Truth and Lies – part 2

This is a continuation to Truth and Lies – part 1.

Chapter 2

“I’m sorry but I don’t accept drinks from strangers.” She responded him.

“Ok then, let’s introduce ourselves to each other. I’m Richard. I remember you at Salcedo market yesterday.” He offered his hand for a handshake while he was still smiling at her.

Maya looked at him intently. She was right, he wanted to get to know her. She then realized that he had a cute lopsided smile. His chinky eyes and nose made him so good looking but probably dangerous. She wasn’t really into befriending men in bars so she didn’t take his suggestion seriously. She was familiar with his pick-up line.

She accepted the handshake. “Alright, I’m Hannah.”

Richard’s facial expression changed; gone was his smile. He suddenly became serious after Maya said her name was Maya.

She turned to face the bar once again. By that time, the waiter returned and placed in front of her drink. She sipped a little from the glass and spoke to Richard. “Thank you for this drink, Richard.”

“You’re welcome, Hannah.” He was looking at her with brows furrowed. “is that your real name? Anyway, it suits you.”

She was a bit surprised by his comment but immediately recovered to hide her reaction. “Why is there a certain look for a Hannah? I am Hannah.”

They were both silent after their brief introduction. He seemed to have lost interest in speaking to her while Maya pretended that she was also uninterested in conversing with him. In truth, however, she was very much aware of his presence beside her. She could smell his cologne. She thought that all men should smell that way.

Richard and Maya threw occasional glances at each other. And when their eyes met, he gave her a meaningful stare, a bit devilish was how she would describe it.

“Excuse me, I have to check on my friends. Nice meeting you Hannah.” He bade her goodbye and returned to the table where his friends were.

Alone again at the bar, Maya decided to have another round of drink. She ordered a blue devil. Devilish grin, it stuck in her head, that was how his smile came across to her. She lost count on how many drinks to took but she remembered she ordered another margarita. She felt okay, not affected by the alcoholic drinks she was having. She was enjoying the music being played by the DJ.

Moments later, another guy took the bar stool on her left side. When she glanced at the guy, she found him handsome, a mestizo but different from Richard. Richard is chinese while the man beside her at that time had middle eastern features.

The guy attempted to converse with Maya but she wasn’t interested. He introduced himself to her but she failed to remember the name. She also gave him the name Hannah.

“Hannah, do you want to dance?” The guy invited her as he tried to hold her hand.

“I’m sorry, I don’t dance.” She declined and simply brushed away the guy’s hand in her hand.

“Oh come on, we can’t be sitting here all night. The music is enticing, I can see you are enjoying it.” They guy persuaded her.

Maya was about to respond when she heard another voice speak behind her.. “Excuse me, bro. She’s with me.” Maya secretly smile. Just the scent of the cologne, she already knew it was Richard. When she turned around, she confirmed it was him.

“I don’t think you are with her. She’s been alone for sometime here.” The guy challenged.

“You’re mistaken. We just had little disagreement a while ago. But now, I am back. Right Hannah?” Richard looked at Maya and waited for her confirmation. Maya smiled in return.

The two men stared at each other for a few seconds before finally the other guy left them. Maya heaved a sigh of relief since she thought a fight might ensue because of her..

“Thank you Richard.” She told him when Richard took the seat beside her.

“Don’t mention it.“ They were smiling at each other.

“So, who is it?” He suddenly asked her.

“What?” She didn’t understand what his question meant.

“I mean who is the guy who broke your heart.” Richard clarified.

Maya was surprised by his question. In her thoughts, Aba, Do I look like na naiwan ng lalaki?” She was slightly offended but in the end chose to give a straightforward answer. “Excuse me, I’m not broken hearted.”

Richard grinned. “Well, akala ko… eh…nevermind.”

They both became quiet again. They were silent for a few minutes, just drinking and listening to the music. They didn’t even notice that the DJ had changed the tempo of the music airing and played slow love songs. Both of them were enjoying the song selection.

Richard invited her to the dancefloor. “Hannah, gusto mong sumayaw? Tingin ko gusto mo rin itong song na ito.”

Richard stood up as the song started. Maya was startled when he called her Hannah but she realized that was the name she gave him earlier. In the end, she accepted the invitation and went with him to the dance floor. She didn’t know what made her accept his invitation.

While they were moving to the dance floor, she tripped on her shoes but Richard was quick and was able to grab her in the arm.

“Okay ka lang?” He asked.

