Truth and Lies – part 6

This is a continuation to Truth and Lies – part 5.

Chapter 6

Three Months later

It was a Friday night. The sounds coming from the live band were adding to the merriment of people inside a popular club in Makati. As in the past, Maya together with her sales agents were in that club celebrating their quarterly sales performance. She does this with her team whenever they exceeded their target for the quarter.

Despite the ambiance of the place, Maya couldn’t enjoy the night. Her mind was off to somewhere and Ethan noticed it.

“Maya, let’s go out for a while so we can get fresh air.” Ethan pulled her out of the group and led her outside the club. He was holding her hand to ensure she doesn’t trip as she looked like she was drunk already.

The two of them went to the parking area. It was dimly lit and was full of cars being Friday. They walked towards Ethan’s car that away from main entrance. When they reached that area, it was then he spoke.

“Maya, what’s the problem? Kanina ka pa nag space out. Parang naglalasing ka.” He asked, his hands akimbo.

She let out a deep sigh before she replied. “Ethan, pinapauwi kasi ako ng Papa at Mama ko. May ipapakilala daw sa akin. You know that they were actively looking for a potential husband for me right?” She leaned on his car. Her tone was filled with worry.

He nodded and understood what was happening to his friend. Maya is being pressured by her parents to settle down. It’s been 3 months since she shared with him the intention of her parents to find a suitable husband her. So, it seemed that she wasn’t taking well the latest development in her personal life.

“You know what? One way you could avoid the guy they are choosing for you is by introducing your boyfriend to them.” Ethan immediately suggested. “That way, they know they won’t have to intervene.”

“Shetzz! Anong klaseng suggestion ‘yan? You know very well that I don’t have a boyfriend. Wala akong maipapakilala sa kanila.” She straightened up as she was slightly irritated by his suggestion.

“You don’t have a boyfriend because you are so choosy. Tapos, yung huli pang nagparamdam sa’yo that… Richard Lim, you didn’t give a chance because he is just a mechanic. When in fact, you don’t know much about him. For all you know, he is the guy you are looking for. Kaso, pina-iral mo yung pagiging mataas mo.” Ethan is the only one who could be very straightforward to Maya.

She was quiet for a while since her friend’s words hurt. Then, she finally admitted,
“Please lang Ethan, don’t rub it in. I felt guilty a few days after that. To some extent tama ka naman, eh. ”

She further shared. “The truth is, I called up his workplace but I couldn’t reach him anymore. The person who received my call said he doesn’t really work there and he doesn’t know where Richard is. Nawala ko rin kasi yung phone number n’ya.”

“Anyway, what is your plan? Are you going to meet your prospective fiancée? I don’t know how I can help you.” Ethan brought them back to their main subject matter.

“I have no choice but to go home. I just hope Papa and Mama will not insist on their plan. Anyway, salamat. Just having you listen is enough.” She sighed in desperation.

“Well, good luck to you. Ano? Do you want to go home or do you want to go back inside? If you go back, could you at least pretend you are enjoying our company?” Ethan asked.

“I’m still okay. Sige, I’ll enjoy the night. Let’s go back baka hinanahap na tayo ng grupo.” So, the two of them returned to the club.


Richard was invited by his friends to go out that same Friday night to have some drinks in a club. He had just returned from a trip where he visited his parents. He was away for almost a month. He agreed to come out after his best friend, Ryan, told him that they were going out with several girls. A normal bachelor, he agreed.

The live band was playing current songs. When they sang the John Mayer & Katy Perry song, Who You Love, Richard remembered Maya. After her visit in his workplace to retrieve her phone, he never heard from her again. He waited for her call for several days that stretched to weeks but she didn’t call. In the end, he accepted that she wasn’t interested in him. There was nothing beyond those kisses but just plain kisses. At one point, he even thought he was played.

Richard smiled at the woman beside him on the couch. She was looking at him adoringly and seemed to have said something. He leaned towards her, “What did you say, Jill?” She is beautiful and sexy. Richard’s attention was immediately caught when she slid her hands into his when they were introduced earlier.

