My Only Love – Part 8

Note: This is a continuation to My Only Love – Part 7

Author: T0niann3

AN: Hi everyone… Eto na po ang part 8. 

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Ang Nakaraan…

“So.. may clue na ba kayo kung sino ang babaeng gusto ni Richard ipag palit saakin?” she looked back at Brandon, waiting for an answer to her question. “Yes ma’am” he replied. “Well.. tell me kung sino? Kung hindi yan Alex na yan, sinong yong babae!!” she said with irriation in her voice. “Yong kasama nya po ngayon” Brandon pointing to Richard and Maya who was talking with Doris, Sabel and Peter. “What?” she said (surprised look on her face) “are you positive” she asked again (fumming with anger in her face) “Yes Ma’am Karen” he replied, as he took out the picture of Maya and Richard at the park, taken last thursay. “This can’t be… Best Friend lang daw sya ni Richard” she whispered to herself. “are you positive?” she asked again (angery tone in her voice) “Yes Ma’am… matagal nang may gusto si Sir Richard sa kanya. Sabi po nang mga resources ko sa LAS. Pero matagal din nawala si Maya since they migrated to the States. Until she recently came back home.” he added. Karen turned her attention to where Richard was and watch him stare at Maya while she talked with Peter and her cousins.  “Humanda ka Maya dela Rosa…. hindi pa tayo tapos. Akin lang si Richard… ” she whispered. After a few minutes, she turned back to Brandon, picked up her purse from the table and handed him an envelope. “This is for your payment for the information i requested” she said, as she pulled out another envolope from her purse “I need you to do me another favor” she added as she handed him the envelope. “First of all, did you bring what i asked you to bring” she asked looking up at him. “Yes ma’am nasa kotche na po lahat nang pinadala nyo” he quickly replied as he looked at the contents of the envelope. “Very good” she whispered. As she gazed at Maya. “Enjoy your evening Maya dela Rosa, for it should be the last time you will spent with my Richard” she answered (wicked laugh). She turned back to Brandon and whispered her plan.


Part 8

LAS Holiday Party was a total success, Richard could see that everyone was having a wonderful time. This was better than he expected. He watched his family and friends full of smiles and laughter, he continued to walk around, walking up to some of the tables to greet his friends, staff and their families. He made it appoint to walk up to some of the tables since most of the lights to hall had been dimmed (besides the entrance and the food area) so the guests could dance to the music. It was a lovely scene, the decor was breath taking and how he loved all the flashing christmas lights of blue and white that reflected in the darkened room, making it look like a night sky.

Maya was having a great night too. She had to admit she didn’t think she could enjoy herself knowing that Richard wasn’t always by her side like the old days.  Maya excused herself from Peter and her friends. “Guys.. I’ll be right back, I’ll just visit the confort room” she said politely. “Insan.. sama na ako sayo” Doris replied. “Sure” she said in return. “Ako rin” added Lisa. The 3 ladies made their way around the tables, but before they could reach the front door exit a guy bumped into Maya knocking her off balance. (causing the drink he was carrying to spill  on the bottom part of her blue dress). He dropped his glass and grabbed her by the wrist with one had and supported her back with his other, making sure she didn’t fall over. “Ohh” was all that came out of Maya’s mouth as she felt herself falling. Doris and Lisa took out their handkerchief from their purse and started to pat dry the drink that had spilled on her. Richard was 2 tables down when he saw what happened. He excused himself from his guests and  quickly made his way to them. “Ms. Are you ok” the young man asked (worried look on his face. Maya looked up at him briefly as she fixed herself) “Yes, Im fine” she said. “Bes…” Richard said as he got to her side. “Are you ok?” he asked “Yes, Chard… ok lang ako” she replied as she looked at him and smiled. “Please excuse us” she quickly added “Punta muna kami sa cr, so i can clean up a bit” she smile at the 2 men infront of her and started to walk away. (Brandon calling out to her) “I’m so sorry again Ms. Please let me know if there is anything i can do.” he said. (Maya stops and turns to answer) “Really.. it’s ok, no harm done” Maya replied before turning away with Lisa and Doris and walking out of the hall.

