Truth and Lies – part 14

This is a continuation to Truth and Lies – part 13.

Chapter 14

“Maya, ako pa rin ‘to. Simple lang akong tao. I just wanted to be loved for who I am.” He uttered with all the sincerity he could muster.

“I don’t know you Richard. You know your way out.” After saying that, Maya walked away. She went to her bedroom leaving Richard standing in the middle of her living room. He knocked on her door several times but there was no response from her.

“Maya, please open the door. Mag-usap naman tayo, please.” He was pleading outside; both hands pressed on the door. It was locked when he tried to open it. He waited for more than an hour but she didn’t come out. In the end, he gave up.

“Maya, I understand that you are very upset with me. I’ll leave you for now but I’ll be back. I’m sorry, Maya.” He sent these messages to her mobile phone before finally leaving her condominium unit.


Maya was in a bar with Ethan and they were having a drink. They were oblivious of the noise in the background including the people moving around them.

When she left Richard in her living room, she went to the bathroom to drown her tears under the shower. She wanted to ease the pain and anger she felt. She stayed there for a few minutes until she decided she needed a friend to talk to. So, she called up Ethan and asked him to go with her to their favorite hangout.

“Maya, so what’s the problem if he is a rich as you are?” Ethan asked his friend again. He listened to her story and couldn’t understand why she was so upset.

“Hindi ba dapat matuwa ka? In the first place, you’ve always wanted someone that is equal to your status.”

“Ethan, hindi mo ba naiintindihan? He made me look like a fool. Siguro pinagtatawanan niya ako noon. Hinintay pa talaga niyang maging kami bago nagsabi ng totoo.” She agrued back.

“Ay naku! Saan ba nagsimula ang problema?” Ethan asked.

“Nadinig niya yung pinag-usapan natin minsan d’yan sa parking lot. Nalaman niya ang reason why I turned down his invitations before. So, pinanindigan n’ya yung akala kong mekaniko siya.” She narrated.

“Bingo! Ang simula nito ay you assumed that he is a mechanic and then he also assumed you looked down on him. In short, pareho lang kayong may mali and you are the one who started it. Nag-apologize ka ba for your wrongful assumption?” Ethan once again made sense that she couldn’t argue back. But despite the his logical analogy, she was still upset with Richard.

“I don’t think I should apologize. Ethan, the issue is not as straightforward as you think it is. Mas malaki ang kasalanan niya sa akin. He could have immediately corrected me. Instead, he lead me on.” She kept her stance.

“Ewan ko sa’yo Maya, yang pride mo.. ewan. To me, the case is simple. If you truly love him, kausapin mo siya and start all over again. Isipin mo na lang, hindi pa nga umabot ng 24 hours na naging officially kayo na, nagka problema na kaagad. So, ano break na kayo?”

Maya was quick to respond. “Anong break? Hindi ‘no, hindi pa.”

“O hindi pala eh. Ang gulo mo. Umuwi na tayo. Bukas kausapin mo ang boyfriend mo. Kawawa naman. ” Ethan’s final advise. He then called the waiter for their bill.


Richard couldn’t sleep that night. He didn’t expect that she would be that upset when he told her the truth. He hasn’t even begun to tell her all the details. He was concerned he might lose her especially after seeing her going out of her condominium within minutes after he left her.

He was in his car mulling over his situation when he saw Maya’s car leave the parking area. Worried about her, he followed her until she stopped on the driveway of another condo building two blocks from her place. He saw Ethan board her vehicle.

Richard had mixed emotions seeing her with Ethan enter the bar. It was the same bar where he heard them talk about him. His worry about their situation was compounded with the ache seeing her with her supposed best friend. He envied their closeness.


The next day

Richard was at Maya’s doorstep anxious for her to open the door. He pressed the doorbell many times but she wasn’t opening. It was after lunch. He figured that if he went there late, she may already be awake considering she went home past 1:00 a.m. However, after several minutes of no response, he got worried. In the end, he entered the password in her security pad to be able to enter her unit. Fortunately, she hasn’t change her code.

