Truth and Lies – part 23

This is a continuation to Truth and Lies – part 22.


Chapter 23

Richard’s arms were around Maya’s waist while her hands encircled his neck as they kissed passionately. “I missed you, Maya.” He said under his breath. He kissed her again.

She moved closer to him wanting to feel his body against her. “Ako din” She answered.

Then, they were startled when an airport security personnel knocked on door on Richard’s side. That brought them back to their senses, they were still at the airport’s passenger pick-up point. The knock signaled that they should move out of NAIA 1 bay area.

They have been kissing for a while oblivious of the sounds of horn from other cars wanting them to leave the parking space. Richard had arrived from Germany and Maya fetched him at the airport using his car. He left his car in her care while he was on business trip. He arrived on a midnight flight. It was supposed to be just a light kiss but when their lips touched, a fire ignited that resulted to a deep and longing kiss.

Richard started the engine. “Sorry, guys, na miss ko lang ang mahal ko.” He muttered as he pressed the gas pedal. He glanced at Maya who was blushing beside him. He laughed as they finally drove away.

“Babe, pang day 1 pa lang na-claim ko ha. I still have 4 days banked kisses plus yung interests – compound interest yan.” He teased a very red Maya. She was still embarrassed with what they did at the bay area. “Bakit ka nag-blush d’yan?”

“Ewan ko sa’yo, Ricky. Kahiya naman, kanina. Shucks, ang tagal mo kaya akong hinalikan, ayon tuloy nagkatraffic sa pick-up point ng airport. I think a lot of people saw us.” She responded with mixed emotion of guilt and shame.

“Hayy, Maya… ‘yung lang? This car is tinted. Anyway, I don’t mind being seen kissing you because I missed you. At saka, if you didn’t respond to my kiss, eh hindi sana tumagal yon. My plan was just to give you a smack.” He was grinning naughtily.

“Ah, ganoon? Ako pa talaga?” She reacted to his insinuation that she was the one who caused the kiss to linger. “Ikaw talaga! For your information, wala na ang mga banked kisses mo! Nagka bank holiday and that included the earnings.” She declared after she pinched his side.

“Aray ko!” He exclaimed. “Ang sakit no’n ha. Buti na lang wala masyadong sasakyan. Otherwise, baka nabangga tayo. Also, haven’t you heard of PDIC? Naka insured ‘yung mga kisses ko.” He pretended to be angry as he scolded her.

“Ang lakas mo kasi mangloko, eh. So, you just arrived and yan ang pasalubong mo sa akin?” She countered.

He suddenly smiled. “Oopps, hindi yun ang pasalubong ko sa’yo. Siempre, pinag-isipan kong mabuti. I’m sure na miss mo rin ako. So, I got something that represented most of what you missed while I was away. It’s in my hand carried bag.” He said with twinkles on his eyes.

Her face lightened up. “Talaga? So, what do you have for me.” She turned to face him. She reached out for the bag at the back and she opened it, her brows furrowed. “Eto? Eto ang pinag-isipan mong mabuti?”

“Oo bah, Kisses, Hershey’s kisses.” He replied with a wide grin on his face.

“Ricky, ang cheezy mo!” She exclaimed as she sat up straight facing the road again.

A few seconds later, both of them laughed like teenagers. After their bantering, they were quiet for the rest of the drive. They held hands contented that they were together again after his business trip. It was early morning and Richard will be sending her home first before he drives to his own place.


As days went by, Maya’s love for Richard grew stronger. After they’ve hurdled their family issues on the early part of their relationship, she felt more attached to him. Her parents have openly accepted Richard like he has become part of the Dela Rosa family. On the other side, Robert Lim turned quiet and stopped meddling with his son’s affairs. His mother though visited Richard once in Manila since their trip in Shanghai. Mrs. Esmeralda Lim was the opposite of her husband, she was warm towards Maya and so she felt comfortable with her.

Everything was going on well with them. They settled in a routine that they didn’t have to be together everyday but kept still kept connected thru modern technology. Richard was indeed a busy person. Maya was also focused in her own company.