Peter joined Richard at the front of the entrance where he was talking to Brandon. “Next time naman mag iingat ka” Richard said trying not to get upset. “Sorry talaga Mr. Lim it was an accident” Brandon replied. “Richard… is everything ok?” Peter asked. “Ok lang, Peter. May na ka bumgo lang kay Maya kanina.  Pumunta sys sa comfort room, kasama si Doris at Lisa. (gazing back at Brandon) Sya nga pala Peter, this is Brandon yong naka bungo sa kanya kanina” he added. (Turning his attention back to Peter) “Hi Brandon”, Peter replied (extending his hand out to the young man).  The 3 men chatted for a few minutes before parting ways.  Richard and Peter returned to their table while Brandon made his way back to where Karen was seated. “Ano, were you able to get close to her” she asked him as he reached her table. “Yes Ma’am, pero sandali lang po. Na tapon kasi yong drink ko sa kanya” he replied. “Very good. I want you to keep a close eye on her. Try to make converstation and see if you can lead her out of the party area”. Karen instructed. “Pero Ma’am baka naman may makahalata kung biglang mawala si Maya” Brandon answered. “Ako ang bahala sayo, besides everyone is busy with the party and the room if dimmed enough that no one will notice she is gone” Karen answered (wicked look)  “Mag hintay kalang Maya dela Rosa” she said to herself. (wicked grin. as she took another sip of her drink)

Maya and the rest of them returned to the table where Richard and Peter was wating for them to return. She was glad that Lisa and Doris were there to help her clean up. After checking it out in the clear light, it didn’t look like anything spilled. They continued to enjoy the rest of the evening, chatting with fellow co-workers and friends.. or just enjoying the time on the dance floor. After the music ended the rest of the gang went back to their table to rest up a bit. Maya excused herself to go to the bar and get a a glass of club soda. While she was waiting for her drink Brandon showed up.

Brandon: Excuse me Ms…

Maya: (turning to face him) Oh… hello again.

Brandon: Ms. I’m truly sorry for bumping into you earlier and spilling my drink on your beatiful dress.

Maya: It’s no problem at all (looking up at him again) and please call me Maya..

Brandon: Hello Ms. Maya, I’m Brandon (extending his hand to her)

Maya: (Shakes his hand in return) Maya lang. (smile)

Brandon: I see your dress is ok

Maya: Yes, My friends were able to help me clean it out.

Brandon: So Ms… I mean Maya.. can i offer you a drink?

Maya: No thanks, I already ordered.

Brandon: Ah okie. (smiles at her) So dito ka ba sa LAS nag tatarbaho?

Maya: Actually, No…  I’m a Pediatrician, pero best friend ko ang owner of LAS and he is the one that is hosting this event.

Brandon: Ah.. you mean Mr. Lim

Maya: Yes, si Richard. (as soon as she mentioned his name, like clock work. Richard appeared and tapped her on the shoulder)

Richard: Bes… (Maya turned to look at him) ang talaga mo naman. (puzzled look on his face) Kala namin kung ano na naman ang nangyari sayo. (trying not to laugh)

Maya: Oh.. hi Chard.  Sorry, I was just waiting for my drink when Brandon came over to apologize again.

Brandon: Hello again Mr. Lim. (he greeted before turning his attention back to her)  sige Maya, i will go ahead. Sorry again.. (as he turned away from them and left)

Richard: Sino ba yon kausap mo?  at nakalimutan mo na kami doon sa table.

Maya: (playfully tapping him on the face) Kaw talaga Chard… kung ano ano ang iniisip mo.

Richard: Siguro may crush sayo yon noh.. kaya lapit nang lapit sayo (teasing her)

Maya: Richard Lim… will you please stop. Anong crush ka dyan. Kita mo na nga binuhusan na nga ako kanina nang inomin nya eh… crush pa ang na isip mo. At please lang…. wag kang mag salita nang ganyan.. at baka mamaya kung sino maka rinig sayo eh… (looking around to make sure none of her friends where close by)

Richard: Ayyy si Bes.. nag bla-blush. (teasing her again, before grabbing her by the hand) Tara na nga at baka kung sino pa ang lumapit sayo dito

Maya: Naku… wala akung pakialam kung sino pa yan.. kesa is batman or superman pa sya (teasing him)

Richard: Corny mo! Tara nah (as he pulled her away from the bar area).

