The Art of Letting Go – part 41

A/N: This is a continuation to The Art of Letting Go – part 40.

Author: princemackaroo


The momentous day for Richard and Maya had finally arrived. The day that marks the start of their forever, the first day of the rest of their lives together, as a couple, as husband and wife.

Amusingly, everyone’s on festive mood, from the couple’s immediate family to their neighbors and friends. It’s as if everyone had agreed to celebrate this significant event in Richard and Maya’s relationship. If they can only see the heavens above, they’re pretty sure that the angels and the great Matchmaker from above were rejoicing with them as well.

With a vibrant start, Maya got out of bed and started walking towards the door. As she opened the bedroom door, she was surprised by the chants that her family throws her.

“Dan-dan-danan! Dan-dan-danan!” Mamang, Teresita, Kute, and Cho were chanting the wedding march as Maya stood at the doorway. With a hand on her mouth, Maya tried to control her laugh.

“Kayo talaga!” she finally said as the four stopped their chants.

“So pano ba yan bunso. Eto na talaga ito. Magiging Mrs. Maya dela Rosa-Lim ka na! Ayyiieee!” teased Kute as she pokes her sister’s side.

“Ikaw talaga Kute.”

“Ayyiiieee!! So ano bunso? Excited ka na ano?”

Maya smiled sheepishly and nodded her head.

“Ayun o! Sinasabi ko na nga ba!” The sisters laughed and hugged each other tight. Teresita, who was apparently watching the affection shared by her two daughters, got teary-eyed.

Maya easily noticed the mist on her mother’s eyes. She walked towards her and hugged her. “Nay.”

“Hindi ko lang talaga mapigilan nak. Pasensya ka na.”

“Naku Nay! Si Mamang ayaw patalo o!” quipped Kute who noticed Mamang subtly dabbing her eyes with her handkerchief.

“Ikaw talaga Cristina Rose!! Eh sa natatats ako sa mga nangyayari eh! Ang pagkaganda ganda kong apo ikakasal na. Natutuwa ako pero hindi ko rin syempre mapigilan ang hindi maluha.”

“Mang.” Maya moved from her Nanay to Mamang and gave the latter a tight hug.

“Masayang masaya ako para sa’yo apo. Alam kong mahal na mahal ka ni Richard at alam kong hinding hindi ka niya pababayaan. Kung mayroon man akong mahihiling pa, yun ay ang sana, maikasal narin si Cristina Rose at si Jeff.”

Everyone laughed at what Mamang said. Everyone, that is except Kute who exaggeratedly showed how irked she was by Mamang’s insinuation.

“Mamang! Pwede ba! Wag na kayong humiling ng kung anong imposible. Matuwa nalang kayo at ikakasal na si Maya. Namnamin niyo na ang pagkakataong ito dahil wala ng kasunod ito,” said Kute who’s still squirming at the idea of being married off to Jeff.

“O eh bakit naman? Masama na bang humiling at mangarap?? Aba Cristina Rose!! Walang imposible!!”

“Mamang!!” glared Kute.

“Mang, tama na. Baka mapikon mo pa si Kute hindi na pumunta ng kasal sige ka,” said Maya. Mamang finally stopped teasing Kute with Maya’s plea.

“Ang mabuti pa, group picture muna tayo.” Kute went to her room and got hold of a digital camera. They took a couple of shots before going off to the dining table to have their breakfast.


Richard got out of bed with a bright smile on his face. In just a couple of hours, Maya will now be his better half, the thought enthused him more. He freshened up first before going to the dining hall to join his family for breakfast.

“Good morning!” he greeted.

“Good morning!” everyone greeted him back.

“Chard, baka mapunit na ang labi mo niyan,” remarked Rafi in amusement.

Richard simply shook his head.

“Did you sleep well last night son?” asked Roberto.

“Surprisingly Pa. I was so excited that I didn’t notice how sleep managed to creep up to my system,” chuckled Richard.

Esmeralda and Manang Fe simply looked at Richard with awe. Before they knew it, tears are already welling up in their eyes. Richard was still engrossed with his discussion with his father that he didn’t easily notice his mom and former nanny. Rafi, on the other hand, saw the tears in their eyes. Subtly, he nudged Richard’s side and pointed at the two. Standing up, he went to their side and hugged them both.

