Doctor Lim!” a voice yelled from his back. Richard turned and saw Claire, Dr. Tan’s secretary.

“Oh! Yes?” Richard’s eyes were a lot smaller than their usual size, maybe due to the party last night, for staying up too late.

“Doctor Tan called for an emergency meeting, and the meeting had started ten minutes ago” Claire answered hurriedly.

“Ok, I’ll just give my prescriptions to my patient for discharge today” Richard answered then vanished right away.

“Good morning miss Maya!” Ben beamed when she entered his room, it is like nothing had happen to him, his wounds have healed partially.

“Good morning too Ben.”  Maya greeted as she checks his IV.

“Have you met him?” Ben asked, his eyes were pinned outside.

“Met who?” Maya asked her voice was flat

“I know you know whom I’m talking about” Ben  grinned, his eyes still pinned outside.

“Ah! I remember Mr. Lim right?” Maya asked as she checks his pulse beat.

“Precisely! Have you?” Finally, Ben’s eyes turned to Maya, this time his eyes were sparkling, filled with glee and enthusiasm.

“Ah, I have met him”.

“Oh! he’s divine, right?” Ben asked right away even if Maya is not yet finished talking.

“Sort of” Maya answered back. “What sort of!” Her inner goddess was stumping her foot and tsking.

“What?” Ben asked “You only find him ‘sort of’. Geez! What kind of eye sight do you have?” Ben’s voice is desperate and irritated.

“Ben!” his mother restrained.

“No it’s fine ma’am” Maya answered as she writes something in his chart. “I haven’t seen him up to now, maybe he’s on a meeting”

“This is a bit rush Richard but I’ve got no other choice” Dr. Tan explains, trying to find the best words, and then he continued,” Claire overlooked my schedules, and I’m supposed to be in London tomorrow but my son’s wedding is scheduled this weekend” Richard cut him off.

“And you wanted me to be your surrogate?” Richard said with his signature poker face then he smiled.

“I owe you big-time Richard” Dr. Tan’s smile is ear-to-ear. “I’ll have your papers arranged and Claire will give you the details for the conference” he finished as he enters the toilet.

“Good morning ma’am, Ben’s release papers are with me, he can go any moment you want as long as all the bills are settled” Ram said as he signs Ben’s release papers.

“But where’s Dr. Lim?” Ben asked as he sits himself.

“Oh! Richard, he asked me to be the one to discharge you because he’s busy fixing his papers for his flight.”

Just when Ram is about to finish, Maya entered the room with Ben’s morning medicines. She was able to hear Ram’s last two words, goose bumps traveled all over her without knowing why. The door slammed unintentionally.

“Oh! Hello there!” Ram exclaimed as he sees Maya approaching.

Her eyes were searching for something and or maybe for someone. Ben caught a glimpse of her behind Ram he looks like he knew what or who she’s looking for.

“Good morning Dr. Ram good morning ma’am and to you again Ben, I just brought you your medicines” Maya almost stuttered as she gathers her shattered thoughts because of what she have heard and maybe of the absence of that someone she expected to see. “A—a I should be going I still have to give my other patients’ medicines” she almost stumbled as she tries to walk faster just to escape the awkward atmosphere inside.

“He—he—hey, Maya!” Ram yelled as he turns to face Maya’s direction. “Can you walk me outside?” Ram asked and she nodded.

Before the two were gone Ben called Maya and they both turned around.

“He told me Dr. Lim’s leaving tomorrow” Ben sounds disappointed.

Ram looked at Maya quizzically with his eyebrow raised

“Ah, ok.” Was all she was able to say.

She knows she was too thrifty with her words to him, it wasn’t her intention but her tongue seems to be betraying her. Then she finally added, “And don’t forget to take your medicine, I’ll see you before leave”. Then they vanished and the door slammed behind them.

“So you’ve met Chard last night?” Ram asked.

Maya just nodded as they continue to walk then bowed her head as if feeling embarrassed. Both were silent until a voice from their back came. The voice was familiar, but she can’t figure whose voice it was. Ram turned his back to see who it was while Maya was frozen, unable to make a move.

“Hey Chadie!” Ram yelled as Richard approaches.

“I’m with Ma” he trailed off when he saw no one beside him.

Richard tilted his head to check whom he was talking about.

“You’re with whom?” Richard asked teasingly.

“H–hi good morning” Maya stutters as she thinks of a great alibi why she was inside of that room surprisingly. “Oh! I—I think I’ve entered the wrong room” corn bits of sweat where pouring from her forehead even if the hospital is fully air-conditioned. She’s still holding the door knob and pressing her back against the cold wooden door. “I — I should be going sorry for disturbing you” she left the room leaving the old man and his wife with a huge question mark on their faces.

When she went out of the room her embarrassment wasn’t over, Richard and Ram are still conversing outside. They say her anguished look and bits of sweat flowing through her cheeks.

“Hey!” Ram turned his attention to her, “Where have you been? I thought you were just right next to me” Ram asked as his eyebrows were an inch higher than usual.