Maya: (grabbing her drink from the bar table) ok.. ok (she smiled at him from behind as she followed him back to their table) W

It was past 10pm when Brandon made his way back to Karen, to let her know that he still didn’t get a chance to be alone with Maya. “Sorry Ma’am.. dumating kasi si Richard” he told her. “Do i have to do everything myself” snapping at him.  (upset upon hearing Richards name). Karen took a sip of her drink, placed it on the table.. stood up and walked away from him.

Richard was busy with his friend when Karen appeared out of nowhere. “Hi Babe” she whispered softly as she hugged him tightly from behind. (Richard was startled by her jesture, as he turned around to slightly face her) “Karen… what are you doing here?” he said (upset tone, trying not to make a scene) “Awww Honey, don’t you remember… you invited me.. silly. (As she planted a kiss on his cheek. Richard could tell she has been drinking as he smelled the alcohol from her breath). “Will you please behave. Weve already talked about this. I invited you as a friend and if you can’t honor my request, then please leave” he said quietly tryin not to attrack attention.

Karen didn’t listen to anything that Richard had to say. She continued to hangon to him and started to talk to his friends. “Hi guys” she said, as she slightly turned away from Richard to face Maya and the rest of the gang. Sabel and Doris couldn’t help but frown as they watch Karen make a fool of herself, considering they knew Richard didn’t care for her at all. Maya was totally surprised when Karen addressed her out of the blue. “Hi Maya… fancy seeing you here” she said in a snappy tone. “She must be totally drunk to address me” Maya thought to herself before greeting her in return. “Hello, Karen” she replied (trying to smile at her). “I’m surprised you even came. Considering you couldn’t even find a date to take you here! What… did you pay someone to come with you” Karen added (laughing). (Everyone was annoyed by her comment) “Karen!!” Richard snapped at her. (not caring if anyone heard him anymore) “You’re drunk and out of line. Maya is always welcome here, if you can’t respect my friends or any of my guests.. then I advise you to leave this instant.” he sharply added. (Maya noticed the anger in his voice) “Chard, ok lang… calm down” Maya said as she placed her hand on his shoulder. (Richard looked at Maya and tried to smile). “Awww how sweet, always protecting your best friend” Karen commented (laughing) “Really Richard… she’s a big girl, she doesn’t need you to protect her” Karen added. (Maya continued to ignore her) “Peter can you please excuse us for a moment” Maya asked before jesturing to Richard to walk with her.  “Sure.. go ahead” Peter replied.  “Guys excuse us muna ah” she politely told her friends, before extending her hand out to Richard and leading him away from Karen and the Group. They made it out of the hall and went to the Alethea Lounge where she could calmly talk to Richard. They sat on the couch as she tried her best to ease his tention and stress with Karen before he goes into Tiger mode.

Maya: Chard… ok ka lang ba (concerned)

Richard: I’m sorry Bes… she has no right to treat you the way she did.  That was totally out of line.

Maya: (laughing)  Ano ka ba Chard… yong ganon klaseng tao.. kulang lang sa pansin yon.  Don’t let her annoy you. Isa pa.. ikaw na ang nag sabi she had a few drinks diba.

Richard: Just because lasing sya, it still doesn’t give her the right to act like that. (tiger mode) Hindi ka ba na gagalit? Ikaw na nga ang nilalait nang taong, tapos na kuha mo pang mag smile dyan. (looking straight at her)

Maya: Chard.. matagal nang kumukulo ang dugo saakin ni Karen. Hindi nga lang namin alam kung bakit. Since the first day we met the Clinic ganon na ang trato saakin. Pati nong last encounter amin sa club.. kasama ko si Sabel at Doris.  Tinarayan kami.. lalo na ako. (looking at the ground)

Richard: What!!! bakit hindi mo saakin sinabi? (more annoyed then ever)

Maya: Eh kasi wala naman saakin yon eh. Wala rin naman akung balak na patulan sya. At isa pa… alam ko girlfriend mo yon tao kaya I need to learn to get a long with her… diba. (looking around the room)

Richard: Bes naman… hindi ko girlfriend si Karen. Mag kaibigan lang kami. Aaminin ko, sinubukan namin mag karoon nand relation nong nasa Hong Kong kami, pero hindi sya nag work out. We were better off as Friends. (Maya surprsed by what she is hearing) Yon nga lang parang hindi nya matangap eh. ilan beses ko na sinabi sa kanya na wala akung gusto sa kanya. Pero ayaw makinig.  Nakaka irrita na nga eh.  Hindi ko naman pwedeng bastusin.

