BCWMH: Extended Indefinitely

I initially fell in love with Be Careful with my Heart because of its brilliant, witty, and intelligent storytelling, crisp and vibrant dialogues, and most unforgettable epic lines we have all unconsciously memorized and now know and even recite by heart. Then I fell in love with all the actors who played their parts so well– they have become the characters they portray. Before long, the story of Maya and Sir Chief was no longer just a story for me. Before long, Maya and Sir Chief were no longer just fiction, but real human beings whom I have grown to love and to care about deeply…

When the news that Be Careful with My Heart has been extended indefinitely first came out, I was one among the multitude of the show’s supporters who rejoiced for BCWMH. The possibility of forever now seems a reality and I could not help but be happy for the cast, the crew and for all of us diehard fans of the show who cannot seem to fathom a farewell for our dear Sir Chief and Maya, and our most beloved noontime habit.

Then, without meaning to, I suddenly feared for the show and its amazing Creative Team, whom we revere so much and have most often referred to as the gods and goddesses of BCWMH. Why so? With the show not ending anytime soon, without it having any actual ‘end’ date, how will our most admired Creative Team conceptualize, write and work its way towards a brilliant, unforgettable and heartwarming ending for BCWMH? And how will it weave interesting, memorable, and touching scenarios between now and its actual ‘end’ date when there isn’t any time frame to follow at all? I can just imagine the endless questions constantly popping in their heads now–

(*Back when the show started, it showcased various arcs to explore– SC’s pain and the kids’ woes about losing Alex, Maya’s circumstance, Kute and Maya’s longing for a father who left them early, the Dela Rosa’s poverty… The arcs went on and on. What arcs are the Creative Team exploring now aside from the birth of the Lim twins?)

What else do we inject to the show?

How do we level up the kilig between Sir Chief and Maya? What husband and wife issues can we still tackle?

Should we level up the success of Lim Aviation Services?

When do we have the Lims transfer to a new home? Should we at least have Sir Chief swim in the pool first before they leave the Lim mansion? Hahaha!

When should we have Rafi visit again? When will we see Rafi finally tie the know with Charlie? A wedding in Davao, perhaps?

Should we have Maya eventually go back to college and finish her International Studies course?

Should we at least introduce one family member from Alex’s side of the family (its unusual that no one from her side ever wondered how her kids are, after all this time)?

Should we finally allow a possible romance between Eds and Simon to materialize?

Should we fast forward two or three years after the twins celebrate their first birthday?

What else do we inject in the teens’ stories? Nikki-Nicolo-Amiel and Luke-Aira?

Though she is excited about having twin siblings, will we still allow Abby to experience pangs of jealousy once the twins are born?

Should we take the Lim family back to Baguio together with the Dela Rosas? (Isn’t Baguio an unforgettable place for Nanay Teresita and Tatay Arturo, as well?)

Should we have Sir Chief and Maya visit Clark with the kids? Didn’t Sir Chief once promise he’ll take the kids there not just to see the hangar, but to explore the place, as well?

Should we have Richard, Maya and their kids board a plane and fly somewhere fun? Like HK or Singapore, perhaps? (With James Ventura as pilot? Haha!)

Should we allow some people from Sir Chief and Maya’s past enter the picture, as well? Stephanie? Elise? What about Abby’s first tutor who was so mean to Maya?

When should we have Doris attend make up school?

Should we have Kute and Cho visit Jeff in Dubai? Hehe.

Avid supporter that I am, I guess my list about what could be going on in the heads of the show’s brilliant Creative Team can go on and on…

(I have been praying for less fillers since last December 2013 as I have seen more than enough fillers during the Christmas and New Year episodes of the show…)

Thing is, I still want to see our most beloved show eventually end (not any time soon, of course!) with a brilliantly written script and on top of the ratings game! It deserves to end on top, after all! Admit it or not, BCWMH has been ABS-CBN’s pride and joy, and one of its most profitable shows for more than a year now. That’s clearly one of the reasons why the show can’t end just yet, I guess. But the show has brought in not just profits for the company. It has also given birth to an amazing ensemble cast and one of the best love teams we have all grown to love and will surely remember with fondness for all time. Best of all, it has also amassed countless awards worthy of praise, as well! These are clearly others reasons why the show should stay on…

As much as the show has Richard Yap and Jodi Sta Maria at the forefront, giving us the kind of kilig vibe we want all the time and keeping us up there in the ratings game, we still would want to see it weave the kind of magic it has always prided itself in– its excellent, unconventional and ‘feel good’ storytelling.

As it is, BCWMH still seems to be on top of the ratings game in the noontime TV block. It may no longer be rating as high as it did before, but it still remains up there in the ratings game. But… Gone are the days when its teaser alone (wittingly edited to really tease its viewers!) could hit 30000 -40000 views in one night, a testament of just how popular the show is and just how hooked its viewers are. Gone are the days when a single episode could entice me to watch a replay 2-3 times more all in one day, too!

I hope the Creative Team realizes that BCWMH charmed its way into the hearts of millions of viewers all over the world because of its own unique brand of storytelling. It caught the attention of the ABCD crowd because it is nothing like the usual teleseryes we watch on TV. It lured not only the usual teleserye viewers, but a new set of intelligent viewers only too happy to encounter a show that is too good to be true. BCWMH’s strength, after all, has always been its witty and intelligent storytelling.

