Love and Other Foolish Crap – Part 3

This is a continuation to Love and Other Foolish Crap – Part 2

Author: irishpolymer 

A/N: I am sorry for this very very late installment. So much has happened since Chapter 2 but I won’t bore you with a list of excuses. I would however like to share one of the most exciting things that happened to me. I’m originally from Cebu but have been residing in the US for the last 9 years. Just last month, I was able to come home and spend time with family and friends. I also took the opportunity to connect with my fellow adiks! It was so wonderful to finally hug and kiss the B Ladies and my KBU sisters! It was a week-long of bonding starting in Manila and then Cebu for the Sinulog. And I also met with a few Excess Baggage readers who call themselves the Minions. That was so much fun! At bonus din nakapanuod ako ng Unit 1 and 2 taping ng BCWMH while in Manila. I am so thankful for the people who made that possible, you know who you all are! Hayyy! This show has really become such a big source of inspiration.

Also if you are on Twitter please feel free to add me @WichitaPinay and let me know what you think about this series or just be my new friend 🙂

So here’s Chapter 3…


Richard was glad he made the call as soon as he heard the sultry voice on the other line.

“Richard, darling,” came the breathy greeting.

He smiled, “Hello Nicole.”

Nicole Borromeo is currently one of the hottest print and runway models in Asia. She is also fast gaining recognition worldwide. Rumor has it that negotiations are underway for her inclusion to the famous Victoria’s Secret Angels. She had caught his eye a few months prior in one of the charity balls that his mother had organized. At that time he was too caught up in all the preparations for LAS’ first hangar outside of the country to start a liaison. Richard makes it a point to abstain from any kind of distractions when undertaking important projects. But he made sure Nicole knew he was interested and that he will pick things up with her as soon as he guarantees the success of his newest venture.

“To what do I owe the pleasure of this call?” Richard caught the hint of anticipation in her voice that she couldn’t quite contain.

“I’ll pick you up tonight at 7:00,” he informed her confidently.

He was so sure that she will not have any qualms cancelling prior commitments if she had any. No woman has ever refused a chance to be with Richard Lim. And if there was a perfect girl to help him end his year-long celibacy it would be Nicole.



“Wow!” was all Emman could say as he took the chair opposite Maya. The expression on his face was a mixture of amazement and disbelief. He had been privy to Teresita’s makeover plans all along but seeing the results for himself was another thing.

Maya was wearing a cap-sleeved dropwaist mini-dress in a light pink hue. Her hair hung loose in soft wavy strands with sleek wispy fringes. Her makeup was au naturel. The effect was that of refinement but with a hint of playfulness. She hated to admit it, but she was beginning to soften up to the makeover. She actually kind of liked what she saw in the mirror. Maybe Ma was right. Not that I am going to say that out loud to her.

“Bes, ang ganda mo! Natotomboy ako sa ‘yo!”

“Baliw!” Maya laughed hard at Emman’s quip.

They have been best friends after being paired up for a classroom project in their freshmen year in high school. Since then they’ve been thick as thieves, even when they went on separate academic paths in the university. Maya took up Aerospace Engineering while Emman decided to major in Hospitality and Event Management.

It had been about a month since they last hung out. Emman’s event planning business sometimes took him out of town. The night proved to be very enjoyable with the best friends catching up with each other. They were at the new upscale wine bar, Oeno, at Emman’s suggestion. It was one of the most happening place for the rich and famous in town and he secretly thought it would be a good place to debut the “new” Maya. He was pleasantly surprised when his normally domestic best friend agreed to meet him there.

Emman was amused at Maya’s obliviousness to the attention she has been getting from the men all throughout the night. He finally pointed it out to her when he noticed a familiar face eyeing her from across the room.

“Ayiieeee! Girl, nakatingin  sa ‘yo si Dylan Salazar!” he said, trying to restrain his excitement.

“Huh? Sino yan?” Maya asked.

Emman rolled his eyes. Only Maya would not know the mestizo businessman-turned-reality star who was recently hailed as the sexiest man in the Philippines by a well-known magazine. He excitedly took out his phone and searched for a picture on the web to show her.