Maya: Chard, ok lang talaga yon. (patting him on the hand and smiling at him) Kaya mo yan. Bakit hindi mo na lang sya kausapin ulit. Malay mo this time makinig na sayo.

Richard: Bes i tried..

Maya: Chard.. sa ngayon I think we just need to let it go. You still have a party to think about. Don’t let her get to you. Kung ayaw makinig eh di… ignore mo na lang muna. Kahit ngayon gabi lang. Para iwas gulo na rin. Nakakahiya naman sa mga bisita mo. (as she smiled at him placed her head on his shoulder) Kaya mo yan… wag ka lang magpadala sa galit mo. (she chuckled)

Richard: Bes naman eh. Namomroblema na ang tao.. na kuha mo pang mag patawa (trying to not smile)

Maya: Sympre naman… that’s what Best Friends are for. (as she playfully poked him on the side) Ano.. ok ka na? Pwede na ba tayong bumalik sa loob. Baka kung ano na ang ginagawa ni Karen (she teased again)

Richard: Bes naman ah…. that’s not funny. (worried look on his face)

Maya: Halika na kasi… tama na yan emote mo dyan. (as she stood up and grab him by the arm and lead him back to the party)

Richard and Maya made it back to the main table.  Maya scanned the room for Karen (who was no where to be found). She quickly want to Doris and Lisa who was busy talking. “Insan.. Lisa.. nasaan na si Karen?” she asked her friends. “Babalik daw, may kukunin lang daw” Doris replied. “Maya.. ok lang ba si Richard?” Lisa asked (concerned look on her face) “Oo.. ” she answered. “Sige balik na muna ako doon kila Peter” she added. As she stood up and went back to where Peter was seated. “Maya are you ok?” Peter asked (worried) “Ok lang ako” she happily replied.

After a few minutes since they returned Karen showed up again. “Honey.. you’re back” she said. Richard didn’t say a thing. Karen walked over to where Peter and Maya was seated. “I see your still here” she added (looking down at Maya) as she got closer, Karen pretended to trip, pouring all of her drink on Maya’s lap which startled her and Peter. “Ohhh my bad” she said to them. “Are you insane” Peter said out loud (as he stood up and quickly took the napkin from the table and started to help Maya wipe off liquid that spilled all over her) Maya stood up (turning to face Karen) “What is your major malfunction” she angrily asked (as she patted herself dry) before placing the napkin on the table (Anger in her voice). “You are” Karen answered (as she laughed and watched Maya walk off)  “Karen!!” Richard snapped again (as he grabbed Karen by the arm and lead her away from the group) Doris, Lisa and Sabel all got up to follow Maya.


They found Maya by the sink, washing her arms off and trying to wipe down her dress.

Lisa: here Maya try this. (as she handed her some ginger ale to help remove the stain).

Maya: (as she looked up and grabbed the bottle) thanks, Lisa.

Doris & Sabel: Insan ok ka lang ba?

Maya: Talagang na nanadya na yong babaeng yon ah (trying to keep calm and continue with what she was doing) Ano ba ang problema non.. (as she concentrated on her dress)

Lisa: Oo nga eh… can you believe na she delibirately spilled her drink on you and Peter. The nerve of her (irritated)

Doris: Are you just going to let her treat you like that?

Maya: Insan… what do you want me to do.. make a scene.  Nakakahiya naman sa mga guest ni Richard at sa family nya.

Sabel: Nako insan.. wag ka nga… kung si Richard galit na galit na eh. Tapos ikaw nagmamartyr ka pa dyan. Lumaban ka naman… matagal nang galit yan Karen na yan sayo tapos wala ka parin gagawin? Hindi na ata tama yon.

Maya: Sabel naman… kahit papaano kaibigan pa rin yon ni Richard.  Kulang lang talaga sa pansin yon. (trying to clear the air)

S/D/L: (all upset) yan ka na naman (they all said in unison)

Maya: Ano ba kayong tatlo… ok lang talaga ako.  Lets just enjoy the rest of the evening. Don’t let her ruin our night. Please… para sa LAS.. at para narin sa peace of mind ni Chard.

