We’re Having Twins!

A/N: Inspired by the February 10 teaser and last year’s Valentine episodes, here goes another scenario in my mind…

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Author: iamgarie


By iamgarie

Part 1

At the hospital room where Maya is confined, Richard shocks everyone with his news…

Richard: When they were doing the ultrasound, the doctor discovered something.

Nanay Teresita: Ano?

DE & Lim kids: What?

Richard: We did not expect this at all.

Manang Fe: Ano nga, Ricardo?

Maya: Mahal, sabihin mo na.

Nikki: Dad! What is it? The suspense is killing me!

Luke: How are you, Tita Mommy?

Abby: How is baby bunso, Daddy, Tita Mommy?

Richard: (smiles) Well, your Tita Mommy is okay. She just needs to be on bed rest for a month. And you don’t have to worry about the babies. They’re doing okay.

Everyone is initially shocked and dumbfounded. Then they all shriek!

Nikki: BABIES? Oh my gee, Daddy! Did we hear you right?

Abby: Does that mean po, we’ll be having twins, Tita Mommy?

Maya: (smiles) Oo, baby! Ang saya ‘no? Baby twins pala sila. Hindi lang agad napansin ni Dr. Galero.

Luke: Pero you’re okay, Tita Mommy?

Maya: Oo naman, Luke. Napagod lang daw siguro ako this week kaya nag-spotting.

Richard: Your Tita Mommy will be on complete bed rest for a month muna. So that means, no work for her. She can go home na tomorrow, pero yun na nga… She’ll be staying mostly in bed lang muna just to make sure the twins will be okay. She also can’t go up and down the stairs muna, so we have to make other adjustments, too! Siguro she’ll be taking her meals sa room or sa study area muna. She’s not allowed to walk too much, as well. Less than a month from now will be the start of the second trimester of your Tita Mommy’s pregnancy. The doctor says she’ll be okay by then. That is, if we make sure she’ll be on complete bed rest this month.

Nanay Teresita: Wag kang mag-alala, Richard. Sisiguruhin nating lahat yan.

Donya Esmeralda: Yes, Ricky! We’ll make sure of that!

Abby: Ate Nikki, your wish came true! Diba po you’ve always prayed that Dad and Tita Mommy will have twins?

Nikki: I know, right? Haha! This is the best birthday gift ever!

Part 2

Following doctor’s orders, Maya now spends her days inside the masters bedroom. She has her usual set of visitors daily– Donya Esmeralda, Nanay Teresita, Manang Fe and Abby to keep her company. To while away her time, she reads books, helps Abby with homework, and sleeps a lot. Rafi and Emman occasionally call her on the phone, too. Once Luke and Nikki are home, they also spend time with their Tita Mommy. In the evenings, Richard and Maya engage in their usual long talks and tender moments. Richard is extra attentive and caring to her these days, as well. He gives her a bath every morning and helps her wash up and prepare for bed at night. The best husband ever has been coming home earlier than usual, too!

It’s after dinner and Luke, Nikki and Abby join their Dad and Tita Mommy for dessert at the entertainment area. Maya, whose legs are resting comfortably on Richard’s lap, has opted to skip dessert and drink her lowfat milk instead.

Nikki: Oh my gee! It’s going to be Valentine’s Day na pala in a few days!

Maya: (smiles at the kids and looks lovingly at Richard) Oo nga, malapit na nga pala ang Valentine’s Day, Mahal!

Luke: So, anong plano mo, Nikki Grace Lim?

Abby: You have a date, Ate? With Kuya Nicolo ba or Kuya Fake Mallows?

Nikki: Baby! I’m not going on a date!

Luke: Nikki, bawal ka pa makipag-date ha. Daddy, o, si Niks!

Richard: So, why are you so excited, Niks?

Nikki: I’m excited for you, Dad, and for Tita Mommy! It’s going to be your first Valentine’s Day together, diba? And it’s going to be our first Valentine’s Day as a family!

Luke: Oo nga ‘no?

Abby: I don’t think so, Ate, Kuya! It will be Daddy and Tita Mommy’s second Valentine date na.

Nikki: Huh?!?

Richard: What do you mean, baby?

