It’s You From the Start – part 3

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to martinthebest. This is a continuation to It’s You From The Start – Part 2.

Author: martinthebest



Daughter? I thought he’s an eligible bachelor, kaya lagi na lang syang topic ng mga co-FAs ko?


Maya is sitting inside the TA office waiting for her flight, she blushed again on the memory of what happened in Batangas, she prayed that she just disappear that very moment, good thing, Richard got a call, she hurriedly led Abby going to the coaster with Liza. Her silent monologue is interrupted by a light tap on her arm.  when she turned, a smiling face of the cute little girl greeted her. she smiled back and stared at her for a few seconds before it dawned to her, she’s the ‘daughter’ that she’s thinking a while ago.


Maya: Abby! Hello, why are you here?


Maya gave Abby a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.  Abby hugged her back and all smiles and giddy to see her. Maya is so happy to see Abby again, she somehow felt fondness to the kid when she met her weeks ago.


“Hi Maya!” Liza interrupted the two who were so engrossed hugging each other.


Maya looked up and greeted Liza.


Liza: I just have to confirm Mr. Lim’s meeting with Ms. Belmonte; Abby knew i was going here, so she came with me.


Liza (to Abby): You seemed lucky today, she’s here!


Abby smiled and nodded at Liza while Maya is puzzled on what they are talking about.


Liza explained that Abby felt sad when she learned that Maya won’t be joining the remaining 2 days of the event in Batangas.  They have been dropping by the TA office whenever their in the LAS office in the airport, hoping that they will see her.


Maya: Awwww, baby! ang sweet mo naman. Sorry ha, nagkataon kasi na papuntang province namin yung flight ko so i took the opportunity to have few days off…  Baby, i still have a flight today but promise bonding tayo next time..


Abby pouted a little but eventually smiled when she heard Maya’s promise.


Liza: O Abby, bye-bye ka na kay Mommy Maya..


Maya, hearing the word Mommy gave Liza a questioning look..


Liza: Well, Maya, since you became her mom during the event, yun na ang tinawag nya sa’yo..


When Maya turned to Abby, she’s on her pleading look, with both hands clasped. Oh well, how can she turned down that look.




Abby is cheerfully playing inside Richard’s office when her dad came in followed by Liza.


Liza: Sir, I have already confirmed your meeting with TA, tomorrow at 2PM.


Richard: Ok, Liza. Thanks!

Richard: Hi baby! How are you?


Abby answered by hugging her dad and seemed very happy.


Liza is already by the door going out, when she turned and said, “Abby saw her today that’s why she’s happy.


Richard: Really, baby?


Liza just smiled and shook her head. She has noticed it during the Batangas event, although she’s not yet sure, but seeing that smile on his face now… It’s confirmed! there’s another soul happy on that meeting.  “Chard, I am glad you’re on your way back to your old self” Liza whispered as she closed the door.



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