S/D/L: Fine… (all frowning at her)

Maya: Kayo talaga. Smile naman dyan.  (joking) In fairness… parang very unlucky etong dress ko. (trying to make her friends laugh) Imagine… ilang beses na ako na tapunan nang inumin (they all cracked up and smiled) Group hug… (as all of them chimed in) Dyos ko po.. ano pa ba ang mangyayari ngayon. (she laughed) With my luck… baka hindi lang isang baso ang matatapon sa damit ko ngayon.. baka isang balde na (They laughed at her comment, before walking out of the restroom)

They returned to their table. Peter stood up and pull Maya’s chair out so she can sit. “Are you ok?” he whispered to her before they sat down. “Yes, I’m fine. (smiling at him) Eh ikaw ba? Diba natamaan ka rin nung inomin nya?” she asked. After a few minutes, NT and Esme came up to the group and asked what was going on? Maya let them know that everything was fine and that one of Richard’s guest just had too much to drink. “Nasaan na si Richard” Tita Esme asked Maya. “Sinamahan lang po sa labas si Karen” she replied. After they explained everything NT and Esme returned to their table.  Peter noticed that Maya was alittle uneasy looking around the room. “Gusto mong sumayaw” Peter asked as he pointed to the open dance floor. “Sure.. why not” she replied.  “Guys sayaw tayo” Maya called out to her friends. As they all got up from their seats and made their way to the dance floor. Maya rested her head on Peter’s shoulder as they danced to a slow song. (She wondered where Richard could have gone).

The event was coming to a close, but Richard was still no where to be found. Maya kept looking at her watch. It was closed to midnight. She excused herself and went to Lisa and Doris.  “Guys… have you seen Chard? I haven’t seen him since he walked out of the hall with Karen” she said worriedly. “I haven’t seen him either” Lisa answered with concern in her voice too. “Doris.. Lisa.. Sabel, pwede tulongan nyo ako hanapin si Chard. Alam nyo naman si Mr. Sungit pag nagalit. Isa pa malapit nang matapos ang event. Hindi naman pwede wala sya dito. (looking up at Lisa) Diba may closing speech pa sya?” Maya asked. (Lisa nodding).  “Baka naman nag papalamig lang yon sa labas” Sabel replied. “Siguro nga, pero I still think we should just find him so he can be here on time for his closing speech” Maya said. They all got up from their chairs to start looking for him. “Guys lets split up.. mag tawagan na lang tayo kung malocate nyo sya” Maya said, before leaving the group.

Maya decided to search the lounge outside the party hall. She was walking to Alethea Lounge when she ran into Brandon again. “Hey Maya.. are you leaving already?” he asked “ahh.. hindi pa naman” she replied. (stopping to ask him a question) “Nakita mo ba si Richard?” she asked ( before she continued to walk again). “Si Mr. Lim? Ahh not since earlier at the bar with you” he replied. (following her)  “Ahh Okie. Thank you” she answered “Do you mind if i join you? Maybe I can help” he said to her. (Maya was too pre-occupied with her search for Richard that she didn’t answer ) Brandon tagged along anyway.

Lisa and Doris searched around the room checking to see if he was at one of the tables talking with his guests.  They were about to head out of the Hall when Richard entered. “Oh Richard” Doris called to him. (puzzled look on her face). “Where have you been, we were worried about you. Pati si Maya hinahanap ka” Lisa said (as she opened her purse to contact Maya) “Where did she go?” he asked “She went looking for you… malapit na kasing mag end yong event eh. Concerned sya na you wont make it back in time to do your closing speech before the party ends.” Lisa added (as she tried to re-dial Maya’s number) “Come on Maya… answer the phone” Lisa softly said (worried look) “Lisa what’s wrong?” Richard asked. “Si Maya kasi eh… she isn’t picking up her phone” she said “What? Saan ba sya pumunta?” he asked again (worried tone) “Lumabas nga at hahanapin ka raw. Titingin daw sya sa lounge at baka doon ka raw nag papalamig nang ulo” Lisa answered. (still trying to contact Maya) “I’m sure she’s ok. She’s probably still outside looking for you.  Anyway, you need to go up and do your speech, it’s 5 minutes before midnight. The sooner you close, the sooner we can all look for Maya” Lisa added. (As she hands him the envelope for his closing speech). “Richard, kami nang bahalang mag hanap kay Maya” Doris said. Richard nodded before walking to the front stage with Lisa.