Abby: Diba po last year, we all planned to have a Valentine date together? Ate Nikki and I baked some treats for dessert. Kaya lang po, na-traffic kayo sa pag buy ng food. Tapos we all fell asleep na before you got home. Tapos kayo na lang po ni Tita Mommy nag-date for Valentine’s, diba po?

Maya: Aaah! Pero baby hindi date yun. Hindi ko pa naman boyfriend ang Daddy nyo nun, eh.

Abby: Kahit na po. Date pa din po yun.

Richard: (smiles) How so, Abby?

Abby: Did you give Tita Mommy flowers then, Daddy?

Richard: Yes. But I also gave you, Nikki and Manang Fe flowers.

Abby: Did you pick her up and take her somewhere nice?

Richard: Well, yes. I picked her up from her training school cos we had to go to South Curves to buy food for dinner.

Abby: Did you give her chocolates, Daddy?

Richard: Well… South Curves gave out free chocolates, so I gave her those chocolates.

Abby: Did you eat together?

Richard: Ahhhm yes, because you were all asleep na when we got home.

Abby: So that means you and Tita Mommy had a date then. And this coming Valentine’s Day will already be your second.

Everyone laughed.

Richard: Ok little Attorney. You win! Manang-mana ka talaga kay Tita Mommy mo.

Nikki: (raises her right hand) My turn!

Luke: My turn ka diyan! Ano na namang gimmick mo Nikki?

Nikki: Eh I want to ask Dad and Tita Mommy questions, eh… Tita Mommy, how did you feel when Daddy gave you flowers then?

Richard: Siyempre Niks, kinilig si Tita Mommy mo. (smirks)

Maya: Mahal ha! Hihi! Pero tama ang Daddy nyo. Kinilig nga ako. Haha!

Luke: If that wasn’t a date, Dad, how come may flowers ka for Tita Mommy?

Maya: Ah kasi Luke naawa yung Daddy mo dun sa bata na nagtitinda kaya binili na lang niya yung balloons and flowers para makauwi na yung bata.

Luke: Ows? Yun lang ba yun Dad?

Richard: Well, we’re married now, so obviously, that wasn’t the only reason why I bought those flowers. Maybe I really wanted to give your Tita Mommy flowers then and that kid outside the restaurant gave me the perfect opportunity!

Nikki: Haha! So, Daddy, what was your palusot naman po for giving Tita Mommy chocolates?

Richard: The waiter gave us free chocolates. I asked your Tita Mommy if she wanted them. Sabi niya oo. So I gave her the chocolates.

Maya: Haha! Teka lang Mahal. May naalala ako. Nung nasa kotse na kami, may lumapit na batang humihingi ng limos. Ibibigay ko sana yung chocolates pero pinigilan mo ko. Para ka kayang batang nagtampo. (Looks at the kids) Sabi ng Daddy nyo, “Maya, when someone gives you something, you don’t give it away.” Haha.

Luke: Haha! Si Dad talaga o! Palusot pa. Talaga naman para lang kay Tita Mommy yung chocolates.

Nikki: Awwwwww! You guys are so sweet talaga!

Abby: So you didn’t give the little child anything?

Maya: May binigay naman kami baby. May sandwich pa pala ako sa bag ko. So yun ang binigay ko.

Nikki: So Abby’s right. This coming Valentine’s Day won’t be your first Valentine date na pala.

Maya: Ganun na nga. Hihi! Pero yung last year, friendly date yun ha.

Abby: I have a question pa po.

Richard: What is it, baby?

Abby: Daddy, did you and Tita Mommy kiss after your date?

Maya, Luke and Nikki chuckle and all say at the same time, “Baby!!!”

Richard furrows his brow and asks, “Kiss? Where did you get that idea, baby?”

Abby: From the movies Ate Nikki and I watch. When a boy and a girl go out on a date, the boy kisses the girl after he takes her back to her house.

Nikki: Oops, sorry Dad.

Richard: (looks at Nikki and pouts) Baby, your Tita Mommy and I did not kiss then.

Luke: So, when did you first kiss Tita Mommy?

Abby: Tita Mommy, is Daddy your first kiss? Kasi po sa slumbook ko before diba po you wrote “none” dun sa first kiss, eh.

