Truth and Lies – part 10

This is a continuation to Truth and Lies – part 9

Chapter 10

Maya was in her swivel chair thinking of Richard. It has been three days since she
had last seen him and that was after taking care of her during her illness. Except for his morning text messages, she hasn’t spoken to him since then. He sent a note that he would be away on a family matter. She tried to call him up but his phone was unreachable. In the end, she decided she will just wait for him to contact her.

Three Days Ago

Maya woke up feeling much better. Her body pains and fever were gone. While she still had colds and cough, her condition greatly improved. When she got out of the bed, she was in a light mood. It was probably because Richard was still in her house; he was in her guest room.

When she came out of her room, she found her housekeeper already cleaning in the living room.

“Good morning, Ma’m”. The maid greeted her.

“Good morning, Doris.” Maya responded back. “Kanina ka pa?” The maid knew the password to the main entrence so she can enter the unit without Maya having to open the door for her.

“Opo, Ma’m.” She responded and then quickly added. “Ahh, Sir Richard po pala naka-alis na. Nagbilin po si sir na yung breakfast n’yo nasa dining table pati na rin po yung gamot n’yo.” Doris had a curious smile on her face as if wanting to know more about them.

Maya was momentarily surprised learning that Richard had left. However, she tried not to show it to Doris. Seeing the maid’s expression, she just ignored her. She immediately went into giving her instructions. “Doris, yung palang guest room. Paki ayos mo na rin today, kasi doon nag-stay ‘yung bisita ko kagabi.”

Doris excitedly answered“Ah, Opo. Nabanggit na rin ni Sir Richard ‘yon bago s’ya umalis.” And as if she couldn’t contain her excitement and curiosity anymore she further commented. “Ang gwapo po pala ng boyfriend n’yo ma’m, parang artistahin.”

Maya’s lips curved into a smile with that comment. “So, what time umalis si Richard.” She also ignored the reference of Richard as her boyfriend.

“Mga thirty minutes na pong naka-alis. Kumatok muna sa room n’yo tapos sumilip kanina. Tulog pa po kayo. Kaya, sabi niya wag ka na lang gisingin dahil masama pakiramdam mo. Tapos umalis na po.” Doris further shared. “Ang sweet pa po niya ano mam?”

“Medyo.” Maya unconsciously responded to the comment. “Doris, maglinis ka na nga lang.” She left the maid to continue her chores.


Present Day

Maya checked her cellphone again as there might be a call or message from Richard. It was almost the end of the day, a Friday, and she prayed she would hear from him. She was missing him already. She then checked his last messages for her.

“I’ve gone ahead as I need to attend to a family matter. Please take care. Will talk to you soon.” Another message read. “Make sure you take your medicines, drink plenty of fluids, don’t stretch yourself. Rest.

She felt giddy reading them all over again. Doris rightfully confirmed what she knew all along, Richard was thoughtful. Just thinking of how attentive he has been with her every time they were together caused her heart to skip several beats.

Then, she wondered when would he formally declare his intentions to her. To her, it was quite obvious that he feels something for her. However, if he verbalized his feelings, what would her response be?

She remembered her parents’ wishes including her declaration to them. If and when Richard becomes her boyfriend, would they be willing to accept him, as she had slowly accepted him for what he is? She doesn’t know how to face her parents as it was clear that eventually, she will be eating her own words about being somebody more affluent than them.

She was having another inner conversation again. She was arguing with herself whether she should call him up or not; should she check up on him or not. After all, they were not in any relationship yet. Also, there were some things about him that doesn’t seem to fit right. Her mind was going in circles.

A knock on Maya’s office door distracted her from her reflection mode. It was Ethan who entered her office with several folders in his hand.

Ethan noticed Maya’s serious mood as he sad down on her visitor’s chair.

“Hi friend, mukhang malalim ang iniisip natin, ah.” He commented. “May problem ka ba?”

“Ethan, I’ve been thinking about Richard.” She opened up.

“Aha! Richard issue. Don’t tell me you are already in love?” He gave her the piercing look which she knew she can’t hide from.

