Truth and Lies – part 16

This is a continuation to Truth and Lies – part 15.

Chapter 16

It was Tuesday and the 3rd day of Richard’s vacation at the Dela Rosa mansion. After their encounter at the verandah on Saturday, he had kept his distance from her for most of the daytime. However, he still sends her his morning greetings. After dinner, he would try to have casual conversations with her. He ensured that on those times, he was able to say he loves her within the short period that they were together.

She noticed that he was spending a lot of time with her father. They’ve gone fishing twice and were in his father’s office at the town proper once. On that day, they were in the farm. While she minimized her time with him, a part of her was also interested on his whereabouts. So, when her mother told her to bring lunch for the two men, she didn’t object.

A newly showered Richard almost collided with Maya when she entered the farm house. She was momentarily distracted by his shower fresh scent but quickly recovered when she noticed that his face and arms were all red.

“Sorry, I didn’t see you.” Richard apologized to a visibly surprised Maya.

“Anong nangyari sa’yo? Bakit ang pula mo?” She asked. Richard’s eyebrows raised. He didn’t expect her to look concerned.

“Tumulong ako sa field harvest kanina. So, medyo nasunog ako.” He explained. When he noticed that she was carrying a basket, he took it from her hand slightly brushing his arm in hers. She feigned no reaction but her heart beat fast when their skin touched.

“Dessert ‘yan and fruits. Yung iba siguro naipasok na ni Manong sa likod. Nasaan si Papa?” She asked when she realized that her father wasn’t around the house.

“Nasa bedroom si Tito Art. He wanted to rest while waiting for lunch.” He glanced at her after peeking at the contents of the basket. “Ikaw ang nag prepare nito?”

They’ve reached the dining room. Maya started setting the table while Richard helped her.

“You didn’t have to help in the harvesting, ayan na sunburn ka tuloy. Hindi ka naman yata sanay na maiinitan.” She commented without looking at him. “Hindi ako ang nagluto ng leche flan, si Mama. Gusto niyang ipa-try sa’yo.”

“Wow talaga? favorite ko leche flan. Anyway, I grew up in a farm. Sa Luohe, may farm kami sa father side ko.”

Maya cut him off when she didn’t connect to the place he mentioned. “Saan yung Luohe? Saka maupo ka na lang, let me handle the setting of the table.”

“Sa China, sa Henan province. That’s where our clan originated from.” He replied as he leaned on the counter. “When I was young, I used to spend summer at my grandparents. May corn and rice farm kami. So, medyo na-excite ako na makabalik sa bukid. I really enjoy yung mga ganito settings.” He smiled as he recalled his childhood years. “I haven’t told you that I have a place in Sagada. It’s very inspiring, parang ganito din sa inyo.”

Maya stopped what she was doing and smiled at Richard, indicating that she was listening to his story.

“Thank you.” Richard’s smile remained on his face as his eyes met hers.

“Para saan?” She asked; her brows furrowed in confusion.

“Your smile. Ngayon mo lang ako ngitian uli.” He looked at her tenderly that caused her to blush.

It was at this point that Papa Arturo joined them in the dining area. She was saved from responding to his comment.

“Aba, andito pala ang unica hija ko. Saan ang Mama mo?” Her father inquired.

Maya motioned her father to sit down. “Sa bahay na lang daw muna siya, Pa. Darating daw yung ang isang amiga niya. Pero si Mama ang nagluto ng lunch natin.”

Then, she turned to Richard who was still at the counter listening to them. “Richard, kain na tayo.”

Richard grinned after hearing the invitation. He thought that the thawing of the ice maiden has started.


Later in the afternoon, Richard and Maya were in the mango orchard. Papa Arturo asked Maya to take Richard there to see how the mango harvesting is done. He didn’t join the two anymore saying he’d like to go home so he could also meet the family friend that was visiting them.

The orchard had a small hut which serves as the resting area of the farm workers. It was from there that Maya watched Richard enjoy the harvest activity. He was with their farmhands and was eagerly anticipating completion of the harvest of one tree. He mingled with the other farmhands as if he had known them for years. He knew how to banter with them.

Although at a distance, they occasionally glanced at each other. Each time their eyes met, Richard would smile at her. Maya had difficulty keeping a poker face. She couldn’t help but smile back since her heart jumps in giddiness whenever she saw that lopsided smile of his.

Richard returned to where Maya was seated bringing three pieces of mango with him. “Babe, for you. Ako ang pumili niyan.”

She accepted, “Thank you. Pero maasim pa ‘to.” Maya commented as she examined the mangoes.

“Yes, I know. Sabi nila it will take few more days before these will ripen. Yung variety na ‘yan pag nahinog, matamis daw talaga.” Then he turned serious while he gazed at her. “At sana, pag nahinog na ‘yan, okay na uli tayo; sweet na uli tayo.” Maya caught a glimpse of sadness in his eyes after he uttered his wish.


The harvesting has been completed and some of the farm workers returned to the small hut to have snacks. Maya had the food distributed and was also mingling with them. Richard thought, she is not a snob after all.

Thirty minutes later, a small group of young farmhands remained at the small hut having fun singing while the rest have gone home. Some of the young girls were obviously swooning over Richard. They requested Richard to sing but he declined saying he doesn’t really sing.

A newcomer arrived. “Maya, long time no see.” It was her childhood friend, Lino, who joined them.