Both Richard and Maya’s cheeks reddened in embarrassment.

Richard: Yes, baby. I was your Tita Mommy’s first kiss.

Maya: Ang Daddy nyo ang first and only love and boyfriend ko. Hihi!

Abby: Hihi!

Nikki: That’s so sweet!

Luke: So, Dad, kelan nga po yung first kiss ninyo ni Tita Mommy?

Richard: After your prom.

Nikki: (giggles and covers her mouth in surprise!) Oh my gee! When?

Richard: When we sent her back the condo, diba I left you guys in the car so I could to take her to her floor? I kissed her on her cheek before she entered the condo.

Nikki: Awww!

Richard: And she looked so shocked and scared right after! She even tried to stay away from me for days!

Maya: Hihi! Siyempre naman, Mahal. Di ko naman in-expect yun ‘no? Nagulat ako! Di ko alam kung bakit mo ginawa yun… Hihi! Nun mo lang ba napansin na maganda pala ako? Haha!

Abby: Hihihi! When I grow up, I want to be just like you, Tita Mommy! I want to have a boyfriend and a husband who is just like Daddy! He’s the best, isn’t he?

Maya: Oo naman, baby! (Looks lovingly at Richard) The best talaga ang Daddy niyo.

Nikki: Me, too, Tita Mommy!

Luke: Anong me too ka diyan, Niks! Yung Mallows mo, ang layo layo kaya kay Daddy.

Nikki: Kuya! Daddy, o.

Richard: That’s enough, Luke. Pero Niks, your Kuya does have a point!

Nikki: Daddy!

Maya: Oo nga, Mahal. Wala ka kasing mallows cheeks na katulad ni Nicolo, eh.

Everyone laughs!

They talked some more as they feasted on the fruit salad and blueberry cheesecake Sabel prepared for dessert. Everyone but Nikki was ready to call it a night.

Nikki: So, can we plan something for Valentine’s Day? It’s a Friday naman po so we call all stay up late.

Richard: I don’t think we can go out, Niks. There’ll be so much traffic and everyone will be out that night dating. Going out won’t be good for your Tita Mommy and baby kambal.

Luke: So dito na lang po tayo sa bahay?

Richard nods.

Luke: Sorry, Niks!

Nikki: Kuya!!! You’re so G-R-R-R talaga!

Maya: Pasensya na Nikki ha.

Nikki: That’s my plan naman talaga, Tita Mommy, Dad! Dito lang tayo sa house. I’ll bake!

Abby: (raises her hand) I’ll help!

Nikki: Of course, baby.

Maya: At since may chef naman tayo dito sa bahay, si Chef Sabel, siguro gawa na tayo ng listahan ng mga gusto nating ipaluto sa kanya! Nandito pa si Nanay kaya makaka request tayo ng kare-kare at suman sa latik!

Abby: Wow, we’ll turn the veranda pa into a restaurant? I want spaghetti!

Nikki: Don’t worry, baby! Kasama yan sa list, siyempre.

Richard: But I have one condition!

Luke: Ano po yun, Dad?

Richard: Your Tita Mommy can’t join in the planning. She and the twins need to rest!

Maya: Mahal!

Nikki: Don’t make kontra na, Tita Mommy! Daddy’s right! You have to rest. We’ll take care of everything and we’ll make sure to have the best Valentine family date ever!

Part 3

On Valentine morning, Richard wakes up Maya with a bouquet of sunflowers, the warmest hug and the sweetest kiss. Then the kids surprise them both with a hearty breakfast in bed and personalized Valentine cards.

Maya: Wow! Ang sweet nyo talaga, Luke, Nikki, Abby! Thank you!

Richard: Sila lang?

Maya: Siyempre ikaw din, Mahal.

Maya then cups Richard’s face and gives him a quick peck on the lips.

Richard: What was that?

Abby: Daddy, that’s a kiss.

Luke and Nikki laugh.

Richard: Okay (then whispers to Maya) Mahal, I hardly felt your lips on mine. I want more…

Maya: (giggles and whispers to Richard) Mamaya na, Mahal. Kelangan wholesome muna. May audience pa tayo. Hihi!

Abby: What’s that, Tita Mommy?

Maya: Wala, baby! Excited na kami ng Daddy niyo kumain.