“Yeah, I’m good. Thank you.” She smiled although she lost her poise few seconds ago. They proceeded to the dance floor. Some other couples have started to join them there too.

When they found a spot in the dance floor, Richard placed his hands on her waist. The touch of his hand sent an electric shock to her body which surprised her. It was an alien reaction to her. hen she placed her hands on his chest, she felt his heart thumping loudly. She also couldn’t understand why her own heartbeats raced especially when she heard him sing.

♪♪Youll love who you love who you love,
Youll love who you love who you love.
My girl she ain’t the one that I saw coming
Sometimes I don’t know which way to go
And I try to run before but I’m not running anymore
Because I fought against it hard enough to know♪♪

“So, you like John Mayer.” It was a statement from Richard. They were swaying to the music; their bodies a few inches away from each other.

“Not really, pero si Katy Perry, I like her.” She smiled absentmindedly. She didn’t know why she gave that response when in fact it is John Mayer that she liked.

She noticed that he was gazing at her. His eyes were speaking to her as if he was telling her something that was making her heart beats faster. Her face started to redden. She prayed that he wouldn’t notice the change in her color or just attribute her red face due to the amount of cocktails she had consumed that night.

♪♪That you’ll love who you love who you love
You’ll love who you love who you love, You’ll ove who you love who you love.
Oh you can’t make yourself stop dreaming of who you’re dreaming of
If it’s who you love then it’s who you love♪♪

Maya felt that something wasn’t right but still she continued dancing with him. She was having an inner struggle. She was feeling something towards him although she had just met him. Was it the song? It felt so good to be near him. Anyway, this is just one time. What the heck! She shouldn’t be affected. She just met him and the song is not even about them! She repeatedly told herself that she can’t feel that way towards him until she was getting dizzy convincing herself.

♪My boy he ain’t the one that I saw coming
And some have said his heart’s too hard to hold
And it takes a little time but you should see him when he shines
Because you never wanna let the feeling go
When you love who you love who you love
You’ll love who you love who you love
Yeah you’ll love who you love who you love
Oh you can’t make yourself stop dreaming of who you’re dreaming of
If it’s who you love then it’s who you love♪

Maya continued dancing with him. Slowly, she leaned on his body as she rested her head on his chest. Richard pressed her harder to his body such that she could feel his strong hands around her. The wide expanse of his chest gave her comfort.
“It feels so good to be in his arms like this.” She thought.

“Hannah, are you okay? gusto mong lumabas?” Richard asked.

“Huh? Bakit?” She responded. Their faces millimeters apart.

“I think you are drunk and you need fresh cool air.” He was looking at her lips instead of her eyes.

Oh you’ll love who you love who you love
You’ll love who you love who you love
Oh you can’t make yourself stop dreaming of who you’re dreaming of
If it’s who you love then it’s who you love

“Yes. I think I need fresh air.” She agreed to his suggestion.

who you love
Who you love
Who we love
Ooo your love yeah yeah yeah
You’re the one I love♪

Seconds later, they were outside the bar to get some fresh air. They sat on an empty bench. It was chilly outside but Maya didn’t mind it. She felt hot. Richard handed her his jacket but she refused to accept it.

“I’m okay Richard. Enough na itong jacket ko.”

“Sure ka? Ang nipis kaya ng jacket mo and its 15 degrees right now.”

“I’m okay.” She yawned. She was getting sleepy and her eyes were beginning to drop.

“Hannah, ihahatid na lang kita. Lasing ka na eh.” Richard offered.

Maya looked at him and found her sight to be blurry. So, she agreed. “Sure, Richard, sa may Leaonard Wood ako naka-stay.”

They returned to the bar to retrieve Maya’s small handbag that she left with the bartender earlier. Before they manage to leave, they even had another round of cocktails. Richard paid for all their drinks including the others that Maya earlier consumed. When they finally left the bar, Maya’s arms were hooked in his arms. They looked a like a couple leaving the place.


Nagising si Maya sa tunog ng cellphone niya. Kahit halos nakapikit pa ang mga mata niya, inabot niya ang telephone na nasa tabi lang higaan niya.

Maya woke up to the sound of her cellphone ringing. With half-closed eyes, she reached for the phone on the side table beside the bed.

“Hello?” She gently said and realized that her head ache a bit.

“Maya!! Where are you? Buong umaga na kitang hinihintay! Na cancel tuloy ang meeting natin.” A frantic man’s voice was on the other line.

“Ano, Ethan?” She immediately sat up. With that movement, she got the shock of her life.

She didn’t have any clothes on.


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