As he walked up on the stage, he picked up the mic. (Looking around the room to see if he can spot Maya). Turns to Lisa one last time (Jestures to see if she was able to reach Maya on the phone) Lisa frowns, letting him know that she still hasn’t contacted her. He looked around one last time before turning on the mic to bid everyone goodnight. As soon as she heard Richard start talking, Doris went to their table and spoke with all their friends and let them know what was going on.

Richard started to thank everyone for joining him and his family celebrate the end of the year. Everyone else went around the area to help look for Maya. Peter and Doris searched one area while Sabel and Boris went the other way.  Even Samon and Eds stayed to help look for her.

As soon as he was done with his speech everyone in the room applaud him and said their goodbyes.  It was close to 1am when the hall was almost empty from all the guest that had arrived at the event. A few of them made it back to the hall where Lisa, Richard and their parents were waiting patiently.

Esme: That was a lovely Party Son. (as she gave him a hug) is anything wrong? (concerned)

Richard: Ma… (Teresita cuts him off)

Teresita: (looking around) Richard, nasaan nga pala si Maya. Bakit kinana ko pa sya hindi na kikita?

Richard: Ninang… don’t be alarmed, pero kanina pa namin hinahanap si Maya. Kanina pa rin sya tinatawagan ni Lisa pero hindi nya sinasagot ang phone nya.

Esme/Teresita: What? (They both said in unison. Both with worried looks on their faces)

Richard: I’m sure she is ok.. Ninang.

Teresita: Si Peter, nasaan si Peter.. hindi ba sila magkasama?

Richard: Kasama po ni Doris si Peter, they are looking for Maya too

Mang Arthuro: When was the last time you saw her? (Lisa turning to answer Maya’s father)

Lisa: Just before midnight.. Sir

Don Roberto: Richard why are we just hearing about this now.

Richard: Pa, we didn’t want to alarm you guys.  Plus she was here.  She was looking for me. (sad tone)

Esme: Looking for you? Eh saan ka naman galing

Richard: Ma.. pwede mamaya na tayo mag usap. Kailang natin hanapin si Maya. Baka kung ano na ang nangyari sa kanya. (Both Esme and Teresita more worried than ever).

As Richard tries to contact Maya on her phone again, Doris and Peter walk in. (Richard heard Maya’s phone ringing as Doris got closer to him)

Doris: (teary eyed) Richard… we found Maya’s purse and her phone in the Alethea Lounge just by the exit door to the outside building.

Richard: What?? (now worried)  Didn’t anyone see her? (as he took Maya’s phone from Doris)

Peter: We’ve asked the guards outside the main entrance to the building but they all said they didn’t see anything. We asked for their help and we also gave them Maya’s discription).

Teresita: Richard.. may nangyari ba sa anak ko (in the verge of crying)

Richard: Ninang wag muna kayong mag isip nang masama. I’m sure she is ok (trying to keep a straight face, but deep down he was really worried for Maya’s safety. He knew she would never leave without her purse, let alone her phone). “Bes, Nasaan ka na ba? Ok ka lang ba?” he said to himself.  Then all of his fears and worries came back along with Karen’s last words to him when she had confronted him in his office last week. “Is she behind all this?” he asked himself as he paced around the room. (holding on tightly to Maya’s cellphone). Suddenly Sabel and Boris returned with some updated news.

Sabel: Richard..   (Richard met up to Sabel)

Richard: Ano… may word na ba regarding Maya’s where abouts? (fear in his voice).

Sabel: We spoke with a few guest and a security guard.. they saw someone with Maya’s description being carried out of the building. One of the security guards said he questioned the guy and was told that his wife had too much to drink and that he just wanted to take her home so she can rest.

Richard: What?  Sino daw yong lalake (upset tone)

Sabel: From the description that he gave us, it sounded like the same guy that ran into Maya earlier.

Richard/Peter: What? (they said in unison)

Lisa: Sino? Yong Brandon guy?

Sabel: Yes.. yon na nga.

Richard: Does anyone know who Brandon is? Anong ang last name nya at who did he come with? (turning to Lisa) don’t we have a guest list and a sign in book?

Lisa: (nodded) As she rushed to the back table to get the book.