They were already on their fourth monthsary and Maya was excited that day. For the first time in her life, she tried baking. She decided on a chocolate cake for him. It took her 2 days to plan and execute the baking exercise. Richard was arriving from Shanghai that evening from a business trip. She wanted to surprise him with a celebration in his condo unit.

Maya pressed the code for the door entry to Richard’s place expecting that he would already be there. She figured he’d be surprised because she had never come to his place unannounced. He had given her his password as an open invitation for her to come in anytime she wanted to. So, that evening, she used it.

When the door opened, Maya immediately realized that Richard wasn’t alone. As she entered the living room area, she saw a woman sitting so close to him. They were focused on reviewing something in his computer. There were smiles on their faces. Then, Maya saw the woman even hit him on his arm as she laughed as if he muttered something. They were so engrossed at the computer that they didn’t hear the door unlock.

Maya brows furrowed when she observed how close they were. There was something in them that bothered her. While something hurt in her heart, she didn’t want to misinterpret what she saw. So, she announced her arrival.

“Hi Richard!” She greeted him as she took steps towards him.

When he looked up, his surprise was very evident. “Maya!”

He immediately recovered from his shock as he stood and smiled at her. He kissed her cheek.

“Ah, sorry but did I disturb you?” She asked as her eyes shifted from him to his female company. Maya studied the beautiful Chinese descent woman in front of her. They must be of the same age. She has a shorter hair and slim body. She waited for them to be introduced.

“Ah, by the way, Maya this is Michelle, a colleague. Michelle, this is my girlfriend, Maya.” He finally got the hint.

Michelle extended her hand to Maya. She smiled at her. “Hi, nice to meet you, Maya.”

Maya returned the smile and acknowledged her. “Hello.” Then, she turned to Richard. “Ricky, nag dinner ka na? I mean kayo? I brought food.” She looked at Michelle intending to be more inclusive of her invitation.

“Ah, yes babe. We just had pizza sa baba.” Richard responded apologetically.

“Really? Anyway, I’ll just put these on the fridge then.” She dangled her bag in front of Richard first before adding. “Iwan ko muna kayo, Michelle.” She said to the other woman and quickly left.

She felt disappointed, as her plan seemed to have been wasted. Also, she wondered why there was a woman in his unit at that time of the day. She decided she would question him later.

While she was storing the food inside the refrigerator, she felt Richard hugged her from behind.

“Babe, you didn’t call before coming over.” He stated. “I missed you.”

She turned around to face him. “Well, I didn’t realize you’d have a visitor this evening considering you just arrived from your trip. Anyway, I thought that we could celebrate so I brought food and a cake.” She told him while not taking her eyes off him. She wanted to read his facial expression. “Malay ko ba na may bisita ka. At saka, ayaw mo ba akong pumunta dito?”

“Of course not, babe. Sabi ko nga, na miss kita, di ba? Anyway, I didn’t know she was coming today. She said she was in the area and would like to update me on a project we are working on together.” He explained.

“Hmm, project? Business or personal? Sa ganitong oras?” She quipped.

He stifled a laugh. “It’s business. Ikaw naman, I introduced you as my girlfriend, don’t forget that.”

“Well, I suppose I should feel secure right?” She asked with a raised eyebrow.

He just flashed her his lopsided smile. “Yes. Anyway, we’ll be done in a few minutes. So, do you mind waiting?” He checked with her.

“I’ll be here na lang in the kitchen. I’ll clean up your refrigerator parang hindi nalinis ng housekeeper mo ‘to ng matagal.” She declared.


After thirty minutes, Richard came back for her. She was already watching TV in kitchen.

“Babe, sorry natagalan ha.” He apologized as he sat on the chair opposite her.

“Ricky, so anu yung project na pinag-usapan n’yo?” She asked curiously.

He shook his head as he responded. “It’s business, it’s not something that you’d be interested in.” Then he changed the subject matter, “pwede ng kainin ang cake?”

With such request, she excitedly took out her cake from its container.