“I was saying….hmmm…. if you have any plans for us tonight, Richard?” The girl asked in a flirty tone as she ran her fingers back and forth on his thigh. That action alone produced carnal desires in him.

“Hmm, I think so, babe.” He said close to her ear which made the woman giggle. She leaned closer to Richard and he welcomed her with a wider grin. He knew then he would have a busy night later. His right hand went around Jill’s waist while his left held his drink.

Richard’s three other friends were busy with their respective partners. This is a usual scene for them. He noticed that the place was starting to get filled with people.

As his eyes swept the place, he caught a familiar face several tables away from their spot. His eyes widened when he caught sight of a familiar figure. He couldn’t help but stretch his neck to just make sure that he properly see her. When, the girl stood up with a guy holding her hand as they left their table, he finally recognized her. It was Maya dela Rosa.

His eyes followed where she was going. It looked like they were leaving the bar. Not wanting to lose the opportunity to meet her again, he followed where they were going. He hoped that he could at least say hi to her. He didn’t mind that she was with a guy. So, he excused himself from his partner and went out of the club.

Richard saw them in the parking lot. The two seemed to be engrossed in their conversation that they didn’t notice him arriving just a few feet away from them. They also didn’t notice that their voice was loud enough to be heard by others. So, he accidently heard their conversation.

“Yung huli pang nagparamdam sa’yo that… Richard Lim, you didn’t give a chance because he is just a mechanic. When in fact, you don’t know much about him. For all you know, he is the guy you are looking for. Kaso, pina-iral mo yung pagiging mataas mo”

Richard didn’t finish listening to them. Hearing Ethan’s words surprised him but he heard enough for him to conclude why Maya never contacted him again. He turned around went back to the club.

As soon as Richard rejoined his partner, Jill quickly ordered another drink for them and wrapped her arm around his. “Richard, would you like to dance? Ang ganda ng mga songs, eh.”

However, Richard was already in a bad mood. “I’m sorry Jill. I have a change of plan. Maybe we can just catch up next time.” He declared.

He just glanced at the woman beside him and then looked away. So, he didn’t see the disappointed look in the woman’s eyes.

Richard stood up and moved to the bar section where he could be alone. A few minutes later, he saw Maya and the guy she was with pass by. They were returning to their table. Seeing the man with better lighting, he recognized him to be the same person with Maya in Baguio, Ethan. From where he was seated, Richard had a better vantage point on where Maya was. He was mulling over what to do next when he heard Ryan’s voice at his back.

“Bro, why are you here? I thought you were having a goodtime with Jill.” Ryan commented. Both of them turned to look at their friends and saw the woman in Richard’s arm earlier laughing with the other girls.

“You’re right Ryan. I was enjoying earlier.” He turned his chair to face the bar counter again. He finished his drink and signaled the bartender to come over.

“Two blue devils, please.” He ordered.

“Oops. I don’t drink blue devil, pare.” Ryan told Richard. He thought his friend was acting a little strange that night.

Richard just smiled a him. “It’s not for you, bro. It’s for someone else.”

“Wooh. I guess that someone is another lady. Sigurado ako, hindi para kay Jill yan dahil you transferred here. I know this move, pare. May pino prospect ka na naman na chicks. Are you back in circulation?” Ryan chuckled as he slapped the arm of his friend.

Richard nodded his head. “Hmmm, Probably. So, stay away from me. ‘Wag kang istorbo.” Both men laughed.

Then, he murmured to himself when Ryan left him alone again. “And I think I need to address my deflated ego and teach the culprit a lesson.” He glanced at Maya’s table and she seemed enjoying with her group.

Finally, Richard’s cocktail drinks arrived. He asked for a piece of paper and wrote something on it. He waived at another waiter to come over and gave instructions.

The waiter quickly got the piece of paper from Richard and placed the cocktail drink on his tray. He then went to Maya’s table. As instructed by Richard, the waiter handed to the girl wearing a white sleeveless blouse the drink and the piece of paper.


