Truth and Lies – Epilogue

This is a continuation to Truth and Lies – Finale.

A/N: Thank you all for those who shared their comments and expressed their appreciation to this story.

Truth and Lies – Epilogue

Maya opened her eyes at 6:00 a.m. having a strange feeling in her body. She needed to go to the bathroom. Beside her was Richard still sound asleep; his arm was around her tummy. It was her 38th week of pregnancy and they have been advised that their baby boy was due anytime soon. They knew they were having a boy after an ultrasound was done on her last trimester of pregnancy. The nursery was all set and ready for the arrival of their newborn.

When she tried to get up, Richard started to wake up and held Maya in bed thus preventing her from leaving the bed.

“Ricky… I need to go to the C.R.” She removed his hand on her waist.

Richard’s eyes immediately opened. He rouse from the bed faster than Maya. “Wait, Babe, tulungan kita. Mahihirapan ka eh.” He assisted Maya to rise from lying position.

Since her pregnancy has grown bigger, getting up from bed had required careful movement. In the last 2 weeks, she also had some pelvic pains indicating she going to have the baby soon. So, Richard was extra careful with her.

“Thank you.” She uttered as she finally set her feet on the floor. “I love you, babe.” She smiled at her husband who looks more handsome in her eyes in the mornings. He looked fresh and stress free.

“I love you, more.” Then, he went back to his side of the bed. “Give me fifteen minutes pa.”

After doing her business in the bathroom, Maya felt that something wasn’t right in her body. She felt a contraction in her stomach and it seemed like her stomach was harder than usual. As she thought it might be one of those false alarms, she didn’t mind it and decided to just take a hot shower.

However, as she removed her underwear, she noticed a pink discharge. She thought she must be going on labor that time but she wasn’t quite sure about it. So, she quickly took a bath.

When she came out, Ricky was still in bed with his eyes closed.

“Babe..” She called out from the bathroom door. She was wrapped in robe. “Babe… punta tayo sa hospital.” She declared.

The moment Richard heard the word hospital, his eyes automatically opened. “Maya, are you okay?” He asked as he sat up.

“Oo naman, kaya lang parang may discharge akong pink. So, punta na lang muna tayo sa hospital para pa check.” She responded as she took out her maternity dress to get ready for the hospital.

“Okay, malapit lang ang St. Lukes.” Richard stood up and went to his closet and took out a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Within seconds, he removed his shirt and attempted to put on the new T-shirt. He was moving swiftly.

Maya saw what Richard did and she asked. “Ricky, ano ginagawa mo?”

“Eh di nagbibihis.” He responded in a hurried tone.

“Naku Mr. Lim. Maligo ka muna kaya. Hindi naman kailangan tumakbo sa hospital. Sabi ko punta lang tayo for check-up.” Maya walked towards her husband and pushed him lightly toward the bathroom. She was smiling at him. The contraction’s pain was gone.

Richard looked at her intently. “Are you sure?” He checked again.

“Opo, I am sure. Sige na, ligo na.” She assured him.

Richard gave in and went to the bathroom. However, within five minutes, he was done and came out with towel wrapped around his waist.

“Ehh, ang bilis?” An already dressed-up Maya commented.

“Ayokong mag-tagal at baka kung ano na ‘yan.” He walked towards the bed and quickly put on his clothes. Then, he went to a corner of their bedroom and grabbed a big baby bag that was sitting there.

“Let’s go.” He declared as he took Maya’s hand and led her outside their bedroom.

“Mag-breakfast kaya muna tayo.” She suggested as they reached their living room.

The Lim couple had moved in a two story mansion in Greenhills area after they got married. The master’s bedroom was in the second floor. However, in the last couple of weeks, they transfered to the ground floor guest room due to Maya’s pregnant condition.

“Babe, later na lang. Let’s go the hospital muna. We can always grab something there. Kaya lang baka gutom na ‘yang baby ko, just have an apple that you can munch on.” He went to the kitchen to get the fruit and bottled water. Within seconds he was back and handed the food to Maya.

He then led Maya to their car. As she settled on the passenger seat, she felt another contractions in her tummy and Richard saw her flinched.

He started the engine. “What? Sumakit uli, babe?”

“Yes.” She answered.

“Okay, relax, relax. Don’t panic.” Richard instructed her as he opened their gate remotely and exited their driveway. In reality, his heart was thumping loudly with the anticipation and nervousness of her giving birth.

From Greenhills to St. Lukes in Q.C., Richard didn’t speak. He was focused on the road and his driving. Occasionally, he touched her tummy and felt it hard. He noticed that Maya’s eyes were close as if she was sleeping. So, he would just rub her stomach.

Fortunately, the morning traffic wasn’t that heavy so they reached the hospital within 30 minutes. He drove directly to the emergency section so they could be assisted right away.


Maya woke up with a little pain on her sides. She knew she was still at the hospital and have given birth. Her pair of eyes wandered around the room. She then saw Richard sleeping on a day bed just a few feet away from her bed.

Richard must have just doze off but he woke up the moment he felt Maya was awake. He found her looking at him intently but with a weak smile.

“Babe, okay lang?” He kissed her forehead while his hand touched her hair. There was so much love for her in his eyes. He looked so happy.

She nodded. “Oo naman. Nakita mo na si Luke?” She asked.

“Yes, kagabi pa. He’s so cute.” He leaned forward so his upper body was resting on her bed and his face was close to her.