Maya was not in her condo unit. When Richard called her mobile phone, he heard it ringing from the dining area. He walked back and forth her living room until the main door opened wide as Maya entered. She looked surprised seeing him there but quickly recovered and just gave him a cold stare again.

“Anong ginagawa mo dito?” She asked as she walked towards her living room and dropping her bag in the sofa.

“Maya, I came here to talk to you. Matagal na ako sa labas na nag doorbell but you weren’t opening the door. I feared that something might have happened to you so I used the code you gave me.” He explained. He noticed that Maya’s eyes were puffy and knew he was the cause of it.

“As you can see, I am okay. Thank you for bringing to my attention that I need to change my password, para hindi na makapasok ang mga strangers dito sa bahay ko.” She walked past him intending to go to the kitchen when Richard caught her arm.

“Maya, let’s talk, please.” He pleaded; pain was in his eyes.

“What else is there to talk about? Alam mo ba ang feeling ko nang malaman ko na alam mo pala why I hesitated dating you? Nanliit ako. Yun din ang isa sa mga ikinasasama ng loob ko, napahiya ako sa sarili ko. Parang lumabas na mata pobre ako.” Tears in her eyes were welling up again.

“Maya, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Please forgive me.” Richard closed the distance between them and hugged her.

Maya tried to escape his embrace but every time she moved, he hugged her tighter.

The more she wriggled out of him, the more their bodies pressed together. In frustration, she started to cry. “I hate you Ricky. I hate this feeling that you gave me. You cheated me.” She started hitting him on the chest while tears flowed from her eyes.

“Maya, sorry na.” He held her hands to stop her from hitting him. He didn’t how to calm her down. “I made a mistake but I never meant to hurt you.” He declared while still holding her arms close to his chest.

He looked straight in her eyes. He said in a conciliatory tone. “I love you Maya.”

“I don’t know you and I don’t know if I still love you Richard.” She countered; her voice was now weak. She looked at him and saw that his eyes turned misty.

“You still love me. Ako pa rin ito, nothing’s change. Galit ka lang ngayon but you still love me.” His tone changed to panic. He didn’t want to lose her and he’d do anything to keep her love. With those thoughts in his mind, he swooped down to her face and kissed her.

Maya froze when she felt Richard lips touched hers. He let go of her hands but only to take her into his fold. She tried to lean back to avoid his mouth but he was quick to steady her nape with his hand. She couldn’t get away from his kiss which was becoming persistent. He kissed her so passionately but Maya refused to respond.

However, a part of her was also beginning to melt so she tried to push him away.

“Maya!!!” It was a man’s voice. Richard and Maya stiffened. They didn’t hear the main door open.

She immediately recognized her father’s voice. “Papa.” She whispered. Her father knows her security code too.

Richard turned around to face the new entrant and saw an old man whose features resembled that of Maya. He is Arturo Dela Rosa. The old man was glaring at him. He felt Maya tremble a bit as they were found out in that state. He held her hand to keep her still.

“So, ito ba ang dahilan bakit hindi ka maka uwi sa San Nicolas?” Her father’s voice was loud as he entered the living room. “Ano magtitigan na lang ba tayong tatlo dito?”

Maya immediately approached her father to take his hand and greet him but he just waved his hand. He sat at the nearest sofa.

Richard had moved to stand beside Maya who was in front of her father. “Good afternoon Sir, I’m Richard. Ako po ang boyfriend ng anak n’yo.” He introduced himself.

The elder Dela Rosa appraised Richard and then motioned them to sit down. “Maupo nga kayo.” This time, the tone of his voice was lower.

“Pa, bakit ka nandito?” Maya asked after she and Richard sat on the sofa opposite her father.

“Hindi ba sinabi sa’yo ng Mama mo na susunduin kita? Matagal ka ng pinauuwi sa San Nicolas. Ngayon, alam ko na kung bakit ayaw mong umuwi.” He responded to Maya.

