Welcome Home, Mommy!

Inspired by the February 24 teaser where Maya takes a short vacation to San Nicolas, here is another scenario that popped up in my head as I wondered how Richard and the kids will cope with Maya’s short absence from their happy home.

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Author: iamgarie


By iamgarie

Part 1

It’s around 8 pm and Richard is still inside his home office staring at his laptop screen. He misses Maya. It has only been two days since they’ve been apart from each other, but he already misses her. Lost in thought, he does not notice at once that Luke, Nikki and Abby are inside his office wishing him good night.

Luke: Dad? Is anything wrong?

Richard: No. Nothing’s wrong. I’m just finishing something for work tomorrow. I’ll be going up in a while, too.

Nikki: Well, all right then. Good night, Dad.

Richard: Good night, Niks.

Luke: Good night na din po, Dad.

Richard: Good night, son.

Abby: Dad, can I stay with you for a while?

Richard: Sure, baby.

Nikki: Okay, Dad. Kuya and I will go up na ha. We’re so sleepy na po.

Richard: Ok.

Abby: Daddy, I miss Tita Mommy.

Richard: Well, we all do, baby.

Abby: But I think you miss her more, Dad.

Richard: (smiles) And why is that, Abby?

Abby: Because you have no one with you in your room.

Richard: Well, yes, baby. But it’s okay. In a couple of days I’m going back to San Nicolas to pick up your Tita Mommy. Don’t worry about Daddy na, baby.

Abby: Daddy, you remember what you and Tita Mommy did before so I won’t be lonely in school?

Richard: Yes. Your Tita Mommy hung the airplanes I made in your classroom window so you won’t be lonely. Why?

Abby: I have an idea so you won’t be lonely anymore, Daddy.

Richard: What, baby?

Abby: Let’s make airplanes for Tita Mommy and baby kambal. While Tita Mommy isn’t here, those airplanes can accompany you in your room. Tapos po, when Tita Mommy is here na, those airplanes can be a wonderful surprise for her. Then we could also add those planes as decoration sa room nina baby kambal.

Richard: That sounds like a good idea, baby. But let’s work on Tita Mommy’s plane lang tonight, so we can still sleep early. We’ll ask Kuya Luke and Ate Nikki’s help naman tomorrow for the twins’ planes. Why don’t you go up to your room and get all your coloring materials while I get all the other materials ready here in the office?

Abby: Okay, Dad. I ‘ll also ask Manang Fe to make Tita Mommy’s coffee for you. (Goes up to her room and returns to the office with a bunch of coloring materials ) … Daddy, I think the plane should be color blue cos its yours and Tita Mommy’s favorite color. Then you can also design the plane with sunflowers cos Tita Mommy likes them and you like giving them to her, too. Then we can add glitters pa so it’ll be pretty and shine like Tita Mommy.

Richard: Shine?

Abby: Yes, Dad. Tita Mommy always shines, diba po? She’s a lot like the sun. She makes our days always so happy and bright. She’s our sun, Daddy!

Richard: Yes, baby. And I like your idea. Let’s go work on that plane…

By the time Richard is done with Maya’s airplane, Abby has fallen asleep. He leaves his table in a state of chaos, as he takes Maya’s airplane with him and scoops up Abby to take her to her room.

Part 2

The following day after dinner, Luke, Nikki and Abby help their Dad design planes for the twins. One is a yellow plane with blue cars and red trucks as design, while the other is a pink plane with yellow ribbons and green flowers.

Nikki: I must say, Dad. This is brilliant! Tita Mommy will love all these planes.

Richard: I’m sure she will, Niks.

Abby: Tita Mommy will be so proud of us for making all these planes!

Nikki: I’m hoping Abby is right… That we’ll have one boy and one girl for twins.

Richard: We can keep praying for that. Otherwise, we’ll have to make more planes pa.

Luke: Dad, I haven’t thanked you yet for the airplane you made for me last year. Nagustuhan ko po talaga yun. Ang ganda po ‘nun talaga.