“Hmm, I think so. Kaya nga problem na, eh.” She admitted to her friend. “Wala ka bang napapansin kay Richard?”

“Maya, I only met him twice. On those occasions, sandali lang at hindi nga kami nakapag-usap ng matagal.”

“So, what your impression of him?” She asked.

“Anong impression? I’m a guy so iba ang perspective ko. Anyway, mukhang okay naman siya. He is good looking, mga lamang ng isang paligo sa akin, well mannered. For a mechanic, malinis ang finger nails niya.” Maya chuckled at Ethan comments. Ethan is very particular with clean finger nails.

“I agree with your comments except sa paligo. Dalawang paligo ang lamang niya sa’yo. Also, there are things about him that are intriguing like, we know his work, he’s simple even his gifts – you know all of those. He doesn’t exert an effort to impress me. And yet, there’s an air in him like he can afford to go to certain places and yung parang may dating talaga siya.”

“Maya, If you mean hanging around bars, I think he is able to go there because of his friends. Siempre sa work niya he might have befriended some of their clients. He comes across as friendly. I think he is the type of guy that can relate to all types of people. Siguro, he also gets paid well since he works on high end vehicles. So, kahit sabihin mong ganyan ang work niya ngayon, later on who knows things may be different for him. Do you know that one of the successful taipan’s today used to be just a mechanic?” Ethan tried to alleviate her doubts.

“Ah, I have an idea, let’s check the internet.” Ethan stood up to go near Maya’s computer.

“Ethan, nagawa ko na ‘yan. Wala akong nakuhang information sa kanya. I checked Tiger Motors, the chairman is Esmeralda Tanjuico and their president is an Ang-Sy. In short, na-isip ko baka may-ari siya ng TM pero hindi, eh. They also have European partners.”

Ethan was staring at Maya with a smile on his face. “Yes. Finally. Mukhang malakas ang tama mo sa isang ito. Binilangan kita ng mga araw, this is the fastest one. I knew this guy is something.” He laughed at his own comment.

“Bakit ka tumatawa?” She gave him a quizzical look. She blushed at his comment.

“I knew from the start that you’ll fall for this guy. Ang tanong ko ngayon, have you finally settled your inner struggle of falling for a simple guy instead of well-off man that you had sworn as a qualification to be even considered as a potential a partner?”

“Ethan, kaya nga problema na. The truth is, I’m fine with it. I think I can live with it. But my problem is my parents. I am bound to eat my own words in front of my parents and I don’t know how they will take it. Besides, di ba may kino consider na silang potential husband for me. Hindi lang talaga ako nakakauwi pa sa San Nicolas ”

“Maya, your parents are your parents. They will understand later on. You are their only daughter. Hindi ka noon matitiis. Are you sure that’s it is your parents or its your pride that makes you hesitate? Pero, aanhin mo ang pride mo kung wala naman ang mahal mo?” Ethan’s last question sealed it for her. “At hopefully, this is our last conversation about this because frankly my friend, boring na. Paulit-ulit na tayo.”

“Ethan…kaiinis ka naman…you make it sound easy and logical.” She finally made up her mind, if and when Richard finally declares his love for her, she will accept him no matter what his social and financial background is.

Maya’s phone rang and the moment she saw who was calling, her face lit up. Ethan then just waved her goodbye when she answered the caller.

“Hi Ricky.” Her voice sounded excited. She didn’t care to hide her joy.

“Hello Maya. How are you?” She didn’t how much she missed him until she heard his voice that caused her heart to flutter.

“I’m good. Ikaw?” it was her turn to ask.

“I’m okay. Just tied up with things. Anyway, are fully recovered?” His tone of voice didn’t give away any emotion he might be feeling as he talked to her. She was trying to read him.

“Yes. Okay na ako.” She replied. She was beginning to feel awkward until he spoke again.

“Maya, tomorrow is Saturday, I’m wondering if you would like to go out? I mean can we go out on a date tomorrow?” She noticed his straightforwardness. It was the first time he said the word “date”.

“Maya?” He checked if she was still there. She was silent on the other end of the phone that he thought she wasn’t there anymore.