“Not interested,” Maya said impassively.

“Ano? Eh ang gwapo kaya niya!” Emman was incredulous. “Lesbian ka ba?”

“Hindi no!” she glared at him. “Just look at him. He looks so vain. He probably uses more beauty products than I do.”

“Well, he is a celebrity and he needs to maintain a certain physical appearance,” Emman retorted.

“I don’t know… I guess mas attractive lang sa akin yung lalaking-lalaki,” she confessed a little shyly. Boys/men have been a constant topic between the two of them. But it was mostly a one-sided conversation with Emman doing all the talking.

“Katulad ng mga kargador sa pier, ex-convict, at mga maton? Ayyy! Mas type ko nga yung mga ganun bes! Brusko at barumbado, yung sobrang feeling girl ka pag kasama mo sila,” he exaggeratedly batted his eyelashes while fanning himself with both hands.

Maya almost choked on her drink.

“Tse! Ewan ko sa ‘yo!” she bantered playfully.

“Eh ano ba kasi? Bigyan mo na nga lang ako ng example.” Emman pried.

She named the first person that came to mind, “Like si Richard”

“Yung CEO mo?! Yiieeee! Sabi ko na nga ba may pagnanasa ka dun!”

“Example lang diba? I didn’t say gusto ko siya or something,” Maya defended.

“Siya agad na-isip mo eh. Pwede mo namang sabihing Robin Padilla o Hugh Jackman,” Emman teased her.

“Emman!” she whimpered.

“O sige na! Joke lang,” he relented. “Pero di nga bes. You spend so much time with such a hottie. Wala ka ba talagang nafi-feel na something?”

“Wala no!” she replied all too fast.

“Wala talaga kahit konting spark man lang?”

“Ha? Anong spark?”

Emman sighed. “You know, like a tingle in your spine when he smiles at you or jolt of electricity when your skin touches his?”

“Uhhh,” she hesitated.

His eyes grew wide and he exclaimed, “Oh my gosh! Meron nga!”

“It does not mean anything no. Maybe he is just one of those people who build up a lot of static charges on their skin kaya nagsa-spark pag nahawakan mo sila,” Maya explained matter-of-factly.

Emman rolled his eyes. “Girl di ko kinaya ang pagka-nerd mo! Bakit nga ba tayo naging mag-best friends?”

“Eh kasi nga nangongopya ka sa ‘kin noon diba?”

“Ay oo nga pala,” he smiled sheepishly.



Richard is used to getting a lot of female attention wherever he goes. And tonight he is also the envy of all the male population at Oeno for having Nicole Borromeo’s undivided attention. She was wearing a simple black slip dress which was very flimsy and hugged her svelte body like a second skin. She was looking very delectable and he smiled at the thought of the naughty things he was going to do after he had wined and dined her.

Not that Richard needed to wine and dine a woman to get her to bed. Just one look and they’d happily offer themselves up to him. Heck, he does not even need to do anything. Women clamor for the opportunity to spend a night with him. Any man would consider himself very lucky. But Richard is not just any man.

The problem with women is they want more. Why can’t they settle for just awesome sex? Why do they also want all that crap about love and commitment?

Over the years he has learned to temper his libido. No matter how attractive they are, he steers clear from virgins, hopeless romantics, or any woman that could potentially become a problem later on. It wasn’t always easy but he has never come close to being tempted. He is as hot blooded as males go, but he does not let his man parts dictate him. He has never lost control over a woman. Never have, never will.

He is always honest with women and made sure they understand what they are up for before starting a dalliance. But this does not seem to stop most of them from “falling in love” with him. Contrary to popular belief, he does not enjoy “breaking hearts”. But there is nothing more unattractive than a woman who cries and begs for love. That is why he sticks to women like Nicole who runs in similar circles, plays the game, and knows the score firsthand.

Richard’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted when he felt Nicole’s bare foot caressing his inner thigh from under the table. There were all kinds of sensual promises written on her face when he met her gaze.