Richard: You’re welcome, son.

Nikki: Me rin, Dad. I love the plane you made for me. I love the glitters you added to my plane also. It’s so me!

Richard: Well, I think you should also thank your Tita Mommy for that.

Nikki: Why?

Richard: Well, you know how helpful your Tita Mommy is, diba? While I was making the planes for you then, she offered help in designing your planes. (Chuckles as he remembers that night) Pinagalitan ko pa nga siya kasi she kept adding glitters to your plane. Muntik na tuloy di makalipad yung sa inyo ni Abby, Niks. I had to make adjustments pa sa weight ng plane.

Luke: Haha! Ang kulit talaga ni Tita Mommy! Kahit ang sungit niyo nun, Dad, nakukulit na kayo ni Tita Mommy.

Richard: (laughs) Yes! Makulit, madaldal, pakialamera, maingay… She was a shock to my system… She was a shock to all of us!

Luke: But even then, Dad, Tita Mommy made you smile and laugh and made you do things we thought you’ll never be able to do again. We were never able to make you do that after Mom left. But she did.

Nikki: Kuya’s right, Dad. Now that I think about it, Tita Mommy made you smile, laugh, and live again. She’s a miracle worker!

Richard: Ang kulit kasi! Ang hirap makipagtalo sa kanya. Hahaha!

Abby: Tita Mommy is always so funny. She makes us laugh all the time!

Nikki: Thank you for allowing us to do this with you, Dad! It’s so super fun kaya. And though we miss Tita Mommy, we’re all missing her less tonight because of this moment.

Richard: You’re welcome, Niks! Did you guys say good night to her na?

Abby: Yes, Dad, she called na before we went down here. Daddy, diba po I gave away all the planes you made for me before to all my classmates sa play school?

Richard: Yes, baby! And I was so proud of you for doing that. It always feels good to share.

Abby: Pero Daddy, I want you to make another plane for me. And also for Kuya, Ate Nikki, and for you.

Richard: No problem, baby. I can make those planes for all of us.

Abby: Ok po. You make the planes, Dad. Then I’ll have Tita Mommy make the designs para our planes will all be so pretty.

Richard: Ok. But now, it’s time for all of us to go to bed. Let’s go.

Abby: Good night, Daddy.

Nikki: Wait! I remembered something. Even this good night thing, Dad. This routine got lost to us until the day Tita Mommy came and made Abby kiss you good night every single day. Tita Mommy’s the sweetest talaga! I can’t believe that before she came, we were all so scared to kiss you good night.

Richard: Well, that’s over and done with now. We were all still mourning your Mom’s loss then. I’m just happy that we’re all closer now and we can actually share whatever we’re thinking or feeling.

Luke: Noon pa talaga ang sweet na ni Tita Mommy, Dad. And noon pa talaga ang taray na ni Nikki! Buti na lang nagkahimala and bumait na si Niks ngayon, Dad!

Nikki: Kuya! You’re so GRRR talaga!

Richard: Haha. Thank you guys for loving your Tita Mommy, too. She’s always loved you kahit hindi pa kami nun. She’s always cared for all of us.

Nikki: We know that naman, Dad. And even if it took me almost forever to accept her, she didn’t mind waiting. I love her so much now, Dad. I can no longer imagine this family without her. Tita Mommy is the best!

Richard: Thanks, Niks.

Nikki: Dad, I think it’s time we give Tita Mommy a surprise when she comes back from San Nicolas.

Abby: (claps her hands) I love surprises!

Luke: Ano na naman plano mo, Niks?

Nikki: Don’t you think it’s time we call her Mommy? Not that she’s replacing Mom or anything, but she’s really a mommy to us na, diba? And Dad, I really don’t want our twin siblings to ever wonder why we call her Tita Mommy and they call her Mommy. I mean, she really is Mommy to us, too! And I don’t ever want the twins to think that they’re different from us. You think Tita Mommy will be okay with that?

Richard: I’m sure your Tita Mommy will love that.

Luke: Mommy na, Dad.