Maya was surprised when a waiter approached her to give her a drink and a piece of paper. He said something that she didn’t understand since the music was quite loud.

“Huh? I didn’t order this.” She stated to the waiter while refusing the drink.

“Ma’m courtesy po ni sir doon sa bar.” The waiter responded while handing her both the drink and paper. Then, the waiter left her to attend to another customer.

Maya placed down the drink on the table while her team was oblivious of what was happening. She opened the paper and read.

“Hi, long time no see. Would you like to join me at the bar?” Maya’s heart skipped a bit for unknown reason when she read the message. Her eyes darted towards the bar and was astonished to find Richard sitting there. While the bar’s lights flashed different colors and intensity, their eyes met from across a crowded place.

Richard’s lopsided smile was very evident even from afar and he raised his own blue devil drink to acknowledge her. There was no doubt it was him.

Maya’s heart was beating fast. She was excited and nervous at the same time seeing him in the club. She was also confused by her own reactions. Without even saying a word to her group or Ethan who was sitting beside her, she stood up bringing her drink with her and slowly inched her way towards the Richard.

Richard’s smile was ear to ear as he saw her walking towards the bar. She looked lovely just like the last time he saw her. He stood up and waited until she was in front of him.

“Hi, gorgeous.” He opened. He gave her his enigmatic gaze.

“Hi Richard. I didn’t expect to see you here.” Maya responded. She smiled at him too. Her heart wouldn’t stop thumping loudly.

“Yeah, this is a pleasant surprise. I’m sorry to bother you but I just couldn’t resist not letting you know that I am here.” He responded. He then helped her get settled in a bar stool beside him.

“It’s okay. Mga kasama ko sila sa work. We are here to celebrate. How about you? Sinong mga kasama mo?” She curiously asked while she sipped the cocktail drink he sent her. She was flattered that he actually remembered the drink she had in Baguio.

“Mga kaibigan ko. Na-imbitahan lang lumabas. They are on that side.” Richard pointed the group where Ryan was. His group was having fun that they haven’t noticed where he was. Jill was also busy flirting with another guy but he didn’t care anymore.

“Ahh.” Maya said appreciatively as she surveyed the good-looking men and women on the table.

“By the way Maya, I waited for your call. So, I am guessing you must have lost my number?” Richard inquired with an eyebrow raised. It is a normal excuse which he also uses a lot of times for women whom he doesn’t want to see again.

“Yeah, actually. Pasensya na.” Maya admitted with an embarrassed expression. “I was going to call you up but I lost the paper you gave me.” She didn’t tell him that she actually contacted his workplace. She wanted to save face.

“Really? Oh well. Maybe busy ka talaga that time.” He replied and went mum for a moment. He finished his cocktail and then made another offer to her.

“I know I’ve invited you before but was turned down. But things may have changed Maya. So, would you like to go out with me this week?” It was a quick decision on his part to invite her.

The way he was looking at her made her heart flutter some more. There was no way she could decline the invitation. “Alright, I’m available this week. What day would you like us to go out?”

“How about Wednesday, dinner? Let me know where I can fetch you.” Richard smiled triumphantly.

“Okay, pwede ako.” Maya stood up from her seat and said. “Wait, I’ll just get something.” She returned to her seat and took out a card from her pocket.

Somebody from her team suddenly said. “Maya, who’s that guy na kausap mo? Gwapo ha?”

Another woman quickly followed up. “Oo nga. Parang ang bilis ng pangyayari ah. Kanina lang tahimik ka, ngayon may kausap ka na sa bar.”

She got a teasing from her team but she just smirked at them. “Hoyy, ‘wag n’yo akong gawin pulutan. Kulang lang siguro ang order n’yo.” She called a waiter and asked him to take the order of her group.

“Ethan, please take care of them. I just saw Richard Lim, here.” She whispered to Ethan who grinned with her revelation.

When she rejoined Richard at the bar, she handed him her calling card. “Richard, you can fetch me here in this address. And’yan na rin ang ibang contact details ko.”