“Oh! Chocolate cake. So, where did you buy this?” He poked a finger on the icing to taste it. “Hmm, I love the icing.”

She smiled ear to ear. “Ako ang nag-bake n’yan” She declared. Then, she sliced a piece for him. “For you, Ricky.” She said as she handed him the plate.

“Thanks Babe, Happy 4th monthsary.” He chuckled. “Akala mo nakalimutan ko ‘no? Kaya nga ako umuwi para makapagcelebrate tayo.” He kissed her lovingly. He tasted chocolate.

That same evening, they ended up going out to watch a movie.


Alone in her bedroom, Maya reflected on her feelings when she saw Richard beside Michelle. She knew Richard loves her; he had declared and proven it a lot of times. However, she couldn’t help but feel jealous seeing them together. She couldn’t understand why she would feel insecure just seeing him close with another woman. She then realized that she wanted more from him. She wanted him not just as a boyfriend but also as a husband.

She was elated with her realization. He had hinted to her about marriage few months ago and so she wondered when he would bring that up again. She made a decision that she will give him a hint that she was ready. She thought a little innocent prodding may work in her favor.


Maya kept looking at her watch. It was 6:00 p.m. and Richard has not arrived to fetch her. It was the 3rd consecutive occasion that he was late. He used to let her know in advance if he would be delayed. It seemed he got even busier since he came back from Shanghai two weeks ago.

She decided to call him up. It took five rings before he answered her call.
“Maya?” He sounded to be surprised by her call.

“Ricky, are you on the way na dito sa office?” She asked. She could hear from the background voices talking.

“Yeah, I’m already at Makati Ave; just a few minutes more.” He replied.

“Ah ganoon? May mga kasama ka ba car mo? Parang ang daming nag-uusap.” She curiously asked.

“Wala, it’s just the radio. Nag-uusap ang mga hosts. Anyway, I’m driving, babe. I’ll be there soon. Na traffic lang.” He disconnected the call. As she turned off her phone, she wondered what was keeping him busy. She asked herself why was she getting paranoid with his whereabouts.

A few minutes, he arrived and Maya quickly boarded his car. They were going to the mall to buy a gift to one of Maya’s staff who would have a baby shower that weekend.


Maya was excited trying to figure out what to choose from the array of items at the boutique for newborn babies. Richard was just walking behind her as she scrutinized each item. Then, a couple entered the store with a baby in a stroller.

Maya couldn’t help but comment. “Wow, ang cute ng baby.” Then, she asked the woman presumably the mother of the child. “How many months na ang baby mo?”

“She’s 8 months.” The mother reply. The baby seemed to like Maya because she smiled at Maya and to her delight.

“Ricky, tingnan mo ang cute talaga.” She tugged Richard’s hand to take a look at the baby. He was checking on the other items earlier and wasn’t paying attention to the baby.”

“Oh yeah, she very cute.” He just smiled. “Babe, eto na lang ang gift natin. Sigurado magagamit nila ‘yan.” Richard directed her attention to the baby strollers lined up in a section.

“Hmm, Oo nga. Good idea.” She agreed. Then, she brought up the baby subject matter again. “Ang cute talaga pag may baby ano?” She was actually giving him a hint that she was open to settling down and having a baby.

“Definitely. But that requires lifetime commitment.” He responded. “So, which one should we get?” He asked again referring to the stroller.

“Yung blue with green na lang, boy yata ang magiging babay nila.” She replied slightly disappointed. She half expected him to tease her about having a baby or a family, but he didn’t. She wondered when he bring up the subject matter again.

After shopping for the gift, they went to a Chinese restaurant to have dinner. In the same restaurant, it happened that there was a wedding reception in one of the function rooms and waiter gave them a table near that area.

As they sat down, Maya commented to Richard. “Ang ganda naman ng couple, bagay sila ‘noh Ricky.” She told; a slight envy in her eyes. She noticed in the past several days, she had taken keen interest on babies and families.

“Yes. And you, babe, will be a prettier bride when it’s your time.” He responded while smiling at her. She smiled back. She heard him say “time” and she almost asked him when would be her time.


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