“I—I checked on one of my patients” she too feels unconvinced with her alibi.

Richard’s buffed god-like face turned to see her. While Ram in between the two moved his eyes from him to her teasingly. The world seemed to stop. The time seemed to slow down.

“Well I guess there’s no need to introduce you to one another” Ram finally broke the silence and the two were back to reality. The world started to spin again and the time seemed to be running past them again.

“A—oh, yes, yes we’ve met last night at the party” Richard finally turned his gaze to Ram.

“Yeah, right, oh I’ll leave you two there, still got a lot of patients to visit” “What patients? Ben is your last patient remember?” her inner goddess yells at her.

“Maya, keep calm” she inhales and bursts her exhale as she tries to calm herself in front of the mirror inside the bathroom. “You like him don’t you?” her inner goddess teases. “No I don’t and I will never have a feeling for that arrogant guy” she answers back as if she’s really talking to someone. “Is he really arrogant or you are just intimidated to him when you first met horribly?” She shook her head trying to escape her intriguing inner goddess. Good thing someone knocked on the door, Cher.

“Maya?” Cher called as she knocks on the door. “Are you ok?” She asked when Maya didn’t answer.

“Ye—yes I’m fine, I’ll be out in a minute” she answered back.

When she went out and saw Cher standing right in front of her with her concerned face she smiled.

“What happened? You look exhausted” Cher asked and she seems to be unsure of Maya’s appearance aside from being exhausted.

“Nothing, I’m fine don’t worry”  Maya answered as she makes her way out of Cher’s interrogating look.

“I know you’re up to something or maybe someone, but I’ll give you time, just let me know when you’re ready” Cher said as she returns to the station desk.

“I sure will” Maya answered back but Cher seems not to hear her.

“So you’re flying tomorrow huh?” Ram said as they sit and sip their coffee in the café next to the hospital.

“Me too was surprised” though he doesn’t sound like he really was.

“That’s good you know”

“Good for what?”

“You know, to unwind, you’d been in a rough recently” Ram answered as he puffs a smoke from his e-cigarette.

Richard said nothing and was silent until they returned in the hospital making his words sink in or maybe the past kept on rewinding itself in his mind.

He went home early, packed his things, several undergarments, toiletries, some suits and shirts a pair of leather shoes and a pair of slippers. His mobile beeped and a message pop out when he opened it.

Kindly check your e-mail, already sent you the flight details. Happy trip!

“Well, I guess I’ll be spending my coffee break alone for a couple of days?” Ram said as he walks Richard towards the entrance to the departure area.

“Yeah” Richard has a lot of things to say but it was all he was able to tell.

Ram looked at his watch and it was almost eight in the morning and Richard should be going.

“Well, see you. Take care don’t think of me too much” Ram joked, he’s used to do this whenever one of them have to go.

Richard said nothing but raised his hand as a gesture of goodbye, and then he vanished from the rushing passengers in and out of the gate.

While he was thousands of feet from the ground, his thoughts kept on drifting from the past. Alex, Ben, Maya then back to Alex again, and then Alex and Alex until he fell asleep with pain and grief. He was awoken when a voice from the speaker blurted. Though he was awake, he still can’t figure out what was she saying when a woman wearing blue pencil cut blouse and skirt with a red scarf on her neck.

“Sir can I take your order?” she asked with her melodic voice. “Do you like coffee, tea or…” she added but didn’t finish.

“I’ll have a glass of white wine” he said his voice colored with coldness.

After Ben’s release, Maya was back in her original station and schedule. Everything seems to be back to normal. Supposed to be. Richard on the other hand had just landed; he was escorted to their hotel where other doctors are also staying.

Both lives seem to be dull and colorless. One  recovering from a break up and another recovering from a ‘sudden blossom’ of feelings?

“Ha! I knew you were up to something!” Cher surprisingly appeared from her behind.

“Up to what?” Maya asked blankly.

“I don’t know but since you were requested on the other station you seemed to be preoccupied. What did his parents tell you? Did they scare you or something? What? Tell me!” Cher starts to freak out.

“Hey, relax, his mother is kind and I haven’t met his father and his grandfather has an affiliation with this hospital.” She explained.

“Then what’s wrong with you?” Cher asked her voice started to calm.

“Nothing’s wrong, I’m perfectly fine” she too wasn’t convinced on what she was saying.

“Ok, that will be enough by now but if you need anything just let me know if you need someone to talk to” Cher said in finality then she left.

“Good evening sir!” The room boy greeted as he collects Richards things.

On an instant, Richard was in his room, settled in the couch. The room was a perfect place to unwind. The view of the city was vivid with the floor to ceiling window and a couch and coffee table next to it. Much more perfect with someone to share. Then the scene made his thoughts drift back again to the week before. Then his tears are burning at the back of his eyes. He sighted a pad of paper and a pen on the coffee table. He took a deep breath trying to keep him from crying then pulled the coffee table nearer to him.