“Nagiging iyakin narin kayo,” he said.

“I’m just happy for you son. You have found your happiness once again,” said Esmeralda.

“Tama hijo. Masaya lang kami para sa iyo. Alam namin kung gaano mo kamahal si Maya at gayon din naman siya sa iyo,” said Manang Fe.

“Thank you Mama. Thank you manang. I love you guys.”

A beat had passed and Roberto finally spoke. “O sige na, ituloy niyo na ang breakfast niyo. We still have a long day ahead of us.


The hour had finally come. Everyone gathered around the grass filled ground where the ceremony is being held. Chairs clothed in white were meticulously set in rows. The aisle is covered by a red carpet while flowers covered either side. An artistically designed arbor is set at the end where the altar is placed and an officiating pastor is waiting.

As the wedding planner gave the signal, music filled the air as the piano with string quartet started to play Canon in D. One by one, members of the entourage marched at the aisle and went to their respective assigned places. The entourage is composed of close family and friends of the couple, with James serving as Richard’s best man while Rafi served as Maya’s maid of honor.

As the entourage had finally finished their march, the music started to change. Still up on their feet, everyone eagerly anticipated the arrival of the bride. And when she came to view, Richard’s voice started to fill the air as he begun to sing “All I Ask Of You” by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Maya, looking breathtakingly beautiful in a long-sleeved vintage gown, got teary-eyed upon hearing Richard sing for her, her supposed wedding march. She had only expected the traditional wedding march to fill the air. Richard had never insinuated anything about him singing her wedding march. She was filled with so much joy and so much love for the man that she no longer contained her tears and let them flow freely down her cheeks.

Mamang, Teresita, and Kute who were walking her down the aisle, were also touched by Richard’s sweetness and gestures for their beloved Maya. And together, with Maya, they all cried tears of joy.

As she finally came to view, Richard was awestruck by her beauty that he momentarily paused from singing. As he regained composure, he sang once again all the while, not taking his eyes off Maya.

Maya on the other hand, felt her heart swell at the sight of him. Richard was looking dapper as ever on his three piece suit. Maya fixed her eyes on him as they continued to walk down the aisle.

As they reached the end of the aisle, Richard halted from singing as the three handed Maya over to him. It had been a welcome break for him as he was already feeling the lump building up his throat and tears welling up his eyes, seeing the love of his life walking down the aisle, walking towards him with a promise of forever.

Richard hugged the three, while Maya hugged Roberto and Esmeralda. As they broke free, Richard took Maya’s hand and entwined it with his as he ushered Maya to the altar. As they settled, he faced Maya and resumed his song and finished it to the end. He then locked Maya in a tight hug as they both said I love you to one another.


Pastor Joey started off the ceremony with a prayer. Right after, he started to express his gratitude to the couple for personally choosing him to officiate their wedding. He also went on sharing to everyone how he was amazed by the story and the love that the couple had shared through the years. Pastor Joey led everyone in taking a glimpse at the one-of-a-kind love story that the two have, leaving their guests float dreamily as they listen to each word while others were touched, teary-eyed even.

After he finished sharing a portion of the couple’s story, Pastor Joey went on to share a couple of Bible verses to everyone and started preaching what it really meant to love, to be a husband, to be a wife, to have a family, and how important and sacred marriage is. His preaching was elaborate enough for everyone to ingest, short yet meaningful.

As the wedding progressed to the exchange of vows, Richard and Maya stood from their seats and faced one another. A microphone was handed to Richard. He took out a piece of paper and started with his vows.