Richard: (smiles) Yes!

Abby: I have a plan! Daddy, can we add another design to Mommy’s plane?

Richard: What do you want to add, baby?

Abby: Let’s add the word MOMMY dun po sa plane. I’m sure she’ll love that po.

Luke: At panigurado, maiiyak siya pagnakita nya yun, Dad!

Nikki: But of course, Kuya! That’ll be so touching kaya!

Richard: Well, okay then. But let’s do that tomorrow, kids. It’s really time for bed.

Luke, Nikki & Abby: Good night, Dad.

Part 3

Saturday morning, Richard flies to San Nicolas to pick up Maya. After spending the night in San Nicolas, Maya and Richard fly back to Manila the following morning excited to see their kids.

The welcome Maya receives upon coming home brings her to tears. There to welcome her by the main door were not just her loving family, but a poster bearing the words, “Welcome home, Daddy and Mommy! We miss you!” The kids all rush towards her to give her a kiss, a hug and an airplane.

Maya: Kayo talaga! Sandali lang ako nawala grabe naman ang surprise niyo.

Abby: That’s because we love you so much, Mommy!

Maya: Mommy talaga?

Nikki: Yes, Mommy! Is that okay?

Luke: Kasi Mommy, once the twins are born, they’ll call you Mommy, diba?

Nikki: We don’t want them to ever wonder why we call you Tita Mommy and not Mommy. Besides, you’ve really been a Mommy to us for the longest time na. And we really want to call you Mommy. Is that okay?

Maya: Oo naman! I love you, mga anak!

Richard: (Whispers to Maya) I love you, sweetheart… (Clears his throat) Just in case you forgot, I’m also here, kids!

Luke, Nikki and Abby laugh and rush to their Dad and give him a kiss, too.

Maya: Ang ganda naman ng mga airplanes na ‘to!

Abby: You like them, Mommy? Dad made them and we all helped design them.

Maya: Pero, bakit nyo naisipan gumawa nito?

Richard: It was Abby’s idea, sweetheart.

Abby: Kasi Mommy, Daddy was so sad when you were not here kaya po I remembered the airplanes and how they kept me company while in play school. Kaya po, these three planes have been sleeping beside Daddy while you were away po.

Maya: (Hugs and kisses Richard) Awww, sweetheart! Promise, last time na yung ganung set up! Di ko na din pala kaya na di ka kasama gabi-gabi. (Looks lovingly at the kids) Miss na miss na miss ko kaya kayo at ang Daddy niyo.

Donya Esmeralda: (Clears her throat, too) Just in case you forgot, we’re also here.

Richard and Maya: (Laugh as they approach their Mama and Papa and kiss them) Ma, Pa…

Manang Fe: O, pasok na kayong lahat ng makapananghalian na.

Don Roberto: The ice cream is waiting, kids!

Luke, Nikki and Abby: Yes! Ice cream after lunch!

Maya: Kayo ha, baka kung anu-ano na ni request niyo kina Lolo niyo nung wala ako. Kumakain ba kayo ng gulay?

Abby: Yes, Mommy. We all eat gulay na and we also make sure Daddy eats veggies, too! And Lola makes Lolo eat them, also! Next time can we have veggie pizza naman?

Everyone laughs as they enter the house, their happy home brimming with love, laughter and good vibes.


Disclaimer: I do not own the creative minds behind ABS-CBN’s Be Careful with My Heart TV show. This creative endeavor is just for fan fiction purposes. The characters are ABS-CBN’s BCWMH TV show’s sole property.

Allow me to acknowledge and thank BCWMH’s brilliant Creative Team as some of the scenes and lines mentioned in this piece may were taken from the TV series.


10 thoughts on “Welcome Home, Mommy!

  1. Ang sweeet naman talaga..I guess its really time for the kids to call Maya ,mommy..sino kaya sa tatlo ang magsuggest nyan..I had the feeling its Nikki….

  2. The reason why I love watching BCWMH is the numerous good moral values. And this piece of writing makes me want to read more…

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