“So, pwede makita natin sa nursery?” She was excited to see her baby. She had a vague recollection of having the baby presented to her at the delivery room.

“He’s going to be roomed-in with you. Daldalhin nila later. I think Dr. Adan will check you first and then the baby will follow.” He explained to her. He held her hand and kept on kissing it. “I love you.” He said as he lightly kissed on her lips.

She touched his face as she responded. “I love you more. So, what time lumabas si Luke? Hindi ko kasi alam kung anong nangyari sa delivery room.” She asked him.

“Well, almost midnight. You were in labor for 12 hours. I was actually worried. Anyway, nang lumabas si Dra., she said okay naman kayo. That’s the only time I was able to breathe.” He shared.

“Ricky, you weren’t there when Luke came out? I thought nandoon ka sa delivery room.” She gave him a quizzical look. In their planning, Richard insisted that he should be in the delivery room with her. So, his story didn’t seem to make sense.

“Ehhh, Babe…kasi…” He was about to explain when the room opened and came in their OB-Gyne with a nurse carrying their baby.

“O gising ka na Maya. How are you feeling? Eto na ang baby mo.” The doctor said while the nurse handed her the baby. Maya immediately took the baby in her arms and kissed his forehead.

Their little bundle of joy was swaddled in blue linen and was asleep. He had fair skin and had cute nose and tiny slit eyes that seemed to be like Richard’s. Maya was beginning to be teary eyed as she gazed lovingly at their baby.

“Ricky ang cute n’ya. Kamukha mo, look at the eyes and nose.” She declared as she tried to show the baby to him.

“Sabi ko sa’yo, cute.” He smiled appreciatively.

Then, their doctor spoke again. “Alright Mr. Lim, please take the baby first while I check si Mommy. By the way, okay ka na ba?” She turned to Richard; her brows raised.

“Ahh, eh..okay na doc. Medyo konting hilo lang kagabi.” He smiled sheepishly.

“Naku Richard. You are not the first Daddy na nahilo sa loob ng delivery room.” The doctor commented and then started checking Maya while she continued talking. “Alam mo ba ‘yang asawa mo, Maya? Akala ko kung anong nangyari. Nang makakita ng dugo at tiningnan ang mukha mo, namutla at biglang nag-pass out. Ayun, inilabas ng mga nurses. I don’t think you remember that part.” Their doctor completed the story.

Maya couldn’t help but chuckle upon hearing the story. Everything became clearer to her. “Ahhh, kaya pala hindi niya nakita si Luke lumabas. Anyway, are you sure okay ka na Ricky?” Maya asked.

Richard gave her an incredulous look. “Of course I am. Ikaw dapat tinatanong niyan kasi you were exerted a lot of effort yesterday.” His tone changed to concern for her.

“She’s okay, Ricky. She is in good condition, nanganay lang siya kaya nag-tagal tayo sa labor room.” The doctor announced after completing her physical exam. “Next time siguro din, hindi ka na mahihilo sa loob ano?” She teased Richard.

“Ehh, Dra. Pwede pa-recover mo muna ang misis ko at ako before we talk about next time?” He countered then laughed with the doctor.


Two months later

At the master’s bedroom, Richard came out of their bathroom humming. It was late evening and they had just finished feeding a very asleep baby Luke. He was in his crib inside his parents bedroom.

Richard started to sing as he sat on the bed beside Maya.

♪♪You’ll love who you love who you love,
You’ll love who you love who you love.

My girl she ain’t the one that I saw coming
Sometimes I don’t know which way to go
And I try to run before but I’m not running anymore
Because I fought against it hard enough to know♪♪

Maya looked at him with amusement in her eyes. She had a hunch on what her husband was up to. He has been grinning like a fool since morning as if he had a secret. With him beside her that night, she caught a glimpse of desire in his eyes.

♪♪That you’ll love who you love who you love
You’ll love who you love who you love, You’ll ove who you love who you love.
Oh you can’t make yourself stop dreaming of who you’re dreaming of
If it’s who you love then it’s who you love♪♪

“Ricky… what are you up to?” She was smiling as she pulled the comforter up to her chest.

“Wala” He smiled with his browsed raised. At the same time, he pulled down the comforter from her chest so he could encircle his arm around her. Then, he started nuzzling her neck. “Na miss kita, babe.” He whispered.

“Na miss, ha. Baka naman after nine months, mahilo ka naman sa hospital.” She teased him after confirming what he wanted from her.

“Hmmm, so are you going to keep reminding me about that incident? I have figured out a way to get over that.” He countered while his hands slowly caressed her thighs.

She giggled with the ticklish feeling his fingers were evoking on her. “Ricky… ano?”

“Well, sanayan lang yung. So, kung madadalas ako doon with you. Eventually, I’ll get used to it.” He was trailing kisses from the side of neck, cheek, eyes, nose. “Also, we can start filling this house with kids. Malungkot kung isa lang si Luke habang lumalaki. What do you think, Mrs. Lim?” He finally claimed her lips and kissed her with passion.

When they paused to catch their breath, Maya responded. “I agree Mr. Lim.”

Moments later, only their moans can be heard in the room. It was good that their baby had learned to sleep through the night so he wasn’t bothered by the noises his parents were making.


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  1. So sad to see that this is the end of a beautiful story. Kudos to the writer! Hope to see more of this kind, looking forward to your next story.

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