“Maya, my angel. You’ve seen me and had me at my worst. I loved and lost. I was once a lost wanderer. A lost soul who lost his compass, who lost his way home, who lost his reason to live and believe. Until you came. I know we didn’t hit it off right away, but time and destiny connived to bring us together. To pull us closer. To bind us as one. You became my friend, eventually, my best friend. You gave me hope, a silver-lining when all I saw was darkness. You saw the best in me. You showed me that there is more to life, more to living than simply living for another person. You showed and taught me what true love really is. You gave me the right reasons to live, the right reasons to love. You are my angel and you will always be. Angel, standing here before God and our loved ones, I promise to love, adore, and cherish you forever. I would continuously strive to give you the best and only the best. I’d strive to be the best friend, the best husband, the best partner, and the best lover you’ll ever have. I promise to do everything so you’ll never doubt how much I care and how much I feel for you. Even if we go grey and old, even if we grow full of wrinkles, my feelings for you would still be the same. If you lose your way, I’ll find you and bring you back home. If you forget who we are and what we have, I’ll patiently reiterate every single detail to you until you completely recall everything. I’ll be your source of hope and encouragement whenever you’re down and blue. I’ll continuously sing to you until you’re calm and dreamy. And I promise to give you all the reasons to fall in love with me over and over again, as I, with each passing day, continuously falls in love with you over and over again. Maya, my miracle, my best friend, my lover, my angel, and now my wife, you are God’s best gift to me and I promise to treasure you until my last breath. I love you so much.”

As Richard finished off with his vow, he immediately pulled Maya for a tight hug as tears flowed freely down their faces. Their families and guests cried with them as they clapped their hands, moved by the love that Richard vowed to offer his Maya.

“Richard, honey ko.” She chuckled, everyone chuckling with her as well. “I know, the way we met was unconventional, and gaya ng sabi mo, we didn’t hit it off right away. But indeed, kahit nagmukha tayong aso’t pusa at first, the hands of time, fate, and destiny connived to bring us closer and unite us as one. I never thought that life could get any better. I’ve always thought that God had already blessed me with everything that I needed and ever could want for in this life, until you came. You are a surprise that I never saw forth coming, the best surprise that’s ever happened to me. Honey, you never failed to show and make me feel how much I mean to you and how much you love me. And I will forever be grateful for that. And from this day on forward, as our journey to forever starts, I promise to give you all the love and affection that I can give. I promise to always be appreciative of all your efforts. I promise to be your number one fan, to give you encouragements, to keep you going, to give you hope and aspiration. I promise to give you my all, to give you my best, with no hesitation and no reservation. Ipinapangako kong mananatili ako sa tabi mo para gabayan, alalayan, alagaan, pagsilbihan at pakamahalin ka sa lahat ng oras. Honey, alam kong darating at darating ang mga pagsubok, hindi upang sirain tayo kundi para patibayin tayo. Minsan magkakaroon tayo ng hindi pagkakaunawan o ng hindi pagkakasunduan. Sometimes the clouds weren’t weightless. Sometimes our bellies may get dark and full. It was life. It happens. It didn’t mean it wasn’t scary, or that I wouldn’t get anxious, but now I knew that as long as I was standing under it with you beside me when those clouds broke, I’d be alright, we’d be alright. We’d get rained on together. Knowing we’d work it out to shelter us from the worst of it. That there was an uncertain future we could handle. Honey, you are my first, my last, my one true love and I will forever be proud of it. Until my last breath, it will always and will only be you. I love you so much.”

As sobs escaped her lips, Maya once again was enveloped in the arms of Richard. The exchange of vows brought their guests and families up to their feet, clapping their hands, as they were moved and in awe of the love that the couple had for each other.

As the wedding ceremony reached its end, Pastor Joey then presented Mr. & Mrs. Richard and Maya Lim. And when he finally asked the groom to kiss the bride, Richard carefully lifted the veil off Maya’s face. Looking at his wife with all love and adoration, Richard slowly moved his face towards Maya and sealed her lips with his for a soft tender kiss.

Everyone cheered and applauded at the sight but they still wanted more. As Richard and Maya faced them with wide smiles on their faces, the guests started shouting, asking for more. Both Richard and Maya chuckled at the persistence of their guests. They once again faced each other, and this time around, Richard gave Maya a long lingering kiss much to everyone’s delight.


The wedding reception was held at a Mediterranean inspired Hotel and Resort located inside the Golf Course. Though it was only a couple of meters away from where the wedding ceremony was held, several golf carts were waiting at the rear to accommodate everyone and bring them to the reception.