Richard: You prepared these yourselves?

Nikki: Yes, Dad! I cooked the yummy pancakes. Kuya cooked the burned sausages…

Luke: Talagang in-emphasize pang nasunog ha, Niks?

Nikki: … while Abby prepared the freshly squeezed orange juice with the help of Lola.

Maya: Ang sweet niyo naman. Thank you!

Luke: Enjoy your meal, Daddy, Tita Mommy… Labas na po muna kami. We have to get ready for school na.

Richard: Okay, kids. Thanks for breakfast…

Once the kids were out of the masters bedroom, Richard looks a Maya and pouts his lips.

Maya: O, ano na naman yan, Mahal?

Richard: Yung kiss ko?

Maya: Mahal, mamaya na yan. Kain muna tayo.

Richard: Ngayon na, Mahal.

Maya: Mahal, kain na muna tayo tapos may surprise ako sa yo.

Richard: Ano?

Maya: Mamaya na kita iki-kiss habang pinapaliguan mo ko.

Richard: (smiles mischievously) Okay. And what’s your surprise?

Maya: Meron pero baka di ka kasi pumayag, eh.

Richard: What are you thinking?

Maya: Okay lang ba sa yo sabay naman tayo maligo this morning? Hihi! Wala naman tayong ibang gagawin, eh. Gusto lang kitang paliguan din, Mahal. Yun ang Valentine gift ko para sa yo.

Richard: (smiles) Gift para sa kin o gift mo din para sa yo?

Maya: Oo na. Gift ko din para sa sarili ko. Ang daya mo kasi, eh. Ikaw, araw-araw mo ko pinapaliguan, tapos ako di ko pa nagagawa yun para sa yo!

Richard: (smiles) Well then, I guess okay lang. O, let’s finish our food na. Hurry na, Mahal. Let’s not keep the bathroom waiting. Excited pa naman ako to scrub your back while you scrub mine (then winks).

Maya: Hihi! Mahal…

Part 4

Valentine dinner at the veranda with the kids and the rest of the family was a blast for Richard and Maya. The whole household went out of their way to give their Sir Chief and Mrs. Chief a Valentine to remember. Donya Esmeralda, Nanay Teresita , Manang Fe and Sabel did an excellent job with each of the dishes they prepared. Nikki and Abby’s baked treats (chocolate chip cookies and carrot muffins) were heavenly. Thanks to Luke, the instrumental arrangements of Please Be Careful with My Heart and The Way You Look Tonight played in the background while everyone ate and shared happy, funny stories with each other. To cap of the evening, Doris (as Maya) serenaded Joma (as Richard) to the unforgettable tune of “Chinito” much to the amusement of everyone.

After her performance, Doris tells Richard and Maya, “Sir Richard, Mrs. Chief, Happy Valentine’s Day po. Sana happy kayo sa ginawa ko. Sana din po hindi nabulabog ang kambal na nasa tiyan ninyo dahil sa kin at kay Joma. Alam po naming lahat na napaka-espesyal ng araw na ito sa inyo kasi unang Valentine’s Day celebration nyo po…”

Abby: Ate Doris, it’s not their first Valentine together po. Second na po.

Sabel: Ha, Abby? Eh nung isang taon naman, hindi pa boyfriend ng Tita Mommy mo si Daddy mo, ah.

Abby: Yes po.

Nanay Teresita: So pano mo nasabing second Valentine date na nila today, Abby?

Abby: Because they went on a Valentine date together po last year, Lola Nanay!

Donya Esmeralda: (smiles) Really?!?

Richard: It’s not what you think, Ma. I picked up Maya from work last year so we could go to South Curves and buy food for dinner dito sa house. Traffic was so bad. Because it was late, only Manang Fe was awake when we got home. So only Maya and I ended up eating together that night. So, technically, we ended up being each other’s Valentine date last year.

Donya Esmeralda: Is that so? Well, fate did a play a part, I guess.

Nanay Teresita: Tama ka balae, wala pa silang kamalay-malay, pinaglalapit na sila ng tadhana!

Nikki: And as Abby put it, last year was truly Daddy and Tita Mommy’s first Valentine date cos there were flowers and chocolates involved, too!