Lisa returned with the guest book and handed it to Richard.  He took the book and started to check out the guest list.  Brandon’s name was nowhere to be found. (Karen appeared in his head) he scrolled down to the the list one more time to look for Karen’s name, but didn’t find her’s either.

Richard: Lisa do you know if Karen came here with anyone?

Lisa: No, no one really saw her until she came up to our table.

Esme: What’s wrong son?

Richard: I think maybe this guy came with Karen.

Teresita: Richard sino si Karen at why would they take Maya with them?.

Richard: I don’t know Ninang.  I’m sorry, please don’t worry… we will find her.  I promise. (as he turned to Lisa again) Lisa, can you please call the police and give them the description of Brandon. Let them know that he has taken Maya.  (as he took his phone out of his pocket and starting to call Karen. (ring.. ring..) he kept calling but she wouldn’t pickup her phone.

Esme: Anything son?

Richard: No Ma…. (still trying to contact her) Damn you, Karen!! (upset tone)

Peter: Richard… ano ba ang problema nong babaeng yon? What does she want with Maya?

Richard: Hindi ko alam… I wish i knew.

After 20 minutes the police showed up and started to take down the description of Maya, Karen and Brandon. Richard provided them with all the information he had on Karen, including the type of car she drove and where she was currently staying.  The Police also spoke with the guards and the other people that saw what had happened to Maya. When they were done with their statement they were suggested to go home. The police will contact them once they get more information regarding this case.  Mang Arthuro and Nay Teresita invited everyone to stay at their house to wait for the police or anyone that may have any clue on the whereabouts of their daughter.  Richard and his parents when home for a few minutes to change and then returned to the dela Rosa residence, providing food.

3am while everyone was gathered in the living room, Richard’s phone rang. He picked up his phone and looked at the screen and read “Unknown number”.  He accepted the call and hit the speaker button so everyone in the room could hear before he answered “Hello” he said (as he jestured for everyone to be silent) “Hello” he repeated again.. (a few seconds later a guy spoke) “Is this Richard Lim?” a huskey voice said through the receiver. “This is he” Richard answered. “If you want to see your precious Maya again.. you will do what I say” the voice on the line commanded. “Who is this.. what do you want with Maya” Richard asked. (Angry tone) “Richard, are you listing… ” the voice on the other line asked. “What do you want? and how do I know you have Maya” Richard asked again. “I need you to listen very carefully.  Make sure you don’t report to the police or you will never see her again. You will receive a text in a few days for a location. You need to come alone or else” the voice said sharply. “Please… I will do what you want.  Let me talk to Maya, I just need to make sure she is safe.. please. “Richard pleaded (as he scanned the room. noticing the heartache that came across Maya’s parents faces) “Please..” he repeated. After a few more seconds everyone heard her on the line “Richard… (worried tone) Bes… ikaw ba yan?” was all she said before the line cut off. “Maya… Maya..” Richard said repeatedly. Richard put his phone down and went to Nay Teresita.  “Richard.. si Maya… ” Teresita said crying “Don’t let them hurt her… please” she added as she broke down in tears.  Esme, Lisa, Doris and Sabel sat beside her and tried their best to comforted her. Don Roberto and Mang Arthuro both walked out to the veranda. Richard could tell his Dad and his Ninong were worried that they aren’t able to do anyting to help Maya. (Looking at his friends… he notioned for them to following him outside).

Richard and the guys talked about a plan on what they can do to help get Maya back. Although none of them had an idea considering they still needed to wait and find out where the meeting place will be located. They were all lost of words. No one had any answers on why this was happening. Everyone asked the same question “What do they want with Maya”. Only one person really knew.. but he kept it to himself. “Is she behind all this?” he asked himself. Richard couldn’t believe Karen would be capable of doing such a thing or is she? What he couldn’t understand was why she would take Maya instead of him. “What does she know” he asked himself.

The days went by slowly.  Doris and Sabel decided to stay with their aunt and uncle. The rest of their friends left but would constantly call for any updates.  Lisa and Joma came by after work monday to bring them food and try to help in anyway they can.