“Ricky, yes, available naman ako tomorrow. So… what time are you fetching me?” She finally spoke.

“How about we go out from lunch time? Say 11:00? It will allow us to spend more time together.” Richard suggested.

“Alright. Hintayin na lang kita sa bahay then.” They ended their call with goodbyes looking forward to their date the next day.

Since Maya was going on a date on Saturday her grocery day, she decided to do her groceries later in the evening. She also wanted to get a new pair of jeans. In the end, she planned to drive to Power Plant mall at Rockwell for her needs.


“Gege Ricky.(Gege=kuya)” A young Chinese woman called out Richard as she waved her hand. They were at Rockwell in Makati.

“Dui (right), Lin. ” Richard responded as he walked towards her carrying a tray of food they ordered from KFC. He loves chicken and so does the girl with him.

“Women keyi kan dianying? (can we watch a movie?) I haven’t been to the movies in a very long time.” The girl sweetly requested from him with her distinct Chinese accent.

“Hmmm, duibuqi (“I’m sorry) Lin. I’m going to meet some friends tonight. So, after we are done here, I have to bring you home. Please do not argue with me because you are not going to win.” He was firm with his response.

“Mingtian? (tomorrow?)” She tried to schedule another day.

“Bu keyi (i can’t), Lin.” He shook his head not bothering to explain why he can’t go.

“Hao ma, Gege (alright, kuya). After we finish this food, let’s drop by Asia gallery first. I’d like to check their pieces there before we go home.” She requested.

After his dinner with Lin, he accompanied her to the art gallery as she requested.

As they were walking around the place and appreciating the pieces, his mind was actually with Maya. He saw a painting and studied the strokes used to depict the woman’s expression in the painting.

He got reminded of Maya and their date the following date. Earlier, he called her up without a clear plan for a date. He just wanted to her voice. He was missing her since it has been three days since he last saw her. If only he didn’t have to attend to some family matters.


Maya was carrying her shopping bags when she caught a glimpse of a familiar male form at the entrance of the art gallery. From the side view, he looked like Richard. The posture was similar to his but the guy wasn’t wearing eyeglasses.
Since she met Richard, she had never seen him without one so she was in doubt if the buy she saw was Richard. She was on the other side of the mall that she would need to go around to get a better view of him.

The girl walking towards the guy also caught Maya’s attention. She was tall and slim. When she reached his side, her height was almost up to his ear. From where

Maya was standing she saw the girl’s face. She was found her pretty. She was of Chinese descent judging from her skin color and facial features.

Maya’s heart began to thump loudly. Could it be Richard? What would he be doing there with another girl? Her heartbeats raced with a suspicion that he might be dating another girl. She consoled herself. It couldn’t be him. She was just imagining it was Richard. Still, the thought of him being with another girl caused tiny stabs in her heart.

A few minutes later, Maya was on her car ready to drive out of the parking lot when Richard’s call came in.

“Hi Maya.” Richard spoke on the other line.

“Hi Ricky, napatawag ka?” She asked him.

“About tomorrow” He started to speak but Maya interjected.

“O, do you have a change of plan?” She immediately assumed that he would cancel.
She didn’t know why she sensed it that way.

“Yeah.” Richard confirmed.

“Ah ganoon, sige okay lang.” She hoped she didn’t sound too disappointed.

“Good. I’ll fetch you at 7:00 a.m. then. Para hindi tayo ma-traffic going to Tagaytay.” Richard sounded excited. Unfortunately, Maya didn’t understand what he was saying. Her mind was still on the assumed cancellation of their date.

“Ha?” She asked.

“I said, susunduin kita ng 7:00 a.m. We are going to Tagaytay.” Richard repeated.
“Sabi mo okay lang to change the plan. Naisip ko kasi that it would be good to go to Tagaytay tomorrow.”

“Ahh, okay. I’ll be ready by 7.” She finally understood him.

When the call ended, Maya was smiling ear to ear. She forgot the scene she saw earlier as she became excited with their planned outing the following day.


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  1. Thanks for the update, I checked for the last tym b4 going to bed & was glad to see 2 new chapters. I am so in love with the story. Thankee.

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