As the program for the reception commenced, the entourage where one by one introduced before finally giving way to the newlyweds. Like a usual wedding reception, Richard and Maya did the traditional cake cutting and wine toasting ceremony.

When the bouquet toss had come, a lot of single ladies lined up. All eager and enthused to catch the bouquet. As Maya threw the bouquet, it fell on the lap of Richard’s secretary, Liza. She took hold of the bouquet and waved it in the air like a priceless catch.

And when Richard finally took the garter off Maya’s legs, a couple of bachelor’s lined up as well, eager to catch it. As Richard threw it in the air, his driver Joma, effortlessly reached and got it. He then turned to look at Liza who was also staring back at him, both sharing meaningful glances.


All throughout the night, everyone was in festive mood, celebrating and sharing the overflowing joy that the couple had. Richard’s parents and Maya’s family gave them heartfelt messages and advices that they surely can use in the next chapter of their lives.

As the music continued to play, Richard brought Maya to the dance floor and danced sweetly, whispering sweet nothing to one another all throughout. As they finally took their place at the presidential table, Maya was surprised to see Richard up on his feet once again and grabbed a microphone.

“First of all, I’d like to thank each and every one for coming and taking part in this very special occasion. Your presence meant a lot for us.” Richard paused for a while and took a glance at his wife. “I love my wife very much. More than words can ever say. At this point, I’d like to share something that I personally created for my wife. Please excuse whatever it is I was able to come up with. I am no singer and I am definitely no songwriter, but this is the only way I can think of to express how much I really feel for my own angel.”

Richard held out his hand to Maya who is now looking confused at what he intends to do. Richard just smiled at her reassuringly. Maya took his hand and as Richard entwined it with his, he guided her towards the grand piano. As they took their seats at the bench, Richard fixed the microphone at the mic stand.

“This song is dedicated to my very beautiful wife, my very own angel.” Looking directly at her eyes, “Angel, this song is for you. It conveys the depth of my love for you. I hope you like it.”

Maya smiled appreciatively in return and Richard started to press on the piano keys. As he started to sing, he gazed adoringly at his wife’s eyes, feeling and meaning every words that his song has to say.

Let’s shut the world outside,
Hide in each other’s eyes
Just stay with me

Without you I can’t breathe,
I beg you not to leave
Stay with me

I’m sorry for the things I put you through
It’s breaking me to see I’m breaking you

There is an angel,
And she’s watching over me
There is an angel

And she’s lying next to me
You are all I need


The sweet manly voice of Richard filled the air accompanied by a heart melting melody and the promises that the song has. Maya was swept, completely in awe of everything that Richard is giving her, of everything that he has for her. Thoroughly moved, unbidden tears once again started flowing down her cheeks.

I know we carry scars, but they made us who we are
I’ll fight for you
I’m ready to lose it all, I’m leaving earth to fall
In love with you

So hold me in your arms, we’ll make it through
I don’t need wings when I’ve got you

There is an angel,
And she’s watching over me
There is an angel

And she’s lying next to me
You are all I need


Maya moved closer to her husband, leaned against his shoulder without obstructing him from playing the piano. Richard smiled at her as tears have been welling up in his eyes as well.

I’m sorry for the things I put you through
It’s breaking me to see I’m breaking you

There is an angel,
And she’s watching over me
There is an angel

And she’s lying next to me
You are all I need


Looking tenderly at Maya’s eyes, he uttered the final lyrics of the song like a solemn vow that can never be broken.

You are all I need


He pulled Maya close to her and hugged her tight. “I love you,” they said to one another. Drowned in that blissful moment, the two were oblivious of the cheering crowd who were also crying tears of joy for the both of them.


Note: The song supposedly played by Richard on this chapter is entitled “Angel (A Song for Ana).” It is a song written and sung by Martin Smith for his wife Ana. 

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  2. It’s so beautiful I can feel how mych Richard love for Maya. parang totoong kwneto ang galing galingmo. I love the song too nakakaiyak. Bravo my dear. parang nanonood ako ng actyal teleserye. ang dami ninyong mga FF writers na pwedeng gawing movie or teleserye ang mga FF nyo. So are all very ceative for the love of JOCHARD. Ngayon lang in the history of ateleserys. Congratulation!!!!

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