Richard: May backstory din yan…

Luke: Yes, Dad. Pero with or without a backstory po, the thing is, you and Tita Mommy are here now, happily married, and expecting twins!

Nikki: Last Valentine’s Day was the first time Tita Mommy received flowers from Dad! Aaaawwww!!!

Sabel: Sandali lang po, Ma’am Nikki. Hindi po first time yun ni Mrs. Chief na makatanggap ng bulaklak kay Sir.

Nikki: Really?

Doris: Oo naman po, Ma’am Nikki. Pangalawang beses na yun.

Luke: Ows, talaga? Kelan yung una?

Richard and Maya: Huh?

Sabel: Nung nandito po si Ma’am Rafi, nagpadala po si Sir Charlie ng bonggang-bonggang mga bulaklak. Dahil ayaw ni Ma’am Rafi, inutos niya kay Sir Richard na itapon na lang yung mga yun. Di naman po tinapon ni Sir Richard…

Doris: Binigay niya po kay Mrs. Chief! Hihihi!

Maya: Pero Doris, di naman talaga para sa kin yun. Nanghinayang lang si Ricky na itapon kaya binigay niya sa akin.

Sabel: Eh bakit sa yo lang binigay ni Sir, Mrs. Chief? Tatlo tayong nandun nung binigay nya. Hindi naman niya sinabing SA INYO na lang.

Doris: Ang sabi niya, SA YO na lang.

Joma: Ano namang gusto mo Doris? Sa yo ibigay ni Sir? Asa ka pa. Hahaha.

Doris: Nakakainis ka, Joma, ha!

Sabel: Hmmm. Dati pa lang pala, talagang it’s you already, Mrs. Chief!

The story elicited wild laughter from everyone, as Richard and Maya turned red.

Nikki: Wow, Daddy, you’re really meant to be pala! Why did none of us here in the house ever notice that before?

Richard: That’s where you’re wrong, Niks. Someone noticed very early on that Maya and I are meant to be.

Maya: Tama. Di pa namin alam ng Daddy niyo na mahal na namin ang isa’t-isa, siya alam na.

Abby: Really po?

Richard: Yes, baby!

Luke: Sino po yun, Dad?

Richard & Maya: (smile) Si Manang Fe!!!

Manang Fe: (smiles) At di naman ako nagkamali, diba?

Richard & Maya: (smiles lovingly at Manang Fe) Opo, Manang.

Melodious laughter then echoed in the happy home once again. Before long, thank you’s, warm hugs and kisses were exchanged as everyone decided to call it a night.

Part 5

At the veranda, Richard carries Maya back to the masters bedroom.

Inside the bathroom, after they both freshen up, Richard scoops up Maya in his arms and takes her to their bed. He gazes lovingly at her doe-shaped eyes and kisses her intensely. She wraps her arms around his neck and responds to his deep, passionate kiss. Suddenly reminded of their twins, they both end the kiss abruptly, even as desire continue to burn in their eyes.

Maya: (whispers) Mahal?

Richard: I love you!

Maya: I love you, too!

They both chuckle and then hug each other tight. Maya giggles some more.

Richard: O, why?

Maya: Etong kambal natin, binitin tayo. Hihi!

Richard: Haha! Next time, Maya. Next time.

Maya: I love you, Mahal, ng sobra sobra!

Richard: I love you more, Mahal. Good night and sweet Sir Chief dreams!

Maya: Ay, gusto ko yan, Mahal! Good night!

They kiss one more time and eventually fall asleep in each other’s arms.


Disclaimer: I do not own the creative minds behind ABS-CBN’s Be Careful with My Heart TV show. This creative endeavor is just for fan fiction purposes. The characters are ABS-CBN’s BCWMH TV show’s sole property.

Allow me to acknowledge and thank BCWMH’s brilliant Creative Team as some of the scenes and lines mentioned in this piece were taken from the TV series.


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  1. I so love this story, i wish this was their Valentine special story.. Evryone in the family is involved,plus I like how they recall all those events that we were so giddy about from last year… Sayang!.. Ms iamgarie, sana itong sulat mo ang ginamit nila…i-imagine ko na lng sa show ito..
    Thanks for sharing!
    Keep on writing!…

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