~*~  Flashback /Disclosed Building in Manila

After splitting up with the girls, Maya decided to got out of the hall and check at the lounge to see if Richard was over there. As she walked around she ran into Brandon again and started to follow her.  He offered his help but Maya was pre-occupied on finding Richard that she didn’t answer him. Brandon followed her around anyway and said that he would just keep her company and help look for Richard. Once they entered the lounge she called to Richard but found no one there. She was taking her cellphone out of her purse when all of a sudden she just felt a hand infront of her face with a white handkerchief. (slowly losing consciousness) As he picked Maya up in his arms her purse and cellphone dropped to the floor. Brandon carried her out of the lounge, came across a few people that offered to help but he said he could manage and that she just had too much to drink. He then carried her off to his Truck. He placed Maya in the back seat and covered her eyes with a black handkerchief. He then took some rope he had in the glove compartment and tied her hands. Once he was done he drove off and called Karen. “Ma’am Karen.. kasama ko na po si Maya” he said on the line. “Good.. i want you to take her to the abandoned building in Manila and wait for my call” Karen said as she laughed out loud. “Make sure she doesn’t get away” she added before hangging up the phone. Brandon drove off with Maya in the back of his truck.

2:30 am when Maya regain consciousness, she couldn’t move or see anything since her eyes were covered and she could feel the rope cutting into her wrist each time she tried to struggle. She tried make out where she was when she suddenly heard a voice speak. “Stay still” he commanded. “Moving around will only make it worse” he added. “Sino ka… nasaan ako… what do you want from me” she asked. “Don’t worry we won’t hurt you, we are just following orders “another voice answered. Maya laid still trying to remember what happend. The last thing she could remember before she loss consciousness was walking out in the hall to look for Richard.  She remembered running into Brandon as he offered to help her seach for him. She went into the Lounge to see if Richard was there when all of a sudden she felt a hand covering her face with a handkerchief. “Could it be” she asked herself.. before saying his name outloud. “Brandon” are you here?” she asked but no one answered. Maya was puzzled.  Where was she and what did they want from her? After what seemed like forever… she heard the voices talking again.. she heard them say Richard’s name. She listened in on their converstation and then after a few more minutes one of them held the phone up to her ear. All Maya could say was “Richard… (worried tone) Bes… ikaw ba yan?” then the guy pulled the phone away from her (ending the call) and walked away. “Pakawalan nyo ako dito” she said again as she continued to here them talk in the background.

It’s been a few hours since the phone call and Maya was starting to feel helpless. One guy come up to her and placed a tray of food and water on the floor.  After that he took the cover off her eyes and untied the rope that wrapped around her wrist, so she could eat or drink something. When her hands were free.. she pushed the tray away. (looked up at the masked man) “Pakawalan nyo ako” she said in a loud tone. He push the tray litely back to her, but she pushed it away again. He tried to give her the tray one last time but Maya just pushed it away spilling the glass of water. “Fine” he said as he picked up the rope and began to tie her wrist again. Maya tried to struggled but he was stronger than she was. “Let me go” she screamed over and over again. (The guy stood up and left her alone) It was pretty dark in the room where she was being held. Maya couldn’t make out their faces since they were fully covered. All she could remember before they walked out of the room was the guys wearing a black mask that covered their faces. She looked around the room to see if she could figure out where she was, but it was too dark to see anything. The only light she had with her was a candle that was placed on top of a box. “Nasaan kaya ako” she asked herself. As she continued to look around.  On her left side she could see some shattered glass on the floor from the broken window and on her right was a post where her legs were tied down to, giving her little room to move so she can try to free herself. She was losing all hope, she wasn’t sure how she would get out of there. She missed her family. She knew her parents would be worried specially her nanay. She wanted to scream and cry but she knew that wouldn’t make her situation any better. “Maya naman… matalino ka! Think.. kung paano ka makakawala dito” she scolded herself “You can do it, find a way to get free” she whispered.

to be continued…..


Until next time ulit mga fellow Richard and Maya fans! (Maya wave) Kapit Bisig po sa inyong lahat!



9 thoughts on “My Only Love – Part 8

  1. well…are we getting any updates for this story…its a wonderful story but updates is getting slower…i know adiks fan are getting anxious to the see the outcome…shall we LOL

  2. Aaaaw wl npo b tong ksunod? Ilang beses ko n tong nbsa eh gang dito nlng b? Anu n ngyari kay maya sk maipagtatapat b ni richard n mhal nya c maya….. aaaaaawwww sn nmn dugtungan pdin toh plsssssss……

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