“Hi Lino. Oo nga long time no see.” Maya responded and hugged her friend. Lino saw Richard looking at them with interest.

“May kasama ka pala.” Lino commented and turned to Richard, smiling. “Lino, pare, kababata ni Maya.” He introduced himself.

“Richard, pare. Good to meet you.” He shook hands with Lino.

“So, ano?” Lino winked at Maya as if asking what was their relationship. She was caught her off-guard especially with many people within earshot. She didn’t know what to say considering the current state of their relationship. “He’s visiting our family, he’s a friend.”

Richard gave a quick glance at Maya after claiming him only as a friend. He didn’t say a word.

When Lino moved to greet the other people with them, Richard pulled Maya aside, away from the group. He said in a low voice so only Maya can hear him. “Why didn’t you say I’m your boyfriend? Saying I’m your friend is half truth.”

“Di ba bisita ka nila Papa? Besides, I’ve not forgiven you so you are just a friend right now.” She responded to him.

She was having ambivalent feelings towards him again. In reality, her heart was softening towards him but when she remembers his offense, she gets upset.

“Maya, how long are you going to prolong our agony? Mahal mo ako di ba?” His facial expression almost pleading.

“Hindi ko pa talaga ramdam ang sincerity apology mo.” She responded looking straight in his eyes. Finally, she was able to verbalize what was causing her ambivalence towards him.

“Gosh, Maya, I don’t know how else to apologize.” He ran his fingers on his hair after that his hand stayed on his nape, massaging it.

Lino disturbed their side conversation when he teased them. “Huuuy, mag-friends, mag share naman kayo ng kwento.”

Richard and Maya just smiled and returned to the group that was singing. Only a few have stayed since the other workers have gone home. Lino then turned to Richard. “Bro, kanta ka na.”

“Naku, hindi talaga ako singer.” Richard repeated his earlier response.

“Ah, ganuon so siguro dancer ka. So, how about dance na lang. Partner kayo ni Maya. Sinong may music diyan or mag-gitara na lang.” Lino asked the few people that were left behind. Still, they were excited.

Since they were insistent, Richard finally agreed. It was good that he was sunburned and so his already crimson face hid his embarrassment. He took the guitar saying he’d like to play it when he sings. He paused for a while thinking what song would it be.

He stared at Maya as if he’d find the inspiration there. Then, he heard someone say. “Love song, pwede.” Then, it hit him. The song he’d play will be most appropriate for her, for the feelings he has for her. It’s a Bryan Mcknight tagalog version of I’m Sorry.

He started strumming the guitar and took a deep breath before he sang the first line.

♪ gabing nag iisa sa iyong pagtulog
gising ka nga at ‘di dalawin ng antok
Mga tanong sa isip mo walang sagot
Nasasaktan ang puso mo at nalulungko

I’m so sorry
kung ano man ang nagawa
And i’m sorry
Hindi naman iyon sinasadya
I’m so sorry
pangarap ‘di nagkatugma
kung nasaktan man nga kita
Iyo’y ‘di sinasadiya
kung nasaktan man nga kita
Iyo’y ‘di sinasadiya♪

Maya got the message he was communicating thru the song. He sang quite well; her another new learning about him.

Richard’s eyes remained fixed on her while he was singing, unmindful of the people around them. He sang from the bottom of his heart.

Maraming bagay na sa iyo’y nilihim at tinago
palagi na lang na ‘di magkasundo
at sa bawat maling nagawa ko sa iyo
ngayo’y nagsisi
kaysakit nga nitong nangyayari

I’m so sorry
kung ano man ang nagawa
I’m so sorry
Hindi naman iyon sinasadya
I’m so sorry
pangarap ‘di nagkatugma
kung nasaktan man nga kita
Iyo’y ‘di sinasadya
kung nasaktan man nga kita
Iyo’y ‘di sinasadyang
ikaw ang nasaktan
ikay minamahal
ipagpatawad mo sana puso mong nasaktan
sa puso ko ‘di ka mawawala kailan pa man
sana ipagpatawad na lang♪

The lyrics of the song was piercing thru her heart. She could feel the sincerity but more than that she felt her own contribution to their predicament. She’s not the only one in pain but Richard too. Her pain was mirrored in his eyes.

I’m so sorry
kung ano man ang nagawa
I’m sorry
Hindi naman iyon sinasadya
I’m so sorry
pangarap ‘di nagkatugma
kung nasaktan man nga kita
Iyo’y ‘di sinasadya
kung nasaktan man nga kita
Iyo’y ‘di sinasadya.

When Richard’s song was done, everyone started to leave. Somehow, they felt the undercurrent between Richard and Maya.

Before taking his leave, Lino teased his friend by saying close to her ear. “Friend pala ha? Hindi kaya may relasyon yang kanta sa inyong dalawa kaya maiyak-iyak ka na d’yan?” He quickly left the two without waiting for Maya’s response. He knew he will know the answer to his question eventually.

It was almost dusk but Maya’s misty eyes were so transparent. After many days of harboring pain and anger, her facial expression became soft almost weak.

“Maya…” Richard placed down the guitar and went to where she was sitting. He held her hand and intertwined their fingers.

She disengaged from his hand only to wrap her arms around his neck. “Ricky…I love you… I’m sorry.” Then, she started sobbing and wouldn’t stop even if Richard consoled her.

“Babe, shh,shh.” She was enveloped in his arms. “Shhh…I love you, Maya.”


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