Richard used his pen with a mini flashlight to read the paper. The car revealed more information about her. She is the president of MDR real estate corporation. Her office is at Makati area. “So, you do real estate sales?”

“Yes. We have full service commercial and residential property management and brokerage.” She explained to him. It was then her turn to ask, “Ehh, how about your work sa Tiger Motors. Kumusta naman?”

Richard didn’t respond immediately as if careful on what he would say next. “I’m in Manila for the meantime. Our main office is actually in Greenhills. I don’t know if you are familiar with it.” He shared.

“Ahh! Yung Tiger Motors sa Greenhills has the same owner at the one in Baguio? I know that place. It’s a big car dealership. Matagal na ‘yun di ba. So, kumusta, marami bang repairs? Is that kind of work difficult, I mean repairs. Siguro ang expensive ng charges ng company n’yo because you are working on luxury cars.” She commented some more. She hoped she didn’t sound offensive with the words she used.

Richard just gazed at Maya as she continuously talked. She didn’t seem to be in a hurry to return to group, he thought. “Maya, I think we wouldn’t want to spend our time here talking about car repairs right?” He flashed his lopsided smile.

She sniggered before taking another sip of her cocktail drink. They were quiet for a few seconds. The live band was starting a new song, a slow song.

Richard gazed at her as soon as the lead singer sang. He just couldn’t resist the attraction he feels for her.

♪♪I got my eyes on you,

You’re everything that I see

I want your hot love and emotion, endlessly

I can’t get over you,

You left your mark on me

“How about we dance?” He asked. When she turned sideways, Richard directed her eyes to the dance floor that was occupied by several pairs dancing to the slow music.

“Maya?” He asked again as he opened his hand for her to take.

♪♪I want your high love and emotion, endlessly

‘Cause you’re a good girl and you know it

You act so different around me

‘Cause you’re a good girl and you know it

I know exactly who you could be

She looked into his eyes and nodded. The moment their palms touched, it felt like electricity surged into her arm and spreading to the rest of her body. Richard intertwined their fingers as he led her towards the dance floor.

♪♪ Just hold on we’re going home

Just hold on we’re going home

It’s hard to do these things alone

Just hold on we’re going home, ho oh♪♪

When he found a spot for them, he encircled his hand around her waist while Maya placed her hand on his chest. Her heart was pounding and so was his. The familiar scent of his cologne, which she so loved in him, was invading her nostrils.

Suddenly, people around them became blurred as if it was just the two of them on the dance floor.

♪♪I got my eyes on you,

You’re everything that I see

I want your hot love and emotion, endlessly

I can’t get over you,

You left your mark on me

I want your high love and emotion, endlessly

‘Cause you’re a good girl and you know it

You act so different around me

‘Cause you’re a good girl and you know it

I know exactly who you could be♪♪

As they swayed to the song, they continued gazing at each other. Smiles were on their faces. The distance between them was getting smaller and smaller until their bodies were pressed against each other. She fitted perfectly in his form.

♪So just hold on we’re going home (goin’ home)

Just hold on we’re going home (goin’ home)

It’s hard to do these things alone (things alone)

Just hold on we’re going home (goin’ home)
Ho oh (goin’ home) ♪♪

Their heads moved closer together. With the live band’s song becoming their background music, he said near her ear. “I’m lucky to have chanced upon you this evening.” He told her gently.

She responded sweetly. “Yes. Sa dami ng bars dito sa Makati, dito tayo nagkita. It must be luck.”

♪♪You’re the girl

You’re the one

Gave you every
thing I love

I think there’s something

I think there’s something
You’re the girl,

You’re the one
Gave you every
Thing I love

I think there’s something
I think there’s something
‘Cause you’re a good girl and you know it

You act so different around me
‘Cause you’re a good girl and you know it
I know exactly who you could be♪♪

After the song was done, they were hesitant to part. It was a like they were in a dream that neither wanted to wake up from.

Maya was the first one to recover. “Richard. I have to go back to my team. I’ll see you on Wednesday?”

“Yes, I’ll see you then Maya.” He then kissed her cheek to say goodbye.


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