This night is turning out good. Richard smiled to himself. And it will only get better



 “Bes, are you sure you’ll be fine? Ihatid na lang kita,” Emman offered to Maya as they were walking out of the bar.

Maya’s car was in the shop and she had Mang Lem drive her to Oeno’s thinking that she can catch a ride home with Emman. But he had an important errand that will take him the opposite way and so she decided to just get a cab home.

“Ano ka ba? Sanay na naman akong mag-taxi. Don’t worry about me. Umalis ka na para ma-asikaso mo na yang problema sa work,” Maya shooed him off.

Emman uttered another apology before he left her hesitantly.

“Excuse me. I can’t help but notice that you’re by yourself. Can I give you a lift?” It was the reality star that Emman had pointed out earlier.

“It’s sweet of you to offer. But I am okay. Thank you,” Maya replied and smiled politely.

“The name is Dylan by the way. I don’t know if you recognize me from TV,” he extended his hand and flashed a million-watt smile.

She shook his hand tentatively. “Uhm, nice to meet you Dylan. Sorry, I don’t get to watch much TV these days,” Maya said trying to sound apologetic while at the same time trying to take back her hand that was still being held by her new acquaintance.

Dylan chuckled. “It’s okay. It’s actually quite refreshing to meet someone who hasn’t heard about me. And you still haven’t given me your name yet…”


“So Maya, how about that lift home?” he persisted.

She was saved from responding when they heard an imposing voice out of nowhere.

“She’s with me.”



Richard was outside the bar waiting for the valet to bring his car in front. Nicole excused herself to go to the powder room. When suddenly the hair rose on the back of his neck. He turned around to see a breathtakingly beautiful Maya shaking hands and exchanging smiles with a guy that looked too familiar.

It took him only a few strides to be by their side and just in time to hear the sleazebag offer Maya a ride home. Judging by the way he’s looking at her he wants to take her to his home instead. Richard who has never done anything impulsive in his adult life announced, “She’s with me.”



Dylan and Maya turned around to see Richard’s forbidding stature towering over them. He looked at Dylan as if daring him to protest. The other guy just cowered and lamely excused himself.

What was that all about? Maya was a little taken aback by his sudden appearance and that strange announcement. She also felt a little weird seeing him outside the office and under circumstances that did not involve work. Sure, this town was small and she was bound to bump into him somewhere, sometime. But since Maya’s idea of a good time is cozying up to a good book, there really wasn’t much chance of that happening.

“What are you doing here by yourself?” Richard demanded before Maya could say anything.

She raised an eyebrow. Since when did she have to explain herself to him? Ever since she had been promoted to Senior VP she hasn’t had to justify any business decision to him. And now he is asking her in that commading tone something that’s not even remotely work-related. Maya felt her irritation flaring up.

“Not that it’s any of your business. But I was here with a friend who unfortunately had to dash out. So I was going to take a cab,” she said unemotionally. As if on cue, an empty taxi stopped in front of them. “Ah, here’s my ride home. Good night Richard.” She hurriedly closed the door and ordered the cab driver to speed away before Richard could do anything.

“Damn it Maya!” Richard cursed under his breath. He has never felt so frustrated or so out of control in his life. And he didn’t like the feeling at all.



Maya was seething with indignation even after she got home. How dare he talk to her like that? Her professional and casual interactions with Richard in the past have always been relaxed and harmonious. There had never been any tensions between them even under strenuous situations. So how come he is suddenly acting all bizarre on her?

Maya closed her eyes and massaged her forehead.

Baka naman nagmi-midlife crisis na. The thought drew out a little smile from her. Richard was already past 40. He might as well really be undergoing some kind of midlife transition. But boy does he look hot for a guy in his 40s!  Maya shook her head at her line of thought. Ano na ba ‘tong nangyayari sa akin? Kung ano-ano na lang ang naiisip ko.

“Maya matulog ka na. Tomorrow, everything will be back to normal,” she declared to herself out loud.



A/N: Sana hindi kayo masyadong nabagot. I am already writing Chapter 4 which should be more exciting, promise!


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