“Bakit hindi mo sinabi sa amin na may boyfriend ka na? Siguro naman hindi madaliang pag bo-boyfriend ito na hindi mo man lang nasabing na may nanliligaw pala sa’yo dito sa Maynila.” He was visibly upset with what he saw when he entered her condo unit.

“Pa, kasi po… hindi pa ako handa na sabihin sa inyo. Sasabihin ko naman, eh.” She explained and then glanced at Richard who was just observing them.

“Kelan mo sasabihin? Kung buntis ka na? Pinalaki ka namin ng maayos Maya.”

The question triggered a reaction from Richard. “Sir, malinis po ang intention ko sa anak n’yo.” He declared. He recalled that her parents are conservative.

“Ako po ang may responsibilidad na magpakilala sa inyo. So, please don’t get upset with your daughther. At yung pong naabutan n’yo kanina, I take all responsibility for that. Kaya ko pong panindigan si Maya, kung kinakailangan.” Richard tried to hold Maya’s hand but she refused to give it. It didn’t escape her father’s attention.

Papa Arturo noticed that her eyes were puffy indicative that she had been crying. He surmised that the two were going through something although he caught them kissing earlier.

“Maya, nasabi mo ba kay Richard na gusto na naming lumagay ka sa tahimik at may napipili na kami para sa’yo?” He dropped his time bomb to see the reaction of the two.

“Sir, I am not aware of it.” Richard straightened up from his sitting position and his eyes rounded in surprise.

“Maya, anong masasabi mo?” He asked his daughter.

“Pa, pwede tayo na lang dalawa ang mag-usap tungkol dito. It’s a family matter.” She responded coldly. She knew Richard didn’t take her response lightly as he faced her.

“Maya, this involves me too. I deserve to know.”

“Ricky, you know that at this time, you don’t have the right to demand anything from me.” She stood up and left the two men in the living room. Their eyes followed her until she entered her bedroom.


“So Richard, may problema kayo ng anak ko?” Papa Arturo questioned him.

“Sir… medyo nagkakatampuhan lang po kami. So, paki-usap ko lang po, please give me a chance na masuyo ko ang anak n’yo at para rin makilala n’yo ako.” He spoke to the elder Dela Rosa in a serious tone.

“Sa tingin ko hindi lang tampuhan ang nangyayari sa inyo. Kilala ko ‘yan. Pag nagtatampo lang ‘yan, masalita. Pero pag galit yan, malamig pa sa yelo ang anak ko. Kahit sabihin niya ang problema, napaka tagal suyuin yan.”

“I understand what you are saying sir. Kaya po, I am asking your help, kung pwede lang po. Mahal ko ang anak n’yo.” He bared his soul to Maya’s father.

“Sa totoo lang, dapat ay engaged na yang anak ko, pero hindi nga umuuwi sa amin. At ngayong nagbisita ako sa kanya at nakita kong mugto ang mata ng anak ko, hindi ako sigurado kung dapat kitang tulungan.”

“Sir, nakiki-usap po ako sa inyo.” Richard requested again.

“Hindi ko alam kung ano ang problema ninyo. Kakausapin ko muna ang anak ko. Gusto kong makinig muna sa kanya.” Maya’s father stood up which signaled the end of their conversation.

Richard immediately took out his wallet from his back pocket and pulled out his calling card. “Sir, kung sakali pong kailangan n’yo akong kontakin, and’yan po ang numbers ko. Pag natapos po ang pag-uusap n’yo ni Maya, sana po makausap ko uli kayo.”

After Richard left, it was only Maya’s father read the card.

Richard T. Lim
Chief Executive Officer
Tiger Motors Asia, Inc.
RTL Building, Ortigas Avenue
Greenhills, San Juan City
(+63) 9175023xxxx

When he flipped over the card, another contact information was written in English and Chinese characters.

Richard T. Lim
Group Vice President & COO
Tiger China Holdings Ltd.
RTL Building 2, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park
Pudong New District, Shanghai
(+86) 57020xxxxx


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