We all know how taxing taping can get for our favorite actors! As much as I feared for the Creative Team, I also feared for the cast and characters of the show, most especially Richard Yap & Jodi Sta. Maria. A 3-4 day work week is no joke, after all… Besides, as much as we love watching RY and JSM in the small screen, we all know that they both deserve to make a movie at this time, too! Their loveteam would definitely make a killing at the box office, no doubt about that! They deserve to star in a movie, of course. BUT with the indefinite extension of BCWMH and various mall shows and world tours in the offing again, I cannot help but wonder when a movie team up for them would materialize. It’s about time they make a movie, right? Tsk… And for sentimental reasons, I want their first starring role in a movie to showcase their team up, of course. They’re the BEST REEL COUPLE IN TOWN, AFTER ALL! A Pinoy movie version of Pretty Woman seems perfect for them! Haha!

Be Careful with My Heart is welcome to stay, of course! I was one among many who prayed it stays on forever, afterall. I remember saying these succeeding lines just last December. Allow me to say them again now— ” We can always close a chapter of BCWMH with the birth of Richard and Maya’s baby or babies early next year, give the cast and crew a well-deserved 1 or 2 month break and after their much deserved hiatus, come back as a weekly or two-day a week show (like how they do it in South Korea) heartwarming family show, in the process giving not just Richard Yap and Jodi Sta. Maria, but all the other cast members with so much talent like them, a chance to work on various movie projects, as well!”



Watching last Friday and yesterday’s episodes, I cannot help but ask the following questions…

1. Can we still expect a Valentine episode? It’s already Feb 18, I know, but can you fault me for wanting a Valentine date for Maya and Richard? Last year’s Valentine episode was an epic moment not just for the couple, but for all of us avid viewers who saw it… We deserve a Valentine episode more now that our favorite couple is married. I know Richard once said, “When you love someone, everyday should be an occasion for you to show them that you love them,” leading Maya to mutter, “Everyday Valentine’s Day para kay Sir Chief…” (this is what I mean by epic lines… We unknowingly remember and recite their lines by heart. Haha! I’m a certified addict!) But then, here I am still hoping, wishing and praying for the most romantic Valentine date for our most beloved couple…)

2. Why is Maya suddenly bursting with so much energy? Didn’t Dr. Galero just warn the couple that because Maya is carrying twins, she’ll most likely be more sluggish and sleepy? Maya has been on leave for almost two days now and we have not even seen her take a nap or a break all day. On Day 1, we saw her wake up rather early to prepare baon for the kids, compose a declamation piece for Abby, help Manang Fe with accounting of house expenses (she even went on to teach MF how to encode the expenses in the laptop!) list ways and means on how the entire household can lessen expenses, train Abby in reciting her declamation piece, coach Nikki in volleyball (thru Eman’s help) and even referee the game? Whew! She should have gone to work instead… On Day 2, she obviously prepared baon for the kids again, posted sticky notes all over the house bearing reminders to turn off electronic appliances when not in use, gave Doris and Sabel a lecture on recycling and proper waste segregation and disposal (with visual aids, at that!) and single-handedly did some interior decorating of the house. What happened Maya? Where did all that energy come from?

3. Back in the hospital, Maya was a rollercoaster of emotions, very much apologetic to Richard for not taking care of herself and the baby in her tummy more. Hence, the spotting. Although Richard reassures her that it’s not her fault, Maya still vows to take care of the twins in her tummy the best way she can. How do you intend to do that, Maya? Now that you’re back in the mansion, we don’t see you taking a break nor a nap so your twins can get enough rest… Haay! Don’t stress your twins, Maya!

What’s happening, BCWMH? We want only the best from you, so please don’t shortchange us by delivering filler episodes on some days… We don’t want that… What we all want is the kind of magic you brought upon us the day you graced our TV screens– your brilliant, witty and intelligent storytelling, your crisp and vibrant dialogues, and the most amazing epic lines you always come up with…


This I know for sure, though. I’ll remain a fan and a staunch supporter of this show no matter what. It’s simply the best show to ever grace Philippine television in years!


12 thoughts on “BCWMH: Extended Indefinitely

  1. After reading all your comments on BCWMH: Extended Indefinitely, I could not help but smile. BCWMH seems to have done us real good. Yes, some of our opinions may have varied, but we all managed to remain polite and respectful in sharing our personal thoughts and views about our most beloved show! All your comments are teeming with good vibes. Very Maya. Very BCWMH. Thank you for taking time to share your comments.
    BCWMH has been extended countless times over, and everytime that happened, the whole production team continued to give us the very best story and the most exciting and unexpected twists and turns, another trademark of our fave show. With the indefinite extension of BCWMH this time around, we can only hope and believe (Yes, faith it is!) that the production team will continue to step up and give us, its viewers, a show that will not only last forever, but a show that will also remain in our hearts and minds FOREVER.
    We all agree in one thing naman, diba? We all love BCWMH and we will all remain fans and staunch supporters of this show no matter what. Of course, we will forever love Maya & Sir Chief, too!
    Agree with me on this one, too, okay? BCWMH is the very best thing that ever happened to Philippine television and one of the very best things that ever happened to all of us. Admit it or not, this show even paved the way for new and lasting friendships definitely worth treasuring.
    Let us all continue to pray for the continued success of our beloved and favorite noontime habit. Kapit-bisig, fellow BCWMH addicts! 🙂

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