Dear Alex,

I don’t know what happened. All of a sudden everything changed. You know how much I loved you and I know you do love me too. Isn’t that enough for us to stay stronger? I know you were just bearing with my schedule, I too. But you know why I’m doing this right? It’s for us, for our future. Do you still remember when we’re just starting? When I proposed to you at the park? When you said yes, that was the happiest moment in my life because you know how much I’m in love to you that time, well honestly until now. When we stayed there up too late, watching the stars twinkle above us as we enumerate our dreams. They were still clear and complete in my mind and in my heart that I guess they’ll stay there forever. I can still remember you saying ‘We’ll make a basketball team’ and I said ‘can you bear the pain?’ then you answered ‘of course I can’ then you smiled at me and wink. But what happened? I thought that we were fine. And I still want to achieve all the dreams that we made together, I hope you too.

Well, you really know the reasons why I put my feelings to letters right? I still have with me your only letter to me I might sound too sentimentalist but I really take care of that. I even bought a fireproof box, you know? Just in case.

By the way, I’m here in London. Yes, I hope you still remember it. This is where we planned to have our honeymoon, right? Well, I know it was too early for us to say that but for me it was just enough because for me we’re forever.

I’m having a great view of the city but it would be lovely if you’re seating right next to me with your head resting in my arm. Damn! I miss those days.

I’m trying not to sound desperate of winning you back but if it’s the only when I guess I should be. You know I’ll move mountains just to be with you and only for you right? But what happened? I know we are having a hard time dealing with each other’s mood swings but look; we survived for years which I thought was enough.

I’m trying and I know you too, but it feels like fate is conspiring against us. See? How can we work on this, I hope you too, if I’m miles away from you? I know distance is nothing for two hearts that beat as one and I wish and pray that I’m still the one that yours is beating because mine never stopped for you. I know I’m sounding too figurative but this is the only way I know to express my feelings.

Can we talk when I returned?




It was past ten when he finished. The paper was a bit crumpled and wet, maybe because of his hand or the tears that kept on flowing as the good times roll back.

The doorbell rang, finally he was back to present.

“Good evening sir, would you like your dinner to be served here or you’ll just go down the buffet?” The same guy who escorted him earlier.

“I’ll be down in a while, thanks” he answered with his reddish eyes.

The guy said nothing and left, the door shut behind him. After few minutes he went down with his mobile, wallet and room keys but he seems to be too preoccupied that he forgot to lock the door. He had a little of everything served in the buffet but didn’t finish them. He strolled out the hotel.

“Oh geez, you’re too horny” She said to the tall American guy she’s with as he kept on pinning her on the walls in the hallway. It was late.

“This is what you want right? He passionately nipped her ear with his hand travelling all over her.

“You just can’t wait” she said as she pulls a bit from his kiss.

Their room is just next to Richard’s but because they’re both, you know, they didn’t notice that they entered the wrong room.

“I prefer the couch” he told her as he hurriedly removes his shoes.

They kissed hardly before they reached the couch, both were intimately aroused. They landed on the couch without anything on them. Though the weather is cold both are sweating harshly. He pushed harder and harder every time she moans. Her fingernails buried to his torso but he seems to be numb. His tongue thrust to her swelling while his hands are busy toying on the mountains. Her hands tweak his hair but he seems to likes it.

Richard found a bar on the corner next to the hotel. He didn’t notice the time and was a bit drunk. Lonely, broken, shattered whatever they call it.

“Hey you’re alone” a lady with ‘mega’ red lips and her four inches above the knee dress asked.

“Yeah, I just passed by and decided to have a drink, I’m leaving in a moment” Richard answered then he pulled his wallet and pulled some dollars.

“Wait” the lady forced him to sit, her hands passionately lay on his arms. “You look so lonely, do you like some company?” she whispered with her seductive voice.

Richard gently pulled her hands off his shoulder and left.

“Oops! Honey I think we entered the wrong room” he told the woman lying on the couch.

She sat immediately and switched on the table lamp right next to the coffee table. “Oops, I think so honey” she answered.

“O-oh” he said as he returns and saw the blood next to her.

Then she noticed the pad paper with something written on it. When she was about to read what’s on it, he grabbed her on her waist and sat her on his lap, smashing that someone standing right above his thighs. He grinned as she screams and shuts her eyes. He traced her spine with his tongue and thrust that something real hard before he said.

“Hey honey I think we should be going the owner might be arriving anytime”

While they were dressing, she was able to see the first few lines written on the paper.

The penmanship is familiar. What struck her most was the greeting.

The unsatisfied American grabbed her arm and tried to pull her.

“Hey, let’s go back to our room” he yelled while she was frozen.

When she was back to her conscious level, she tears several pages from the pad then they left.

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  1. Hi Ms. Xiomaii,
    I just hope that you would finish this story. Love the plot and the twists. Wish that this finds an ending, sayang naman. I will check every now & then, thanks.

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